Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 09


A week or so passed after our first encounter with Jay, but I ran into him at the coffee shop. We both had some time, so we talked over coffee. It was all cool, but interesting…he told me he had a great time and wanted to do it again. His voice got lower and he awkwardly asked, “Are you always a top…in your relationship with Eric?”

“No, not always…usually I am, but I do like having Eric do me. Top or bottom, he’s fuckin hot in the sack.”

He smiled, “Yeah…I see that.”


“Just really interested…cause I’ve been thinking about this. Especially since we became roommates, you know. I’ve heard you guys a couple times…I’ve been curious. I mean…I don’t want you to think I’m eavesdropping, but you two really go at it, sometimes.”

“I know…I know…we try to be considerate but we do get loud; and if we take a shower together, we need to make sure you’re not in the apartment. I smile, “That’s when it fucking really gets out of control.”

He laughs, “I bet it does…Karen likes it in the shower, too. Our bathrooms share a wall…fuck, I know you’ve probably heard us…she gets loud.”

I laughed, “We have…we’re even then. Jay, loud sex is usually good sex.”

“Then we really had some good sex the other night…didn’t we?”

“Yes, we did.”

When we finished, he put his hand on my shoulder, “Thanks for the company, dude…maybe we can get together later this week? I think Karen’s got some party, Friday night.”


I told Eric about the coffee shop…and he said, “I think my roommate’s ready for more help!”

“Why do you think that?”

Well…first, he asked me that same question, whether I was a top or a bottom. And this week, he’s decided it’s okay to visit the coffee maker, in the nude. I don’t mind, but I’d really prefer having you nude, with coffee. It’s odd because he never did that before we all got together.

“I think so, too…it appears Jay wants to play more…he did really enjoy…things.”

“I got more! He left a bag from the pharmacy on the counter…I thought it was a prescription and I was gonna put it in his bathroom…but it was lube!”

“It could be for his girlfriend?”

“Could be…she did spend the night. But probably not…too coincidental and I don’t think that girl needs lube.”

I laugh, “He does talk about her…always wet & ready…at least that’s what he says.”

I got serious, “You’re right…he’s got plans for us. Eric, I’m okay with it all, as long as you are? I just don’t want it to get in the way of us…you know?”

“I feel the same Rob, but I really don’t mind….looks like we got ourselves a threesome this weekend!” He grinned, “I don’t mind sharing you…you keep me satisfied and that’s a big fucking task!”

So Wednesday night, it all came together when he said something to Eric and our plan was to get together that Friday. His girlfriend was going to a bachelorette party and he was on his own for the evening.

We decided to go out for a few drinks after dinner. I felt the tension at dinner, but I don’t think I expected things to go so far. Eric and I really thought it would be like last time….maybe suck some cock and get off. Though, the minute we got in the door, both guys started making out with me; our hands were roaming over each other…groping…grabbing…stroking. Jay seemed to be more aggressive and had a new-found comfort with his experimentation. Clothes were all over the floor and Eric had my dick in his hand, “You need to fuck me…my ass needs this!” He flopped down on the couch and spread his legs. Grabbing for his knees and pulling them back, “Jay, you can have some too…um…if yer interested…but…I’m really horny for my Robbie.”

He didn’t really reply because he was nişantaşı escort at a loss…I could see he really wanted to drive his dick into that ass…but he wasn’t gay. He ended up nodding, grunting a response and shucking off his underwear.

He may still be a little uneasy, but I didn’t waste any time…”Jay, gimme that lube, man…can ya rub some on there.” He nervously spread it over my dick and gave it a few strokes before centering it on his roommates’ bud. Giving Jay’s ass a little swat, “You ready for this, dude?”

Face to face with his desire, he answered, “Fuck yeah, wanna watch…and stroke!” He stood back; eyes fixed on the very tip, he watched me bury it deep inside Eric. Once my hips felt the warmth of those firm cheeks, I groaned, “Uhhhh…that’s good,” and started pumping away.

Now stroking himself, Jay said, “Fuckkkk! Dude! He took all that…up his ass!”

Eric grinned, “You should really try it sometime…I love it deep…Robbie’s the best!”

I pushed a little harder. “Gawwwwd damn! That’s it….that’s what I need….fuck…Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s fucking good!”

Eric groaned, and kept his legs pulled back, as he looked up. I had my hands planted on each side of his torso, slapping my body into his. “Bear down on it, dude…squeeze it…squeeze it with that ass…yesssssss…that’s it…fuck’n tight…squeeze it fuck’n tight!”

His mouth held wide open, he was unable to control his moans…he was lost in the pleasure of dick, pushing deep into his body. Pumping and pumping into his ass, I watched his dick dancing over his belly. “Fucccck that’s amazing!

Eric’s dick, always amazing to watch, was bobbing and bouncing wildly…and precum was shiny on the tip. This time, our buddy had no problems with where his eyes should be; they were laser-focused on that dick…and I certainly don’t blame him.

When Eric wasn’t rambling, he was grunting and moaning with pleasure. “Uhhhh…fill me with that…big thing…yessssss…fill me…fuck yeah…fuck me…fuck …fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh! Mmmmm…yer cock feels fuckin’ good, Rob…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me with yer big…man cock!”

Jay joined in, “That’s it…fuck that hole…he likes it…fuck it hard…fuck it, dude! It’s so fuckin’ sexy…shit!”

I finally said something like, “Jay, get over here and help this boy out…get on that dick! But let’s move over here, on the end…so you can get in there better.”

With a big sexy grin, “Two men catering to all my needs….this fuckin’ works!”

Jay put a pillow under Eric’s ass to push it up higher and anxiously grabbed for the prize. He scooped a pearl from the tip with his tongue and held the meaty shaft, stroking his hand over the length. I watched him explore, using his fingers, his lips and his tongue. Jay was showing himself…no longer awkward about things…he was all in!

He gradually pushed his lips downward, taking as much hard flesh as he could. Again, with confidence, he started sucking and pumping the cock into his mouth. A couple times, he paused, to stroke and explore with his fingers…but always eagerly going back to satisfying Eric. Together, Jay and I worked my boyfriend into a frenzy. “Gonna cummmmm…fuck it out of me…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cummm…mmmming…uhhhh! Fuck it out! Uhhhh…uhhhh…cummmmmmming! Yesssssssss!”

I continued rolling my hips into his ass, while Jay pulled off to jack the sex from his cock.

I hardly gave Eric time to breathe, before pulling out and looking over at Jay, “Mmmmmm….let’s take care of our new fuck buddy!”

Eric leaned down to suck Jay with me. He watched, as Jay pumped through my lips, “You know…roomie…you do have a nice cock.”

“Why, thank you, Eric. You two are stiff competition…get kağıthane escort it.”

Eric grinned, “You are a fucking geek.”

He returned the grin, “But I’m a geek with nice cock!”

Once out of my mouth, his dick bobbed free, but only for a second, before we both wrapped our lips around it. Taking turns and sharing, Eric and I had our newly discovered treat, begging for release. We ran our tongues up and down the shaft at the same time…over and over again, licking and sucking. We went from the base up to the head and then back down. Our tongues always met at the tip, where we could lick over the head and kiss one another. Frenching my boyfriend over the top of our fuck-buddy’s cock…was wild…sexy…almost beyond belief! Things just kept getting better with Jay! While Eric was working his dick, I went lower and sucked his balls, first one and then the other. You could almost feel the precious seed, stored and ready to satiate our needs. He seemed to really enjoy it, so I worked for a long while…love a guy with low-hanging balls.

Eventually, my lips trailed back up to rejoin Eric and he pushed his dick into my mouth. I swirled my tongue all over and slurped at the tip, while my hand worked to satisfy my needs. I started bobbing, up and down, going farther and farther down on his cock until he was pushing at my throat. After doing that a few times, Jay pulled out and screamed, “Jeeeez…fuckin’ cummmmming! Let…me spray ya…cummmming…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cummmming hard…fuckin’ hard…fuck…cummmmmming!”

With a cock throbbing in his hand and orgasm coursing through his body, cum sprayed out over both of us. Our mouths stretched wide, Eric and I were both ready for whatever he had. “Fuck! Give us that seed! Jay!”

“Give it all to us…all that man…let us have it all…yessssss…yessssss!”

After jerking out the load, his breathing was heavy, and his cheeks were flushed. He was coming down from things and smiled, “You bastards are amazing…fuck!”

“Hold that thought…anybody want a beer?”

Jay said, “Do you need to ask…think I need to hydrate?”


I came back, handed them beers and took a few drinks, “So Jay, what do you think about Guy’s Nights?”

“I’m likin’ everything…you guys know how to party!”

Eric took a big drink, slapped the bottle with his dick and said, “I’m still fucking horny…look at this dude! You all need to help me! And it’s gonna require participation from both of ya!”

I look at Jay, “You up for a spit-roast?”

“Let’s do it, dude!”

Eric didn’t have to say a word because his actions said it all…he almost leaped over the couch. He had himself bent over the back of the couch and ready for us. Running my hands over his body, I groped at his cheeks and pulled him closer. His lean body was warm against mine. I steadied my dick and pushed the entire length, into his ass

“Oooohhhh fuuuuuck! That thing does it…for me! Can’t fuckin’ get enough…love that cock…dude! Fuck!” He was quickly lost in the pleasures of my dick…probing deep…stretching his ass…withdrawing, then forcing its way, back into his belly.

He had seen us fuck before, but Jay was completely mesmerized till Eric said, “Dude…you gonna just stand there…and watch…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…gimme that dick! Ya need to…to spit-roast me! Fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck my mouth!”

Eric was right…our buddy’s dick was nice…average in size, but beautiful. I noticed, he never really got soft after the orgasm; he was rock-hard and thumping into Eric’s face. “Yeah…fill me with that…dick…fuck me from both ends…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me hard…uhhhh…uhhhh…use me and fuck me!”

Jay silenced him, when he pushed his beautiful meat through osmanbey escort Eric’s lips. He instinctively grabbed for the back of his head to thrust himself deeper. I guess it’s all the same, whether you’re face-fucking a man or woman…he knew exactly what to do. Jay and I established a nice steady pace; we could feel Eric’s body jerk as we slammed from both ends…two cocks at the same time. I know Eric loved that feeling that two cocks could generate. Doing whatever I could to further satisfy my boyfriend, I reach down to find his dick. It was awkward but I started stroking the best I could.

As we hump into Eric, Jay grins and high-fives me, “Bro, fuckin’ doesn’t get any better than this!”

Again, his eyes lingered over every thrust, into Eric’s ass. I thought maybe it was his turn…he seemed to want it…maybe? I answer, “It really doesn’t get any better. Except…maybe…you wanna try?”

Jay moaned, “Fuck yeah! I want some ass!” He lubed up and pressed himself between his cheeks. Eric moaned, “Mmmmm…that cock feels good, Jay…fuck me…fuck me!”

“Ahhhh fuck! Yer ass makes it feel good…feels just like pussy…uhhhh…uhhhh…maybe hotter…better!” It may have been his first time, but it didn’t take long for him to appreciate.

Eric rambled on with more, “Fuck me, Jay…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me with that fucking…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cock! Fuckin’ ride my ass…ride me…yesssss…uhhhh…uhhhh…ride it hard…that’s it!”

He soon yielded to the pleasure, rolling his head back and smacking his hips into Eric’s backside. Eric’s groans grew in intensity, his body stiffened and he gripped the cushions tighter…it was too much and he was gonna cum, real soon. Jay gave in and abandoned the steady rhythm; crazy with need, he was just humping, faster and faster, and fucking as hard as he could.

“He feels amazing on yer dick, doesn’t he? You like that tight ass?”

“Ahhhh…fuccckkk…yessssss…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…it’s gonna make me…cum!”

“Giv’m that dick…fuck’m hard…fuck him…fuck him…fuck him hard!”

While I stroked Eric, I watched their balls slapping together…balls are amazing to watch. Now, I wish I could’ve held my phone steady…it probably would’ve brought down the internet. Eric was almost there, moaning, “Gonna cummmm…you…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna make…me…cummmmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck, Rob…Jay! Cummmmmmmin…that’s it…fuck it…out of me….cummmmmming…yesssssssss…yessssssss!”

Within seconds, Eric’s ass had Jay moaning, too. Our buddy’s first time…I knew it’d finish him off. He screamed, “Fuck yeah, dude…cummming….cummmming…fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He pulled out and wildly pumped his load over Eric; his hips lurched forward with each spray. Breathing hard and moaning, he collapsed in the warm seed.

Finally, we all caught our breath and there was a calm in the room. I grinned and said, “Sorry guys, I know you’re cashed, but I really need to finish. Wanna feel it…feel my load?”

“Fuck, we owe you dude!”

“Yeah…sorry, Robbie.” Eric went further, “My Robbie’s a rock…he’s always hard and he can edge for fucking ever…I can’t figure out how he does it.”

“I doubt yer gonna be disappointed with what I got for ya…it’s been a couple days…you know. It feels big!”

Jay laughed, “Everything about you is big…you got a beast! Pump it hard till ya cum…and fuckin give us that big load!”

“Sweetie, we wanna share…cum hard for us…that’s it…yer there…cum hard…cover us with all that good shit!”

They were kneeled and waiting and I felt it coming up from my balls. I humped wildly into the air, till the room was filled with my moans. “Mmmmmmm…I’m close…ready? Gonna cover ya…with cummmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cummmmming…cummmmmmig….fuckkk…cummmmmming!”

As the last bit trickled over my fingers, they jumped to their feet and our tongues meshed, licking and probing, till it was gone. Jay may not be gay, but we had some crazy, good times together!

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