Intern Wanted


“It all depends on whether I am in the right mood, you know? Sometimes I just need to get wet to relax.”

John looked up from his working bench just in time to see the new intern Sarah walk into the part of the office he was walking in, followed closely by two other colleagues of him. Within seconds he found out that this particular day turned out to be just another one of those days where jokes had spun out of control in the presence of the 23 year old Sarah. It seemed never directly her fault that the almost all-men environment in the office had spawned a horde of middle aged men that tried to get her wheels spinning, uttering comments she would regret within seconds of spewing them.

The small (about 5′ 5″) blonde girl swirled around 180 degrees on her heels and looked the two men in her pursuit straight into their eyes. Red cheeks showed her minor embarrassment as she claimed: “When I go swimming, jackasses!” The guys returned her exclamation with wide grins from ear to ear. “You always do this! It is not my fault that I do not think everything through before I say what I say!”

She lifted her hand and waved them off. “Please, just leave now.” She sighed. “Things are bad enough as it is.”

As the guys took of, the air rich of disappointment for a period of amusement lost, she plunged down on the chair next to John. “I take it you got all that?” She sighed.

John gave out a laugh at a very polite level and nodded. “Kind of hard to miss in an otherwise so deliciously quiet office.” As had become the custom in the few weeks she had been working at the company, their eyes met and gazes were somehow locked deep. He was looking straight into her gray-blue eyes and posed his question. “How is it that you every time make it possible to say something which such impossible double meanings?”

This time the red cheeks on her face were joined by dimples of pleasure caused by a cheeky grin and sparkles in her eyes. Not for the first time John felt just a bit of flutter seeing this young lass close to him with a cheerful expression. “Because it is just too easy to get them started,” she confessed, “They all imagine that they are all embarrassing me so dearly, while in fact I love to wind them up with just hints of that double meaning.”

As a response to her supposedly open-hearted confession John checked her out and noticed that her bold stance was only partly true, hiding a significant feeling of guilt for more than often blurting out these poorly contemplated responses to their set-ups.

“Whatever you say, hun. In the meantime let us get started again with the work we have to do today for our project, if we ever want to finish this in time.” John sighed as he bend back forward over the plans he had in front of him. Next to him he felt how Sarah leaned in as well as to see what exactly he was checking out right now. As she came closer, he caught a whiff of her perfume and suddenly he imagined taking a much deeper sampling of the smell, by stroking away her long, light blonde hair that was bound together in a pony-tail in her neck and pressing his nose gently against the side of her chin.

Surprised by the sudden urge and fantasy of getting close to this young woman, he checked her out from the corners of his eyes.

Sarah was quite small in comparison to him, almost 2 full heads shorter, and sported a very athletic build. He knew she did a lot of sports where muscle build came from, so that figure was no surprise on its own. Often she wore quite tight pants, showing strong legs with sexy shaped calves, topped off with one of the firmest butts he had ever seen. From the side her profile under her blouse he could easily tell that she was not the largest in the breast department, but he could also immediately guess that her shoulders and back, one of his most major turn-ons, would be finely chiseled.

As he was moving up to admire her silky smooth skin in her neck and the rather gorgeous jaw structure, he suddenly noticed that also she was looking at him from the corners of her eyes. Again their eyes met in a now lot more awkward setting, and instead of meeting that head-on, she muttered her need for coffee. With her standing up and moving away, John cursed himself for exposing himself so obviously. What would such a young doe think of such an old, married wolf such as him, looking almost hungrily at her body like that.

To make matters worse, he saw Hammond come in to the room and immediately noticed Sarah her mood being improved. As stupid as it could be for a guy that was already happily taken for life by another woman, John still felt his pride being hurt and was jealous for Hammond his play every time Sarah seemed to hover around the younger guy. Sure enough, his dark hair and also quite athletic physique had given him enough to be envious for and the fact that both Hammond and Sarah did a lot of sports mend that they had enough grounds to start deep conversations on. John was no fool to see that the intern had surely on multiple occasions shown that she loved to be around him for work, but that in no way could Samsun Escort really make up for not being younger, better build or most of all… single.

As he heard them laugh as they went around the corner he unleashed a mad sigh and focused his attention back on the work. This was going to be just another one of those days.

The rain was pouring down hard a few days later as John parked his car into the open parking lot. With a tremendous sigh he opened the car door, picked his bag from the back seat of his car and made the 50 meter dash to get into the building with the least amount of rain coming down on him. Even at this short length he failed miserably as he immediately felt drips of water pouring down along his neck into the collar of his shirt. Shrugging off a shiver, he saw people coming in from the bicycle shed that was not conveniently placed at least twice as far away than the car park. Apparently management had guessed that these people could not get any wetter after riding their bikes to work and from the looks of the persons coming in at this time they were not completely wrong.

A bit cheered up after seeing he was not having the worst time today, he quickly went past the coffee machine and towards his office.

If subconsciously it only surprised him marginally that his personal office door was closed and in fact locked while normally it would have been wide open, John was completely oblivious to that in his morning state of mind. With his free hand he opened the door widely and raised his hand to switch on the light via the switch next to the door, when all of the sudden his eyes were drawn by the half-naked figure posted next to his desk. It was in fact Sarah that stood there with her back turned to him and for the mere seconds he had he took in as much as he could in this special moment. She was wearing a rather tight and short dark blue skirt which now was clinging to her wet skin. Above that there was only flesh to be seen apart from the strap of a grey bra that she was still wearing. Through the glistening wetness of her skin her could very well see the contours of the muscle groups in her back, forming neatly shaped forms in between her shoulder blades. Her shoulders themselves had that typical swimmers form, slightly sloping up towards her neck. The blonde hair, as always tight together in a tail, was slightly darker of color now due to having been in the rain and gave a more sharp contrast then usual against her fair, slightly pale skin.

All this he noticed in that tiny moment before she heard the door creek open and could respond, but for John this observation of her back and shoulders almost made him float up there to wrap his arms around her and feel every curve of her body. To the athletically shaped shoulders, down the perfectly formed back, all the way to the curves of her hips that made her somewhat hour-glass shape perfect.

Unfortunately the door itself was old and gave away his position immediately, startling her in a soft shriek. She turned her entire body around completely and, before she realized this could very well be a mistake, John was fully appreciating the view of her front.

The lace bra held up to indeed not very large breasts, but the shape of them was magnificent. As could be expected of a young lass such as Sarah, they had still the utmost firmness, while John considered the general shape of them both to be perfect. Still slightly chilled from the cold autumn rain her nipples were still sticking out through the soft fabric of the lingerie and immediately the thought sprung to John his mind that he just had to see them unleashed from the clothing.

Further down he found that she had a, to him, perfectly shaped tummy. Flat and well-toned, but still containing enough fat to still look soft. A feature that was resembled all over her body.

As she crossed her arms in front of her in a form of protection against his gazing eyes, his attention just as quickly was drawn to her collarbone; to the point where her shoulder met her neck and the point where he now so desperately wanted to plant his lips to adore her and take up her smell entirely.

Her mouth, encircled by her lips colored light red, was wide open under the half shade of her delicate nose. The eyes shot out all kinds of emotions at once before the shock abode and sense returned. Also in John his mind the moment came that it snapped back into order and a huge warning sign went up in his mind. Surely he would not be the first to get sued for improper handling in such situations and right away he averted his eyes and slowly crept to just outside the door, the thought of a half naked Sarah still heavily weighing on his mind.

He scraped his throat to reinforce his weak voice as he asked her what was going on.

“I’m so sorry, John. I knew I should have done this in the bathroom.” Sarah apologized. “I was kind of hoping you’d be coming in your regular time and I was hoping I would get more privacy in here than with all the other ladies.”

She was actually right about him coming in Samsun Escort Bayan earlier than usual. With all the bad weather he had imagined traffic to be terrible at the usual time and went out earlier this morning to circumvent most of the worst times to be on the road.

“I really hope you can forgive me for standing here in your office, you know… The way I am now.” She continued with a just as unsteady voice. John shook his head, not realizing she could not even see him through the door and replied. “Are you crazy, there is no foul from your side here. I should have noticed that the door was locked for a good reason. I am just not used to keeping these kind of things in mind you know.” A sudden terrible pun came to mind. “I guess your not in the right mood right now to relax from being wet, are you?”

The second he had finished the sentence he felt like punching himself in the face. However, a meek snort of laughter came through the office door. “You idiot. Whenever I get this wet without my bathing suit, it never results in a good mood.”

John was always the type of ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, so he raised the stakes. “I would imagine that skinny dipping could very well lead to the right mood. But all joking aside,” he said in a more serious tone, “Can I do anything to help you out here?”

Again a snort was heard and Sarah matched the bet and raised it. “I can recall quite some times that skinny dipping resulted in the right kind of mood when the right kind of person joined me at that time.”

Immediately John his imagination flared, but he got no time to contemplate as she continued. “I was as smart as to take dry clothes with me to wear all day without catching a cold, but my body is so wet that they would get all drenched the moment I put them on. And I cannot imagine standing here naked in your office all day with you outside.”

“I cannot imagine that as well, Sarah.” John said cheekily. “At least let me come inside then.”

She laughed more loudly now, a bit to John his reassurance. The fine line in slightly naughty jokes could sometimes be blurred between the minds of men and women.

“Better get me a towel so I can dry myself before. I am dripping all over your floor, boss.”

Shaking his head John turned away from the door. “I will be right there. Just… Make sure you lock the door again. Only I have the key, so you should be fine.”

“You are not coming in then?” Sarah said with the tone of a lure in her voice. A joke or an invitation? When the situation had come this far, John always had a hard time finding out.

In the end he did the safest thing he possibly could do and set out to the kitchen to find some towels.

Only a few minutes later John returned to the door to his personal office with two towels and knocked on the door. “Room service. I have your towels, madam.” He said at mild volume.

“What an excellent service here. Is there any way I can also order a snack?” Sarah replied.

‘I will give you a snack.’ John thought with lust in his heart and mind, but replied differently. “Let us get you dry first. Shall I leave the towels in front of the door?”

For a moment it was quiet inside, before she replied once more. “Damn it, John. Just get your butt in here with those towels. I just pulled of my skirt and there is no way I am getting close to that door and window there!” There was a window from floor to ceiling of a couple of inches wide and if Sarah would come closer away from the desk she indeed took a big risk to be spotted by passing personnel in the office.

“I cannot go into the office when you are naked, Sarah. How would it look if a married man enters the same room as a 23 year old intern while he knows she is in there in a vulnerable position. Let me get someone else… Linda perhaps, or Hammond?” A fellow female worker or the much younger and attractive guy would certainly be better picks than himself, but Sarah cried out instead.

“No, John! Please do not call them over. I would die having to be seen like this right now. You are…” She paused for a moment, “special. I always felt comfortable when I am near you. I cannot imagine anyone else entering right now than you. There is no other way… Please?”

Her begging felt intensely by him and John got an equally as strong feeling to comfort her as he just plain and simply wanted to see her even more naked than before.

Just as John was contemplating his options in front of the closed door, Hammond had the great courtesy to come into the common office area. “Jeez, what an incredibly fucked up weather!” He exclaimed while he dumped his wet pack on one of the tables. “I am soaked right down to my crack, after biking only 15 minutes from home!”

John nodded agreeing, still standing perplexed with Hammond his sudden entry.

“You also got wet, mate?” Hammond asked him, pointing at the towels in his hand. “I thought you came by car? Do not tell me you need two towels to dry yourself after those couple of meters from your car to the entrance?” John contemplated Escort Samsun his options in a split second. Surely he could not go in right now as Hammond was looking at him straight on. There was a huge chance he would just follow him or would become suspicious if he would close the door completely. Looking through the small window thoroughly enough and you would be able to see the entire office. Again a mental picture arose of John needing to explain exactly why he was standing there in the office with a half-naked Sarah and he felt a sudden urge to run.

In any case he could not just stand there without making a choice, as the office might become even more crowded in time. That would surely complicate things for both Sarah and John.

With a rough voice he tried to explain the situation to Hammond. “In fact… Sarah is in there, half-naked…” Hammond his eyes were opened wider than he had ever seen as he heard John say he had an almost naked babe in his office. “She thought she could change her clothes in my office peacefully,” John continued, “but she needs towels to dry herself.” He made a gesture with the towels towards the door. “She just does not want to grab them by the door as she is afraid people might see her through the window, you know? And honestly, as a married guy I am a bit afraid to go in there. Imagine how it would have looked like if I was in there and you would have come in as you did?”

Hammond uttered a short, sharp laugh and straightened his stance as to say: ‘I will save her for you!’

But then most likely in a more randy kind of way. Sure enough, his words backed this idea. “Do not worry, I am not married so I can get you out of this twist…” In a softer voice he continued, looking around to see no one else was there. “In fact, I have been dying to see her naked ever since she walked into this very room.”

Confidently he grabbed the towels from John his hand and marched towards the door. John felt like he was kind of violating the trust Sarah had placed in him by chickening out of delivering the towel himself and nervously moved towards the exit. Just as he left, he looked around to see Hammond entering the office space and the shock on Sarah her face as it happened. He could not really hear them speak, but her face showed pure terror, then acceptation and, as he moved closer to her, a faint smile of temptation.

Again John felt a jab of jealousy and cursed himself for not being more of a true man, but then shrugged it off and decided he did need coffee after all. As the office door slammed shut he imagined to let it go completely, but one last look made him worried more than before. There she was, her almost naked body hugged by Hammond his strong arms as the towels had been dropped to the floor. She was none the wiser as she offered her male intruder a sly and enticing look, but John was all to much aware that the couple was plainly visible through the small window. As Hammond leaned in for a kiss, John felt obliged to watch. Out of curiosity for a form of peepshow or a misguided sense of being the protector of their decency he did not know for sure, however John felt it absolutely critical to make sure they were not spotted by any other co-worker. So to be able to fulfill that role in the best way possible, he found himself a slightly hidden spot where he could see both the door of his office, as well as anyone coming in to the common area unannounced. Within seconds he was hooked however, forgetting to watch the entrance completely as Hammond unclasped Sarah her bra and let it drop to the floor.

Even from a distance her breasts looked incredibly perky and responded directly to Hammond his hand that was clasping on the right side. He gave it two squeezes to get a feel of her firm chest and then proceeded to circle his index finger around her nipple, causing Sarah to tilt her head into the back of her neck in joy. Back went his hand to gather all of her breast in the palm, while her nipple pierced in between his fingers. He brought down his head to produce the same circles his fingers had just been, only this time with sensual movements of his tongue. Sarah seemed to enjoy that thoroughly by the look on her face as her hand slit under Hammond his blouse, down his side to his pants and slowly grazed across his slightly growing bulge. Indicating that she definitely wanted this to go on to more escalating activities.

Hammond proceeded to push up her left boob by placing the palm of his left hand under the breast and taking the nipple between his lips. At first he looked to be giving a sucking motion onto the sensitive extension, but soon went on to very gently putting the nipple in between his teeth with very low pressure. Sarah shrieked a bit, almost audible by John in the other room, but enjoyed it all fully.

To advance the play, Sarah now took action by pulling his arms to Hammond his sides and starting to unbutton his blouse from the top. Soon enough the shirt was pulled open and she proceeded to kiss his toned chest. Directly during these motions, her hands searched for his belt and the button of his trousers and before long also these touched the floor. Hammond was now standing there with a bare chest and from the waist down only in navy blue boxers, in which, as even John could see from a distance, he was sporting a really decent size erection.

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