Isabella’s Reversion Pt. 04


Note from the Author:

This is a story about ABDL. The first word being Adult. All sexual encounters center around Adults, above the age of 18. This story also contains BDSM, plushophilia, watersports, and various other fetishes. For those that are grammar freaks, please don’t comment on my improper grammar use. I could care less. At least it doesn’t have LMAO or IAMO. I do ask for all to comment on their thoughts of the story, but don’t down any fetish or other things you may not like to do or not do. Thank you again, and please enjoy!


Isabella found it hard to awaken, and honestly didn’t care to, for she was dreaming of Jennie, dressed as a gorgeous little girl, was fucking her and suckling her nipple for the sweet nourishment it possessed, while Jade was face humping her after having filled her diaper with morning lemonade and brownies.

Moaning as she awoke, she found that it had not just been a dream, with the exception of her lactating. Jennie was pounding away at her cunt, having pushed aside the crotch of both diapers, and Jade was humping her face with a wonderfully dirty cunt.

Wordlessly, Isabella began passionately french kissing Jade’s vaginal opening savoring the delightful tastes it offered.

“Sissy is happy,” Jade teased, as she enjoyed the pussy worship her lover was offering up.

“Perfect timing,” Jennifer forced out, as her cock began spewing it’s full load into Isabella’s already creaming cunt.

Isabella held onto Jade’s thighs, as to give her a morning delight as well, before getting out of bed, as she began licking through the smashed brownie for Jade’s clit.

Upon finding the swollen flesh, Isabella latched onto it with her lips, and began sucking it like a thick milkshake, making Jade last for only a few more heartbeats before honey began pouring from her vagina.

“Oh my,” was all Jade could get out before almost falling back from the force of the orgasm, but Isabella had prepared for it by moving her hands to quickly support her mid-back.

“Thank you, sissy,” Jade said, in between deep gasps of air filling her lungs.

“I like being woken like that,” Isabella said.

“It’s a bit early, but we have to fix up sissy for her big day,” Jade offered Isabella as a reason for waking her so early.

“Sounds wonderful. I’m preparing her diaper right now,” Isabella told both of them.

“Diaper? I thought just being dressed up,” Jennifer asked, part panicked and part enthralled.

“Oh no. You are going to be wearing a partially full diaper, so you can be nice and hard all day while you walk around in your pretty dress,” Jade explained.

“Actually it’s Jade’s diaper turn to be enjoyed,” Isabella said.

“Why not both? We can make a little tear so she doesn’t have to take them off all day long,” Jade said in a teasing voice.

“Perfect. But coffee and a smoke first,” Isabella added.

With coffee, fresh creamer provided by Jade, all three enjoyed a cigarette, while Jade used her dual breast pumps and explained to Jennifer, “Now like I said last night. When you get home, make sure to remove your forms slowly with nail polish remover, so your chest can get some air. You can still wear a pocket bra, but the skin needs to rest every twenty four hours.”

“Would it be ok if I came over and let you do it,” Jennifer asked, honestly just wanting to see if she could come back over.

“That would be perfect. I will be working on our surprise, and sissy can have a playmate while I work through the night,” Isabella explained.

“Sure. Bring over somethings to keep here as well, so you don’t have to worry about spending a few nights here and then run home each morning,” Jade offered.

“I would love too,” Jennifer exclaimed.

“Now let’s go make you beautiful for work,” Isabella said, getting up, and taking Jennifer by the hand.

Jade grabbed her other hand, and all three skipped up to the bathroom.

After having Jennifer stand naked in the shower, Jade joined her, kneeling in front of her and taking the hard dirty cock into her mouth, as warm water began pouring down on them both.

Isabella joined them, after removing her own dirty diaper, and laying next to Jade’s on the table, and putting on a shower cap like the others had.

Isabella began using a soapy puff to wash down Jade’s gorgeously naked body, insuring to take her time over all of it, not only to give Jade time to make Jennifer cum in her mouth, but also to enjoy Jade’s creamy white flesh.

Jade continued taking the thick cock as far down her throat as she could, and wanting to make Jennifer cum harder and faster, she applied pressure to the special spot behind Jennifer ‘s swollen massive purse, while looking up into her loving eyes.

Jade loved Hazel like a sister, and loved enjoying her cock, but she had never really felt more for her than a best friend with benefits. Jennifer on the other hand, she had fallen in love with pretty fast, just as she had with Isabella. She had truly opened herself narlıdere escort to them both, and allowed her vulnerability to show, both had embraced and loved her for it in return.

Jennifer only lasted a few minutes more before she was spewing a full load into Jade’s mouth, and became so weak in the knees that she had to sit on the shower bench to recover.

Both Isabella and Jade took advantage, and each took one of Jennifer ‘s thighs to hump their juicy wet pussies for the satisfaction their hungry cunts desired, all while both enjoyed the pleasure of soaping her up.

Taking one of Jade’s swollen nipples into her mouth, Jennifer began having breakfast with the added bonus of playing with both Jade’s and Isabella’s breast.

Isabella took one Jade’s other breast, while training the other breast of her’s that Jennifer was not training for her.

“Fuck they are sore this morning, and it feels so fucking good,” Jade exclaimed, as the soreness began to slightly lessen from Jennifer ‘s and Isabella’s feeding, but also increased from the suction they were both using.

“I can’t fucking wait,” Isabella exclaimed, grinding hard against Jennifer ‘s leg.

After having soaped it with the body puff, Isabella took Jennifer ‘s rising cock into her free hand, and began slowly working it up and down, making her become harder with every stroke.

“I’m going to milk you for all your worth tonight, and I have just the vibrating butt plug to help me,” Jade whispered in Jennifer ‘s ear.

“To bad it’s not a double strap-on, I love to ride,” Jennifer teasingly whispered into Jade’s ear.

Jade couldn’t help herself from grinding harder and faster at the very fantasy she was picturing of her and Jennifer enjoying the double ended strap-on she had in her nightstand.

Soon sounds of Jade’s and Isabella’s moans filled the shower stall, as both began climaxing, each enjoying their lover’s touch and bodies.

Jennifer actually felt both pussies shutter, as she felt the heavy flow of thick sticky cream and honey pour onto her thighs.

After drying one another off, and having brushed their teeth and Isabella’s and Jade’s hair with baby powder, Jade began working Jennifer ‘s hair into a wet, sexy, and feminine pixie look, while Isabella tore a hole into the crotch of Jade’s old diaper using her nails, and secured it onto Jennifer with the help of some diaper tape.

To insure Jennifer could wear both partially used diapers all day without leakage, she placed a diaper pad in the crotch of her diaper, before fastening it on to Jennifer, over Jade’s diaper. While her hand went down the front of the diapers, she felt Jennifer was already hard as a rock.

“Someone’s going to never leaving their office chair today,” Isabella teased Jennifer , while watching Jennifer ‘s cheek’s grow a tinge of red.

Jade and Isabella quickly diapered themselves, and all three went into the closet, where Jade set to beginning on Jennifer ‘s makeup, and Isabella began using breast pumps to gain the rest of Jade’s milk.

Making Jennifer ‘s eye shadow fade from black to pink, and using sparkling pink lipstick with black lip liner, Jennifer ‘s makeup was done.

“Wow your going to have to teach me how to do my makeup better,” Jennifer said in a feminine voice filled with wonder and delight.

“It’s pretty easy, once you learn learn the curvature of your eyes, and how to make them pop,” Jade replied, as she finished the look with a bit of pink blush on Jennifer ‘s cheeks.

From the bottom of her plastic panty drawer, Jade pulled out a pair of see through pink locking plastic panties that had eight thigh high suspenders, and put it on Jennifer, locking them in the back with a small heart shaped pink steal lock.

“Just in case you get any ideas,” Jade said showing the lock to Jennifer in the mirror.

Jade and Isabella both rolled a pair of black silk thigh highs up Jennifer ‘s always shaven legs, and fastened them to the plastic panties.

They used the black full coverage black satin bra Jennifer had brought with her, and Jade added a locking bra strap cover to it as well.

Applying Secure Silicone Adhesive to the silicone breastforms and Jennifer’s chest, Jade and Isabella pressed a form each against Jennifer’s chest, holding it in place a few minutes, then pulled the bra cups over them.

After putting on one of Jade’s black slips, she lowered a black with pink petaled roses silk high collar chinese dress onto Jennifer.

“Luckily I have not had time to take this one in yet, so it will fit you perfectly,” Jade explained to Jennifer , as she insured it fit Jennifer well, and zipped up the back.

After putting on the shiny black four inch high heels Jennifer had brought with her, both Isabella and Jade had her stand and model in front of the mirror, as they took a few pictures with their phones.

“You look incredible,” Isabella complimented Jennifer.

“Only because of you both. Thank you,” ödemiş escort Jennifer said, hugging both and doing her best not to let tears of joy ruin her makeup.

“Let’s go have a smoke before you leave,” Jade suggested to help calm down Jennifer .

Jade and Isabella couldn’t help but to watch Jennifer walking in front of them, swaying her hips as she had a truly sensual feminine walk.

“I want to fuck you so damn fucking bad right now,” Isabella admitted, as all three enjoyed a cigarette and coke zeros.

“Are you nervous,” Jade asked in a tone full of concern and excitement for Jennifer .

“I am, but I’m excited as well. It is best if I do start coming out now, so to speak. Because in a few months I will be having the feminization surgery, and I will have no choice then. I have the annual sensitivity training for everyone scheduled in a few weeks, and it will be the fourth time I have included about cross dressers and transgenders in it. Luckily like Isabella I have my own private bathroom, so even without diapers no worries there. I have also been fucking the woman over Human Resources dressed up a few times,” Jennifer explained.

“You fucked Sherri also,” Isabella exclaimed.

“Yeap. She has been going through a messy divorce, and I was helping her with the financial part, and one night when we met for drinks one thing lead to another.”

“Do you guys ever get anything done up there. It sounds like everyone if fucking all the time,” Jade commented.

“We work hard, and fuck hard. Hell the CEO is fucking one of the accounting girls along with his wife,” Jennifer admitted.

“Seriously,” Isabella said in surprise.

“And he is the one who made her pregnant. He came to me to help get her financially setup,” Jennifer admitted.

“Wow,” Jade said in surprise.

“I need to get up to work so I can sort through the mess Isabella left me. Just kidding, ” Jennifer teased.

Isabella and Jade took turns deeply and passionately kissing Jennifer at the door before she left.

“You ready to get some jogging in,” Jade asked.

“Oh we are going to exercise for a good while, but it will include your bed, a changing mat, and a medical pad with no diapers,” Isabella announced, as she began pulling down Jade’s diaper.

After having fully enjoyed each others pussy being hump and tasted for over an hour, both put their diapers back on, along with bras, and began getting ready.

“Let’s dress up like little girls wearing their Easter Sunday best,” Jade offered.

“Sounds perfect,” Isabella replied.

After Jade used soft pink eye shadow and shiny lip gloss on both of them, they dressed in a white satin frilly dress, with sewn in petticoat, and went down to mid thigh, and came with white satin rumba diaper panties.

They secured white thigh highs with frilly satin garters on each leg, and completed the look with white satin gloves, that had a lace frill on the end, and white Mary Jane style flats.

They first stopped by Isabella’s apartment for her sewing machine, Joan, a few panty plushies they put in their diapers, and a few change of clothes for Isabella.

Both went into Babies R Us for hands free nursing bras, and other nursing items, purposely having a male stocker show them where it all was.

“You know he is playing with his willy right now,” Isabella told Jade, full of delight at their handy work.

“I almost want to go peak,” Jade admitted.

After checking out, Isabella had Jade stay in the truck while she went over to Toys R Us to grab four jumbo pink teddy bears, four large white teddy bears, and three purple large teddy bears.

She also stopped by the pool toy section, and grabbed a few medium sized beach balls before checking out.

“I’d like to learn to sew also,” Jade admitted, as they pulled up to a Joann’s fabric store.

“Come in with me, and we can get you setup with a learner sewing machine. I use to teach here a few times a week,” Isabella said.

“Really? I tried before but I could only do pillows in home education in high school,” Jade admitted.

“Those will be useful, but I can teach you how to do anything.”

After getting Jade a learning sewing machine with some easy Night Gown patterns, and sewing supplies, Isabella picked up bolts of various colored silks, nylon, and lace.

While they were eating lunch at a nearby salad buffet, Isabella was busy on her phone ordering and having overnighted thick plastic panties and other various items she would need, along with various colored bolts of double sided satin material from a ABDL clothing website.

The final stop was at the grocery store where Isabella got snacking food since she would be eating while working. Grabbing natural tortilla chips, deli made low calorie guacamole and salsa, and lots of pre-cut fruits and vegetables.

While Jade pulled out stuff from the toy room she would be playing with for the next few days, Isabella pulled her motorcycle seferihisar escort into the garage, and began unloading the truck into the toy room, insuring Jade didn’t see any of the plush toys she had bought.

Isabella left Joan in the living room, and told Jade, “Keep her company while I’m working in the play room.”

After both had traded their regular nursing bras for white hands free pumping satin under-wire ones, both went out to the covered patio for a smoke.

“I hope Jennifer is alright,” Jade commented.

“She is, she just gets feverish when she has numbers to crunch, and rarely looks away from her computer. Just like me when it comes to working on computers or sewing,” Isabella explained.

“Dressing like this reminds me when I had tea parties and played teacher with my stuffed toys when I was younger,” Jade admitted.

“What did you do when they were bad,” Isabella asked curiously.

“Spank them or sit on them for time out,” Jade admitted.

“Why not enjoy that now? Later we can have fun doing it together,” Isabella offered.

“That sounds wonderful,” Jade said excitedly.

After warming up a couple of bottles filled with Jade’s breast milk, Isabella went into the play room, hung up her dress, and began organizing everything, before putting the large My Little Pony by the child’s table, and began sewing as she slowly humped the pony.

Jade grabbed Joan, and both went into the office, where Jade put Joan in the office chair, and she straddled the teddy bear, stuffing the furry cock up her juicy cunt, and began coloring diapers while she slowly rode Joan, while watching porn she and Isabella had made together recently.

Isabella could hear Jade’s loud moaning next door, and began wondering what she was doing, but did her best to focus on her sewing.

Time slipped by fast for Jade. Before she knew it Jennifer was texting her that she was on her way to her house.

Jennifer knocked on the play room, and asked, “Can you take a smoke break?”

“Give me just a minute and I will meet you two out there,” Isabella replied.

“You won’t believe who hit on me today,” Jennifer said.

“Chris from my network team,” Isabella replied.

“How did you know?”

“He just broke up with his boyfriend. What did you say,” Isabella asked curiously.

“He asked if I wanted to grab some drinks after work, and I told him thanks but I was taken by two gorgeous women.”

“How did everyone treat you,” Jade asked.

“Pretty well. The two that knew I already crossdressed told me I was beautiful and they were proud of me.”

“How many times have you cummed in those diapers,” Isabella asked.

“Several times. Luckily I had that teddy bear of yours, so I humped it all day while I worked.”

“I hope you have some left,” Jade said, rubbing the front of where Jennifer’s cock would be, and found her cock hard and throbbing.

“More than enough,” Jennifer replied.

“After I help you with your breasts we will use your pocket bra, and dress you back up. I want to hump you so fucking bad,” Jade admitted.

“As long as I get to clean you afterwards,” Jennifer said, rubbing on the crotch of Jade’s diaper panties.

“And wear my diaper too,” Jade said, knowing Jennifer would drool at the chance too.

“Fuck I want to join you both, but I still have so much to do,” Isabella said.

“Let me see your phone,” Jade asked Isabella.

Jade setup Isabella’s phone to where she could watch the camera’s throughout the house.

“You can even zoom in,” Jade told Isabella, as she watched Isabella’s mouth drop.

“That’s sexy as fuck, knowing someone is watching us,” Jennifer commented.

“I was watching us earlier, but I did disable the play room cameras” Jade admitted.

“How many cameras do you have,” Isabella asked.

“Usually four to a room, I zoomed in enough to see your cunny creaming earlier,” Jade admitted.

“Nice,” Isabella said.

“Can I get a picture of you two together before you go in Isabella,” Jennifer asked.

Both Isabella and Jade began deeply kissing one another as they heard a few clicks from Jennifer ‘s Note 3.

“Thank you. Oh and there is a Coffee Frapachino with two shots of espresso mixed in it for you in the fridge,” Jennifer told Isabella.

“You fucking bitch,” Isabella teased.

“She kills for them whenever she pulls all nighters. She even got Starbucks to rent space and stay open late in our cafeteria,” Jennifer explained to Jade.

“So if I get one and pour it all over,” Jade said teasingly.

“She will lick you clean,” Jennifer replied, also in a teasing voice.

“That’s not fair,” Isabella replied with a pout.

“All is fair in love and sex,” both Jade and Jennifer replied.

“The funny thing is that the Starbucks there makes more money than any other location in San Antonio,” Jennifer added.

“Starbucks cards are gold at work also,” Isabella commented, as she came back out with the coffee drink.

“Would you like extra milk in it,” Jade offered, pulling out a breast from the dress and her bra.

“Fuck yeah,” Isabella replied, opening the lid.

Jade topped of the drink by squeezing some of her breast milk into it, as Jennifer rubbed the front of her dress ferociously.

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