Is This A Dream?


The day started out like any other day………wake up, shower, dress, and head to work. Of course work is always busy and mind numbing. Throughout your day you handle miscellaneous calls and emails that come thru your desk. Then it’s lunchtime. You decide to have lunch out of the office to get some air. Upon returning to your desk after lunch you see that a small package has been placed on your desk. Simple envelope, block lettering, and no return address. Curiously you ponder who it could be from or what it would be about. You lay it aside as you have a more pressing matter to attend to. Once you complete your task your gaze passes to the envelope again. Now you finally have time to take a look at it. Studying the envelope there are no traces or clues as to who or what it could be about. Just simply addressed to you. You open it, carefully so as not to disturb its contents. As you pull out a pale green piece of paper a key falls to your desk. Not a key for anything that you recognize so you place it on top of the envelope and unfold the paper. Here is what you read:

You should have in your hand the key to your wildest nights dreams. You will be expected at the following address: 123 Some Hotel Nearby, Room 456. You should not worry about changing your clothes as instructions follow. You should arrive promptly at 6 pm. Showered, shaved, and casually dressed. When you enter the room you will place the key on the table, remove your shoes and socks and place them by the same table. Take 4 steps into the room and remove your shirt. 4 more steps and remove your pants. You should now only have on your underwear. Pausing briefly to check the mirror for any signs in the room, you realize you may not be alone. Take 4 more steps to the bed. Remove your underwear and lie down, on your back. You will find a blindfold on the pillow. Pt it on and WAIT.


Your Wildest Dream

Reading this you wonder what in the world, is this a jok. You ponder the key, re-read the note and look at the time. It is almost 4 pm. As you get ready to leave work you glance down at the key and the note. Decide that it can’t be that bad and proceed home to shower and change. As you drive to the hotel your antcipation rises. What is it that could be in store for the night? You park your car and notice balgat escort it is 5:45 pm. 15 minutes until you are supposed to arrive. You wait for a moment and decide to get out of the car. Walking slowly in order to check the parking lot for a familiar care you see nothing. As you make your way to the elevator you glance through the lobby for some sign of someone you might recognize. Seeing no one you step into the elevator. On the way up you notice a woman enter the elevator on the 2nd floor. She is wearing the faintest perfume but you can smell how heavenly it is. She is wearing thigh high boots, a leather mini skirt and bodice, long gloves, a scarf and hat. She keeps her back to you. You reach the 4th floor and step out of the elevator. You turn to look back at her just as the elevator doors close and it appears that she blows you a kiss just as her face vanishes behind the door. Did she know you? Was she just flirting? You walk slowly towards the room and insert the key into the door.

As you step inside the room, you see that there are many candles lit around the room and you notice that smell. It faintly reminds you of the woman from the elevator. But how could that be she didn’t get off the elevator. You glance once more at your instructions. There is faint soft music playing in the room and you begin your instructions. You are very meticulour and follow each step perfectly. As you lie down on the bed you pick up the blindfold. Are you having second thoughts? No, and you put it on. Laying there on the bed, you think you hear the door. Should you move? No, your instructions were to wait. Then you hear it, footsteps across the floor. Whomever it is does not speak. Then, what is it? That smell……the perfume… is exactly like that of the woman from the elevator only stronger now. You want to remove the blindfold. As you start to raise your hand to it she speaks. Ever so softly: “your instructions were to wait.” Is all she says. Quietly, calmly you lay your hand back on the bed. You can’t see her but you can hear what sounds like the removal of her hat and scarf. Yes, the scarf falls gently on your stomach. She drags it down your chest and down your legs. She leans down and whispers in your ear: “I hope you will be a good boy for me.”, and gently kisses your batıkent escort neck. You move to reach around her with both your arms and pull her to you. Her lips are soft and you want them on your own lips. She quickly pushes your arms to the bed. “remember,” she says, “you must be a good boy”. You hear the zipper on her boots and you can feel her warmth beside you as she bends over to remove them one at a time.

She climbs on top of ou and places a gloved finger to your mouth. “bite the tip of my glove”, she says. As you do you feel her pulling her hand out of it. She offers you the other and again she pulls her hand out of the glove. She is straddling your ches. You can feel her warmth. She presses her ass to you and you wonder… she not wearing any panties. The thougth races through your mind. She takes your hands and places them on her bodice. Instinctively you run your hands over her breasts. You can feel her nipples getting hard even through the bodice. She guides your hands to the clasp and without instruction you start to work the clasps open. One at a time you undue them until you feel the bodice hit the bed. She allows you to massage her bare breasts now and leans down so that you may kiss them. “do you like what you feel,” she asks. She sits up and raises herself off your chest just enough to raise her ass. She takes your hands and places them on her ass. You realize now that she in fact is not wearing panties and you can take it no longer. Your cock has stood erect and you want her. She realizes that is your desire and forcefully puts your hands above your head. She moves, completely off the bed. Then you feel her hands on your ankles. She grabs them and pulls you to the end of the bed. Your feet now on the floor you feel her kneel between your legs.

Ever so gently she runs her hands up your thigh to your cock. She caresses it tenderly with her hands. You feel her warm breath on your thigh. You raise your hips to be closer to her. She presses you to the bed. Then as if by some infinite wisdom she wraps her warm lips around your hard, thick cock. Slowly taking it all in. Her hands go to work on your balls as she sucks softly and tenderly. You begin to thrust your cock further into her mouth. It is so warm. You wonder if she is wet, you wonder beşevler escort how she tastes. As if by knowing your thoughts, she stops. But only for a moment. You feel her climb back onto the bed. She straddles your body again only this time her pussy is so close to your mouth you can just barely reach it with the tip of your tongue. As if she knows what you want she slides up so that she forces your tongue deep within her pussy. She is so wet, so warm. Just as you are enjoying her she raises her body off you. Again you feel her get off the bed. This time, as you reach for the blindfold, you hear her say “I told you to behave.” Not being able to stand it any longer you remove the blindfold anyway, toss it on the floor and grab her by the waist.

You pull her to you, kissing her passionately, long and deep. Knowing that she wants you just as much as you want her, you take her in your arms and lay her down on the bed. Spreading her legs as wide as the skirt will allow, you expose her now soaking wet pussy to you. She begs for you to fuck her. This time you obey, thrusting your rock hard cock deep within her warm, wet pussy. She moans and you press further. Slowly building a rhythm you begin pounding her pussy. You can feel her muscles tighten around you drawing you ever deeper inside. You lean down to suck her nipples and kiss your way up her neck to her lips where you kiss her deeply. She wraps her legs around you then pulling you ever deeper. Your rhythm has increased and you know she is going to cum. Her breathing has intensified, she cries out, and your feel her pussy tremble and convulse around your cock. The motions are unbearable to you and as if you had been waiting forever you explode. Cumming forcefully inside her. As you cum she begins to scream in ecstasy as she cums over and over on your cock.

As the trembling subsides, you kiss her gently and roll her over onto her side. Still inside her, you pull her close to you. Whispering “yes, you are my wildest dream, but I will have you again for breakfast,” and she looks at you glassy eyed and smiles. You kiss her tenderly and she lays her head on your chest and falls asleep in your arms. You lie there thinking of the nights events as you drift off to sleep. You wake just before the sun rise and see that she is still sleeping, only now there is no skirt. She must have slid it off in the night. Her body is smooth and you run your hands gently over her body. Trying not to disturb her sleep. Thinking about last night you begin to get hard again. You wonder what she will be like for breakfast…………………

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