Interview with Blondeness


A special note for my female readers:

In this story there are four male characters who appear at different times and make love to our heroine. Please read these characters carefully and tell me if you had the chance to go to bed with one of them, which one would it be? I am sure you will enjoy this.

Copyright Warning:

I don’t mind you reproducing and distributing this story as long as you are not making money out of it and due credit is given to the author. If you want to make money from it in any way then kindly email me for permission. Thanks!

It was raining like crazy that night. The slight drizzle that had started only a few minutes ago suddenly turned so violent that traffic was forced to move at half its speed. This slow ‘crawl’ of automobiles was beginning to cause a bottleneck on the already congested downtown street ahead. Impatient motorists honked their horns in frustration, hoping that the mere noise would some how create space ahead of them. Sitting in the back seat of the cab, Jason Hallander leaned forward to look out of the windscreen. The wipers moved left to right and right to left, fighting a desperate battle against the falling rain.

“Its an accident!” The cab driver commented in his Jamaican accent.

Soon Jason could make out the details. A red Neon had skidded and rammed into an old pick up van ahead. While the two drivers were out in the rain arguing, impatient motorists were trying to make their way around the two vehicles.

“I think it will be a good idea if I get down here.” Jason said. “It will take us half an hour here.” He pulled the leather wallet from his pocket. “How much do I owe you?”

“Twenty” The cab driver responded.

After handing the cab driver two crisp ten-dollar bills, Jake was walking towards the tall apartment building ahead. The wind and the shower were both so strong that he had to hold the hat on his head to prevent it from blowing away. “Jessica Blondness …” He whispered to himself. “If it hadn’t been for you I would never go through all this.” He shoved one hand in the raincoat. When he arrived at the main entrance, his clothes were soaking wet. On the buzzer he pressed # 717 and waited for the beep.

“Hello?” A husky feminine voice answered.

“Hi … its Jason Hallander from Life Style Magazine.”

The glass door clicked open and walked in. The lobby in which he was standing was very different than what he had expected. It was clean and well maintained but quite average. He wondered why a porn legend like Jessica Blondness was not living in the super luxury condos he had just passed. Slowly he walked towards the elevator and pressed the button. When the door opened he stepped inside and found himself surrounded by old mirrors that had scratches all over. He turned around and checked his reflection on all three mirrors. He was a tall and lean lad in his early twenties wearing a knee length raincoat and a black hat. There was a Cannon camera hanging around his neck and with the large specs that he wore, he looked like the typical ‘geek’ who had just stepped out of college. As the elevator rose up, he found his heartbeat getting louder and louder. It was obvious that he was nervous. In a few minutes he was about to meet the porn goddess, Blondness. He had been a fan of Blondness since the first movie he had seen of her. She was the ultimate queen of his sexual fantasies and in his dreams he had fucked her a million times ejaculating loads and loads of semen thinking of her. Now he was about to meet her and see her from his very own eyes. For some odd reason, he took out a mint gum and placed it in his mouth. “YA RIGHT!” He smiled at the thought and closed his eyes.

The next minute he was walking up and down the hallway, looking for apartment 717. Finally he knocked on the door and stood back. There was no response. Just when he was about to knock the second time, there was the sound of approaching footsteps that sounded like a woman approaching in high heels. The door opened and his legs turned jelly the moment he laid eyes on her. She was a more mature than he had expected, a woman with very light, almost platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Her shoulders were pulled back and her boobs jutted outwards, stretching the fabric of her white blouse. Her waist was narrow and as his eyes traveled down to her legs he noticed that she had nice well developed calves.

“Hello” She said.

“Hi … I am Jason Hallander from Life St…” .

“Come on in.” She spoke before he could complete his introduction.

He smelled her perfume as he walked past her, inhaling the fragrance deep into his lungs.

“Its pouring outside isn’t it?” She spoke in her typical husky voice as he removed his raincoat and shoes.

“Yeah! Its crazy out there.” He replied.

“How about some hot coffee?” She closed the door and latched it.

“Sounds wonderful!”

She gave him a smile and disappeared in the kitchen. He walked around the place examining the apartment. The living room was small and simple, with a TV trolly, a nice couch on one side and Cebeci Escort a few floor cushions to sit on. There was a reclining chair near the television with a small glass table ahead. The living room gave way to sliding glass doors that opened in a balcony. There was nothing about the place that boasted wealth. It was neat and simple and had a very friendly feel to it. He stood in front of the glass door and looked outside, admiring the view of the shimmering city lights.

“Nice view isn’t it?” She spoke from the kitchenette.

“Oh yeah!” He said and looked all around him searching for a waste paper basket where he could spit the mint gum he had been chewing. There was nothing except a small ashtray on the table. He took out a small piece paper from his pocket and wrapped the gum in it to prevent it from sticking. Then he placed it in the ashtray and sat down on the couch. A few minutes later, she came out holding a tray with two large mugs. As she bent low to offer him the coffee Jason tried to steal a peak into her blouse. Blondness straightened up pulling her shoulders back and jutting her boobs out in her typical manner. Then she walked back to the reclining chair and sat down.

“So what questions can I answer for you?” She said crossing her legs. Jason’s eyes once again returned to her well-developed calves.

“Well … you see in Life Styles Magazine I do a column on people with unusual lifestyles. In the past I have covered Navy SEALs, prison inmates, police detectives and lion tamers, circus gymnasts. For the coming issue I wanted to interview some one from the adult industry.

A slight smile was appearing on her lips, which made Jason relax in her presence. He pulled out a small digital voice recorder and placed it on the glass table in front of her.

“Are we ready?” He asked.

She took a sip of her coffee. “Sure!”

“OK, the first thing I would like to know is … which school did you go to, what were your early days like?

She looked at him closely, her deep blue eyes piercing into his personality. Then she lowered her gaze. “I was the only child of my parents. My name was Jessica Watson. My father was a tax officer and my mother a …” She paused. “We will talk about her later. I was a shy teenager, chubby with blonde hair that I wore in two pick tales. My eyesight was weak so I always wore specs that people told me were too large for my face. I was introverted and mingled only with a few selected friends. In my class of twenty-two, I think I was the least noticeable one. As far as grades were concerned, I was average. The teachers still liked me because I was not troublesome like most kids in the class.”

“Did you have a boyfriend?” Jason asked.

“Not at that time, no. Most girls my age were crazy about athletic guys who were in track and field and the football team but I was different. My crush was on a boy called Dillon. He was also shy and quiet like me. I liked him because maybe I could see myself in him.”

“Did he ever approach you?”

“No. He was too shy to do that. This crush remained a crush. But I always thought I would grow up and settle down with some one gentle like him. Little did I know that I fate had something else in store for me.

“Aha!” Jason said sipping his coffee. “So tell me…” He placed the cup on the table. “How did you turn from a she teenager to a porn legend. I mean what happened in your life that transformed you into this famous adult personality that you are today?”

She leaned back in the chair for an instant and then sprang forward again. “It was a series of events and not a single incident.” She continued. “It’s a long story but since you asked I will tell you. “My mother was a housewife and stayed home most of the time. Whenever I returned from school, I would find her sitting in the living room with other women from the neighborhood. It was your typical “gossip gathering” where all the frustrated housewives sat together and told each other imaginary stories about their love affairs. It was a rather strange gathering because there was seldom any truth to those gossips and these women knew it. But it served as an energy release and was a source of entertainment for them all.

If it was not these women then it was Henry, our landlord. Since we had lived in the same house for a long time, I had known him since I was a kid. He was a hairy man with a stocky built and balding head. I would often come home from school and find him sitting in the living room with both feet on the table, smoking cigars. I had been so used to his presence that I never questioned his purpose for being there. Yet in spite of all these years there was something about that man that made me feel uncomfortable.

Now one day I went to school and found a television van parked at the main entrance. Cameras and electronic equipment was being carried from the van into the school building. Seemed like some film was being made. Students from my class as well as other classes were sitting in the grass whereas they should have been inside their classrooms studying. When I went Cebeci Escort Bayan inside the main building I saw the commotion outside the principal’s office. Mr. Stark, our principal was surrounded by reporters and cameramen, as he tried to answer questions what seemed like a barrage of ‘hostile’ questions from the reporters. A few minutes later, I found out that the teachers had gone on strike for not receiving the salary raise. No school today! I stepped out on the lawn and hung with the gang for a few minutes. They were all talking about how great it would be if the strike went on for a week. After an hour or so I walked back home since other kids were also leaving.

When I opened the door and entered the house, there was the strong and familiar smell of cigar in the air. I knew Henry was there. In the living room a lit cigar was placed on the ashtray and soft moans were coming from my parent’s bedroom. I took off my shoes and placed my school bag on the floor. Then tip toeing, I made my way to the master bedroom. The door was wide open and in the oval mirror I could see my mother getting fucked. She was lying on the bed naked with her legs in the air and Henry was pounding viciously. His stocky, hairy body was glistening with sweat as he pounded her. The fucking was so intense that I could hear the sound of his balls slapping my mother’s ass as he drove his shaft in and out of her pussy.

“Ooohhh my Gooodnesss!” My mother screamed … “You are sooo good Henry FUCK ME …Yaaah thaats it baby fuck me! Mmmmm…”

I stood in the doorway and felt my pussy getting wet. I was in my mid teens back then and this was the first live sex scene I had witnessed. Then I suddenly wanted to leave. I wanted to get away from all that so I got into my slippers and left the house. But, since I had left my school bag and shoes back home, my mother found out I was there. Her attitude changed a lot towards me after than incident. She became very ‘distant’ from me and I started feeling like an ignored child. To be honest I had always felt neglected but after that incident it was not the same.

One day I returned from school and found my father and this other man called “Mr. Baily”. He wore a black suit and had neatly gelled hair. My mother was also there and there were lots of papers on the table. Mr. Baily told me that my parents were getting a divorce and I was to appear in the court after a few days and tell the judge which one of my parents would I like to live with. He acted very sympathetic towards me as if the whole thing had come to me as a shock. To be honest, it did not surprise me at all. My father took me in his room and comforted me. He told me that I should feel free to choose either of them and he would continue to meet me even if I lived with my mom. My mother on the other hand ignored me totally so I knew who I wanted to be with.

After the separation my mother ended up getting most things. My father and I moved out to a small apartment at the other end of the city and Henry moved in that house with my mother. I changed schools and was soon going to this new one, which was a very multi-ethnic place. In my final year at school I met this one girl who later on became the person to have the most influence in my whole life. She was a classmate and her name was Tori. Tori was a bronze skinned Latino/Puerto Rican with long black hair and a killer body. The guys in the school were totally nuts about her and that made the white girls very jealous. They hated her like anything. To be honest I also wished sometimes that I was like her. But, she was the total opposite of me in every way. I was shy and introverted while she was confident and outspoken. I dressed very conservatively and she would wear tight trousers and low necks. I hung out with a selected few and she was always surrounded by a crowd. Other than that Tori had this ‘been there done it’ look in here eyes that showed she was not easily impressed with anything. I would often look at her and wish that I had that figure and that personality.

In our final year at school we were assigned a project in which we had to do a presentation on any one country of the world. Since the topic was extremely vast, students were paired together. And guess who I got? Tori! Those two weeks that we worked together gave me the opportunity to see this girl up close. While Tori was sharp and street smart, books were not her thing at all. In this project she was totally dependent on me for the grade. This put me in the position of power and I loved that. This girl who was literally the queen of the school and had never even noticed my presence in the classroom before, was now looking up to me for her grade. We worked very hard and in the two weeks that followed, we became very good friends. She was often over at my place after school and we would study till very late. Once or twice she even slept over.

Finally when the presentation came I found myself getting very nervous. I was a never the ‘public speaker’ type and the idea of presenting in front of the whole class scared me. Tori though less knowledgeable Escort Cebeci on the subject was used to being the center of attention all the time. She saw how scared I was and suggested that she would go first and introduce the topic. I could join in later. I agreed. So she started talking about Saudi Arabia, the country that we had selected. As the session went on I started feeling confident with her presence. Soon I took over the presentation from her. The class had always seen me and a very shy and introverted person and they were now surprised that I could speak so well. The presentation went great and we got a lot of applause from the class.

Now when I turned eighteen, my father became very ill. He started getting migraines. He did not take them very seriously at first but they grew in frequency and duration and finally when he consulted the doctor he was told that he would be hospitalized. When they did tests on him a tumor was discovered and he was shifted into intensive care unit. Within a few days he lost his eyesight and the doctors said that he his situation was very serious as he was approaching a coma. They gave him pills and injections, pumped a lot of chemicals in him but none of that worked and finally after three weeks in hospital he died. I was not in contact with my mother but when he died she came to the hospital. She hugged me and told me how nice it was to see me after three years and how much I had grown. Then she took me out in the lobby and told me that now that my father was gone, she would like me to move with her and Henry. She said she knew that we had not been in touch for a long time but we are family after all and we belonged together. I went home, locked myself and cried. Moving in with Henry was the last thing I wanted. I hated my mother for ignoring me and cheating on my father and I felt that she was somehow the one responsible for my father’s death. If he had not gone through the trouble she had caused he would have been alive. Now I had no choice but to move in with my father’s murderers.

Next day I received a call from Tori. She told me that the presentation grades had been announced and we had both gotten an A+ in our presentation. She asked whether everything was all right and why I was not coming to school? I told her about my father and started crying on the phone. That evening Tori came to visit me at my place. We had a long chat and I told her about my past and all.

“Jess …” She held my shoulder and looked at me in the eyes. “I understand what you are going through right now. But you know you are an adult now. You are eighteen years old! You don’t have to move in with those guys. You can find a part time job and live on your own. You can move in with me if you want. We can share the rent and it would be cheaper for both of us.”

I embraced her and cried on her shoulder.

Three days later I had moved in with Tori. She lived in an apartment building built on top of a shopping plaza. It was a lower middle class area inhabited mostly by Hispanics and Puerto Ricans. Almost all the shops and plazas on the ground level were owned by them. I stood on the balcony of my new home and looked down at the shops. There were a lot of stereotypes about colored people back then and as I looked down at all these people, I felt a little intimidated. It seemed like a different country altogether and I was the only “white girl” living there.

Then I went down in the shopping plaza in search of work. A few places were hiring and I returned with two or three application forms. Tori was lying on the couch in the living room talking to someone on the phone in Latin. She was wearing her tight jeans as usual and playing with her long dark hair as she spoke. She looked gorgeous. After some time she hung up the phone and turned towards me. “Any luck?” She asked me.

“Yes. There are a couple of places that are hiring.” I said.

“How is the money?” She asked.

“Not that good” I responded.

There a moment of silence.

“I was just speaking to the owner of the club where I work.” She said still playing with her hair. “I told him about you. They are looking for a waitress so they asked me to bring you along. Interested?”

“Of course!” I responded.

“Tomorrow is Saturday. Be ready at eight in the evening.”

The next evening Tori got into tight, black leather pants and a black blouse. Instead of buttoning it up she tied a knot above her navel, leaving her tight waistline completely bare. To me this attire seemed very inappropriate for a workplace but I did not say anything. We drove to this place called “Obsessionz”. It seemed like a dance club from the outside but when we stepped in, I got the shock of my life to see that it was a strip club! The lights were dim and the music was loud. On the square stage, a scantily dressed woman with flaming red hair danced for the ogling male audience. They watched her as she undid her bikini top and threw it in the audience. The applause and cheers got louder and louder as the girls thong came off. Completely naked she strutted around the stage in high heels, swinging the thong over her head. Men rose from their seats and raised their hands in the air to receive the souvenir. Finally she threw it at a group of sailors sitting in the back seats of the hall. Then, completely naked, she danced seductively for the men.

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