Identical Twin Sisters

Identical Twin Sisters
I had been going out with Saffron ever since I was 18, about six months ago now. She had long blonde hair, fantastic legs, and a body to die for.

I went round to her flat last Saturday evening as usual, and I couldn’t help noticing that her mannerisms were slightly different on this occasion, but thought no more of it at the time. She was more extrovert than I had ever known her to be on that day. Normally she was a little shy about having sex, and I usually had to work her up to it, but this time she couldn’t wait to get me into bed. I was as you can imagine, well happy with this new turn of events, being such a randy little sod.

Once we had entered the bedroom, she couldn’t wait to relieve me of all my clothes as quickly as possible, something that she had never done before with such urgency. I was really enjoying the new Saffron that’s for sure. Throwing me down on the bed she gave me the most fantastic blow job ever. I blasted my first load down her throat within seconds……now that had never happened before I can tell you. I don’t know what had got into her (apart from me of course) but I was just lovin’ it!

She stood up and very quickly undressed, and jumped on top of me, pinned me down to the bed, so that my pulsating polaris docked with her slurpy silo in one swift mind blowing action, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what probably happened next. She rode me like the devil possessed, until I could hold out no longer, and jetted my second load into her insatiable sperm gobbler. “Now don’t think you’ve got off with just cumming twice inside me” She said with a wicked glint in her eye’s. I need you to take me doggy style up the ass now” She said as she moved into position after licking and sucking me back to life again.

Now I know from past experience that Saffron had never consented to any anal exploration, saying that it as dirty and degrading, and would never do anything as disgusting as that ever. I couldn’t figure out what had made her change her mind. So I very quickly moved into position behind her and started to penetrate her pert little anus just in case she suddenly decided to change her mind. She must have taken the time to lube herself up in there as I slid into her without too much resistance, but enough to be tighter and therefore more exciting than her front entrance. When I had it all in her with my big hairy balls bouncing off her ass cheeks she said “Now give me a good seeing too, and spare me no mercy” I had never ever heard her talk like this to me before and was loving every minute of it as I thrust in and out of her human exhaust pipe building up a rhythm as I slammed it up her. She was acting like a completely different woman than the one I thought I knew, as she encouraged me to hump her harder.

I could feel my man sap rising for the very last time that evening, as I spurted into her backdoor cavern until I was completely spent. Laying along side, completely worn out from shagging her and relaxing in the afterglow, the bedroom door opened, and in walked Saffron. I was dumb struck. How could this possibly be if she was already in my arms, she can’t be in two places at once! I was very confused to say the least. “I see you have had the pleasure of meeting my identical twin sister” The Saffron at the door said. I had absolutely no idea that she even had a sister, let alone an identical one!

It turns out that they always share everything together…..including me it turns out, but then who am I to complain, double the fun. I am now very much looking forward indulging in a threesome with them both at the same time. One could sit on my face whilst the other rode me like a knob jockey perhaps. Oh the scenarios that we could get up to just blow my mind thinking about it……..

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