Icy Fingers Ch. 2


Thursday, David sent Lybee an arrangement of white sweetheart roses in a tiny, delicate teapot. The card enclosed was simple. “I remember.” it said. Lybee held the card to her skipping heart, feeling her love for him expand infinitely.

That night, they had plans to go out. Emily and Krister were close friends and they often spent evenings together. Krister and David were old fraternity pals and Emily had become like a sister to Lybee. They met, as they often did, for dinner. Then they went to a movie they all wanted to see. David was attentive, drawing Lybee close to him many times, just to encircle her waist or touch her cheek. When they stood on line for tickets, he kissed her warmly, his succulent mouth covering hers. They held hands during the film, his thumb making soft circles in her palm. Lybee was excited all evening.

As they drove home, David encouraged her to sit near him, and talked softly of his love for her, his desire throbbing in his voice. As the garage door closed behind them, he began kissing her, his hands traveling over her body as if for the first time, igniting passion with each stroke. They entered the kitchen already in need, pulling clothes off in a frenzy of craving. He was nearly savage in his need for her. His mouth latched onto her breasts, moving from one to the other blindly, sucking her nipples deeply into his mouth, pulling rhythmically, starting a fire in her groin. She moaned into his mouth, murmuring words of encouragement and need.

“Would you like me to be a bad girl, David? Are you Escort bayan looking for someone to fuck you senseless? You need a bad girl, a kitchen slut, a woman who would want to be used and pounded by you. I am that girl. I want you. I want to feel you deep inside my hot cunt, David. Don’t wait, take me now! I am your very bad girl with a wet and ready pussy, aching for your cock!”

David had never heard Lybee use that language, say those words. She incited him with lust. He turned her to the counter, bending her over, her tight ass glowing in the soft light. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes bright, her voice softly seductive. “I am ready now. Fuck me, David. Don’t wait. Now. Now!”

He grabbed her hips, his fingers gripping her tender flesh. He moved behind her as she spread her legs. His engorged cock seemed to move on its own, finding her center. He plunged into her, deeply, quickly. She gasped with pleasure and pushed back against him, her ass hitting his pelvis as he fucked her wet cunt. She felt herself moving toward orgasm nearly instantly, feeling his hardbeating dick thrusting repeatedly into her. They both seemed to peak at the same instant, their cries mingling in the quiet house, their bodies arching together, cresting together. He continued stroking, slowly now, both of them still breathing hard and still throbbing together. As they relaxed, he pulled her back into his arms, nibbling and nipping at her sweet neck, inhaling her scent. They gathered the discarded clothes and walked arm in arm to bed, Bayan Escort collapsing in a tangled heap of sated limbs.

Friday, Lybee felt pleasantly sore. Moving in her chair, she felt again the depths of David’s plunging cock. She could picture her pinkness, slightly bruised and tender. She smiled often during the day, remembering the passion of the night before.

By mid-afternoon, she was totally engrossed in work, a new project that was nearing completion. She spent an extra hour with her team, finishing the last details. Tired, but content, she thanked her co-workers and headed home. To David.

Walking into the house, she was assailed by the scent of butter cream candles. Everywhere she looked, tiny white lights twinkled. There was a trail of rose petals, guiding her through the house, to the master suite. On every surface in the room, candles flickered. Soft music filled the air. David was waiting for her, a smile on his handsome face.

“Madam. I am here to serve. I am here to make your night a fantasy come true. Simply utter a request and I will fulfill it. I want you to just relax and let me care for you. I promise you a night you will never forget.”

Her smile was her response. She stood silently while he respectfully undressed her, placing her clothes carefully on the bed, politely helping her. Then he guided her to the bath, full of scented bubbles. He assisted her into the tub, settling her down with a soft pillow beneath her neck. Candles were burning here too, no harsh lights were allowed.

He Escort left for a moment, to pour wine for his love. Then he returned, sitting by the tub, washing her gently, taking care with her tender pussy, cleansing her carefully. He massaged her feet, telling her an erotic story of two people very much like them, while she relaxed and sipped her wine. Lybee could have fallen asleep, but was too curious about his plans. He rinsed the soap from her body and wrapped her in a warm bath sheet, drying her thoroughly.

The bed was turned down, the pillows stacked invitingly. He walked with her to the bed, sitting beside her and kissing her enticingly. She leaned into him, feeling his clothes rough against her naked and warm skin. He placed her back against the pillows and moved away from the bed again. Returning with her wine glass, refilled, he offered it to her. Everything looked gauzy and ethereal. She drank the wine, feeling the heat spread through her body, her limbs becoming drugged with alcohol and anticipation. She watched as David slowly removed his clothes, a seductive dance for her, his excitement and desire evident.

Once again, he moved to her side, stretching full length beside her. His mouth captured hers again, slowly tracing her lips, teasing her tongue, probing and retreating, making love to her sweet mouth, awakening her longing for him.

Lybee was ready. She was pliable and willing and his. As he kissed her, she didn’t even notice that he moved her arms above her head. She didn’t feel the soft silk tie being wrapped around her wrists or the silk tightening on her soft skin. She only felt his mouth, his delicious mouth, as it moved from her lips to her neck and her shoulders. She surrendered entirely to him.


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