In The Beginning Ch. 10


I was awakened, on Thursday morning, by a hellacious thunderclap. My foggy mind managed to relate this event to the possibility that it was raining outside. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and saw the never-fail morning cup of coffee sitting on the nightstand. I used extra caution with the first sip, as yesterday I had nearly been scorched. It’s hot, but I fooled Louise and didn’t gulp the first taste down. I could not see or hear Lou. So I wandered into the bathroom for my morning constitutional, and was pleased to see blue towels on the rack this morning. I am suitably impressed. I had my shower, brushed my teeth, brushed the hair, which I have decided to let grow longer after graduation. What the heck, I thought, I’m a musician. I found a pair on light weight summer khaki pants, and a red silk, pullover shirt, and my penny loafers, grabbed the cup of hot coffee and made my way upstairs to find Louise.

As usual, Louise was her cheerful self and was busily heaping food on a plate for my consumption. “Morning Lou.” I greeted her with a toothy smile. “Hi Honey Boy.” Came her lilting reply. How can anyone be so cheerful at this hour of the day, it was barely 7:00 in the morning and already, she was ready to do battle with anything that came along. I needed time to adjust each day, or I was worthless. Louise placed the heaping plate in front of me and stooped to kiss me on the forehead. She was wearing a shimmering blue satin robe, belted at the waist, and as she kissed me, it fell open exposing her mammoth tits to my close inspection. “I love you so much, Virgil. You’ve been like my very own baby boy all these years. I know we’re going to miss your daddy when he moves south, but I’m going to stay right here and keep on taking care of you just like I did for him and your mother. That is if you want me to.” She looked like she was about to cry. “Of coarse I want you to stay, you are my mama, and you always have been, no matter what.” I cuddled her in my arms and kissed her full on the lips. I felt her tongue push past my lips and she seemed to relax. “Let me eat and get to school, we’ll talk about everything after I get home this afternoon.”

As I pulled into the parking lot at school, I saw Gail’s car parked out in the middle of the lot. Gail was sitting behind the wheel. I parked next to her and she jumped out and got into my car, “Hi Virgil.” She smiled and straightened her skirt, which had ridden up over her rump as she slid in. “Hi Gail.” I answered. “Boy, Chrissie was really bummed-out last night.” She started, “She wanted to give Dennis some pussy, but after Al and Terry came back Dennis was kinda weird.”

“So I heard. Denny says she sucked all of their dicks and then, he didn’t want to kiss her. Denny’s not too bright, some times. I’d have told those two to buzz off, if it was me. It was his deal, with her, and they messed it up by coming back. Although, she didn’t have to blow them when she was set up there with Dennis.” I said. “I know, she’s a real slut sometimes. She’ll blow anybody in the room, or all of them if they want it. That’s why she can’t get a decent boyfriend, I can’t get through to her and I’m worried she’ll get herself into trouble some day. Oh well, I sure enjoyed myself, last night. My pussy is still tingling from you.” She said. “I enjoyed myself too, maybe we can go out or something sometime. I’m buried with stuff until after graduation, my sisters are coming in for a week, and my dad is moving to Key Biscayne. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing right now. We have got to get to class.” I returned. I started my car and pulled up as close to the school as I could get. It was still raining.

We ran up the sidewalk to the building together and she went to her first period chemistry class and I headed for the woodshop. I have been working on a jewelry chest all year and I was very pleased with my progress, to date, and would have it completed for a grade by the end of next week. I had glued many pieces of different kinds of wood together to make an interesting mosaic. It had two separate trays that lifted out, on a clever brass mechanism that I had purchased through a hardware catalogue. I have constructed several functional separations into the various trays. Each designed to accommodate different items of jewelry. One section for rings, one section for earrings, another for pins, and the larger bottom compartment for necklaces. It would be lined with red velvet. I was planning to make this project a gift to Louise, as a token of my appreciation for her continued love and attention. I am very proud of this piece because it took so long to make and it was coming out very nicely. I hoped that Louise would enjoy it.

Second and third periods were uneventful and I had just seated myself in the lunchroom when Chrissie carried her tray over to the table and asked if she could talk to me for a few minutes. “Sure, Chrissie, have a seat. You look nice today.” She was wearing a skin-tight white Escort bayan knit dress, very short and simple. She piled her books on the table and sat next to me. “About last night,” She began, “I can’t imagine what I was thinking when Terry and Al came back. I was just so hot, and they came over to me and were feeling my tits and everything. I wanted to fuck Dennis, but they wanted blowjobs too. I’m just so stupid sometimes.”

“I guess Denny was pretty let down. He likes you and his girl is a total nowhere when it comes to sex. He needs more than his cock sucked, if you know what I mean.” I countered. “I know, I wanted to do him but we have to be somewhere alone. I can’t help myself if anybody else is around. Gail told me you two had a great time last night. I get so jealous of her sometimes. She’s so beautiful and smart. I wish I was more like her.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, Chrissie. You’re just as hot looking as she is. You’ve just got to think about what you’re doing. If you act like you did last night with the wrong guys, you could get yourself in a real jamb. Just use your head.” I said.

I continued, “Dennis needs a steady girlfriend. I have the idea he’s thinking you’re a fuck-slut now and it might be hard to change that. I’ll check him out and see if he’s still interested, don’t give up yet. “He says you suck dick real good, maybe you’d like to give me a shot sometime?” I chuckled. She looked at me and smiled, “You name the time and place, and I’ll be there.”

“Would you mind if Gail was there too?” I asked. “Both of us?” She asked back. “Yup, both of you. Gail told me she’d like that too.” I stated. “Sure, why not” She said. “I gotta get to class, I’ll see you later.” She gathered up her books and tray and disappeared into the hall. I sat there for a couple of minutes and wondered what the hell was going to happen to me next. I still had an hour of history, and then English class, before I left for the day. A lot can happen in two hours these days.

I always enjoyed history class and Mr. Schultz was great. He had a way of making his class interesting. I was planning on a good grade on his final because I had breezed the whole year. This hour was spent on prep for next weeks’ finals, which would be three sections. One Monday, one Wednesday, and one Friday. I looked forward to this exam, and didn’t feel the need for a lot of touchup. Last period was English. Ms. Stone was her usual vivacious self and she spent the period talking about format and content for a good term paper. I had my essay already roughed out so I just jotted a few notes and sat there thinking about her and Dianne and Louise in the War Room. I got the butterflies. I had taken a seat in the second desk from the front today, in the row next to the door. As she had been talking to the class, I had doodled a butterfly on the corner of the page upon which I was taking notes. Ms. Stone wandered down the aisle two rows over, and came up the aisle next to my seat. She paused as she came by me and tapped her pencil on the edge of my desk, right by the butterfly, looked at me and raised one eyebrow slightly. I looked into her eyes and I got those vibrations again. She continued back to the front of the room. I watched her hips do the slow roll as she walked. She had a great ass. I knew that some day, I’d get to chew on it. I had a big boner when the bell rang, and I bolted for the parking lot before she saw the evidence.

As I plunged out the schoolhouse doors, I was met with an absolute downpour. I ran to my car, and was drenched by the time I reached it. I started the big Thunderbird power plant up, and turned down toward the highway. No stops today. I wanted to get home and dry off and I needed to talk with dad and Louise about a few things regarding dad’s plans. Louise seemed rather preoccupied this morning and that was gnawing at me. I wanted to find out what was on her mind and assure her that I would help her if she had any problems.

I backed into my parking spot and dashed into the house. I stripped out of my soaking wet clothes, and grabbed one of the fluffy blue towels to dry off with. I’ll have to remember to commend Louise for her color selection. As I was drying off the phone rang. I answered and it was Louise from upstairs questioning whether I would be home for dinner. “I am here for the duration.” I told her. “Is dad home?” I asked. “He called from Ormond and said he’d be here by 7:00. He also asked to have a word with us if possible, tonight. He has some papers for us to sign regarding the estate and wants to talk to you about your graduation.” She replied. “Cool.” I said, “I’ll be up in a couple of minutes. What do I do about this shirt? It’s the red silk one and it’s soaked. The pants I hung in the shower.” I asked. “Bring it all up with you, I’ll take care if it for you.” She instructed.

I finished drying off, found a pair of cut-offs and a t-shirt, picked up my wet duds, and bounded up the stairs. Bayan Escort Louise met me at the top of the stairs and disappeared into the laundry room with my wet clothes. She returned to the kitchen, chuckling to herself. “You must have looked like a drowned rat, young fella, your clothes were soaked.”

” No joke,” I answered. “It’s pouring like hell out there. We need the rain but this is really something.” She chuckled again and offered me a cup of hot coffee to stave off the chill. I accepted with the usual amount of caution, Louise’s coffee will burn you to the bottom if your not careful. She poured us each a cup and she sat down at the breakfast table. She motioned for me to take a chair across from her and sipped on her coffee gently.

“I want to talk to you man to man.” She said, “Let me say what’s on my mind and then I want you to be honest with me. Okay?”

“Yes ma’m. I understand.” I answered. She started, “All my life from the day I was born, I lived with either your grandparents, or your parents. That’s over sixty years. I have never been a burden to them, and they have always been my family. Your mama and daddy and I were lovers for over forty years. There isn’t a single weird sexual, perverted thing that we didn’t do or tried to do. You name it, and we did it. We even had a child together. I think that may have in some way affected your mother’s mind, but she never said so. Your dad protected you from all of it until just recently. I feel it in my heart that he is terribly ashamed of some of the things he’s done and regrets it. I don’t know. He’s withdrawn from me somewhat since Grace passed away. I have also discovered that he has a prostate problem, and how he’s dealing with that, I do not know.”

“You must also realize that this family is absurdly wealthy. After the sale of his business, your father’s assets will easily surpass two hundred million bucks. That’s a lot of change. I think he’s got a great deal of real estate, all over the country, and some other holdings I’m not privy to. He’s made it clear to me that he wants to move south alone, although I would go with him in a heartbeat is he asked. I haven’t pushed him and don’t intend to. The past few days have endeared me to you more than you can imagine. I’m not going to beg for a place to live, or for money, I’m just concerned for my future. I would never cause you any grief if you chose to make other arrangements. I’m just a sentimental old fool and I love you all so much.”

Louise paused and I could see the tears welling in her eyes. “May I speak now?” I asked. “You may.” She whispered. I explained as best as I could, “You keep talking crazy, Old Black Woman, and Ill take you to the War Room, and beat your ass.” Her eyes shone as I continued, “I have a few thoughts of my own, regarding the next few years, and none of those ideas exclude your presence here at Islands Estates. I have every intention to staying here to live. I want you to live here as well, but not as the galley slave. I want you to remain here as the woman of the house and we will manage whatever comes along together. I plan to continue on in school, in some capacity, and pursue music. I also have a keen interest in video. I don’t know where any of it will lead, but I have to follow my dreams.”

“Dianne and Camille are always welcome in this house and may come here to live at any time.” I paused to gather my thoughts and continued, “If you had told me a week ago that you and I would have had a sexual relationship, I’d have laughed in your face. Things change so quickly. I had no idea about mom and dad, or any of the others, until you confided in me. I thank you for that. It was time that I knew. I have had sex with a different woman, sometimes more than one, every day this week. This is entirely new for me and it hasn’t really set in as yet. I don’t know where this is heading, but suddenly I’ve grown very popular. My dick might fall off if it doesn’t let up a little, but what a way to go. I am sure that dad is making arrangements for us financially. He is a very generous man and cares about all of our welfare, above all else.”

“I don’t know how to be delicate about what I am about to say, just let it suffice to say, that I am not planning on matrimony any time soon. I hope that you will not be offended when I bring another woman here and fuck her. I may also take her to the War Room. I may invite you to join us; I might not. Our relationship shall remain the same as it always has been. Love is love, fucking is fucking, am I making any sense?”

I sipped on my coffee, and waited for Louise to process what I had said. Her reply surprised me. “First let me say that there’s no way I could ever keep up with a stallion like you. Secondly, I love taking care of this old house, it’s my life but, yes, the time has come for us to have some help with it. You will be the master of the house, and I will serve this house in any manner you see fit. I would never Escort feel badly about your bringing your friends here, or other women. You might want to share sometime, you might not, if you did, that would be fun. Next, if I know your father, he’s already in the process of taking care of the finances. And finally,” She stood up and rubbed her hands down over her chubby butt, smoothing her skirt skin tight, “any time you get a hankering to take this bad old black bitch to the War Room and whip her ass, you just say the word. It’s been far too long since the last time, and I need to be attended to.” She turned away from me and bent forward from the waist, her skirt drew up tightly across her ass. I reached forward and smacked her on the haunch with my hand. It made a loud crack that echoed in the kitchen. She moaned and stood up and looked over her shoulder at me, rubbed her butt and winked. “I’ll be down to tuck you in tonight when you go to bed, I’ll be expecting you to help your mama feel better about herself.”

“Now, I have to feed you two, so leave me alone in my kitchen.” Louise announced, as she returned to her chores.

I rummaged in the cleaning supplies and found a spray can of upholstery cleaner and a rag. I went downstairs and out to my car to clean my backseat where Karen had gushed her pussy juices. The rain had stopped, and the clouds were breaking up and it looked like it might be a nice evening. I sprayed and rubbed the seat, and left the doors open to air the car out. I was finishing wiping the seat with my backside stuck out the door when I felt a hand reach between my legs and clutch me by the balls. I nearly jumped through the roof. I backed out of the car and prepared for battle. It was Karen and she was howling with laughter. “You trying to give me a heart attack?” I wailed. She continued to roar with laughter. I could not find the humor here, but she seemed to be having herself a time. “You should see your face.” She continued to laugh. “It’s priceless.” I still failed to see the humor but gave in and gave her a peck on the cheek. She pulled my face to hers and stuck her tongue down my throat.

We broke the kiss and she smiled. “I heard you and Helen got it on the other day. I’m jealous. You’re not mad at me are you?”

“No, Karen, I think she told me you went to Daytona. We were just hanging out, catching some sun, and went inside for a beer, you know?” I defended. “One thing led to another, and we wound up in bed. It’s happening a lot to me lately.”

“She let me suck your jizz out of her pussy after I got home. You tasted so good, Virgil, I can’t get enough.” She pouted. I have created a monster. “There’s always more.” I said. “Let’s go in the studio so I can suck you off right now.” She begged.

I picked up the rags and cleaner and closed the doors on the car. We ducked into the studio, and I unbuttoned my shorts and stepped out of them. “I only have time to do you.” She said, “We’re going up to St. Augustine for dinner with mom’s boss and his wife.” I sat on the sofa and she kneeled down between my outspread knees. Her tongue started to lave my balls and soon she had worked her way to the top. She was in a hurry and didn’t spend a lot of time with preliminaries. As her head bobbed up and down, she followed it with her tightly clenched hand. It didn’t take long and I was spewing my load down her throat. She gulped my semen down, without spilling a drop. She finished quickly and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood up. “Gotta run, Virgil, thanks.”

“Yeah thanks, Karen.” And with that she was gone. I just sat there. Things are really starting to get strange.

I pulled my cut offs back up my legs and went to pick up my guitar. I was picking a few notes and my breathing had just returned to normal when dad stuck his head into the room. “Got a minute?” He asked. “Sure thing.” I said returning my flat top to its stand. “I’ve been with the lawyers most of today and I need for you and Louise to sign a few papers for me. I’ve just discussed this with Louise and she wanted me to speak to you before we put ink to paper. I’m transferring a sizable amount of cash into a joint account for you and Louise to use for household expenses. More than you can ever spend. If it falls below a certain level, more will automatically be deposited. I’m also setting up an automatic deposit into each of your personal accounts. Don’t get stupid and you’ll never run out of money, there’s just too much of it. The Estates will be put into your name; those are the papers I need you to sign tonight. Dianne and Camille are getting an equal deal. I’m taking the 38′ Bayliner Boat south with me and I’m leaving the 27-footer here, with you. I’m also taking the Suburban, and leaving Louise the Lincoln and the pick-up is for you to use as you wish.”

“Sounds too fantastic to believe.” I said. “You’re not dying on us are you?”

“Not yet,” He answered, “but I’m seventy three years old and you just have to plan for everything.” He stood up and patted me on the shoulder, “Lets eat, Son, then I have to run these papers back to Ormond Beach tonight so Schnitzer can get the deeds changed pronto.” With that we headed up to dinner.

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