I’m Gonna Get Free


I sit alone, bored at my desk. Another lonely day, pulling medical files, doing payments.. blah blah… Now that everyone on my floor is off on a two-day meeting in Jersey, I’m all alone. Well at least I can listen to whatever I want on the radio. My cd player is spinning Pantera right now and I keep it low. Good thing too because my boss comes upstairs to my floor. “Kristin, could I talk to you?”.

“Yeah, sure, what’s up?”. She stands next to my cubicle and explains that she hired someone new. ”His name is Dustin. He sounds like someone you could get along with, which is good because I need you to play babysitter and show him around.”

‘Oh goody’ I thought to myself. ‘Someone to get on my nerves not knowing where anything is.’ My boss says, “He’ll be in around 9 today, so be nice.” and smiles. “I’ll try”, I say with a fake smile. I look at the clock as she walks away and it reads 8:45. Well, maybe today will just be a lazy day looking over someone’s back.

Before he comes in, I clear off the empty desk in front of mine because that’s probably where he’ll be put because nobody uses it. The last file folder of payments is a big one and I lift it up, setting it on the top shelf of the cabinet. I turn my head and looked at the door, where he stood. He must have been watching me because he turned his head and smiled.

“Uhh…”, I stuttered, “You must be Dustin.” He cleared his throat and said, “Yeah, Mary told me that you would be helping me out today.” I took a good look at him as he talked. His brown hair was slightly long, layered. His smile was incredible. My first thought was how handsome he was. I noticed a small scar on the left side of his face. It looked painful, but now, it looks sexy. He had dark gray eyes, warm and comforting opposite of his slightly pale complexion.

“So, where shall I call home?”. I looked over at the empty desk and said, “Well, I guess this one will be yours because no one is using so…” My voice trailed off as he placed his jacket and bag on the desk. “I really don’t know your name yet.”, he said, I laughed and introduced myself. He shook my hand, “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you.” His right eye twinkled slightly as I felt my face curve into a smile.

“So, Dustin, uh.. Have you ever worked with medical files and billing before?” He explained to me that he was transferred from our Bucks County office. “Yeah, I worked up there, and then moved for, well, personal reasons, so I asked to be transferred closer to home.”

“So, you basically know what you’re doing then? Good.”

He sat down at his desk and started to get situated. I really couldn’t put my finger on it, but something about him intrigued me. I pretended to work as I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He was dangerously attractive and the most handsome part of him was his hands. They mesmerized me as he unpacked Escort bayan his bag, placing papers on his calendar mat next to his computer. He pulled out a picture frame, stared at it for a few moments before putting it down. I couldn’t make out who it was but whoever it was brought a smile to his face.

He sighed and said, “So why don’t you give me a tour of this place so I know where everything is and you won‘t need to hold my hand the whole time I‘m here?” He laughed a little as I said, “Sounds good. Alright, I guess we’ll work our way up from the bottom.”

I guided him to our basement. “This part here really doesn’t have anything important. We store paper and useless stuff down here. It’s basically a dead zone. No one comes down here.”. Dustin laughed and said, “I guess this is a bad place to cry for help?” I laughed while showing him to the first floor, introducing him to everyone and showing him the equipment. Then I showed him the third floor file room. “We moved all of our files to the third floor storage room. Only a few people actually come up here, mainly the pullers who are here three hours a day and pull our files.” He looked around and rested his back against a cabinet. He smiled crossing his arms. “So for a part of the day this is a dead zone too, I guess.”

I guided him to our second floor office. I pointed out the desks, the copier and the extra medical files on the side. “Well, I guess I know this place pretty well. Thank you.” He sat down at his desk and I said, “Is there anything else you need?” I really didn’t want to get back to work yet. “Um.. Well, you could help me set up my passwords on my computer. I was never really good at that.” He rose form his seat letting me sit in front of his computer. It was already turned on and I adjusted his personal settings. He stood directly behind me, leaning over my shoulder. He out one hand over the back of my chair and his face next to mine so close I felt his breath on my cheek as he answered my questions.

I couldn’t take it. He’s my co-worker! I can’t have this now. I stood up and said, “Uh, looks like you can handle it from here. I’ll be right back.” I stepped away from his desk and walked in to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. ‘What am I going to do?’, I asked myself. I lifted my skirt and slipped off my underwear, sitting on the toilet. I looked down and my underwear was wet.


I walked back into the office and sat down at my desk. Dustin was at work getting adjusted. I sat facing him where my desk was placed. “Hey,” he started, “Could you remind me again where the Frankford files were kept?” I smiled at my chance to be close to him and agreed.

I walked up to the third floor and walked to the medical files. “What date do you need?” Dustin shut the door behind him and followed me to the Bayan Escort dark corner of the file room. Cabinets lined up the room and the spaces were the Frankford files were, was in the deepest, darkest part of the entire room. Dustin said, “January of 2001”. I looked and saw it on the top shelf. “There it is.” I reached up and felt my skirt rise a little with my stretch. I knew he was watching me; I felt his eyes burn into my back. I needed to make my move. I needed to do something about this. I needed to have him.

But before I could make a move, I felt lips on my neck. Dustin beat me to it. His warm lips began to kiss my skin, making me tingle everywhere. My skin, my whole body was filled with the sensation of his kisses. I couldn’t move; I didn’t want to move. Then he stopped. He pulled away and stepped back. “I-I’m sorry.” I heard him say behind me. I turned to see his face red and embarrassed. “I am so sorry. I just had to- I don’t know what- I-” He was stammering trying to get out the words. He was thinking the same thing I was. I wanted him badly right then, and I knew he wanted me too. If he didn’t he must of had something stiff in his pocket.

I stood in front of him, with him still trying to think of something to say. I walked towards him and looked at his lips. The glorious lips that were on my neck a few moments ago. I approached him looking deep in his eyes. “Shh… they can hear us downstairs.”, I whisper. He rested my chin on his index finger then kissed my lips softly. His smooth lips were as warm as his hands that were wrapped around my waist.

I don’t know this man; I just literally met him only a few hours ago. But here I found myself kissing this handsome stranger. Holding me close, tighter, my arms went around his neck. I could feel myself getting hotter with his every move, his every touch.

He leaned my against the file cabinet and proceeded to caress my tongue with his. He tasted so good; his mouth was so sweet. But he wouldn’t touch me anywhere else. He only held me and kissed me. This was a pleasure and I enjoyed every minute, but I wanted more. I craved more. I stopped kissing him and guided my mouth over to his neck, sucking on his skin hard. He took deep breaths at the enjoyment and held me tighter and tighter. His hands were pulling at my shirt, scratching down my back. It felt so good, like a massage.

I felt him growing with delight as I slipped my hands under his shirt and rubbed his back. He quickly pulled my face from his neck and kissed my lips viciously. He held me by my ass and lifted me up so my legs wrapped around him. “Yes”, I thought to myself, “I knew there was more to him.”

My backs till leaning on the cabinet he slips one hand under my shirt while supporting me with the other. He lifts up my shirt to reveal a dark blue bra. He sees a clasp in the middle and Escort unclips it, looking at me with a devilish grin. My breasts released from the bra and he kisses my sternum, teasing me. His mouth moves over to my left breast, kissing and sucking on me. My hands hold the back of his neck and I pull at his hair going insane with pleasure. He twirls his strong tongue around my hard nipple, then gently bites it, looking up at me for a reaction. My head is resting on the files with my eyes rolling backwards.

As he lowers me down I move my hands to his hips. With his kisses keeping me company, my fingers undo his belt buckle. His pants drop to the floor and his boxers show something inside. I kiss his neck teasing him with my fingertips rubbing against his waistband. I feel him getting impatient as I reach into his boxers pulling out his hard cock, now quivering in my hands. My lips gently graze the tip as I inch more and more of him into my mouth covering his skin with my saliva. Sucking on him, killing him with kisses, he moans softly. If he’s not careful, someone will hear us.

My kisses and licks make him pant, and I feel him close to cumming. I stop and kiss him, his tongue wild with passion. He lifts up my skirt revealing my drenched, purple underwear. His hand moves up my thigh slowly, slowly; slower the closer he gets. He slips them off and slowly bends down to kiss my pain. His tongue slides into my pussy, slurping up my juices. His index finger and middle finger separate my wings as his tongue flicks at my clitoris sending pulses of pleasure through my blood. I squirmed and moved but his hand that was free pushed against my stomach keeping me pinned against the files.

I felt the tingling sensation of an orgasm coming slowly. He moved his fingers from my wings and inserted his middle finger in my hole still kissing me. I held onto the side of the cabinet for balance. ‘I’m so close, I feel it’, I said to myself.

Dustin pulled away. He inserted himself into my wet pussy; both of us ready to explode. My body curved to his, interlocking our organs together. He held me and pushed into hard, fast, strong. Pushing and pushing, thrusting his body against mine. It was more powerful then I expected. I was sweating almost as much as Dustin, his arms holding me tight. My right leg circled around his hip, opening myself up for him even more. He was panting and speeding his actions. He was so close to exploding inside of me. I felt his legs shake and he rested his forehead on my shoulder

My juices were flowing fast and I knew I was close too. I felt my hips buckle and my body melt as we both grit our teeth to keep in the screams of our sexual peak. I collapsed in his arms as he held me, breathing on my neck. I looked up at him and he said, “That was amazing. I mean, incredible. I have never done anything like this before. Never.” I smiled and said, “Well, there’s a first time for everything.” He laughed and said, “Is there a second time, too?”

I looked up at him and smiled. “Definantly. Maybe next time in a place where I won’t get so many paper cuts on my back.”

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