I’m Going to Need Some Help


I know I’m a lucky man. I freely admit it to friends and strangers alike. Some claim I must have been born under a rainbow or something and I can’t argue with it. Just seeing my wife and I together is bound to make people wonder. Marrying Shannon I was playing way out of my league. What started as an accidental blind date kept chugging along and before we knew it we were in love. Beauty and the Average Joe.

Shannon is a real dynamo, a vice president at the company where I work as an engineer. She always has energy for the job, for sports, and for us. She’s bombshell shapely too: 5’9″, curves that don’t overwhelm her sporty-fit hourglass body including D-cup breasts. As she says, if she straps “her babies” down, she can play shortstop, point guard, almost anything.

Keeping up with Shannon has been a challenge. It got me to trim those extra twenty pounds since college and get back into swimming and basketball. I’ve never felt better but I just don’t have her metabolism or stamina. She’s still running after I’m ready to sack out in front of NetFlix for the evening.

The place it bothers us the most is with sex. She’s always done her best to keep me inspired for the bedroom. When I just didn’t seem to have the energy, she’d slip into something sexy or downright slutty and I would rise to the occasion. Still, in the bedroom I feel like I’m running the 400 meter and she’s there for a marathon. If she had her way, we’d fuck for a couple hours every night and again in the morning. Long bouts of sex with lots of hard pounding is what it takes to really make her cum.

Well, I have to admit that I just don’t cut it anymore. When we were first married, I was up to the challenge. We’d have late night sex until she came with a scream and then sucked me off if I hadn’t cum yet. But we’ve been married ten years now and I’ll admit, I rarely can get her there. Sure, we tried vibrators and dildos but they don’t work. She just can’t cum without hard cock.

She deserves better. That’s where my plan comes in. I’m going to need a little help.

Three of my best friends and I usually play poker at one of their apartments on Thursday nights. My wife, Shannon, either enjoys the house to herself or goes out for a girls night. I knew she’d be staying at home this Thursday so I put my plan into motion.

I called up the guys and told them we’d meet at my place instead and a little early. “Try to clean up, we’ll be hitting a strip club.” This was new for the group but my friends loved the idea. It also made sure they were looking their best.

I was a nervous wreck in the days leading up to Thursday but I prepared without Shannon getting suspicious. Seven o’clock came and my friends started arriving. I ushered them quietly down to the man cave, gave them a drink, a very special DVD, and had them wait. When everyone had gotten there, I explained the real change in plans.

“You’re not going to Jerry’s tonight?” asked Shannon when I walked into the kitchen. She smiled when she saw how nice I was dressed.

“No, I wanted to go out with you to Takamura’s. It’s been awhile.” içerenköy escort We’d gone to the neighborhood sushi restaurant more often when we were first married and bought the house. We knew the owner, Yoshi, a bit and could always get a table with some romantic privacy.

“Takamura’s? We going there for the sushi or because you know I can’t resist their sake?” It was my turn to smile mischievously.

Shannon changed quickly. She selected a black dress that hugged her curves wonderfully and provided lovely viewing of her cleavage. A pair of silver 3″ heels and she was almost my height. I gave her a warm kiss and a squeeze.

“Not before I get my sake, buster,” she teased and we headed out to the restaurant. It was a cool evening and we walked the couple blocks to the Takamura’s. I opened the door for her and give her a tender kiss more than once. She warmed quickly to the mood.

After chatting with Yoshi we were shown to our favorite table. We shared the “Lover’s Sushi Special” and after a couple sakes her hand was wandering to my pants. Her eyes opened wider.

“You devil, look how ready you are!” she teased as her fingers traced my raging erection. “I don’t think we’re staying for dessert, are we?”

We made a quick exit after paying the bill. Now it was Shannon’s turn to be frisky on the walk home, caressing my cock through my pants. I had a precum wet spot in my slacks before I could get our front door unlocked. I was grateful the guys had parked around the corner out of sight as I’d asked.

We were kissing and embracing even before we could get through the door into the house.

“Oh God, Gil it’s been so long…”

“I know, honey. Tonight’s your night.”

I took her hand and hustled her down to the master bedroom. We continued to kiss as we pulled off our clothes until she was down to panties and bra and I was naked. She caressed my cock with her fingers as she bit her bottom lip. I smiled and drew her to the bed. She lay back eagerly with her bottom on the edge. I took time to enjoy her shapely smooth legs, her curvy bottom, and sexy panties. She was squeezing her breasts through her satin bra. I caressed and fondled her until she couldn’t stand it.

“Fuck me, Gil, fuck me hard!” she demanded. I whisked off her panties and lined up my cock. Her pussy was glistening wet as she held her legs spread high and wide. She almost screamed when I walked away from her to turn on the stereo. Thumping club music filled the bedroom as I returned to take my wife.

I sank deep and true from the first stroke. I leaned my head back and sighed as I began to move in her. Shannon always fit like a tight glove, stroking me as I moved. Nothing felt like it and once again I would have to recite baseball scores or something to keep from exploding in a few minutes.

My balls and thighs slapped against her ass as I sped up my motion, my hips rocking smoothly. She moaned happily and caught my eye with her enjoyment. I got into a rhythm and enjoyed playing with her ass, breasts, and hips as kadıköy escort I thrust in and out of her. She got more and more aroused, gripping the bed sheets to push back against me.

When I got too close to cumming, I pulled out and had her come over to her vanity. She gripped the small table, staring into the mirror as I got behind her. We both grinned like teenagers as I entered her from behind, her large breasts rocking in the satin bra. I watched her face as her carnal needs took her over more and more. Her fingers started stroking her lips and clit and touching my balls I thrust.

I couldn’t go too much more like that. Shannon was just too sexy, too beautiful, and felt too good. I cried out as my balls clenched and I spasmed a huge load of cum deep in her pussy. She held still letting me throb and cum deep inside her pressed together. But when I slipped out of her, she gave an anguished wail of unsatisfied need.

“I told you tonight was your night, didn’t I?” I said, taking her back to the bed. I laid back against the pillows at the head board and she naturally got on all fours in front of me. She took my half-erect cock into her mouth, sucking the cum from it and urging it back to life.

“Do you trust me?” I asked her as I watched Lyle walk quietly into the room behind her, start naked. He pulled a condom from the bowl I’d left by the doorway and rolled it down his cock. Shannon nodded.

“I love you,” I said, kissing her, tasting a trace of my own cum on her lips. Then I gently showed her who else was in the room. She was startled for a moment but a sight of Lyle stroking his big cock had her turning back to me, lust in her eyes.

I nodded to Lyle and he got on the bed behind my wife. His hands caressed her ass and lower back.

“Oh God Lyle just fuck me!” she cried, almost making Lyle laugh out loud. Never one to disappoint, he lined up and thrust into her. Shannon gasped, gripping my thighs, her face inches from my own as she held her eyes shut. She began to shake as he thrust into her, his body slapping against her bottom and thighs. I’m free to admit it. Lyle’s cock is bigger than mine and I could see how much difference it made with Shannon.

Quickly she began to thrust back against him, desperate for a hard fucking. Lyle grabbed her hips and met her again and again, speeding up. Shannon was panting and gasping.

“Oh Gil, God yes, I love you, fuck me,” she blurbled out between thrusts.

Even the mighty Lyle wasn’t able to hold back after fifteen minutes with my excited wife. He too cried out, groaning, deep inside her, filling the condom.

Shannon looked up at me with wild eyes. I smiled and pointed back to Jerry and Rob, each naked, rock hard, and condomed.

That’s where my master plan developed some improvisation. Rob had found our stash of sex toys and held a big tube of lubricant. After sliding into my wife’s pussy doggy style he began to probe and lube her ass. Shannon alternated between just holding on to me and sucking my cock which had regained full strength watching kartal escort this show. I saw Rob probing with more fingers but sort of lost track of what was going on as Shannon deep-throated my cock for the first time in years.

A few moments later I felt Jerry moving underneath my wife, she shifted back and sank down on to his cock with a satisfied moan. She rocked forward and back several times, grinding against him before she held still. Rob was pushing his cock into her ass. Shannon was impatient but everyone took the few minutes she needed until she could accept Rob without pushing too fast.

“Sweet Jesus your ass is tight!” crowed Rob and everyone started laughing. Some nervous tension was relieved and left more room for everyone to embrace the experience. It took a minute, but soon Shannon and Rob had a motion that let her fuck herself on both cocks at once.

I got up into a kneeling position over Jerry’s head and fed my cock into my wife’s desperate mouth. She attacked, sucking me with a fervor as her body rocked from being fucked everywhere. It was all too much for me and I came soon, pouring cum down her throat until I pulled away from her mouth.

Shannon practically grabbed Lyle to take my place. She pulled off the new condom he’d put on his cock after checking with me first. I lay on the bed grinning and telling her to do what she wanted. She reached back and pulled the condom off Rob’s cock before he slid back into her ass. Jerry got the message and abandoned his latex sheath before sliding inside my wife’s pussy again. A moment later, she wrapped her mouth around Lyle’s cock, her lips stretching around his girth.

The room was just grunting and club music for a long time now. Jerry and Rob had good staying power. We were probably two hours in from the moment I’d first entered my wife and I saw her body get more aggressive. She started slamming down on Jerry’s cock and back into Rob’s. She was jerking Lyle firmly now with just his head inside her mouth. We were reaching her nirvana. I sat on the bed, tweaking Shannon’s breasts and stroking my cock, nearing my own third orgasm.

A minute later, Lyle cock popped from her mouth as she screamed. Her body shook as her orgasm consumed her. Rob and Jerry moaned as her ass and pussy gripped and rippled over their cocks. She writhed as the pleasure lit all her nerves with delicious fire. She was stuffed with big cocks inside her pussy and her ass and held onto Lyle’s staff almost to steady herself. A big splash of cum hit her cheek and lips as Lyle let loose. I moved in quickly to suck on her nipples, driving her orgasm deeper and longer. I saw Rob grunt, pull out his cock and pour streams of cum all over Shannon’s ass and lower back.

Jerry blurted obscenities as he pushed his cum inside her pussy. I kept stroking and moved to Shannon’s face. She grinned wide in her orgasmic bliss and opened her mouth. My load was not as big as before but I shot a couple streams of cum on her teeth and tongue.

It took a few minutes for everyone to float down and recover. Shannon was covered in cum which she proceeded to wipe up from her skin and swallow with relish giving all four men a cum-slut show. The guys were just sort of stunned that the evening had actually happened.

My wife looked at me with such love and mouthed ‘thank you’. She then sat on the bed and looked at everyone. “You know, boys. I think you should have poke-her night at our place from now on!”

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