Insatiable at Work Ch. 20


Robin calls me a little after lunch, “Sweetie, can you come home early?”

“Well…yeah. I got one meeting this afternoon…I should finish around 3 and I can be there by quarter after.”

“That’s perfect!”

“Are you okay?”

“I just really wanna spend time with you.”

“You’re upset about Lynn…aren’t you? It’s gonna be okay, sweetie.”

“Yeah…she just left. Gone now…back to school…and I miss her already. We had a conversation about men…she was talking about her new boyfriend, Derek. Brian’s completely out of the picture…hallelujah! It’s all just growing up…she’s growing up and becoming more independent. You know…I still have a hard time letting go.”

“Robin that’s how life works…and that’s good news.”

“I know…it is. You’re right. I know you’re right.”

I added, “And we knew the Brian thing was going to end…more good news.”

“Well that’s not the whole story. You’ve made a big impression on her…she still brings things up.”

“In what way?”

“Well…guess! I think you know she’s a little smitten with you…and she thought we should meet Derek. She said we’d like him, because he’s got Rob-qualities.”

“Rob-qualities…what? Are we talking physical things, personality…profession…or things about our relationship? What’s she mean?”

“You know…around here, you make lot of girls happy! That little threesome we all shared has had a big impact on her.” She laughs, “I know what you’re thinking…and no it’s not just about your dick…perv! It goes way past that…we’ll talk about it tonight. Anyway…you need to get home…remember Chris’s over at Troy’s, tonight.”

“No kids…we got the house to ourselves! That’s something else to celebrate!”

“You got it…just get home as soon as you can.” I know she had a sexy grin when she taunted me with, “…and I’m gonna drain those balls!”


She met me at the door with a cute smile and a t-shirt, stretched-tight to contain the curves. The minute I walked in, she was on me. Her tongue pushed through my lips and wrapped around mine. I pulled her over to the center of the kitchen so I could lean against the counter. She continued to probe with her tongue, while fumbling to unzip and push my pants down.

She slipped from my arms, gently kissed her way down my chest, and kneeled at my feet. When the stiffened cock flopped out, she stroked it with her tongue, “Mmmmm baby, gimme that thing!” Resting the heavy balls in her palm, she reached out with her other hand and took the swelling shaft into her grasp. She tightened her fingers and slid her tongue over the head…after a long day at work, it felt amazing to have her tongue dance over the surface. I felt her probe the slit for precum. It wasn’t there yet, but it wouldn’t be long. As it pulsed and swelled in her hand, she moaned, “Yesssssss! This’s what I need!” While I pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside, she put her lips on the underside and ran up and down, over the length. “Mmmmmmm…tasty…honey, yer just incredible,” she sighed.

She rubbed it over her face and looked up at me, “Now, aren’t you happy you came home early?”

Admiring the glistening flesh, she moaned, “Mmmmmm, I know I am.” Stroking her hand over the shaft, I could only groan as she opened her mouth and let the head sink past her lips. She sucked hard, and her cheeks hollowed, until she started to fuck me with her mouth. Gagging, a bit, but taking every last inch, she pushed it deep till I felt her lips on my balls. Once, her throat was open, Samsun Escort she could pull it out and drive it back down, with little or no resistance.

As she bobbed her mouth up and down, silky brown waves of hair fell down around her face and shoulders. Fucking into her bobbing face, there was spit sliding down over my dick. “Robin…fuckkkkkkkk! Oh fuck, fuck! That’s a good girl…so good! Yeah like that…that’s it…that’s it!” I cupped a breast with my hand and played with her nipples. Her breasts were so firm and heavy in my hand…I felt the need to bend down and suck her nipples, but there was no way I was taking her focus off my dick. After some serious face-fucking, she finally pulled off and insisted, “Fuck my tits, baby…why don’t you fuck my tits?”

Still kneeling, but she raised herself up and put the spit-soaked dick between her tits, squeezing it in her cleavage. “We got all night, sweetie. Give my throat a rest and fuck my titties!” As she spoke, she used her hands to press her breasts tighter, and I started humping myself through the flesh. “I know you love those tits…feel good?”

“Fuck yeah!” I kept stroking through her tits, while she leaned forward till she could kiss my dick, at top of each stroke.

We were still in the kitchen and I heard a car pull into the drive. “Let’s take this to the bedroom, sweetie…we might have visitors.” I looked out the door, “Sorry…just somebody turning around. I thought Chris was driving in.”

“Thought the same thing…he may have forgotten something. The bed will be more comfortable…and I’m gonna keep you busy…for a long while. But, honey, can you check that door and make sure it’s locked?”


Once we got to the bedroom, “Gimme that thing…want it back in my throat!”

She laid down on the bed and hung her head way back, over the edge. With her mouth wide open and ready for more, “Fuck me with it! Honey…fuck my throat!”

I stroked through her lips for a few minutes and she licked till it was shiny with spit, again. Pulling off and telling me she was ready, “Push it all in…I need it…fuck me deep!” Once it reached the back of her throat, she gagged and I pulled back to let her recover. She was composed and concentrating, while I made another attempt, pressing back into her throat. She opened wider, swayed her head, and managed to get it farther down. After gently pumping into her throat, I leaned in and went all the way down to base. In one smooth push, I watched the rest of my dick slip through those gorgeous lips; I felt the warmth of her throat, gripping tightly, rippling over the head. With her lips, tight and sliding over the veined shaft, her throat gripped and massaged the head.

When she reached back and grabbed for my ass, I knew she wanted more. I pushed her hands aside, “Honey, let me do the work…just relax.” I knew she loved sucking cock as much as anything, so I picked up the pace and humped wildly into her face. I moaned, “Fuckkkkk! That’s good…Robin…fuckin’ take it…deep!” Thrusting with deep strokes, I push hard, pressing her lips deep into my pubes. My balls tumbled over her face and I was fucking crazy with a need…we both were.

Finally, she pulled off and swallowed hard, before looking up at me. Beaming with pride, strands of spit hung from her sensuous lips. “Give it all to me…cum for me…I want it.” She licked wildly over the bottom of the shaft, before sinking it into her throat, again. I went back to humping hard, into her face; wildly fucking until Samsun Escort Bayan I felt cum rising, I held her head tight and exploded. Every muscle tensed, as pleasure surged through my body and strands pulsed from my dick. She groaned and immediately started swallowing. When I finished, she continued licking all over the head, until every last trace was gone. Her lips grabbed hold and remained tight around the shaft…she kept me in her mouth for a long time. My cock still hard, I slowly pumped through her lips, until pulling all the way out and snuggling in next to her, on the bed. I kissed her and she said, “Mmmmmm…thank you, honey…thanks for doing that for me…it feels so good to have you.” She whispered, “Did you like?”

“Robin…god yes! Yes, I like that! It’s fucking amazing! Every time you do that…yer the only one that’s been able to take me…like that!”

She just gave me a sexy grin, “I know…it’s my secret plan to keep you.”

“It’s fucking working!” I grin, “But now it’s your turn.”

She was wet as hell and I was more than eager to dip my tongue into that pussy. Spreading her legs wide and breathing in the musky girl, I looked up over her body, “Mmmmmm that’s sweet!”

With my tongue, I push hard into her pussy, dragging it through her lips from the bottom to the top. As I flick my tongue over her clit, she grinds against my face and I grab onto her hips to steady her body. Sucking at her clit with my lips, the gentle tugs drove her crazy. “Oh fuck…that’s it sweetie…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it…mmmmmmmmm…yesssssss…yesssssss…keep it up!” Penetrating to taste that musky liqueur, again, my tongue teased her lips and probed deeper.

I sensed her breathing getting heavier…and attempted to maintain a steady rhythm; but her hips took over and she started rolling into my face. I pulled away for a second, to look over that hot, little body; her chest was heaving and her hands were rubbing and grabbing at her nips.

I thrust my tongue back in. Pushing hard, she moaned, “Fuck with that tongue…yessss…fuck me with that tongue…yesssssssssss…that’s it…uhhhh…uhhhh…do my…clit…fuccccckkkkkk!” Wavering in pitch, her words mixed with groans. “Mmmmmmmm…fuckkkk…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…ahhhh…that’s it…ohhhh…Robbie!”

Flicking, while sucking it into my mouth, my tongue teased her clit. She was moaning and bucking her hips into my face. “Fuck…that’s perrrr…fect…keep it up…uhhhh…uhhhh! Oooohhhh fuck! So close…don’t stop…almost there…so close. Don’t stop, ohhhh…fuck, fuck, fuckkkk!”

She was crazy with need, “Don’t stoppppp…uhhhh…uhhhh…don’t stop…make me come! Need to cummmmmm!” She wildly humped into my face, but her legs stiffened, “Oh, fuck…here…uhhhh…uhhhh…it comes! With her body writhing and heaving, “Cummmmming…yesssssss…cummmmmming!” Her relief echoed throughout the room, but I just kept licking and sucking, for all I was worth.

When she came to relax, her breathing was nearing normalcy and I moved from her pussy. She gently rubbed her hand over the little mound and smiled, “Mmmmmm baby, I love that. She’s feelin’ good…real good!”

“Looks like he needs some more attention, though.”

I pushed the hair back off her face, “I think so too…what’re you in the mood for now?”

Kneeling to stroke over her face, I teased her with it, thumping her lips and rubbing over her face. Our conversation continued while I slid my cock thru her lips. “I like this…what you’re doing.” Still hard as a rock, her tongue darted over the Escort Samsun shaft and head, until I pressed deeper, stretching her lips wider.

“You like it sliding through your lips…hard cock…you want more?”

When I pulled out, “Ummmm, yeah!” She grinned, “We got the house to ourselves!”

“Oh yeah!” As I pushed the head between her lips, she opened wide to accept the girth, pumping into her mouth. I pulled out and teased her, “You love this cock?”

“Mmmmmm, yesssssss,” she moaned. “Love you…love your cock…fuck me, more!”

I pushed back in, thrusting up against her throat. I felt the very tip start to push through, but I backed off and pumped into her mouth…just teasing her throat. Satisfying her need for more, I humped into her, at a pretty good clip. When I pulled out, she grins and points, “Uhhhhh…she’s feeling hungry, too.”

I pushed her knees back and spread her legs, “That’s what she wants, sweetie! She wants her man!”

Just poking through, her pussy was stretched and clinging tight to the head, “I think you want your man, too. Do you need some attention?”

She smiles as I slam my hips forward, straining her lips and pushing deep into her belly. She exhaled with a big gasp, “Oh god…yesssssss!” She screamed, “Yessssss…need some attention! Oh shit, feels good…yessssssss! Feels so good…so gooooood!” I slid my tongue over nipples, sucking on her tits while I fucked into hot, quivering pussy.

I was glad Chris wasn’t home. With all the noise, he would’ve been stroking himself raw. I was pumping hard, balls-deep in her pussy, and she was screaming for more. Screaming like a woman, possessed, “Robbieeeee! Harder, harder…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yessssss! Yes, yes…yessssssss! Fuck me…hard! Oh fuck! Uhhhh…uhhhh…shit…uhhhh…uhhhh…feels ama…zing!”

I ramped things up and ploughed into her, making her breasts dance; they were bouncing and jiggling with each thrust. Moans poured from her lips, as I battered her cervix. Each thrust seemed to bring, more and more, pleasure for both of us…taking us ever closer to satisfying our needs. Again, I could feel my balls about to boil over. I pushed her legs back hard to where I was able to thrust harder, but more importantly, I was able to work my hand down to rub her clit. That really pushed her over the brink…her eyes rolled back and her body was shaking. “Mmmmmm…that’s good…soooo good…rub it…rub it…yessssss…like that!”

Within what seemed like seconds, she was writhing and shuddering with another orgasm. I let her clit rest, but continued to fuck into her till she finished. I could feel my orgasm growing close and I really wanted to spray it over her; when I did pull out, it was coated in white, creamy musk…our sex. “Fuckkkk…I’m there, too…gonna cum! Gonna shoot…shoot it all…over…you!” I stroked through the shiny cream to satisfy myself, spraying seed over her belly.

I laid next to Robin and held her, till finally breaking the silence. “I’m thirsty…you stay here and I’ll be right back. This’s nice…I like this, coming home early and no kids.”

“Oh, I was going to finish telling you about Lynn.”

“Right…so, why is this guy, Rob-like?”

“Your personality, patience and, of course, she had to mention your anatomy…

The whole conversation was emotional but, that got me so fucking horny. But the sweetest thing was when she described him as being supportive, like you…and helping her better herself…just like you.”

I grin, “Don’t just gloss over that anatomy and how it got you horny.”

“Oh you’re impossible sometimes.”

“Just trying to lighten things! Anyway…yes, that is sweet…I want to hear more!”

“But first a Cabernet or Chard? I’ll fill that glass and when I come back, I want to hear it all.”

“We got the whole night ahead of us…”

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