Is Greg Cheating: Finding Out For Myself


‘So, here we are again, Greg, we’re lying here watching a movie again on a Friday night, but every night, around this time, you seem to need to head out. The movie is almost over now, so what’s gonna happen now? You’re cuddling with me, and I know you love me, but you still have me wondering.'”Oh, that was some movie, Dahlia,” he moaned, arching his back and stretching out.I peeked at the clock again. ‘Yes, and you’re about to leave, aren’t you?'”I’m sorry, babe, but I have some work to get done yet tonight, I promised I’d meet Mike at his place a half-hour ago. I didn’t think the movie would last that long,” he said, peeking at me.”Okay,” I sighed.”I’m sorry, but I’ll be back in the morning because I’m gonna spend the night to get everything done.””Dude, you won’t need to be done until Monday morning, can’t you stay with your girlfriend tonight? If you’re serious enough to live with me, can’t you at least pretend you love me and want to spend time with me?” I asked, standing with him.”We spent the last three hours together. We ate dinner and watched that movie. I just need some time to work too, Dahlia, I’m not asking you to donate a kidney,” he whined, putting his shoes on. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow, right?””Fine, Greg, but just know you’re leaving a horny woman alone here,” I made clear, lying back with my arms crossed.”If I could get out of this, I would, but as I said, I’m already late. Tomorrow and Sunday, I’m all yours, all day long. We can exercise our horny desires on each other, and I promise I’ll even take you out wherever you want to go.”‘You want to hold onto me, but still, there’s something fishy here. If you’re always leaving at roughly the same time every time you come over here,’ I thought, shooting Greg a dirty look. “Okay, Greg, go, I’ll just sleep alone again tonight.””Okay, cool,” he uttered, before kissing me. “Just call or text me when you want me to come over, fair enough?””Yes, Greg, now just go already before I get upset.”He rubbed his face for a moment, but left a moment later as my eyes never parted from him. I bit down on my bottom lip and clenched my fists too. He glanced at me right before he left, but yet that didn’t stop him either.I hit my palm. “WTF, I just know that bastard is cheating. I didn’t tell him I loved him, but he didn’t say it to me either. We’ve said it before, but what am I supposed to think? He leaves me and always just says he needs to work or gives some other bullshit excuse. He never says he needs to head out at a certain time, but it’s always in the seven or eight o clock hour. So, shit, I gotta find out where he’s headed,” I said before a pause. “There’s his engine. You know what, fuck it, maybe I’ll follow him. It might be deceitful, but I’m pretty damn sure he’s doing something bad. He might be cheating, and he’s keeping me in the dark,” I said, prior to making my way to the front porch.I saw him head down the street and then I went out to my car. I got in and followed him a moment later. I maintained my distance, but it was dark out, so I hoped he wouldn’t recognize my car.”Well, all bets are off here. I’ve met Mike before, and he’s a classy married guy, but would he work on Friday night? It seems odd at best, but let’s see if Greg heads to his house.”Needless to say, I didn’t let him out of my sight. I couldn’t be sure if he were committing misdeeds, but I needed to be certain.”Yep, now he’s completely out of the direction of Mike’s place. He’s driving to the other side of town now, so yes, he’s lying, but of course, that’s not proof of cheating, but Greg has me more than curious about where he’s heading now. Just where the fuck are you going, Greg? Are you seeing someone else? I’m your serious girlfriend, so you tell me, dude. I feel my nerves going off nonstop, so the longer the drive goes, the more insane you’re going to make me go.”Although, the trip lasted for another twenty minutes. I made sure not to get too close, but of course, I surely wanted to smash Greg’s car as ideas of infidelity plagued my head nonstop. I kept my cool for Ümraniye Escort the most part and just waited for him to stop.”Oh, you’re heading down this street now, could your side piece live down there?” I asked, turning down the road.I still kept a small gap and even turned my lights off not to tip him off. It was difficult to see, but then I saw him pull over in front of a small house.”Oh, have we arrived? That’s clearly not Mike’s house, Greg, so are you lost? It doesn’t seem so; you’re getting out of your car and smiling too. Dare I ask, are you anxious?” I pondered, pulling over a few houses down. “Well, now the door has opened, and is that…” I said, squinting and leaning towards the windshield. “Oh, yes, it’s Grace, that pretty brunette that works at the office. I know we met at least once when you wanted to have sex in the office, Greg, and she seems happy to see you too. You’re just grinning at each other, and now you’re kissing. You motherfucker,” I whined, hitting the door. “I knew it.”They made out for a moment, and then they went into her house.”You son of a bitch, well, my instincts were right: you’re cheating. It seemed too odd that you’d leave at the same time every night that you came over, but it’s been on work nights too, so that would make even more sense, you could ride into work together,” I said, prior to covering my face. “Oh, you have, you dirtbag, I remember you saying you two had ridden into work together before, and you gave her rides home too. I just had no idea you were fucking her, or where she lived. She is a nice piece of ass to go out of your way for, Greg, completely. Shit, I have to see this,” I made clear, getting out of my car.I swiftly made my way out to the backyard as I didn’t see any lights on in the front. I wasn’t sure if I’d see anything, but I was out on a mission. It was also the middle of summer, or I was comfortable out there too, except for some gnats.Anyway, then I got the sight of light. “Oh, you’re in the kitchen now, and you have a glass door back there too, so anyone back here could see you? Dare I ask, are you about to get busy in the kitchen with my man, Grace? Well, he’s leaning on the fridge with your lips pasted to his, so it’s likely. Now, you’re feeling her ass, Greg. Is it softer than mine?” I asked, closing the gap. “Wow, I knew it, but I didn’t know it. This proves it, now doesn’t it, you perv,” I said, pulling out my phone. “Let’s see you deny it when I have some evidence,” I theorized, putting it up and recording his misdeeds.I felt so mad, but yet, twistedly horny too. I loved and hated the sight in front of me as I stood about ten feet in front of the window. There was no light outside so that they couldn’t see me, but I still made sure to keep a gap and not give myself away.”And you’re wearing a thong too, Grace. I see you have a nice ass as he’s holding up your skirt. Well, I can certainly tell you have a sexy body, but you’re still a floozy, though. You know I’m seeing him, but you’re kissing him and moving your hands to his crotch. He’s feeling your butt, so are you about to pull out his cock. Well, I still don’t know, but I’m convinced you’ve seen it before indeed. Have you had sex with him in his office?”I didn’t get an actual answer, but I kept my phone up and then she calmly undid his pants too. I bit down on my bottom lip and tried to contain myself, but of course, it was no easy task.”And you’re stroking my boyfriend’s dick, you wench and he’s undoing your blouse too. I can’t see your tits, but your bra does match your thong, dark pink. It’s sexy on you, but you’re still a cunt!” I yelled softly, before I dropped my phone. “Shit, you whore,” I whined, bending down to grab it. “You fucking suck, but at least you’re a smoking hot chick, so he did trade up a bit. I know how you’re feeling now; he has sucked my nipples before. You’ve covered his head with both hands, too, so you must be enjoying it.”I slathered my lips nonstop, and my hand even made it onto my crotch. I certainly couldn’t Ümraniye Escort Bayan let either emotion win, they went head to head, but it seemed they were evenly matched. After a moment, they switched positions, so Grace leaned on the fridge.I got to see her right tit anyway, and she shook a bit in response to the pleasure too. I saw her smiling at Greg the whole time, and I could also see his arm moving too, so I knew he was stroking his rod as well. He switched boobs a few times and made himself rattle a bit too.”Shit, I hate you’re cheating, but this is hotter than porn. You want to get her big jugs, just because they’re bigger than mine? I don’t know how old she is, but damn, you must like her a whole lot. Yes, take your blouse and bra off completely, skank. He loves a full naked body, and yours is enticing. Smooth legs without your skirt, but I’m sure you have one nice bush under that thong too. He likes a bush, but I wonder about you. You have me pleasing myself out here in your back yard, and getting bitten by gnats still too, so you have my attention. You never struck me as a tart, but you’ve proven yourself otherwise.”I kept my phone up, but it shook quite a bit. I didn’t care; I just needed to document all of this, even though I wasn’t sure anyone else’s eyes would get sight of it. Greg went to town on both of her nice melons for a few minutes, but during that time, he got her skirt off and even grabbed the sides of her thong.He managed to get it down to her ankles, but she took it off herself completely. I couldn’t verify if she had a bush, but I was more than willing to wait to find out. Then he grabbed those knockers again and lowered himself down somewhat.”Oh, now I can see your entire rack, and you’re rocking one hot one. Just look my way and see me, you hussy, I think I want you to, because I want to rip your head off, but I don’t know what I’d actually do though. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to do something about this. I’m rubbing my pussy raw right now, but that’s not punishing either of them. I don’t even know if Grace is married, I clearly can’t tell is she’s wearing a ring from way back here, but I didn’t see another car out front. Well, that would make sense, she wouldn’t have Greg come over if her boyfriend or husband was home. I just know you’re a bitch, and enjoying my boyfriend. Well, if we were ever going to be friends, that’s not gonna happen now.”Throughout my masturbation session, I thought about the two facts, he was cheating, but I found it alluring. I didn’t know all the facts, but I surely took it at face value and made sure not to give myself away.I even looked on both sides of the backyard to see if anyone in either house saw me. I also failed to see anyone, but I kept that in mind as well. Maybe Greg and I didn’t have the perfect relationship, but I didn’t deserve this.”I told you I was horny, fucker, but yet, you left to see Grace? What does she have, bigger moneymakers, or a prettier face, is that all it takes for you to cheat? I think she’s a little younger, maybe a few years at twenty-four or twenty-five. Well, again, I don’t know what it’s like at work all the time, maybe she flirts. She could have seen me sucking your cock in your office and pleased herself, so maybe we’re even in that respect now. Have you sucked his schlong before, Grace? I don’t know, but you have me wondering. You seem to be enjoying getting your red nipples licked now, and you’re slanting your head back too. Damn, you’re going nuts too, you’re pushing the fridge back too. You better be careful, you might knock it down, it looks expensive. On the other hand, what the fuck do I care?”Although, it seemed she picked up on the risk, so she yanked his head up and pasted her lips to his. Both of their hands stayed down below, so he finger-fucked her, and she gave him one mean handjob as they turned their bodies ninety degrees.They also made sure to maintain a small gap, so they could both properly please each other. Needless to say, I didn’t drop my Escort Ümraniye phone and never stopped pleasing myself either. I struggled to keep myself up there, but I managed to stay up there.I felt my juice coming out quite a bit, and it even leaked out of my shorts and down my legs too. It was slightly cool as it was nighttime, so I felt a bit colder as sweat went down my back and front somewhat. Nevertheless, nothing short of someone catching me was going to make me skedaddle. “I’m assaulting my twat raw and letting my mouth stayed wide open too. I hate the fact that I find Grace beautiful, but I’d eat a piece of her cake if someone offered it to me. She is stunning, so maybe I’m weak too, but not quite enough for me to cheat. I appreciate a women’s body, but I’m not sure I’d fuck another woman; however, looking at you, Grace, you have me wanting to taste you.”After a few minutes of hand play, she slowly dropped down to her knees. She looked up at Greg, but didn’t say anything, and had his attention too.”You gotta be kidding me, are you seriously pulling your phone out to take pictures of her as she strokes your wood? Is she prepping you to suck your man meat?” I asked, before a gap. “Call me crazy, but you’re taking pictures, you’re recording as your slut girlfriend blows you? You crappy boyfriend, well, at least you’re documenting your adultery. She’s not holding out on you either; she didn’t even tease you, she just took it into her mouth and started thrusting her lips. Maybe that’s part of the ‘floozy’ charm, who knows? You know how to suck a pecker though, I’m still like twenty-some feet away, but it appears you know what you’re doing. You have my boyfriend caressing your head and playing with your hair too. Damn, dare I ask, are you magical? I can never get him to do that for me, but that goes back to the theory that he’s seen you before, but what do I know?”I watched her move her head back and forth slowly, and he deal with the pleasure. He rattled a bit, and after a few minutes, his hands moved less and less as time went on. Considering the unknown history, I couldn’t be sure how long he’d last before he needed to cum, but I still found myself curious to find out.I saw his lips moving, but I couldn’t hear a word coming out of his mouth. I surely knew it had to be something sexy sounding and suave, considering his mistress was blowing him, but I didn’t gripe about it or stop masturbating, though.”Oh, my time is up, damn it,” I whined, bringing my phone back. “So, there is a limit to how long I can record. No matter, but this gives me an idea,” I chuckled, before I dialed his number. “Yep, reach for your phone, your non-cunt, but horny girlfriend is calling you. You’re looking at it now, and waving your hands at Grace. Do you want her to stop sucking your wood?”A few seconds later, he answered. “Hey, Dahlia, what’s going on, why are you calling? Is something wrong? I’m kind of busy with Joe right now.””Joe, I thought you were going to Mike’s house?” I asked before a pause. ‘Yes, he’s hitting his head.'”I’m sorry I met Mike just now. I’m just feeling it right now, that’s all.”I covered the talking part of the phone. “Yes, having a hot chick suck your johnson does cause pressure, there’s no doubt about that, asshole, and she’s not even stopping, he must have told her who was calling,” I laughed, before uncovering it. “Well, I gotta be honest with you about something, it’s important, can you spare a minute?””Um, um, sure, I guess. Can you just make it quick, we’re in the middle of something now?”I covered the phone again. “You POS, I mean fuck, you might be hot as hell, but screw you,” I said, before inserting my hand back into my panties. ‘I guess I’m a complicated chick too,’ I thought, prior to bringing the phone up to my mouth. “I just have a hole to deal with right now, Greg.””What are you talking about, Dahlia?””I have a hole in my mouth, and I was hoping you could yank yourself away from Mike for just twenty minutes and fill it for me since Mike’s place is only like an eight-minute drive. Could you rush over here and put something long and hard in my mouth to patch up that hole? Then maybe some white and hot liquid that would be perfect for my mouth. Can you think of anything we could use to fix that for me? I’m your loving girlfriend and would love to do that together.”

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