Irma’s Young Black Stud


Irma’s Young Black StudGary and Wayne got on really well from the start when Wayne started for working for Gary. Wayne was a very likeable 18 year black boy and unlike many k**s of that age didn’t seem to have an attitude that a lot of k**s of that age seem to have today.When Gary got home from work and told Irma about Wayne her first comment was, ‘Well invite him round for dinner one evening.’Gary and Irma were in their early 50s and happily married with a very good sex life. Next day at work Gary did invite Wayne round for dinner and they arranged it for a couple of days later.On the day in question Gary and Wayne went back to Gary’s together and Gary introduced him to Irma. Wayne said, ‘It’s nice to meet you Mrs Slater.’Irma replied, ‘Oh called me Irma, Mrs Slater is so formal.’Wayne replied, ‘I think it’s so much more respectful to call you Mrs Slater if you don’t mind.’Irma was immediately attracted to him even though he was younger than their own son. He was so polite and with good manners. They all had a very nice meal and a pleasant evening sitting around chatting. At the end of the evening Irma gave Wayne a friendly kiss on the cheek and Gary drove him home.When Gary got home they went to bed and had sex. Irma was particularly aroused and afterwards they chatted for a few minutes. Gary asked his wife, ‘Did you fancy doing it with Wayne?’She replied, ‘What made you ask that?”Well you’re extra horny tonight and I saw you keep looking at him,’ Gary replied.’He’s very good looking and you know what they say about black men being well endowed, ‘ she said laughing.’You haven’t answered my question, do you want to fuck him?’ he asked again. Then continued, ‘Cos if you do I really don’t mind as long as I can watch.’Irma laughed and said, ‘I’m tired let’s go to to sleep.’The trouble was that Irma couldn’t sleep. The thought of fucking Wayne was definitely on her mind. Although she had just cum she was getting wet again just thinking about doing it with Wayne. Gary was soon fast asleep and Irma found that her fingers were twiddling around between her legs. She soon found her clit and as she imagined Wayne fucking her she brought herself off to a thumping great orgasm.She now managed to sleep but awoke in the morning with the thought still in her head.They chatted while having breakfast and then Gary said, ‘Well shall I invite him for dinner again, I’m really happy about you fucking him as long as I can watch.’Irma had made up her mind a long time ago and said, ‘OK, as long as you’re happy with it.’Gary went off to work and the the thought of Irma fucking a young black boy soon got her wet and she lay on the bed and fingered herself to another orgasm.Gary told Wayne that they enjoyed the evening and they would like him to come round again for dinner and maybe spend the night there. Wayne thought it odd that he was invited to stay the night but readily agreed and again a date was agreed.Again that evening Gray and Irma had sex. The thought of Irma having sex with Wayne was exciting both of them and turning them on. They talked about what they thought would happen and it just made them Escort horny all the time. The only thing they didn’t consider was what if Wayne was gay and just wasn’t interested.On the fateful day Irma stayed at home, showered and made dinner. The previous day she had been shopping and bought some stockings and new panties and make up.As horny as both Gary and Irma were the night before they managed to refrain from having sex.The following morning they chatted about how they expected the evening to go. Gary went to work and told Wayne they were looking forward to having him round for dinner. Both Gary and Irma were horny all day and Irma was very wet.Gary and Wayne arrived back home at the usual time and as they went in both of them were surprised to see how Irma was dressed. She went up to Wayne and hugged and kissed him. She was wearing a low cut top which showed off lots of her tits.Wayne said, ‘Good evening Mrs Slater, you look very nice tonight.’Although she was old enough to be his mother Wayne couldn’t keep his eyes off her. As he followed her into the lounge he also saw she was wearing high heel shoes and what looked like seemed stockings. In fact the sight of Irma was already creating a stirring in Wayne’s groin area.They had a beer and then Irma announced that dinner was ready. They sat and ate a very enjoyable dinner accompanied with another beer and then Wayne offered to lend Irma a hand doing the dishes.Gary went into the lounge and left them alone in the kitchen.Irma said, ‘I couldn’t help noticing that you keep looking at my tits, do you like what you see?’Wayne was suddenly embarrassed and felt himself blushing and said, ‘Oh, Mrs Slater I am so sorry, I know I shouldn’t but they are so magnificent I just couldn’t take my eyes off them, I am so very sorry.”Don’t be silly, I’m not telling you off, I find it very flattering that someone as old as me can still get looks from younger men. Between you and me I enjoy you looking at my tits,’ she replied.’Have you seen many white women’s tits this close up before?’ she asked.’No, only young girls at high school, but they were skinny young things with tiny litle buds as tits, none of them were as magnificent as yours,’ he replied.The Irma asked, ‘Is it true what people say about black men being well endowed?’He laughed and said, ‘I suppose it depends on what you call well endowed.’They finished the dishes and Irma said, ‘You can look at my tits as much as you like.’They went and joined Gary in the lounge and Irma sat next to Gary and Wayne sat on an armchair opposite them. As Irma sat down her short skirt rode up even higher and she made sure that her stocking tops could be clearly seen. And when she did a Sharon Stone movement and crossed her legs Wayne got a long glimpse of her white panties.They chatted for a few minutes but poor Wayne was feeling uncomfortable as his every hardening cock felt trapped in his tight trousers. This, of course, was the sight of sexy Mrs Slater sitting just a few feet away from him.Gary then said, ‘So, Wayne you like Irma’s tits do you?’At the same time he reached over Escort Bayan her and pulled them out of her bra and top and started rubbing her nipples and then said, ‘What are you doing over there Wayne, come and help me out.’Wayne couldn’t believe what he heard but immediately sat on the other side of Irma and started playing with her nipples. Irma reached down and felt Wayn’es hard cock through his trousers. She was delighted how big he was and she wanted it now.Irma uncrossed her legs and parted them. She was feeling horny and wanted more. She said, ‘Let’s undress.’Gary stood up first and dropped his trousers and underpants. His rock hard cock stood out in front of him. Irma and Wayne stood up and Gary and Wayne started undressing her.As Irma’s naked body appeared both gary and Wayne’s hands were all over her. Wayne was still playing with her nipples but Gary had progressed down below and was slowly sliding a finger in and out of his wife’s wet pussy.Irma grabbed at Wayne’s cock and loved how hard and big it was. She was delighted that it was longer and thicker than Gary’s.She pulled Wayne’s face down to her tits and told him to suck her nipples. He took one of Irma’s erect nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard. She loved the feel as he sucked and nibbled on it and at the same time she was slowly rubbing his wonderful cock. Gary had stepped back now and was happy to watch his sexy wife being used and abused by the young stud.She pulled his head up and started kissing him. Her tongue soon worked its way into his open mouth.She then said, ‘Let’s go into the bedroom.’Wayne looked up at Gary from his agreement. The nod from gary was all he needed.Irma took Wayne’s hand and led him into the bedroom and they fell onto the bed. Gary followed them in, slowly rubbing his erection making sure he didn’t cum too soon.At this stage Irma wanted just one thing and that was Wayne’s hard cock deep inside her cunt. She lay down with her legs apart and pulled him down on top of her. His huge cock slid in her wet pussy so easily. He immediatley started fucking her and both Gary and Irma were cooncerned that it was going to be over in just a couple of minutes and that they did not want.Irma quickly took control and pushed Wayne off her and onto his back and immediatley climbed on top of her stud. Now Irma was in control and the slowly fucked herself up and down on Wayne’s hard cock. Gary was now only inches from his wife’s face and he loved the look on her face as she slowly fucked the young boy.Gary was now stroking faster and wondering how fast he could refrain from shoooting his hot spunk over his horny wife.Irma was getting more and more excited. Wayne’s cock was as large as the big black dildo she often used to satisfy herself when Gary was at work and she knew her orgasm was approaching. She was happy to cum as she knew she would be able to manage it a few times more. Gary reached forward and pinched his slut wife’s nipples. He noticed that she grimaced as he pinched and squeezed them.Although it initially hurt the feeling of pain soon became pleasure which all Bayan Escort helped to bring her orgasm even closer. She was now raising herself all the way up and almost letting his cock come out before plunging all the way in. Although Irma was trying to make it last she knew she was almost at the point of no return and if he came now then she was OK with that.Irma’s pleasure now was so great that all thoughts of contraception were forgotten, all she wanted was for both of them to cum, which was just as well as Irma’s orgasm was approaching as she plunged up and down faster and faster.Wayne couldn’t hold back any longer and soon Irma was feeling spurt after spurt of her young black lover’s cum spurting deep inside her wet and welcoming cunt. Irma came almost immediately afterwards and even then she continued to move up and down on Wayne’s cock. What surprised Irma and pleased her was that Wayne’s cock was as hard and big as ever.Somehow Gary had managed to not cum just yet. He sensed that there was more action to come and tried to wait.Irma not lifted herself off Wayne and lowered her hace and mouth over his still hard cock. She immediately tasted her own cunt juices on his cock which is something Irma has always liked the taste and smell of.Irma clamped her lipstick coated lips tightly round his cock and started sucking and running her lips up and down his huge shaft.Gary could see Wayne’s cum dribbling out of his slut wife’s pussy and he moved round behind and rubbed it into her pussy and ass. Although she was not a lover of anal sex she was so horny and wet that Gary managed to slide a finger into that forbidden hole using her lover’s cum as lubrication.Gary was tempted to get behind his wife and fuck her cum dripping cunt or even her ass but somehow managed to resist. He already had his own thoughts of how he was going to cum.Irma has always adored cock sucking and the taste of cum and it was many years since she had had a mouthful of someone else’s cum other than her husbands and now that was what she wanted although she was getting to the state where she needed to cum again. Irma was now squeezing Wayne’s heavy balls and sucking his cock frantically. She was now getting desperate for the taste of her young lover’s cum and was now mving her mouth up and down his shaft as fast as she could. Then suddenly she felt that lovely twitching feeling as his cum started shooting up to the top of his cock. Irma knew what was going to happen and she clamped her lipstick coated lips even tigher round his cock.Suddenly she felt spurt after spurt of hot spunk hit the back of her throat as she just carried on sucking and sucking until she had drained Wayne’s balls of his cum.Irma sat up and opened her mouth. Gary loved the look on her face as her lover’s cum slowly trickled out of his slut wife’s cock sucking mouth and dribbled down onto her tits. This was the horniest thing that Gary had ever seen his wife do and couldn’t last any longer and shot his hot spunk over his wife’s tits. The site of Wayne’s cum and his cum on his slut wife’s tits was a sight that will remain with Gary for a long time.Wayne stayed the night in Irma and Gary’s bed and fucked Irma another three times and accompanies Gary home twice a week now for dinner and the use of Irma’s wet and welcoming cunt and mouth. Gary is more than happy and loves watching his slut wife being used and abused.

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