Iris Ch. 1


Their Arrival in Florida

Iris and Bill have known each other for at least five years and have shared much over those years. They nurse each other through broken hearts and listen to the other’s lustful adventures, eventually creating their own mutual experiences.

A sensual woman of 24, Iris indulges her erotic and epicurean tastes, and she has the intellect to appreciate her sensuousness and imagination. Iris is slender and tall, and her straight blond hair hangs down to the middle of her back. Iris has a golden tan with wicked tan lines. She vows never to tan her well-groomed, blond mound or her pink nipples which point skyward upon her full, firm, ivory breasts. Her tits meet near her sternum, forming a tantalizing, natural cleavage. Frequently, her ample breasts surprise folks because her body is so slender, and her slim thighs don’t even touch, providing a constant invitation for a feel-up. Her ass is a sweet, curving shape that should not be dismissed as too delicate.

Iris and Bill drive to Florida for a weekend. Iris’ family owns a cottage with its own private beach, and the family takes turns using the cottage during the summer. After playing with each other for several agonizing hours in the car, Iris and Bill are primed for action when they arrive at the luxurious cottage. Iris is wearing a white mini dress which is held on by string straps tied around her delicate neck. She wears no bra but does wear a white thong and white sandals. Her hair is pulled up into a sassy pony tail on top of her head. Bill thinks she looks hot. He’s handsome with blue eyes and short blonde hair. He is no slouch, with a navy t-shirt and loose white pants which tie at his waist. Iris loves his maleness and can hardly wait to feel him inside her.

Her tits are full with pink nipples which protrude and are visible against the white fabric. These tits have been teased by Bill and have tempted him for hours. As Iris unlocks the door, Bill presses his body against hers from behind and slides his hand beneath her short dress to rub her pussy under the thong. She is already wet and sighs when he touches her.

“Bill, you do that so well – it’s exquisite. You’re gonna have to do me in a few minutes!” He licks the back of her neck and tastes her salty skin.

“Whatever you think, Iris.” Bill slowly pushes two fingers into the wet tightness of her twat.

As soon as the door is opened, Iris pulls him inside and locks the door. He holds her in his arms and covers her opened mouth with his while their tongues taste and play. Bill unties the dress’ string straps from around her neck and lets it fall to the floor while his cock, hard and erect, presses against Antalya Escort her. Iris takes off her thong and bends down as she unties his pants and pulls them down while she squats and rubs her blond mons and pointed tits against his legs. She rubs her pussy on his feet, and he groans with pleasure as her warm wetness is spread on his feet. He pulls her up and holds her tits in both hands and sucks on one and then the other, holding the nipple lightly between his teeth, dragging it through his teeth. By now, Iris’ pussy is saturated, and he moves his hand between her legs and slides his opened fingers back and forth across her pussy lips, but not yet touching her clit or vaginal opening. Iris feels like she’ll burst if he doesn’t relieve her. She moves her fingers down to her clit where she strokes herself. Bill pulls

her hand away and licks her fingers and bites her nipple, eliciting a moan from her.

“Wait, Iris, I have plans for you. I want you to beg for your orgasm.” Bill continues rubbing her pussy lips with one hand and massaging her tit with the other.

“You know I can do that.” Iris smiles up at him and takes hold of his cock and firmly works it up to a rock hard erection.

Bill pulls off his shirt and tosses it onto the pool of clothes around them. Iris releases his cock and and licks and sucks his nipples. She licks across his chest, down his stomach to his nice hard cock which she gently tongues while she holds it. She is rubbing her pussy over his foot, rubbing her clit against his leg.

“Iris, you’re not following the rules.” Bill pulls her up and playfully spanks her butt. They laugh. Then he hugs her and starts tonguing her ear, and rubbing her pussy lips again, enticing her even more. She rubs his cock and licks his neck while he kisses her ear.

Iris feels her body building to an orgasm while Bill continues his assault on her ear, which is driving her nuts. Her body arches as the spasms rock through her pussy, and her musky wetness seeps onto Bill’s fingers which are still rubbing her pussy lips. She pushes against his fingers, practically begging him to fuck her with something. “Oh, Bill, please fuck me, baby! Damn, I beg you to fuck me hard! Please, please, please!”

Bill smiles at her and says, “Iris, I’m gonna fuck you out of your mind.” He removes his wet fingers from between her legs and licks them. “Taste yourself, you’re so sweet! Your pussy is going to love this, I promise.” He holds her hand and pulls her onto the floor where she lies on her back.

“Oh, Bill, your cock is exactly what I want deep inside me.” Iris spreads her legs wide as she watches Bill smooth back his hair and Antalya Escort Bayan stroke his handsome cock.

“You’re ready for me, I can see your shine.” Bill drags one finger from her clit, over her pussy lips to her opening which he circles with his fingertip. “Umm, nice and wet, just like I like it!”

“Baby, I want you to like it – enjoy yourself, Bill, just do it!” Iris wants his cock inside so badly. She literally aches. To seduce him even more, Iris gently strokes and pinches her nipples and cups her nicely shaped tits for him to kiss. Bill bends over her, and his cock looks as if it can erupt at any moment. He runs his tongue over her tits and sucks on each nipple, exciting himself and her even more, if possible.

“Put your legs over my shoulders, Iris, and I’ll fuck you good after you beg me and kiss me!” Bill smiles at her and winks.

“Please, baby, please fuck me hard and deep in my pussy, and I’ll grind your cock until you cry. Please, Bill, do it now, I beg you, baby, please!” Iris smiles and languidly stretches a leg on each of Bill’s shoulders, pushing her pussy against his chest but not before giving him a long moment to appreciate her femininity.

“Oh, damn! I feel your hot wetness on my chest, my Iris. Looks like my lady is ready for me, and I promise to make you glad you begged.”

He positions himself, and Iris covers his mouth with hers, moving her tongue inside his mouth, tasting him. Bill drives his cock into Iris’ pus, nearly leaving her breathless with his strong, first thrust. Iris looks into his face and says, “Do it harder, baby, please, fuck me.”

“Iris, here we go, baby.” Bill almost withdraws from her and plunges even stronger and deeper into her, and he is lost in his movements in her hot, delicious pussy which is so tightly wrapped around his cock. He continues to fuck her like this until she cums.

“Ahh! Oh, sweet, sweet! Oh, you’re fucking me so good, Bill! I’m cumming now – deeper, please!” Iris cries out and grinds into his pelvis while her orgasm shakes her to her core. “So fucking good, baby!”

Bill slows down and fucks her hard and steady until she cums again. This time he rams himself into her and cums deep inside her. “Oh, Iris! Oh, baby! You’re so tight and sweet! I wanna fuck you all night!”

“Yes, yes, yes! I want you to do just that!” She lowers her legs as Bill releases them from his shoulders. She can still feel her internal spasms, and she is so wet and satisfied. “You’re a great lover, Bill, a real gentleman. Sweetie, you know how to treat me, and I want your cock in me most of this weekend. Okay?” Bill lies down beside her on the floor, and he gazes Escort Antalya at her beautiful body which has just thoroughly and deliciously fucked him. He smiles and runs the back of his fingers over her rosy nipples. As she turns to face him, Iris runs her hands over his chest and looks at his nice cock, resting after a marvelous fucking. She can still feel it in her, and she wants him again. Iris begins to stroke his cock with a gentle exploratory touch.

“Oh, my dear Iris, what are you up to? Do you want me? I’m getting hard, and you can do whatever you want with my willing body!” He smiles and kisses her lips while firmly caressing her tits and brushing his thumbs over her sensitive nipples. “Come on, Iris, do me.” Bill lies flat on his back with his legs slightly spread and his cock standing at attention. He rests his hands behind his head as he watches Iris prepare to mount him.

Iris straddles him and lightly grazes his erect cock with her wet pussy. She smiles down at him and lowers her tits against his chest and kisses him, holding his face in her hands. Her blond hair falls onto his chest and pleases him with its silkiness. She feels the rock hardness of his erection, and she sits up and ever so slowly takes his bold cock into her descending pussy. Sighing, inch by inch, driving him nuts with her leisurely intake. “Mmm, Bill you feel so hard and hot – I love this so much. It fills me up so nicely.”

“Oh, damn, Iris, sure does feel great. I feel like I can cum before you finish taking me inside you. Sweet, this is heavenly agony!” Bill massages both of her tits, sending pleasurable jolts through her body.

When Iris is completely full of his cock and is sitting solidly on him, she becomes completely still for a moment while she flexes her vaginal walls against his cock. Bill loudly sighs and starts to move his pelvis and increases his caresses of her tits. “Oh, Iris, your little pussy feels too damn good! You know how to do it, don’t you, baby?”

“Oh, yes, I do, but so do you.” She bends down and starts her ride while licking and biting his lips. “Harder, love?”

“Fuck me hard, Iris, as hard as you can stand it, please, my little love.” He kisses her hard before pushing her to a sitting position where she begins her hard ride on him.

Their rhythmic momentum increases, and she intensifies her movements, bringing him to a terrific climax shortly.

“Yes, my sweet girl, I’m cumming in your pussy right now! Oh! Oh, Iris! Harder, baby, faster!” Iris follows his wishes and moves like a possessed woman until she cums while grinding into his balls.

“Is that hard enough for you, Bill?” Iris smiles and bends down her sweat-glistening body onto his and rubs her tits against his chest, kisses him and sucks on his tongue, making him weak.

His arms go around her and his mouth covers hers as they are lost in their long kiss, with their wet hair and satisfied bodies melting together.

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