If you go down to the woods today…


Woodlands – May 10th I lived in a large and very busy household where it was extremely hard to get any privacy, so any spare time was at a premium. Either my husband, or any of my five sons, were always clamoring for my attention so every so often I would leave the house and drive to where it was quieter and more private, either before or after my shopping trip, usually to a quiet, secluded off-road place in the woods where I knew I would not be bothered or disturbed.Then, all in my own world and hidden, I liked to slide my hand beneath my skirt, down inside my panties and gently rub my clit and finger the soft folds of my vagina. As the pressure built, I would feel the beautiful release of my first orgasm wash over me, and if I was really istanbul travesti tense, I could work out one or two more. I would sometimes pull my panties down over my thighs and skirt up over my tummy as I began to rub faster and harder until I reached an explosive orgasm. I would have loved to be completely naked for this but did not dare for fear of being caught.Once satisfied completely I would readjust all my clothing so I could drive either to the shopping center or home, the smell of sex hanging in the enclosed space of the car. One afternoon I arrived in my private spot and as I sat there, I decided to get brave by removing my panties completely. I closed my eyes, spread my legs wide and started to finger my hairy pussy assuming travesti istanbul that I was very much alone.I must have heard something as my eyes suddenly opened and I was shocked to find a young man standing beside my car, staring in at me. His fully erect penis was out of his pants and he was stroking himself. I don’t exactly know what came over me right then but I lowered the car window and invited him over. Before I realized it for myself, I had his penis in my mouth and was sucking him wildly while I continued to masturbate myself to a most wonderful orgasm. At the very moment that I climaxed so hard that I squirted my cum everywhere, so did he, pumping his hot cum down my throat. I swallowed every drop and continued sucking until istanbul travestileri he asked me to stop.After I finished him off, he asked if I would be returning to this same spot next week and I told him, “Maybe!” I was so turned on by this chance encounter that I did indeed return to the same spot the following week when he met me again. We repeated the experience and now this has become a regular mutual masturbation session between the two of us. I think that what adds to the thrill is that we do not even know each other’s name.I suspect that we may even take things a bit further before long, perhaps in the back seat of my car. But for now, I’m completely content to bring myself off and even having him do this for me, especially while I’m giving him head and draining him of his delicious tasting juices. Woodland’s – June 29th Back on May 10th, I mentioned how I would go to my secret spot which was a secluded off-road wooded area where I could masturbate in total privacy.

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