Intimacies Afar Ch. 01


Driving for 8 hours is always a chore, no matter what you are going to do and who you are going to see at the end of the journey, your back always hurts, the sound of the engine almost too much to bear at that point, and no matter how many twists and turns the road throws at you, by the 8 hour mark you are ready to sleep. I finally pull into your driveway, and walk to your door, ringing the bell so as to announce my arrival. You answer the door, stunning me with how wonderful you look. You smile at me, giving me a sense of wonder and awe as we stand there and stare at each other.

“So are we going for a ride?” you ask, my mind flooding with imagery of you sensually sitting on my cock while I drive it deep into your recesses.

“Yeah sure, hop in.” I reply gesturing with my hand towards my car.

We chat mindlessly as you direct me here and there around town, not really caring what we talk about just the time we spend together, finally parking in a nice spot outside of town. I shut my car off, and we look to each other, silence fills the air, tension building at a rate of uncontrollable proportions. As we stare into each others eyes passion finally fills our eyes and we reach for each other, kissing passionately. Our hands instantly start groping each other trying to turn each other on more so then we already are. We climb over the back seat and I lay you down on the back seat, looking down at you to see you coyly looking up at me. I grab you by the wrists and pin you back to the seat while I intimately kiss you on the lips, our tongues dancing, then I let my kisses travel outwards, drifting to your ears, slowly I kiss and lick them lightly with my tongue, delighting you with thoughts of what I can do with that tongue, moans begin escaping your lips. Still pinning you down, I kiss the other ear, delighting it in much the same manner.

I release your arms while I still kissing your neck, I Reach between us and start to unbutton your shirt but you stop me, and guide my hand towards your pants. I slowly unbutton them, teasing you as the zipper slowly parts, then I lower your pants at almost painfully escort bayan istanbul slow rate, making you wait since you decided that it is here we will go. Finally loose of your pants you ache for me to give you pleasure, you need it, and I know it and choose to give it to you. I lean back onto my knees and hoist your legs up onto my shoulders, finally getting my glimpse of your sexy blossom, the moisture easily visible, the smell of sweet flowers, I ache to taste it. I dive my face into your groin, throwing aside all regard and giving into desire, instantly tasting the sweet juices you have to offer me, you begin immediately moaning and crying for me to lick you more, to make you cum. As my tongue dances in your cunt your body arches, pressing against me with each arch, your body uncontrollable all you can do is enjoy it, my tongue slipping across your clit, flicking it, stimulating your very essence. My knees weaken with each push, my balance slowly giving in to your forceful enjoyment of my tongue, until suddenly you push me right off balance and end up sitting on my face, concern is first on your mind but quickly dissipates as I continue to lick you with you right on top of me, suddenly realizing just how much I really want this your passion takes over completely.

You grind your pussy into my face, aching for me to pleasure you, your body arched to maximize your enjoyment. My hands drift up and start massaging your breasts, though you barely notice, so I decide that it is time to give you more than that, and I slowly let my hands slide down to your stomach, slipping under your shirt I start tracing designs across your stomach. This you notice, the very thing you need to give you climax, and you do, your body tightens, your legs grip my head tightly, your back stiffens and you let loose a loud moan, satisfied quickly from my intimate licks and touchings. You fall back, bliss too much in control of your mind to even keep you sitting up.

Intensely turned on by the way you took control I can no longer wait to fuck your pussy in which I which I had just been stimulating, escort istanbul and I pull myself out of my pants and place myself over top of you, your legs still spread from the fall. You look up at me still glassy eyed from the climax I had given you, I run my fingers through your hair and kiss you again, slowly, kindly, waiting for you to be ready for more. As your bliss winds down you kiss me more readily, your hands slowly starting to pull me closer, to ask for more. With one hand still running lightly through your hair I let the other travel to your chest, slowly unbuttoning your shirt, then easing it aside, I slip my hand in underneath you and release your bra, the thin lace slipping down to expose your breasts to me. I stop kissing you and allow my mouth to travel to your breasts, as I do I feel your hips grind against mine and know that you are ready, I slow my progress on your breasts and ease my hand down to your moist mound, cupping it with my hand, I run my hand across it, pressing against it, stimulating you, driving you nuts as you grind against it, moaning all along.

Finally seeing you as ready, I grip my swollen flesh and reposition myself so as to best pleasure you, I ease my head up to the moist opening of your tunnel, slowly I press inside of you, allowing the moisture to guide me inside. Your eyes instantly roll back in your head as reality twists, and your perception distorts, you have wanted this for a very long time and now realize it was well worth the wait. I slowly ease every bit of me I have inside of you, sensually sending chills up your spine. The feeling of my now moistened flesh filling you almost too much to bear.

Now finally joined, my attention turns to your nipples; slowly I lick and suck them, sensually pleasuring you while you blissfully enjoy being filled by my hardened flesh. I feel your muscles clinch down on me, grasping to suck even more pleasure from the moment. Desiring to give you what you need I press myself harder against your pussy, pushing that extra little bit, forcing your back to arch and another moan to escape your bayan escort istanbul lips. Returning my attention to your nipples I begin again with the licking and sucking until I feel your hands pressing me hard against your breasts. I grab your hands and pin them back against the seat roughly, then again go back to my pace, the sudden aggression instilling even more passion in your blood.

Desire consumes you and you begin slowly trying to ease me in and out of you, lowering your hips and arching your back then going back. Suddenly realizing that you are taking control I press hard against your hips, pinning you harder against the seat then you already were, and then return to your breasts. Your moans goading me on, tempting me relentlessly to give in to you and pleasure you with my flesh, but first I know I must pleasure your flesh first. I pleasure your breasts until I am completely satisfied that you have had enough pleasure there, your moans still coming from being pinned down and forced to enjoy what I choose you get. Finally I release the pressure on your hips, still holding tight your arms. I slowly start to ease myself out of you, so as to push inside again, your eyes rolling back into your head again. I push myself inside of you again, forcing another moan from your lips as you curse out your pleasure loudly.

Again I pull out of you and ease myself inside of you again, still you moan loudly. With each slow thrust I press into you moan louder and louder, pleasure flooding your mind, your body shudders as I fill you with my stiff flesh, you feel every single detail down the length of my shaft rub your tender walls each time I thrust. I slowly ease into a faster pace, each time your moans louder and louder. My pace quickens, faster and faster, I let loose your hands and feel them instantly clawing at my back, holding me tight, urging me faster, and faster.

Our climax’s build quickly, your body shaking as you get closer and closer, I feel myself nearing my climax, nearing the time when I fill you with my juices. Suddenly I feel you tense up, a scream of pleasure escaping your lips, a plead to god right behind it, your muscles tighten around me finally forcing out the juices your body seeks, a moan escaping my lips, I force myself as far into you as I can push, my body tensing in pleasure.

Finally we collapse in eachothers arms, quietly awaiting the bliss to escape our minds.

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