The three of us had gone out to dinner: Iota, myself, and Angela, another friend of ours. We had had a lovely evening; the three of us had not met together for about four months. The two girls had discussed their respective love lives in minute detail: numbers, size, girth, enthusiasm, skill – as the lone representative of male-kind, I found it both fascinating and intimidating. There was nothing going on between us, although I was certainly attracted to both of them, but hearing how much they appreciated, say, men who were good kissers, and the heartfelt disappointment they expressed about guys who were too small, or who couldn’t last, left me wondering whether it was even remotely possible for a married guy like myself, without a great deal of sexual experience, could possibly provide either of them with a memorable experience.

We had met at seven thirty, and it was now eleven. The dirty looks from the waiters suggested it was time to be on our way – the conversation which I found so engaging had been occasionally loud, raucous, and at times quite x-rated. We ought, perhaps, to have taken it to from a small, family run restaurant to a more anonymous bar, but we were too comfortable to move.

Angela had driven; as a consequence, she had stayed sober while Iota and I had, perhaps, over-indulged. As she opened her car, I got into the back – I thought to stay in the background and let the girls sit up front together and keep chatting. Iota had a different idea. “Do you mind if we drunkards slouch together in the back?” “Just make sure that no funny business goes on in my car,” Angela joked.

Iota slid into the rear seat beside me. It felt nice to set so close beside her. My hand naturally found hers, and gave it a squeeze. She squeezed back, and was leaning lazily against me by the time Angela got behind the wheel. She fixed her eyes on us through the rear view mirror – she was, after all, the responsible one tonight. “Don’t get too comfortable, you two!”

She pulled out of the parking space and headed east. Damn, towards my place, Dikmen Escort which was nearby. Not much time to act. I turned my head towards Iota; we were still holding hands, and she was smiling at me. I leaned over and kissed her. On the cheek, but very close to the lips. She turned her head, almost imperceptibly, and our lips met. We shared a surprisingly long kiss; Angela caught sight of us in her mirror, and she sighed.

“You guys!” she exclaimed. Her tone was more exasperated than annoyed. Being seen seemed to stoke Iota’s fires. The kiss became more passionate; she pushed her tongue between my lips and into my mouth. I sucked gently on her tongue, caressing it with mine, and moving my lips slowly, sensuously back and forth along its length. My hand let go of hers, and reached up to her chest. I gently rubbed her nipple through her clothing. My actions were shielded from Angela’s view by my body, which was turned slightly towards I’s. I felt her hands on my fly; I was wearing tight jeans, without a belt. I hadn’t planned this, but it turned out to have been very convenient. Silently, one by one, the buttons were undone. I felt her hand caress my manhood as we kissed. I don’t think I had ever been harder in my life.

“Angela, can you give us a few more minutes before dropping him off? We’re right in the middle of something.”

Angela had a fair amount of sympathy for our situation. “Okay, fifteen more minutes – but I’m going to park somewhere so I can keep an eye on you.”

Iota’s lips returned to mine as she reached through the opening in my briefs, and her hand encircled me. She pulled me free, and rubbed the tip between her thumb and forefinger. It would have hurt if I hadn’t already been so wet. I gasped through the kiss; it was probably from a combination of pleasure and the shock of her doing this in public.

Angela turned on to an old industrial road, pulled over to the side away from any streetlights, and shut off the engine. She turned around to get a better view. There Elmadağ Escort wasn’t a lot of light, but she could still see some of what we were doing.

I. suddenly pulled away from my lips and moved her head towards my lap. I felt her lick the tip; the change in texture from her fingers was heavenly. Her tongue crept slowly, teasingly around the glans, and then moved down the shaft to attack the frenulum. I moaned with pleasure; the excitement of Angela watching us helped make this one of the most overpoweringly sensuous experiences of my life. Her tongue worked around my shaft for a while longer before she got board. I am normally not vocal at all during sex, but this time, I could not stop moaning. She clearly appreciated how much I was enjoying this; and from the way I heard Angela’s breath catching in her throat, I could tell the situation excited her as much as it fascinated her. I think she would have been welcome to join us, but for tonight, she wanted to be a voyeur.

Suddenly, she slid her lips over me. Gently, wetly, but definitely hungrily, her lips moved up and down. Sometimes, she let her tongue come into play, rubbing against my shaft as I entered her, and against the tip as I left. I had never been with anyone with such talent and enthusiasm. I felt an incredible love sweep through me; what I felt, physically and emotionally, collaborated to overwhelm me. I felt tears coming to my eyes; this was moving me in ways that sex never had before. It seems clear now that my feelings for her were much stronger than I had admitted to myself. I more than half hoped neither of them noticed; I don’t believe they did.

She sped up her movements. I knew I could not last much longer.

“Sweetie, I’m coming. This feels incredible, but if you want to stop, I’m already a very happy man.”

She grunted something, guttural and throaty. Maybe ‘Relax,’ maybe ‘Okay.’ Maybe even ‘Shut up,’ or it might have been just an acknowledgement that she heard me. She kept on, moving more rapidly Elvankent Escort and with her lips applying more pressure. My feelings were indescribable. Of all the things I could say, what comes closest is to say “it felt perfect.” I never wanted it to end. I held back as long as I could, but I am not sure any man could fight against a woman of her skill for long. A sigh tore through my throat as I exploded into her; part moan, part gasp, part cry – an animal sound I had never heard escape my lips before.

She reached a hand towards Angela, who was prepared with a handful of tissue. She took the tissue, and held around me while she pulled away. She did not want me going home with any obvious and unexplainable stains on my pants. She brought her face back up towards mine; her mouth was still closed as she tilted her face against me. Her lips met mine, and I tasted myself on her. I licked her, but this wasn’t quite what she was looking for. She opened her mouth, and we kissed more deeply. She had been holding my essence in her mouth; as we kissed, she passed it to me; I held onto it for a while myself, not quite wanting to swallow it but not wanting to force it back on her just yet. She held onto the kiss; I felt pretty sure she would not mind taking it back. I let it flow gently back into her mouth, and kept kissing her. Before too long, she passed it back to me. It seemed to have grown somehow, absorbing the moistness of our kisses as at went back and forth. She pulled back.

“Hey Cutie, Angela and I would both be really impressed if you swallowed that.”

How bad could it be? I could name several women who had done for me what she was asking me to do. I nodded and breathed in, deeply, through my nose. I steeled myself and gulped it down. It was fine.

Iota asked, “Angela, do you have any water?”

Angela got out of the car and opened the trunk. She grabbed a workout bottle and handed it to Iota, who wetted some more tissues and wiped me clean. Angela drove to a nearby dumpster, and we unloaded the tissues into it. I kissed Iota again, tenderly, lovingly, to show her how strongly I felt about her.

Angela, always pragmatic, said “That was quite a show. But I think we should go for a coffee now. You two will both want to do something to mask the smell on your lips.”

And off she drove; there was a twenty-four hour doughnut store nearby.

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