Illicit Love


Tamara pulled over to the side of the road and pressed some numbers on her mobile phone. Before long the phone was answered.

“Hi honey, it’s me. I’ve just arrived in Coalridge and I’m stopped in front of a Ford garage, where do I go from here?”

“Hi, okay, you’re not far, can you see the little shop on the corner?”


“Turn left before it and follow the road down”

“Wait a minute, I’ll start driving and you can direct me as I go.”


Tamara drove away from the kerbside, cradling the mobile phone in the crook of her neck.

“Okay, I’ve turned left.”

“Right, keep driving down the road until you see the swing park and then turn right.”

“I see it, just a minute…okay, where now?”

“Can you see the big, white house with the jeep parked outside?”


“Park anywhere near the jeep as my house is opposite.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

“Bye for now.”

Tamara threw the phone on to the passenger seat and parked her car in front of the jeep. Opening the car door she saw Jeff silhouetted in an open doorway and made her way towards him. He glanced up and down the street before ushering her inside.

“Hi honey,” Tamara purred as Jeff quickly shut the door behind her.

Now concentrating fully on Tamara he pulled her into his body and kissed her hungrily.

“Hmmn, that’s more like it,” she sighed as she clung to him.

Wrenching himself away Jeff led her through to the living room.

As Tamara looked around the room she took in the heady aroma of the burning incense sticks as well as noticing the lit candles. Jeff pressed a button on the hi-fi and soon the room was filled with the haunting voice of Billie Holliday.

“Very romantic,” Tamara whispered.

“I want it to be perfect for you Tammy. For the first time it’s just you and me, no-one else, no cars and no nosey people walking their dogs.” Tamara and Jeff laughed together before sinking down on to the sofa. Jeff reached down over the arm of the couch and came back up with 2 glasses, letting them clink gently together he handed them both to Tamara. Once more his hand vanished and this time when it re-appeared it was holding a bottle of champagne, the ice-cold water dripping from the label.

“Champagne for the beautiful lady?” Jeff enquired laughing.

“Oh Jeff but I’m driving… Okay maybe just a small one,” she giggled.

Jeff half filled the glasses, waited until the bubbles had disappeared and then topped them both up.

“Are you trying to get me squiffy?” Tamara posed before tipping up her glass and draining most of it.

Jeff just smiled as he re-filled her glass.

Larry Gales had now replaced Billie Holliday and was singing ‘Round Midnight as Jeff reached over and took the once more, empty crystal glass from Tamara’s hand. Placing them on the coffee table, he stood up and offered a hand to Tamara.

“Come on, I have something to show you.”

Following him, Tamara walked through the doorway from the living room and found that she was in a bedroom. The room was lit with scented candles that were scattered around. They cast dancing shadows over the bed and walls, which made the room, look warm and inviting.

Chuckling Tamara asked, “Just what is it that you have to show me?”


Jeff arms encircled Tamara and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Slowly edging her backwards they reached the bed and he gently laid her down on top of the bedding. After undoing her shoes Escort bayan and letting her kick them off he climbed on to the bed beside her.

Jeff leant on his side as he kissed her, letting his free hand move up and down her side. Tamara made little whimpering sounds as Jeff’s kisses moved down to her neck. He continued nuzzling and licking, as he slowly let his hand skim gently over Tamara’s breast. He could feel her nipple hardening under the silk shirt that she was wearing as he once more let his hand glide over her.

Tamara’s hands squeezed Jeff’s back and she moved her head slightly so that Jeff could kiss more of her neck.

Jeff’s free hand continued its search of her body, tracing the outline of her breasts, softly rubbing her nipples and slowly letting a finger slide in between her buttons so that it could touch her bare skin before withdrawing and starting the routine all over again.

Slowly Jeff started undoing the buttons; one by one they were undone until he could push back her blouse to expose her bra. Jeff leant over and tenderly kissed her cleavage before sitting up astride her and gazing upon her. Once more he let his fingers trace their patterns over her body. Delicately he unclipped the front fastening bra and freed Tamara’s bust from its satin confines so that he could fondle them fully. Rolling one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger he bent over and took her other one in his mouth, sucking and nibbling it.

Tamara could feel herself getting aroused and so tilted her pelvis so that she could rub herself against Jeff’s groin, which was now positioned over her. Realising that this was what she was doing, Jeff let a little more of his weight lean on to her.

Tamara’s hand were now doing a routine of their own, threading their way through Jeff’s hair before descending on to his shoulders, grasping and massaging their way down to his waistband. Tamara found Jeff’s back well defined and therefore could not resist letting her hands trail over his buttocks. She was pleased to find them as solid as his back, which added to her anticipation of seeing Jeff naked.

Bringing her hands round to the front of his body she tugged softly at his shirt to try and release it from his jeans. Eventually she managed and was able to snake her hands under it to feel the matching, well-formed muscles on his front. She too rubbed and nipped his nipples to make them stand as hard and erect as her own.

Working his way down, Jeff ran his hand down the length of her body, feeling her hips and thighs and then letting his hand find its way back up the inside of her leg until sliding it around to the front again just before it reached the middle seam of her trousers. After teasing her like this a few times he let his hand press between her legs until he heard Tamara gasping, he then moved his hand away again. Tamara felt the yearning between her legs and could hardly contain the feelings that were washing through her.

Jeff unfastened the button on Tamara’s trousers and she held her breath as he eased down the zip. Pushing himself back off the bed he pulled on her trouser legs until she raised her hips and he was able to slide them right off. He then motioned for Tamara to wriggle down the bed until she was positioned half off the bed and half on. Tamara now lay there with her feet barely touching the ground, her back still on the bed.

Jeff knelt down and slowly ran his hands over the bare flesh in front of him. Running them up her thighs and then down to her Bayan Escort calves. Lifting one of her feet he massaged it and then placed it on his shoulder. Tamara sat up on her elbows and watched Jeff as he rubbed, pressed and stroked the other foot before putting it to rest on the opposite shoulder. Turning towards her left foot he kissed it and then leaning in between her legs, he ran his hands up the inside of them making Tamara bend her knees so that her legs were spread apart. His fingertips caressed the edge of her black satin thong as he traced the join where the black satin met the pink satin of her skin.

Tamara could only lean back and enjoy the tantalizing touches, as she could no longer reach Jeff’s body.

Taking a hold of the strings at the top of the thong he walked them up her flat stomach so that the satin stretched up between her lower lips, putting pressure on to her clitoris.

The V-shape that was revealed was soon glistening with saliva, as Jeff licked his way around the creases. Blowing on to her and nuzzling into the fabric of the thong sent shivers up and down Tamara’s spine as Jeff once more teased her. Tamara could feel herself pulsing down below and she moved one of her hands so that it was cupping her own breast. Without thinking, she started to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple.

Jeff now started to lick the satin of the thong, pushing his tongue between Tamara’s lips making her sigh loudly and move her hips a little. Tamara could feel herself moisten with every probe of his tongue.

Deciding it was time to dine; Jeff peeled of the sopping thong and lowered his face into the soft down of her pubic hair. Working his way down using his tongue as a direction finder, Jeff licked and sucked, gently probing and listening to Tamara’s breathing to know when he had found a spot that she liked. He continued tasting her until he felt Tamara’s body shudder. He concentrated on the spot that he had found, flicking it with his tongue, drawing it into his mouth and then slowly releasing. Bringing his fingers into play he slowly inserted one as he continued with the tongue bath.

Tamara by this time was in a world of her own, all she wanted to do was to wrap her legs around Jeff’s head and suffocate him in her juices. She could feel the tightening up of her insides as the waves of orgasm started to build. Writhing in ecstasy she started saying ‘Oh Jeff, don’t stop, don’t stop I, I, I…” but was unable to finish.

Jeff replaced the finger with his tongue and drank deeply until Tamara’s body stopped tensing and relaxed.

“Oh Jeff, I have wanted you to do that for ages.”

Jeff smiled up at her and Tamara could see her juices shimmering on his chin.

They both climbed back on to the bed and lay facing each other. Tamara kissed and licked Jeff’s face until it was no longer shinning, enjoying the taste of herself.

“My turn,” chirped Tamara as she started towards Jeff’s waistband.

“No, not tonight. This is your night, wait there.”

Jeff returned with a glass of champagne, which he handed to her before disappearing again. After a few minutes he called on Tamara to come through to the bathroom.

Naked, Tamara walked through the house until she found where his voice was coming from. On entering the room she realised that it contained a sunken bath that could easily fit two people. Jeff was already sitting in it and was up to his neck in bubbles.

Tamara slowly lowered herself into the giant bath and found the temperature Escort just right. The bath turned out to be deeper than she had first thought, as there was a step down in it, which she was able to sit on.

“Its also a jacuzzi,” stated Jeff as he noticed Tamara looking at the control buttons, “but that would be a bit dangerous with the bubble bath in it.”

Tamara laughed as Jeff half swam, half walked over to her side.

“Look what I have,” said Jeff, brandishing a bar of soap.

Lovingly, he ran the soap all over Tamara’s body. The entire front of her body was treated the same way as before but instead of Jeff’s hands and tongue it was the soap that was doing all the work.

“Your tickling me with that soap Jeff, stop it,” pleaded Tamara chuckling.

“Okay, turn around. It’s time for me to scrub your back.”

Tamara obliged and was able to hold onto the side of the bath whilst kneeling on the step. Jeff slowly started working up a lather on her back. Putting down the soap he massaged her back using the foam to slide his hands all over her. Letting them slip around to her front occasionally to fondle her breasts.

Jeff pushed himself up against Tamara’s buttocks and she could feel how turned on he was. Tamara parted her legs to allow Jeff to enter her.

“Is that a hint, Tammy. Don’t you want me to finish washing you?”

Tamara giggled and replied, “I’ll probably need to wash again anyway.”

“True,” pondered Jeff guiding himself in.

Tamara leant over so that Jeff could push himself deeply into her and groaned with pleasure as he filled her. Holding on to her hips, he started moving in and out of her. The waves from the bath started rolling with him and soon the bathroom floor was awash with bubbles. Building up the pace he started to thrust with more momentum. Tamara could feel the bath water rushing up her body, washing over her clitoris and then rushing away. This sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before. She knew that she couldn’t last long before another orgasmic experience enveloped her.

Jeff reached around with one hand and searched for the same spot he had found earlier as he continued to drive into her. As Jeff rubbed and encircled her clitoris, Tamara let out a gasp and could feel herself tense as Jeff continued to thrust. Jeff knew he was about to come and relished the sensation as with one final push he expelled his seed deep within her.

Worn out, they sat around the Jacuzzi and surveyed the carnage that they had caused; the pair of them couldn’t help but laugh. The once blue floor was now white with soapsuds.

“I hope you have a cleaner,” chortled Tamara.

“Hmm, yes I do. Unfortunately it’s me.”

“Oh Jeff, do you want a hand to tidy up?”

“No, no. It’ll be fine. I’ll enjoy cleaning this up as it will constantly remind me of you, once you’ve gone.”

“Oh no, what’s the time? I should have been back ages ago.”

“It’s half past eleven.”

“I’m sorry, I have to go.”

Leaping from the bath, Tamara grabbed a towel and ran back threw to the bedroom, where her clothes lay discarded on the floor. Quickly dressing she looked in the mirror and tried to run her hands through her dishevelled hair.

“Oh hell, he’s going to know I wasn’t at the pictures with Lucy.”

Jeff joined her in the bedroom wearing a bathrobe. “Thanks for tonight Tamara. I really enjoyed it.”

“So did I. I’m sorry I have to go.”

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow then.”

“Yes, sure. Bye Honey.”

Tamara kissed Jeff chastely on the cheek as she ran out of the house and into the street where she had parked her car.

Jeff watched from the window as the car drove off down the street.

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