In Paradise With Ann


I was still in a half sleep, laying on my back but I was very aware of Ann curled against me, her face on my bare chest, her right leg wrapped over mine, just brushing my groin. I was on my back. I could feel her soft hair brushing my chin and heard the steady breathing of her sleeping. I could also feel the softness of her pubic hair pushing against my thigh. My God, this girl was perfect! How in the hell did I get so lucky?

It had started with an email about a year ago. Ann read some of my stories posted on the Internet and she emailed me to say that she loved them. We exchanged notes back and forth for a few weeks, then it turned to instant messages…many erotic chats for hours on the computer. Not long after we got up the courage to chat on the phone. Thank God for unlimited nighttime minutes because we talked through the night on many occasions. Our friendship started purely sexual, but over the months we found that we had so much more in common. Of course the sexual aspect of our relationship was never far below the surface. Ann was the most uninhibited person I’ve ever encountered; so totally compatible with me. There was no fantasy we hadn’t shared with each other; there was nothing we felt we needed to keep secret. We also agreed that if we were ever together, we’d begin exploring many of them.

Six months after “meeting,” I transferred to a college close to her. I’d cut the distance between us from 800 miles to about 20. We went from a “cyber couple” to a real boyfriend and girlfriend.

It was to celebrate the one year anniversary of her first email that we decided to take a week’s vacation to Cancun. We would visit a Caribbean paradise together and try to live out some of those fantasies we’d been sharing. We chose an “adults-only” resort with a reputation for permitting some wild times. From the moment we booked the trip, Ann and I seemed to be in a never-ending state of arousal in anticipation. We shared ideas of what we’d like to experience, but we were realistic enough to understand that sometimes these things don’t pan out….we were still going to have an amazing time though, no matter what….because we had each other.

We got into Cancun about six hours ago. Landed into bright sun and about 92 degrees. We took the airport shuttle to our resort. It was a mini-van and we were packed tight with other vacationers. Ann and I were squeezed onto the back bench of the van. It was hot and even with the air conditioning, the perspiration started to form on us. Ann’s glistening skin was such a turnon I wrapped my calf around hers, loving the feel of our skin touching. Throughout the whole ride I traced my fingers up and down her inner thigh, occasionally drifting up under her skirt to brush the edge of her panties. One of the things I find sexiest about Ann is that she’s so naturally blonde, that she has this soft downy peach fuzz over parts of her body. Her upper thighs are like that; the hair is so fine and short she doesn’t even need to shave it. She was already nice and tan and her legs, though not very long (she’s only 5’4″), are totally irresistible to me. Ann wore sunglasses but every time my fingers brushed upward I saw her eyes close behind them; she was definitely enjoying the mixed sensations of my fingers and the bumpiness of sitting in the back of the van.

We got to the hotel and checked in. Our room was beautiful, an eighth floor suite with a king bed, a balcony overlooking the sea and a large Jacuzzi right in front of the window. As soon as we saw that, a very “knowing” glance exchanged between us. Exhibitionism was always one of our fantasies. She was in my arms the minute the door closed and the kiss was long and full of anticipation for the week to come. “Oh Jon, this is going to be perfect. Look at that view!”

The view of the beach and sea below was gorgeous, but honestly when Ann walked out onto that balcony to look out and the breeze brushed through her hair, that was my idea of “paradise.”

We were starving after our flight so we quickly changed into our bathing suits so we could head to the pool after lunch. Ann came out of the bathroom in a royal blue bikini, one of her surprise purchases prior to the trip. She had warned me I was going to love her choice of outfits for Cancun, and that was no exaggeration. Her 34c breasts and absolutely perfect looking round ass were totally accentuated in this bikini. It was as if it was tailor made for her body. The color looked great with her tan skin and platinum curls. I almost forgot how hungry I was for food. I grabbed her and buried my mouth into her neck while pushing my groin into her. She hugged me hard, but then made it perfectly clear that we were going to get lunch before anything else.

We did get lunch, and then we hit the pool and more importantly the swim-up pool bar. It took us a while to get used to the whole “all-inclusive” deal, the fact that we could eat and drink unlimited amounts, and never have to pay anything. My American sensibilities kozyatağı escort wouldn’t allow me to forgo the tips, even though the travel agent had assured us it was included. We stayed by the pool for a few hours. Even though we read that the pools were all clothing optional, it was still a bit of a surprise to see some naked people laying around. Most of the nudity were topless girls of course, but we did pass one girl and guy laying face down on the lounge, without a stitch on. Being our first day, we weren’t so brave. Ann and I both kept our suits on.

We sat on the lounges holding hands, admiring the sights from behind the safety of our sunglasses. One girl in particular caught our eye. She was about our age (25) and she had very thick and curly red hair. It was tied back but I could tell when she wore it down it would be similar to Ann’s style. She laid on a float in the pool reading a paperback. She was topless and she had smaller breasts than Ann’s, probably b-cups, but she had the sexiest nipples, nice and pointed. Ann’s get like that when aroused, but this girl didn’t appear in that kind of state. She wore a black bikini bottom, very high cut on the hips. Her legs were spread wide, feet hanging in the water on either side. She was focused in her book but as I looked at Ann, she was fixed to the crotch of the redhead’s bikini bottom.

“You like what you see?” I asked her, brushing my fingers down her hand.

She smiled, slightly embarrassed “Look, you can see the outline of her lips through the suit.” She was right, and it looked very inviting…her lips and that little button right above in the center.

“Look at her clitoris, it looks hard…like her nipples.”

“I wonder what she’s reading, wonder if it’s exciting her.” Ann said. At the thought of that, I felt my cock stir in my suit.

“You should go cool off,” I said. My hand left her arm and traced down the side of her body, from where the top of the suit ended to where the bottoms began. She loved her skin stroked like this.

She smiled, partly at the feeling and partly at the suggestion. “Oh….should I?” She asked teasingly?

“Umm hmmm…you should go swim up to her…wrap your arms around her thighs, and plant your mouth over her pussy,” I whispered. With that, I saw my hardness shift under my bathing suit. There would be no hiding it soon.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I detected a touch of arousal in Ann’s response, the slight deepening of her voice.

“Yeah,” I responded with the same voice, “I wanna watch you press your mouth to her sex, bring her off right in front of me…and everyone else here. I bet she tastes so good. Her juices would be seeping through her bikini under your tongue.”

“Better watch those fantasies baby….because if I deliver, so will you have to.” She flashed me a devilish smile and I knew where it was heading. My cock was fully erect and I had to adjust my leg to hide it a bit.

“You mean you’ll make me suck a cock in return, won’t you?”

“You got it buddy!! For every girl I go down on, you’ve got to find a man for yourself.”

Her voice had that teasing quality, but there was something below the surface; Ann was really thinking about the possibility of these hot encounters. We’d talked about them before, lots of times, but now we were in a tropical “adult” paradise, where nobody knew us, and where anything could happen. She was getting turned on, I could see it in her body movements; the way her legs opened and closed ever so slightly, the way her hand brushed across her stomach.

I was hard, so hard I was frozen in my spot, unable to move. I was also hot as hell. There was no shade in sight and my body….our bodies were wet with perspiration. I needed relief and the pool was my only hope.

“Come in the water with me, baby” I said.

Ann started to take off her glasses, but I shook my head, “Leave them on.” I left mine on too. I tried to adjust my erection, but with no luck. I looked down at the tent in my suit and Ann noticed too.

“You’ve got a problem there, buddy.” She laughed. She moved close to me and pulled me to a standing position, then she turned around and I pushed tight to her body. The pool was only a few feet away so we walked together with her shielding my arousal from the rest of the pool. Maybe we would be more daring later, but today we were newbies, not yet knowing the rules of the resort. As I walked, I fantasized by the end of the week my erection would be out for all to see.

We made it to the pool and Ann was in my arms immediately and the kiss was full of intensity. She has the most kissable full and pouty lips. I held her tight and her breasts pushed against my chest. My arms were around her cradling her ass like a bench as we kissed. It was our first day, but we were brave enough to be making out heavily, tongues exploring. We did have a few drinks in us and mixed with the heat of küçükyalı escort the sun our inhibitions quickly faded away. Soon I was moving from her lips to her neck. She pulled her wet hair aside, giving me access to her delicious skin which I covered with wet kisses. I noticed a few sets of eyes around the pool were looking our way. Some of them were trying not to be obvious, including the redhead in the float. Others, like two guys sitting at the pool bar, were watching like it was the best show on earth. I had a momentary bit of stage fright and pulled my mouth away from her neck and whispered, “We’ve been noticed.”

Ann giggled and turned in the water so her back was to me. I Grabbed her around the waist, my legs bent again acting as a seat. She leaned back into me and tilted her head, mouth open, tongue out slightly. I kissed her hard again but she broke away. “I want you to help me cum.” She said quietly. With that she shifted so she was now straddling my leg, her pussy pressed firmly against me. She was going to grind herself into a huge orgasm. She’d done this many times, one of her favorite ways to cum in fact. I held her tight, my fingers trailed downward and rested just at the waistband of her bikini, I’d be able to circle them over her pubic bone and clit while she pressed down on me.

She began the circular rhythmic motions against my leg, trying to be as casual as she could, like we were just snuggling close together in the water. It was deep enough so that from a distance people couldn’t see my hand pushing against her groin. I looked down at her breasts and saw her nipples had hardened and were pushing against the blue material. Her nipples were as hard as the redhead’s. Yes, the redhead was trying to read her book, but something had become a distraction, as she kept taking quick peaks at us. She was wearing sunglasses too, but she couldn’t hide that she’d noticed us.

“Look at her Ann,” I whispered in her ear, while still circling my hand over her, “She knows what we’re doing, baby.” I heard a soft sigh from Ann; we had found the right movements together….the right moment.

I leaned back in. “God Ann…she’s trying to read, but she can’t. She wants you. She can’t stop thinking about it. She wants to feel your hair caressing her body as you kiss those perfect little tits”

I felt Ann’s body jerk against me slightly and a quivering exhale of breath. My cock was straining again against me. Thankfully there was no direct pressure against it or I’d have cum already. I applied more pressure to her mound with my fingers. I moved back to her ear, kissing it softly before I continued. As I spoke I could hear the huskiness of arousal in my own voice.

“Oh fuck Ann, grind your sweet cunt into me….imagine its her pussy your pushing against. Yeah baby, her pussy is wet waiting for you…she wants you to press your wet cunt into hers…lips to lips…clit to clit…fuck baby….she wants your wetness to mix together..” She was grinding hard against me, so close….so nearly complete.

“Oh God Ann….cum for me! Cum for her!” At that moment Ann’s body rocked against me and then she stiffened and quivered. Ann’s orgasms were usually earth-shattering, and it took a lot for her to stifle this one. But she hadn’t stifled it completely and I don’t know how the observers didn’t know what had just happened I’d be embarrassed maybe later, right now I was over the edge with lust.

Before Ann turned around to face me again, I caught a glimpse of the two guys at the swim-up bar, yeah they knew for sure as one of them tipped their glass to me. And the redhead…..she had tossed her book off to the side of the pool, and rolled off the float into the water, obviously the heat had gotten to her and she needed to cool off.

Ann kissed me softly on the lips. “Oh my God…we need to get you back to the room,” she said. I pulled away from her and swam around the pool a bit, trying to get my hard-on down, and then we grabbed our towels and headed back to our room. On the way out, the redhead, back in her float now, gave us a very warm and knowing smile.

As soon as the door to our room closed behind us we were in each other’s arms, lips locked together. I gently eased her against the wall between the door leading out of the room and the doorway to the bathroom. I pressed my body against hers, my smooth bare chest pressed into her damp bikini top. Our kisses were hard and we moaned into the other’s mouth as our tongues played.

Our hands explored each other’s bodies. Ann’s hand kneaded my ass through my suit and she pulled me in to her. My cock strained inside the liner at the feel of her pulling my ass cheeks apart, spreading me open slightly.

Ann broke the kiss, catching her breath. “Wait..I gotta go to the bathroom.”

She must have read the disappointment on my face. “Just one-second; I came so hard in the pool, you know you have to pee after a cum mutlu kent escort like that.”

I couldn’t argue, I did know indeed. She led me by the hand into the large bathroom. In the first part was a double sink with a full wall mirror. Across from the mirror was a huge shower for two with double shower heads and a clear glass door. The sight of that unleashed a few dozen more fantasies almost instantly.

The toilet was behind a closed door. Ann kissed me quick once more and disappeared behind the door, to take care of her post-orgasm “piss of relief” as I liked to call it.

A minute or so later I heard the toilet flush and my perfectly gorgeous bikini-clad girlfriend reappeared with a smile. She walked to the sink and started washing her hands. I moved behind her, standing against her. My still raging erection pressed along the length of her ass crack, under the cover of both our suits. I pulled her hands out from the faucet stream and intertwined our fingers. I placed them on the sink in front of us, holding them down. We looked at each other in the mirror; the intensity of our desire looked back at us. “Look at you,” I whispered. It was the only volume I could muster. “You’re the fucking most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Ann smirked, in a sort of “Oh Pleaseee” expression. My eyes in the mirror looking back at her were dead serious, I was in no mood for any humility.

I pressed her hands harder into the sink, a signal for her to leave them there, and then I raised them off of her. I slid my fingers up the softness of her stomach to the front clasp of her suit top. I unsnapped it and let it fall off her shoulders and down her arms, exposing her full breasts. Her nipples were already hard for me and my hands stroked downward toward them. My fingers circled her areola and my mouth lowered to her shoulder. My tongue and lips covered its roundness while my fingers played along her breasts, causing the sexy little bumps of arousal to appear around her nipples. Ann’s eyes closed and a soft purring sound emitted from her mouth.

She tilted her head slightly and her still damp hair brushed off her neck, leaving a path for my kisses. I wet her skin with my tongue and then let my nose trail across it, loving the mixture of our scents. My fingers circled closer to her nipple with each passing second, until they were just brushing the sides of them. Ann loved them aroused like this and that sensation plus the feel of my kisses and breath on her neck caused her body to tremble lightly. She was watching everything in the mirror, fixated on the pleasure I was giving her as if she were watching another couple; We were both very voyeuristic.

My lips and tongue trailed from her neck, slowly down the length of her spine. My hands moved from the roundness of her breasts and brushed down her body as I lowered myself to a kneeling position. I softly hummed against her spine, causing little vibrations along her skin. Ann’s breathing shifted, telling me how good it felt. I was on my knees now and my tongue played along the line of her bikini bottom. My fingers extended to the front of the damp material, pushing into her groin, feeling the mound of trimmed hair underneath. The dampness in her crotch was so warm. Ann was already very aroused.

I tried to be patient and teasing, but the roundness of her ass in front of me killed all my self control. I pressed my lips and nose against her suit along the crack of her ass. My hands pushed harder against her pussy and I inhaled her scent from behind; it was a mixture of her natural scents and chlorine from the pool…so fucking delicious.

I slowly pulled down the bikini bottom, my tongue following down her ass crack as it lowered. She was mine now, no covering between us. I could hear her breathing, ragged and shallow already. I eased her legs open wider and my fingers parted her cheeks slightly so I could see the tight, clean rosebud of her ass…her most private place, was mine for the taking. She was so clean and delicious, only the tiniest of fine blonde hairs around her hole. I looked up at her face in the mirror. There was a complete look of surrender looking back…she was powerless to resist anything I would do.

I breathed in her scent and deeply whispered into her skin. “I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good. I’m gonna lick your sweet asshole, baby. Watch yourself in that mirror…watch yourself cum for me.”

My tongue pressed against her ass, licking upward and her body shook. Two fingers slid between her legs to her pussy, and her wetness sucked them inside. I felt her juices thick inside her. My tongue forced past the muscle which tried to prevent the invasion, and then I felt it relax…I had won. Ann’s whole body seemed to collapse a bit and she had to support herself.

“Oh God Jon…lick my ass..oh fuck me” Her words were more like deep grunts.

I pulled back a bit, long enough to command her, “Baby, lick your nipples while you watch yourself cum.” Then I dove back inside her ass, this time with absolute ease. She was opened…and oh God, she tasted so fucking good.

It was difficult to see her face in the mirror now, but I felt her straighten slightly and knew that her hand was lifting her full breast up to her mouth. She would circle her nipple with her tongue. She was moaning loudly…animal-like.

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