Intimate Friends Get Intimate


It seems so easy for a girl to get a man at her desire; this has been bothering me for some time, now. Although most girls don’t realize how easily they can have sex, getting laid or just a date drives a lot of men crazy, because the same does not apply to our less attractive gender. That is why, although I’d prefer to hook up with a lot of different girls, once I get with one, I need to make sure she comes back for more so I have a somewhat constant source of sex, and hey, even some conversation.

I’ve started out here talking about sex because, of course, that is what this story is about. The introduction above however, only describes some of this story. Let me first describe myself: I am a very thin man, but also very toned and muscular for my size, I have brown hair with the tips dyed—it doesn’t really matter how I look actually, you can just imagine whatever you want to see, could be you.

Anyway, the other day I invited my friend Leslie over to my apartment. By the way, we’re pretty young; Leslie is 19, and I’m 42. Okay I lied; I’m 22. Leslie is really just beautiful, it’s the first thing I notice whenever she walks into a room, and it’s the last thing I think about when she leaves. Her face and ass are her most terrific attributes. That ass…wow is all I can really say. It’s a pretty big ass, and that’s how I like it. She’s a soccer player too, so her ass is nice and firm and looks good in shorts, like the tight little number she had on. Average height, average breasts, maybe a little bigger, and that perfect face and legs that keep her beauty on my mind all the time.

Leslie and I are really good friends and have been for a while so I had basically given up hope of getting with her more so than I have with the general female population. I met her outside my building as I was on the way home from my haircut. She gave me a hug and commented on my hair. She started talking about it again on the elevator and running her fingers through it.

“Really, you look nice with your new haircut, pretty fuckin’ handsome if you ask me.” I blushed a little while her hands were rubbing my head.

“That haircut you got a couple weeks ago has grown in on you man, you look hot.” I complimented, and it was true.

I walked into the apartment and Leslie sat down on the couch. I went into my roommate’s room, thinking he would be at work like he normally was at this time midday, to get my sweatshirt (Leslie and I both had Wednesdays off, so we were no strangers to hanging out these days). I walked right in on a hot blonde I had never seen bouncing on Şanlıurfa Escort his cock shirtless, facing the door. She had nice C tits that weren’t too round, but clearly I didn’t get a good look. I felt like being a jerk, so I didn’t leave right away.

“Dude, what the fuck man, KNOCK!” he yelled.

“Just need my sweatshirt.” I said calmly, with a smirk on my face. Leslie was in the other room laughing her ass off.

“Here you go asshole.” He tossed me the sweatshirt that was in arms reach, on his bedpost.

“Thanks bro, nice to meet you.” I said to the girl who had since covered herself with the blanket that had been kicked to the end of the bed.

I went back into the living room and packed a bowl of pot with some opium on it. Leslie and I smoked that and I put on some music. It was nice; opium smells so fucking good, it’s actually a good incense to cover up the pot smell.

Leslie and I lay on the couch together, with her in my arms. We got into a deep conversation, sort of in a daze, not remembering anything we had just said, just letting the conversation flow wherever it wanted to go. I was feeling really close with her now as we held hands and played with each other’s fingers, hair, and ears.

Well, I was getting kind of excited that maybe something was about to happen between us now. But after a while she had to go. We had come down pretty much by then. She left.

About five seconds after she left there was a knock on the door. I figured maybe that Leslie had left her sweatshirt behind. I opened the door and she flung in to my arms and kissed me long and hard. It was incredible just like on television, when the girl actually takes control, like they have the unknown ability to do. It was just like on TV though, a terrifically long and forceful kiss like she was raping my mouth with her tongue.

I really wanted her to stay, but she had to go.

Of course I couldn’t ask her over later tonight without seeming overanxious. She said she’d come over on Saturday. To no surprise, the next few days was accompanied by a lot of masturbation.

Finally Saturday rolled around, but something had come up for Leslie and she couldn’t come over. That was terrible. So I went out with my roommate and some of my boys for drinks, came home, and passed out.

I woke to Leslie rubbing my already hard cock. What a great way to be woken up. Usually it’s an alarm clock, but you wake right the fuck up when someone grabs your dick. It felt so good to have someone else’s hand stroking me there, especially Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan when you skip over the nervous tickly feeling as a girl brings her hand down your body to your “special area”.

“Leslie! Holy Shit! What a fucking pleasant surprise.”

“I couldn’t get you off my mind. I never realized how attracted I was to you.”

“I’ve always wanted you Leslie, how could I not? Look at you.”

She crawled up my bed and kissed me. Her breath tasted terrific; I’m sure mine wasn’t too great after sleeping for an hour with Jack Daniels on the breath. It doesn’t matter; Leslie loves ol’ J.D.

Leslie had her hand on my balls now, and mine was on her ass. What a tight, hot ass. I stuck my hand down her pants and under her thong and squeezed and felt those cheeks like there was no tomorrow. She moaned from that. I reached my hands further and all the way to her wet pussy and rubbed it from the opposite side. She loved that shit. I could barely reach going at it from the ass side, but I still could flick her clit with my middle finger. She had kind of a plump pussy, but it wasn’t nasty at all. It was cleanly shaven and nice and soft.

I rolled her over as we rushed to take off our shirts in a heavy breathing frenzy of horniness. Her tits were prefect. I never had noticed because I was always looking at those legs and that face and that ass. Wow, here I was with the foxiest female I’d ever fooled around with, and the last girl I thought I would become intimate with. I squeezed her firm, breasts and played roughly with her nipples. I’ll guess she is a small C-cup. As I moved down and sucked on her hard nipples, I unbuttoned and pulled her pants and thong down some. I started to finger her with very much intent on bringing her to orgasm.

With that goal I just went down on her. I made my way kissing her stomach, down to her pussy. I kissed her smooth thighs and rubbed her pussy with my hand. She was moaning and loving this in anticipation of my tongue. I surprised her and just went straight for it. She had a clean, nice smelling pussy, (or as good as one can smell). She was pretty close to a stirring climax already from my hands of god, so I went straight for the clit with my tongue. I flicked it around while I stuck my finger far into the depths of her wet pussy. I fingered as deep as possible and she began to moan and yell as she grabbed my head and her convulsions were intense as I engulfed her clit in my mouth.

I made my way back up and she was still eager to kiss me. But that didn’t last too Escort Şanlıurfa long as she went down a moment later and began sucking and licking my balls. This felt incredible. It wasn’t enough to orgasm off of but it brought me right on the edge of it for some time.

“Alright, enough of this.” I said with a rock hard cock in her face. “Get your hands and knees baby.”

She climbed back onto the bed as I took position behind her. I felt for her pussy with one hand and grabbed her dangling breast with the other and fondled her nipple. I spread her pussy lips apart and slowly eased my cock into her smooth, wet, warmth.

“uuhhhhh Leslie, your so fucking thick baby.” I moaned as her pussy felt perfectly snug around my dick. She groaned as I slid it in. I grabbed her ass and firmly planted a hand on each cheek as I moved faster and faster and covered my entire dick in her. It felt amazing. She could tell I was nearing the end as I was bucking the hell out of her from behind.

“Oh! Uh!” she moaned, “Baby, do you have any condoms?”

“No, I’m all out. Is it your, uh, ooo, period?”

“Just fuck me in the ass.”

“Really?” I asked; I never had done a girl in the ass and wouldn’t mind trying.

I pulled out of her pussy. I bent down on my knees and kissed her ass cheek. Then something took over me and I spread her ass cheeks, and I kissed her asshole. She moaned hinting that she liked it. I never had even thought of doing something like that before, but what the hell I was still pretty fucking drunk. I licked her asshole and she reacted more, but it wasn’t too nice for me so I stood up.

I would’ve put some sort of lubricant but I just rubbed her pussy juices on her tight asshole. I rubbed the tip of my cock on the entrance to this new hole. I got a little more turned on by the idea of trying something new and I shoved the head of my cock into her ass as she gasped. She moaned in a somewhat pained way.

“Oh baby ow! Don’t stop, don’t stop it feels good. Finger me baby.”

I reached down and rubbed her clit as I shoved in further and further until I had the entire length of my seven plus inch cock in her ass. She was groaning in pain and now had her face in my pillow and her ass sticking in the air. I brought her nearer and nearer to orgasm as I fingered her and began to pound her asshole harder and faster with every push and eventually I was slapping my balls against her ass cheeks making a terrific sound. We both yelled each other’s name as we reached powerful unison orgasms and I filled her ass as she came on my hand and I reached up and let her lick my fingers, which turned me on even right after I jizzed.

I pulled out and we took a shower together, and went to sleep. I woke up one of the best blowjobs of my life, and now I have a constant source of sexual pleasure that I can have a conversation with.

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