In the Navy Ch. 02


In the Navy

Maybe nothing more than a cock-and-bull story

(c) 05/2013 Coyote/Kojote/Mike Stone

It took me some time – clearly a huge understatement – to get this finished. Even though I already had most of it written, I was hesitating, correcting, going over it again and again. Reading what I got from others to help me get better and so on.

Apparently I needed to write some other stuff in English and get through that way faster – and I had to stop being too anal and trying to really get everything right . to come around.

So this will have its flaws for sure, but I hope it will be a fun read and I’d appreciate comments.

I’d also appreciate any pointed out flaws of this. I’m still learning and I’m far from being as content with my English writing as I am with my German stuff, which in turn isn’t perfect either.

So tell me what you thin, please. 😉



Only a couple of hours after having sex with not only one, but two beautiful women on board of their ship in the crews quarters – a scenario that before would have been too hilarious to even dream about for me – I found myself visiting the Norwegian town of Stavanger.

I didn’t see much of it though, because my attention was completely focused on the girl at my side.

Hand in hand, we had left her ship to get some private time away from wary eyes. Especially those of Kristanna’s sister. At least I suspected so.

We had visited a bar and got a drink, but we both found it too loud to talk and too crowded to enjoy the company of each other the way we wanted. Or at least the way I longed for.

Kristanna apparently felt just the same and dragged me out of there soon.

We were on our way to somewhere. I think she had a destination in mind, but I didn’t care at all. I only wanted to look at her every two seconds or so to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Feeling her fingers in my hand did help, but there were other reasons to look at her. Like… her beauty. And the way she looked back and smiled. And stuff…

We were heavily distracted, which turned out to be a bad idea.

When three guys stepped up in front of us, I realized this. My first thought was, we could have avoided it by taking another route. Looking into the face of the one in the middle, I already was in doubt about this possibility.

He had waited for us and he wasn’t alone.

I was pleased to see the bruise at his jaw. I had only given him one punch, but apparently it had been a good one.

Not as pleasing were the two tall guys accompanying him. In fact, the way the scowled at me was the polar opposite of ‘pleasing.’

From the moment the trio stepped into sight, I had a very bad feeling about how this would possibly end. A concern, which proved to be right….

Kristanna stepped forward and confronted her Ex without showing any fear.

She didn’t wait for him to speak up. She apparently had a pretty clear impression of what this was about. She immediately started yelling at him in Norwegian; her tone and the waving gestures she made implied that she tried to chase him away.

Unfortunately, whatshisname didn’t give a shit about what she did or said. He tried to speak to her twice. When she wouldn’t listen, he decided to do the one thing I really couldn’t stand: He pushed her to the side.

Kristanna yelped and stumbled; she tried to keep her balance, but failed and fell to her knees.

As I said before, I had this chivalrous streak in me back then. I wasn’t confident or cool or anything, but I did act upon my urges pretty often. And things like this urged me into rather stupid actions.

Chris-whatever and his buddies watched my girlfriend for a week fall and were distracted, but even if they had been closing in I wouldn’t have hesitated. Without thinking, I repeated what had worked once, and this time I was able to put my whole weight into the fist I planted right into the motherfuckers face.

It hurt like hell when I broke, or at least disjointed, his nose. I actually thought I might have broken something in my hand, too; but if his loud scream was any indicator, it hurt him more.

He stumbled back and fell onto his butt while yelling and holding his face in his palms. I shook my hand, cursed and thought about looking after Kristanna, but I didn’t get the chance.

The two companions of that asshole reacted pretty fast after their buddy was out of the picture. One of them caught my attention with calling me names and the other took advantage of my distracted state.

I hadn’t been in many fights until then and I was about to learn an important lesson regarding the importance of not completely concentrating on one of two opponents right there and then. Unfortunately, the lesson came a second too late to make any good of it. At the same instance, I also learned a thing or two about honorable behavior and its worth in an actual fight.

The whole body of asshole number two slammed into my side before I even realized he was Escort bayan jumping into my direction. He tackled me and brought me down hard.

I lost my breath when hitting the ground and that gave him the opportunity to get over me. His fists said hello to my stomach three times and to my ribs twice, while I couldn’t get my wits together to do anything about it.

This whole thing could have gotten much worse though, if Kristanna hadn’t had a real brain behind her angelic face. After trying to stop the guy kneeling on top of me and getting caught by number three, she screamed for help. And she did it in German!

In hindsight, she probably couldn’t have done any better.

Maybe some Norwegians would have helped, maybe not; but at this time of the evening, there were about one hundred German sailors out in the streets. Most of them were not far away, since there was only this one street with bars to go to.

Hearing a female cry for help in German brought a couple of them to the spot in no time. The first thing they did was to secure the guy who was beating somebody into the ground.

One of my comrades helped me to my feet, two others were holding my fist-happy new ‘friend’ and three more were facing number three, Kristanna and whatshisname. The tension was at its maximum for a moment.

By chance, one of my comrades on the scene was a higher-ranking petty officer. He tried to do the right thing and order us back to the ship, but my girl – my girlfriend – was in the clutches of her Ex and his buddy. So that’s what I told him.

Again, this could have gotten much worse. None of my guys would have let me down on this and we outnumbered the others now. Once more, it was Kristanna who rescued the situation.

She was already struggling against the one who was holding her and eventually she got the leverage to kick back and hit home with her heel. Even I winced sympathetically when the guy howled like a banshee and grounded out, while holding his crown jewels.

I forgot about all that just a few tenths of a second later, when Kristanna reached me and hugged me fiercely. It hurt, but… in a good way!

She didn’t say anything, but clung to me, even when one of our lower ranking officers reached the scene and demanded attention. Of course, he tried to find out what had happened and of course, he didn’t get any more answers after it was apparent that the Norwegians were in the Navy, too.

Them being some real fucked up assholes wasn’t anything that qualified as a reason to get any superiors involved.

Our lieutenant didn’t buy the story about the real nasty case of bad luck that was responsible for one Norwegian falling onto his nose, another one falling onto his balls and me falling onto my chest. Yet he couldn’t do anything about it and finally scurried away.

My comrades hesitated to go back to their business. I didn’t fill them in to what was the reason for the rumble; it was pretty clearly something about me being with a Norwegian girl. They would have gotten protective and kinda clingy, if not for Kristanna… again.

“I’ll take care of him,” she told them. “And I doubt that he’ll want any bystanders when I show him my gratitude.”

She managed to say that in a way that even the least fluent in English understood very clearly.

Laughing, they left after patting my shoulders and telling me to have fun – and how to have that, how often it would have to be if I didn’t want to bring shame on the German Navy and so on….

And I… God… I felt so fucking good I can’t even describe.

I mean… I wasn’t that kind of guy, y’know?

I didn’t get into fights about girls, and they didn’t cling to me as if I was the only solid thing in a hurricane. Especially not if they were just plain gorgeous – like Kristanna – and very clearly able to defend themselves – like Kristanna.

I was the guy who could count on not getting laid nine out of ten times. I was the guy who really went out of his way to avoid fights out of fear of getting hurt.

Yet there I stood and felt like… friggin Conan.

Apart of the both of us being clothed a little too much, the picture was oddly fitting the situation. I almost wished Luis Royo had been there to make some drafts.

Uhm… Didn’t I mention being a nerd before? Sorry.

Alas… There was one thing I wasn’t very proud of, and I had to apologize for that.

“I’m sorry I didn’t catch you when he pushed you to the side. I hope your knees don’t hurt to bad?”

Kristanna lifted her head from my chest and looked up into my face. I haven’t seen such an expression of utter disbelief on a face very often.

“Are you kidding me?” she asked, looking stunned.

I frowned and worried about what I may have gotten wrong. Was it that apparent that her legs were hurting and I didn’t realize? Had I missed something else?

“You just got beaten up and worry about my knees?” she gasped disbelievingly.

“I only caught a couple of punches…” I tried to downplay, Bayan Escort but she frowned and brushed over my ribcage.


Fuck! That hurt!

“I think you need a special treatment,” she said with a mischievous tone in her voice. “I know a place for that. May I use your phone?”

It was apparent that I carried my cell with me. I kept it stowed away in one of those fancy mobile pockets made of leather on my belt.

Yeah… I already mentioned not being cool in any meaning of the word, didn’t I?

I nodded to her question. I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but there was a tremble in her voice and a sparkle in her eyes taking any urge to resist away. Whatever she had in mind, I was game.

I listened to her talking to somebody in a really persuasive way. I thought I heard a female voice answering, but I couldn’t be sure. That question got answered later, though.

After a minute or two, she had apparently gotten what she wanted and asked me if I felt able to pick up our little walk again. I didn’t object.

“You really shouldn’t have done that,” she mentioned after a while.

We were walking slowly and heading away from the ships and into the town. She was by my side and had her arm around my waist while I hugged her shoulders.

Do I have to mention that I felt really good, even if my upper body reminded me on the beating I had received from time to time?

“He pushed you,” I explained. “He was not only being rude. He pushed my… girlfriend.”

“I like the sound of that,” she answered, looking up to me and smiling. “Don’t hesitate to say that as often as you want to.”

“Wouldn’t it sound a bit stupid if I started and ended all my sentences with ‘my girlfriend’?”

“Sound stupid then. I wouldn’t mind,” she suggested with a grin, but then she got serious again. “Nobody has ever done something like that for me, Mike.”

I stopped and turned her to face me. I really knew a thing or two about this.

For once not doubting in doing the right thing, I took her face into my hands and looked into her eyes.

“I’d do it again and I’d do a lot more for you. Not because you were especially kind to me. Not because you coaxed me into fucking your sister, but because of….”

I trailed of a bit. Not really in a loss of words, but in an attempt not to use the wrong ones.

“Because I really like you very much,” I ended.

I was actually pretty confident that I had done that right and the wet shimmer in her eyes supported that.

She reached up and I met her halfway to kiss her lightly. Then she hugged me, consciously aware of my bruising, and murmured something in Norwegian in a voice of mixed playfulness and seriousness.

“What was that?” I asked

“Nothin’,” she mumbled into my shirt.

I picked up on the mere hint of just a little more playfulness in her tone.

“It didn’t sound like nothing.”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you, because you could feel compelled to act on that, but….”

Her fingers slowly crawled up my back, until she reached my neck. I followed her light pull until her mouth was right at my ear.

“You fighting for me is… incredibly hawt!”

She only whispered those words, but the urgency and hunger in her voice made me shiver.

I couldn’t actually believe that, could I? Oh… I really wanted to believe it, but that was just… cliché, wasn’t it?

“Actually it was more like me getting beaten up.”

Yup, I really answered exactly that.

“You broke the nose of the biggest bastard I know,” she disagreed and took the opportunity to softly bite into my earlobe.

“And you knocked him out. Twice.”

Her breath, and what her mouth did to one surprisingly sensitive part of my body I hadn’t previously known to be an actual erogenous zone, really tore apart any resistance I could rally.

“It took two guys of the KJK to put you down,” she added, “and they had to cheat….”

Well… this was some new information for me, but it made sense that those two bullies were soldiers from the Kystjegerkommandoen – the Norwegian Marines.

Playing punching ball for one of them wasn’t exactly something to be proud of, but it wasn’t much to be ashamed of either. That I had gotten some close combat training to act as part of boarding detachments didn’t really mean that I was combat hardened – I was a somewhat nerdy radar operator, after all.

And hey… They did cheat, didn’t they?!

Kristanna grabbed one of my hands and led it to the fullness of her breast. She directed my touch to the center, where I found her nipple hard like a pebble.

“That’s because of you,” she concluded.

I really couldn’t think clearly anymore.

The gorgeous brunette already had this effect on me whenever she was present. Getting told and shown in such a direct way that I was responsible for what felt like high arousal was a little too much to bear.

I moaned and I probably growled as well. My hand Escort grabbed her boob and my arm around her back pulled her closer. She only squealed delighted and brought her head back far enough to kiss me passionately.

“Let’s hurry to get there,” she acclaimed with quickened breathing.

I couldn’t have cared less for actually where or what ‘there’ was. I only hoped it would be very close.

We hurried through the dark streets of Stavanger and I didn’t give the beauty of this cute little town the credit it deserved. I only noticed that the streets were narrow and winded and had cobblestone pavement.

Most of my consciousness was engrossed by the woman who held my hand and dragged me through a foreign town in a foreign country with unknown intent.

I wasn’t the least afraid regarding said intent, though. I was pretty much looking forward to whatever she had in mind.

We reached one of the smaller houses around. When she simply opened the door, I should have been surprised. I wasn’t used to front doors being unlocked, but I think I didn’t really realize it before much later.

We entered a small apartment. It was only one large room with a table, a queen sized bed and a kitchenette. There was just one other door probably leading into a bathroom.

I’d like to say something about the style of this living space, given that I kinda made friends with the person living here and considering the time I spent there, but I just never got the time to really have a look at it.

Kristanna called: “Lynn?”

At least I thought it was ‘Lynn’ back then.

When nobody answered, she reached for my cell phone again. I didn’t care that she didn’t ask me.

She needed less than a minute to text something and put it back in place. Then she led me through the room and stopped me in front of the bed.

“You. Don’t. Do. Anything.”

She punctuated every word and demanded obedience. And I… was happy to oblige, even if I didn’t know exactly what she was up to.

She filled me in on this and made her point when she started to open my belt buckle and I raised my hands to help her.

“Not a thing,” she repeated with a slap on my fingers.

A little surprised I jerked my hands out of her way and accidently brushed her tits.

“Hah,” she gasped. “Maybe except for that. Feel free to do that anytime.”

My astonished expression had her widely grinning when she concentrated again on undressing me. I was so out of my mind for the moment that I didn’t do anything until I was butt naked. Except for twitching twice when she softly brushed over my quickly erecting cock.

My gorgeous lover – I couldn’t possibly get enough of that thought – directed me to lie down on the bed and started to undress herself. Apart from watching her in awe, I got some explanation about the goings on now.

“I planned to walk you to somewhere and get ravaged by you again in the open, when we left the pub,” she said, while I watched her shirt come off and admired her glorious boobs once again.

“It isn’t that cold and I’d have kept you warm.”

I looked up to her sparkling eyes and realized that I had been staring at her chest like I had never seen breasts before, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she appeared to be very pleased with the effect her body had on me.

“But as my personal hero and being badly hurt as you are,” she teased, “I just decided to indulge you… very copiously.”

I didn’t answer anything, the ability to speak being ripped from my brain at exactly the moment her pants came down and her pubic area presented itself glistening wet in the light of the bedside lamp.

She hadn’t been kidding when she told me about her arousal. I may have doubted that, even when presented with her hardened nipple under my palm, but I couldn’t question it now. It was really obvious.

And… it was because of… me!

“Wow,” I breathed.

Ja… I know what I said about the ability to speak, but it wasn’t exactly my brain talking, y’know?!

“You’re welcome,” she purred and simply climbed over the toe board of the bed.

To me it was like an angel rising up above my feet and standing in all her glory for a moment.

I had seen her naked, yes, and I had fucked her only hours ago, but… she was just so absolutely stunning I couldn’t believe I had. Even being there didn’t suffice as evidence.

Yet… this wasn’t a wet dream, it was real. She showed me how real when she got on her knees and placed her hands on my lower legs. Her expression was affectionate. Her lips were parted and shimmering from a slight wetness. Her breathing – a little quickened. Her nipples were protruding very clearly from her breasts on which her arms had a very nice effect; they got pushed together and a bit up.

What mattered most though was the look in her eyes. They too spoke of affection and intimacy, and they also showed raw lust. Even I couldn’t get that wrong.

I parted my legs when she began to slowly move up into my direction. She stopped me with her hands and lowered her upper body to touch my skin with her boobs.

“You aren’t allowed to move tonight,” she repeated. “The only exception being any urge to touch something you’d like to touch for your own pleasure. Copied?”

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