Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Yuna.

“Wow, it’s been quite the day, James!” managed to utter Yuna, in-between two breaths.

“You don’t say. I haven’t been that tired in a long time, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to walk again!” he smiled, panting.

Both friends, James and Yuna, had spent the day running for charity. Summer wasn’t there yet, as spring had just recently started, but it still was pretty hot outside. The entire run had lasted for more than 3 hours, and, as one would expect, they both had gotten fairly sweaty.

Yuna, who always was delighted feeling superior, dominant towards other people, wanted to get James to rub her dirty, smelly feet once they got to his home. It wasn’t the most humiliating thing she could think of, but seeing James act in such a degrading way would turn her on, to a point he couldn’t even imagine. Yet, she knew he had no interest in such things: he was always strongly reluctant any time she tried to get him – innocently – to submit to her. And although she loved and craved to dominate, she wasn’t mean, and would, never, ever, force anyone against their will. And it wouldn’t happen with James. They had known each other for years! She didn’t want to lose his friendship for that nasty desire of hers.

“And to think I’ve run that long only for you…” she grinned. “You owe me. If it wasn’t for me, you would have done that long, tiring run, all alone!” she said excitedly, glancing at him.

James knew where this was going. Of course she couldn’t have accepted without an idea in mind. This couldn’t all just be about charity. James had known for a long time about his friend strange desires, as manisa escort she managed to make them pretty clear throughout the years, but never really looked into them seriously, and thought most of it to be some kind of long-term joke she wasn’t decided to get rid of quite yet.

He thought about his answer while opening the door to his home. No one was around, the place was silent. His sister probably was hanging with friends. His mother never was home, as she spent all of her time working. And his dad… Well, he never had the chance to meet him.

He invited Yuna in, and answered.

“Well… Yes, you’re not wrong, but isn’t knowing you’ve done that for charity enough? With that little run of ours, we’ve helped lots of children!” he exclaimed, hopeful she wouldn’t go on her request.

“Awhh,” she pouted. “You *know* I’m glad I’ve helped those children.” she stopped, breathed and went on: “The thing is… Running for 3 hours… It was mostly for you, so you wouldn’t be bored! But now… My feet…”

She knelt to take off her running shoes. Immediately, the smell struck James. Of course, 3 hours of running couldn’t go unnoticed, yet, Yuna’s feet seemed to be worse than anything. The air was quickly filled with their repugnant scent, and James could do nothing but plug his nose and complain:

“*Cough* Duh, Yuna! I thought biological weapon were now forbidden, put that shoe back on, for fuck’s sake! It stinks like hell! A chance you’re not standing too close from me, damn, I think I would suffocate right away!” he half-joked.

The girl giggled a bit at James’s reaction, she had mavişehir escort hoped he would exaggerate.

“You see! This is how BAD this whole running thing got my feet, my socks are soaked in perspiration! And it hurts… It hurts a lot!” she made an angelic face :

“I would love it very much if you could massage them … We would be even, don’t you think?”

Here it was. Yuna’s latest attempt at getting James to pamper her feet. It wasn’t the first, and it wouldn’t be the last.

“Not even in your dreams, you crazy girl!” laughed James. “You don’t seem to comprehend how bad they smell! And even without the smell, there is not a chance I’ll ever get close to them!”

He was used to such requests, and never answered positive. Yet, Yuna kept asking. Of course she was only teasing him; she couldn’t possibly want him to reduce himself to do so. Either way, it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. Or so he thought.

“Oh come on!” she laughed in return. “You’re not cool James!”

Even though she had been refused a foot rub, Yuna couldn’t bring herself to waste the opportunity to torture James. She would make the most out of the smell that built up inside her shoe.

She stood up quickly, her disgusting, smelly shoe in hand, and ran behind James. She then brought the shoe to his face; trapping his nose into the opening. Which forced him to sniff only in the dirty and incredibly sweaty shoe, while she blocked his mouth with her free hand.

“Smell what I’ve done for you, you ungrateful friend!” she said, amused.

“Hmphhhh!!” mumbled Jack, taken by surprise, which made menderes escort him sniff through his nose more than he would have wanted to. The stench was unbelievable. How could someone that cute, innocent, with such an amazing, beautiful body, produce such a nasty, foul smell? He could not think of something that reeked as much as her sweat-soaked inner shoe.

Fortunately, once the surprise had faded, he easily dealt with his menacing best friend, and took a huge breath of fresh air.


“Awhh, is my shoe too much for you, big-boy?” she grinned “This is what you get for not giving my feet what they deserve! Now, we’re even.” she stated, as if she had the right to act in such a gross way.

“And you know… You haven’t been anywhere close to the source yet!” she exclaimed, making eye-contact between James and her soaked, smelly, socked-feet.

“Damn it, Yuna, you’re SICK! Don’t ever, EVER get anything related to feet anywhere close to me anymore, or be sure that I’ll get angry and won’t let you get away with it!” He harshly replicated, then realized he maybe was too severe. After all, it was all only fun and games, nothing serious here, right? He decided to soften a bit: “You’ve got to understand me, no one could ever withstand being around your stinky feet after a long run!” he smiled.

“Oh?” she said, while putting back her shoe. “Does that mean you wouldn’t mind being around them, was it not after a run?” she asked, teasing him a bit more.

“… Yuna, you-” James began, before being interrupted.

“I’m just kidding, idiot!” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then patted him on the head, as the pet she would have loved him to be. The whole situation got her wet. Tonight, she would probably touch herself to orgasm multiples times, helped by this pleasant thought: She made James smell inside her dirty shoe… God… If only he could love it the way she did!

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