Island’s Sail Ch. 01


This is a fantasy about a trip to the Bahamas. I had just bought a French catamaran. It is about 60 feet in length and has 4 cabin bedrooms with a central dining/living room with built in kitchen. I took two months worth of sailing lessons to learn how to sail it and my wife was the only crew. We had a great time sailing around spending many hours swimming naked and sunbathing naked in the islands.

One day we were anchored in a small cove on the main island. We were sunbathing nude on the deck, and just enjoying ourselves. As we were making a lunch we heard some people come into the cove in a small motor boat. They pulled up alongside, so I threw a towel around my waist and went topside. It turns out to be two beautiful girls just cruising around the island. They shut the motor off and asked permission to come aboard. I kind of stuttered as I said, “Sh, Sure, come aboard.”

These two ladies were just gorgeous; as they climb aboard in their bikinis I offer my hand to help them up the ladder. My towel at this point is starting to rise up a little bit. The first girl aboard was Carol, she was a 5’5″ blonde, measuring 33-24-34 and extremely fit and attractive. Her hair was just past shoulder length and sandy blonde in color. She wore a pink bikini and had a smile that would melt any man. The second girl on board was Deprise, she was a 5’4″ brunette, with mid back length brunette hair. She measures 35-24-35 and wore a multi-colored bikini showing off an extremely hard body with a six pack stomach and a soft shy smile.

They told me that they had seen my wife Nathalie and I swimming nude yesterday from the beach. They thought it was very open and fun, plus they saw our boat and wanted to check it out. As Nathalie comes up top she has only her white satin robe on. Nathalie is a 5’3″ French brunette with mid back length hair and a 35-24-36 inch figure. She is very open and fun to be around. She is a true French lady. It is early afternoon and the sun is high over head and it’s a beautiful day. It’s about 90 degrees outside and there are no clouds in the sky!

I ask the girls if they want something to drink and they reply sure. I had just fixed a batch of margaritas, so I go below to get them each a drink. Nathalie, Carol, and Deprise continue to talk up top. I go back up with 3 margaritas for the ladies and they are laughing and joking around like old friends. Deprise then asks to see the inside of the boat and Carol with a little smirk, says she’ll keep Nathalie company until we return. I take Deprise below and start to give her a tour of the boat.

We go into one of the bedrooms and she squeezes by sancaktepe escort me to get a better look. As she does this, my towel comes loose and falls to the floor. She stops and takes a look at my now semi-hard cock. She starts to smile and bends down like she is going to pick up my towel, but instead she takes hold of my cock and slowly starts to massage it. As she goes to her knees she takes my cock between her lips and starts to kiss and lick the bottom side of my cock. I am now fully hard and my cock is throbbing from all the blood flowing into it. She looks up at me with her pretty green eyes and I am in total heaven. She starts to stroke my cock with her one hand as the other hand cups my balls and squeezes gently. She is giving me the most incredible blowjob I have ever had. She swallows my cock entirely, and then slowly draws back with her lips sealed tightly around my cock. Then she takes her mouth and puts each of my balls in it and sucks on my balls. Then she goes back to swallow my entire length and I feel myself ready to come. I tell her I’m about to come and she goes all the way down on my cock and slightly bites down with her teeth at the base of my cock. That is all I can take and I shoot my load down the back of her throat. She swallows every bit of my come as I sit down on the bed very satisfied!

She stands back up on her feet and I pull her close to me and pick her up on to the bed with me. She straddles me as she takes a big drink of her margarita. I start to massage her tits and she says, “Let’s go up top again first, and see what Carol and Nathalie are up to”. I agree since we have been below for awhile. As we climb the stairs we hear moaning and Deprise is smiling. Carol is lying between Nathalie’s legs and eating her with a vengeance. Let me tell you a turn on is seeing a beautiful blonde head between your wife’s legs and your wife moaning, and writhing like no tomorrow. As we go closer I move behind Carol and Deprise strips her bikini off. She climbs on top of Nathalie and straddles her head, putting her pussy on Nathalie’s mouth. This is the first time I have seen my wife eating another woman!

I am rock hard once again and I grab hold of Carol’s bikini top and remove it massaging her small, but firm breasts as I do. Then I massage my way to her back and down to her bikini bottoms. I pull her bikini off and start to massage her ass and pussy. She is starting to moan between her sucking and licking on Nathalie’s pussy. Nathalie is moaning between sucking and licking on Deprise’s pussy. I kneel behind Carol and slide my ümraniye escort cock into her clean- pussy. She is so hot and wet I slide in and start pumping her pussy for all I’m worth. At that moment Nathalie screams out in an orgasm and Deprise comes within a couple of seconds of hearing that. Then Carol comes and as her pussy squeezes my cock, I fill her with my come! We all collapse on top of the boat with smiles all around.

I get up to refill all of our margarita glasses and the girls all lay down in the bow net of the boat. As they are lying there in their glorious nakedness, I refill all of their glasses with a fresh margarita batch. We all talk and laugh and have a great time. Deprise and Carol both have completely shaved their pussy hair and must lay out nude a lot. Neither one has a tan line anywhere. We drink for a little while longer then Carol asks if she can see the rest of the boat. I say sure and take her below. I show her all the bedrooms and she slides her hands over my cock every time we exit a bedroom. She smiles wickedly as she does it, and every time I try to grab hold of her; she giggles and runs to the next bedroom.

I trap her in the galley/dining room as we get done with the tour. As I move closer to her she grabs my cock and starts to masturbate me. She then grabs some dish soap off the galley sink and lathers up her hand and my cock at the same time. She switches hands and lathers up her asshole. She pushes me onto the galley bench chair and impales her now lathered ass onto my cock. She stops with it buried deep inside her asshole and squeezes her butt cheeks together. She then slowly starts to work my cock up and down as I massage her tits and stomach from behind. I then start to massage her shoulders and back all the while she is rocking my world bouncing up and down on my cock. I then move my hands around to her pussy and start to massage her clitoris. That’s all it takes to send her over the edge in an orgasmic spasm. As her orgasm subsides I push her forward over the galley table and pound her ass for all I’m worth. Within a couple of minutes I fill her ass with my come.

I collapse over the top of her on the table and hug her, telling Carol how fantastic she is. We recover a few minutes later and head up top. Carol and I stand under the deck shower and soap each other up. Carol starts to masturbate my cock again and gets me hard, and then she stops. She then rinses the soap off of me and I rinse the soap off of Carol. She keeps me hard by intermittently stroking my cock in the deck shower. We are both still wet, tuzla escort but very clean as we turn to find Nathalie and Deprise locked in a 69 on the bow net. They are both feverishly eating each other’s pussy. I walk up behind Deprise who is lying on top of Nathalie. I kneel down placing my cock at Deprise’s pussy lips.

Nathalie directs my cock into Deprise’s pussy and starts to lick and suck on my balls. I stroke Deprise with long, slow strokes at first, and then slowly pick up the pace. Nathalie is alternating between my balls and Deprise’s clit with her licking and sucking. A few minutes of this are all either of us can take and I scream out as I fill Deprise’s pussy with my come. Deprise collapses on top of Nathalie in an orgasm at the same time letting out a loud moan of ecstasy. As Deprise and I roll off to one side Carol goes between Deprise’s legs and sucks my come out of her pussy. After this she leans over and gives Nathalie a deep come filled kiss. Carol starts to massage Nathalie’s clit and within a couple of minutes Nathalie is coming again.

Deprise then goes down on Carol licking and sucking her clitoris and slipping her tongue into Carol’s pussy to hit her G Spot. Nathalie comes over and begins to suck on my balls and stroke my cock. Then she takes my cock into her mouth and starts to deep throat it for all she’s worth. This is the best blowjob Nathalie has ever given me. Carol flips Deprise onto her back and straddles Deprise’s face. I pull Nathalie off of my cock and turn her around to slip my cock into her pussy doggy style. Nathalie is now over the top of Deprise’s pussy and as I enter Nathalie from behind she starts to lick and suck on Deprise’s clitoris, while fingering her pussy and rubbing her G-Spot.

Carol starts to come on Deprise’s face and sends Deprise over the edge. Nathalie is sucking Deprise’s pussy as fast as she can lap up the juices flowing out of Deprise. As I start to come deep inside Nathalie she reaches an orgasm and collapses onto Deprise’s abdomen. As Nathalie lays her head on Deprise’s stomach, Deprise lightly strokes Nathalie’s head. Carol rolls off of Deprise’s face and comes over to clean my cock off with her tongue as I lay spent on the bow net. Then Carol goes between Nathalie’s legs and cleans her pussy juices off of her thighs. She laps at my come as it drips out of Nathalie’s pussy. After she is done with Nathalie she gets up and gives Deprise a long deep kiss.

I am truly in heaven as the sun goes down over the ocean that day. We all have one more margarita then the girls say they have to go. It has been a day to remember as Deprise and Carol put their bikinis back on. I ask them if they would like to stay, but they have to work in the morning and don’t think they would get any sleep staying with us tonight. They are 100% right about that. None of us would sleep. Nathalie and I stay nude and sleep under the stars that night. We are both exhausted and don’t wake up until the sun comes up again the next day!

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