I Will Show you the Way Home


I will show you the way home

I was so lost. I was supposed to be nearly back to my car at this point, from a solo twelve mile hike, but I had lost the trail and my limited orienteering and map reading skills were just not up to the challenge. To top it off, I was out of water, nearly out of food, and not really prepared to spend a night in the woods in October. I sighed, as I stopped for a moment to ponder my topographic map one more time to try to find a way out of here.

Then, I heard a faint gurgling of water, so I decided to descend toward it. The sound grew as I approached, and seemed to be a waterfall flowing over a ledge into a small pool that then continued meandering downstream. As I got closer, pulling my day pack off to take out my water purifier, I caught a flash of movement near the waterfall. I turned and noticed a naked man standing beneath the waterfall and involuntarily had a sharp intake of breath. He didn’t seem to see me, but I sure saw him, and he was nothing short of beautiful. Like marble statue Greek god gorgeous. Like Statue of David delicious. And Oh. My. God. He threw his head back, letting the water run over his dark hair, over his broad sculpted shoulders, and then he slowly ran his hand down his chest and chiseled abdomen to his quickly hardening cock. Unhurriedly, he stroked and pulled, until it reached an impressive length. I exhaled and moved just a little closer to the creek, and my right hand found its way inside my shorts, rubbing circles around my hard T-cock, gathering some of the pre-cum wetness from my front hole, teasing my hole, and back up to my T-cock. A deep sigh, and my head too, leaned back, my eyes closing….

And right away my right foot gave way on the slippery grass near the bank! My left arm flew up trying to grab a branch, but my body crashed to the ground, sliding through the brush and into the water, my useless right hand trapped in my pants. Stunned, but not too hurt, I glanced over at the Waterfall Adonis, to see if he saw me. He was startled too, probably trying to make sense of what he was seeing. A moment passed and he yelled, “Hey! Are you okay?”, while turning to grab his shorts and come toward me.

Shit! I busily pulled my hand out and tried to extricate myself from the brush and back up onto the bank before he arrived. Apparently he was as fleet of foot as his athletic build suggested, because he was already giving me a hand up out of the water.

“What happened?”

“I was….uh….coming to the creek for water….” I stammered, “and I slipped on the wet grass….” Damn it! Why were my ears so hot? Why was I turning so red?

He looked at me quizzically. I tried not to look at the prominent bulge in his shorts. Unsuccessfully, as it turns out. He noticed, and I saw a slight smile appear at the corner of his lips, and a twinkle in his green eyes.

“Well….it looks as if you survived….”


“What are you doing out here? Are you camping nearby? I thought I was the only one this far into the back country. I haven’t seen anyone for days….”

He had a beautiful baritone voice that washed over me like warm maple syrup. I was staring into those green eyes now. Mesmerized. I had never laid eyes on a man this magnificent, much less this close and shirtless!

“Uh, yeah. I mean no. Not camping. I am out on a day hike….”

“A day hike?” He raised one eyebrow. “You are at least 15 miles from the nearest road, and last I checked the sun is close to calling it a day….”

Sheepishly, “Um, yeah. I know. I am kinda lost.” I didn’t know it was possible to blush on top of another blush, but I think I was doing it.

He paused, considering me. “Okay. What do you say we clean up in the deluxe waterfall shower and bath over there, then I’ll share my camp with you tonight, and help you back to your car tomorrow? You do have a car at the trail head?”

“Yes. But I don’t want to be a bother- “

“Nonsense. What else are you going to do? We demetevler escort backwoodsmen have to give each other a hand when needed, right?” With this he winked at me, as he gave me a light punch in the shoulder. “My name is Jason,” he said, offering his hand to shake.

“Mark.” I shook his hand, and he held it a second or two longer than necessary, looking at me intently with his smiling eyes, before heading back to the waterfall and pool.

I followed and managed to strip off my boxers and quickly get into the pool when I saw Jason had dunked his head underwater. We rinsed off the day’s exertions and I again managed to stealthily get into my boxers without showing my (decent sized for a transman, but not by cis man standards) dick.

Without towels, we both drip dried in our boxers as he led the way back to his camp in the cooling evening air. The camp was tidy, with a small tent, a framed backpack leaning against a tree, and a bag slung up in a tree, presumably to keep it from any neighborhood bears. There was a ring of stones around what must have been last night’s fire.

“Why don’t you go gather some kindling and I will make us something to eat,” directed Jason.

Before long, we had a nice fire going, and some dehydrated Chicken Pesto Pasta cooking.

“So what brings you out here?” Jason asked, as he scooped some pasta into a cup and handed it to me.

“Just wanted to get away for a day, challenge myself a little. I thought the path would be easier to follow. I guess I need to be better prepared if I am going to be out here alone. What about you?” I asked.

“I have been backpacking out here for about a week. I needed to clear my head. This is my go to place for that.”

“I hear ya. Nature is a great balm for the soul.” He glanced over at me, smiled.

“Yes. Yes it is. I guess I have really needed it since Jonathan-” He froze. “Wait, why am I telling you this? I just met you!”

I looked at him encouragingly. “I’m a good listener. I don’t mind. Maybe you need someone to talk with who doesn’t know you?”

We quietly finished our meal, and I helped clean up. The sun was close to setting, and it was already pretty dark under the forest canopy. We sat back to enjoy the fire. After a time, he spoke again.

“We were together almost five years. We would have been married this month… ” Jason’s eyes misted up in the glow of the campfire. “Damn COVID!” He started rocking gently and closed his eyes. I moved next to him, and put my arm around him. He buried his head in my chest and a sob caught in his throat.

“I’m sorry…..I don’t know what’s come over me….” he managed to choke out. I gently rocked and held him. He allowed himself only a minute or two and before he pulled away. “Sorry,” he repeated.

“It’s okay, man. It is so tough to lose someone like that.”

“Yeah.” He let out a deep breath and stared into the fire. His shoulders seemed to relax just a bit. We silently watched the flames licking the last of the firewood until they became glowing embers and the few, lonely, end of season crickets took up their song. It was getting pretty cold and I was glad for the fleece I had thought to bring along. I wondered where I would bunk? Jason’s tent was barely bigger that a bivy tent.

“Do you have something I could use as a ground cloth?” I ventured.

“What? No, don’t be ridiculous. It is going to get really cold tonight. We will just have to get cozy or you will freeze.” He paused, thinking. “Unless of course, you are too uncomfortable sleeping next to a gay man….though I am not sure you have a better option….”

“No, no. No worries. I am gay too, dude.”

He chuckled. “Well, I did catch you looking….”

I blushed again, not sure if he meant the bulge in his shorts as he helped me up out of the creek, or if he knew that I had watched his wet dream waterfall masturbation scene.

“Come on. It’s not getting any warmer dikmen escort out here. It was in the ’30’s last night.” He troweled dirt over the fire until not a spark was showing, flicked his headlamp on and unzipped the fly on the tent. We shimmied in, and he unzipped his down bag to lay over us both. We lay on our backs, side by side, touching out of necessity in the cramped space. We small talked for a while, maybe out of nervousness for the sudden intimacy. Where we lived, where we grew up, what we did for work, what we liked to do in our free time. Eventually the conversation died off, but I wasn’t falling asleep, because I was cold. I shivered, shaking Jason out of his near slumber.

“You know….down works better in keeping you warm when it can reflect your heat back to you….which requires….well….less clothing….I know that sounds like a line to get you out of your clothes….but it is really true.” Jason shared.

It DID sound like a line, but I also knew it was true. Did I really trust myself to be naked or nearly naked next to this incredibly hot man I had just met? My poor little T cock had been in a semi aroused state ever since I had laid eyes on him. Plus…..if anything did happen….wait! if he discovered that I was trans…how would he react?

Jason started squirming and rustling next to me. Shirt off. Pants off. Boxers still on? I think so? Oh, what the hell. I started the squirm. Shirt off. Shorts off. Boxers definitely still on.

It did start to feel warmer. But I don’t think it was entirely just our body heat being reflected. His skin against my skin was setting me on fire. “Jason, I…..” I turned my head toward him and he said, “I know,” and rolled toward me, taking the back of my head in his hand, finding my lips with his and kissing me hard. My lips parted for him and I felt his tongue enter my mouth. I was burning with need. I kissed back with everything in me and rolled my body toward him too. My hands roamed his muscular back and arms. I ran my fingers through his hair, taking a handful as I made a whimpering sound and tried to go even deeper into our kiss, as if that were even possible.

What was this!? I had never let things go so far without disclosing my trans status. But I wasn’t really able to think at this point. I was boiling over with need and want. And Jason was what I wanted. On me. In me. In every way I could be taken.

I pushed him back onto his back, or rather, he let me push him. I am not that big, and he outweighed me by a good fifty pounds. I ran my left hand down to his pec and teased and squeezed his nipple, while I licked and nipped on the other one. He groaned and reached down to grab my ass. i shrugged him off, pretzeling myself so I could lick and lave my way down every ridge and crevice of his abdomen. Jason’s guttural sounds were all the encouragement I needed. Soon I found the ultimate target. I lightly licked the head of his cock, teasing around the crown, burrowing my tongue into his hole, tasting his pre cum, then quickly plunging as much of his thickness into my mouth as I could.

“AhhhhhhhAAAAA,” Jason let out, surprised by my sudden attack. I pushed down hard trying to get that last inch into my throat.

“AWWkkhhhggKK,” me, this time. He was so thick! But I was so determined. I fit him in, sinking my nose to his groin. My eyes watered. I let up, then plunged down again, and again.

Jason held my head lightly, wanting to do more, I think, but holding back. Though he did start thrusting upwards, helping me to repeatedly get that last inch into my throat. I so wanted this. I wanted him to use me! “AAAAAAAHHRRHHHGGHHH,” Jason lost control, holding my head firm on that last intrusion into my throat, his cock pulsing ropes of cum into my throat. He let go, and I fell back next to him, both of us panting. I rolled toward him again, and rested my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling the sleeping elvankent escort bag back up around us and we fell asleep.

Hours later, I woke. Not yet dawn, but close. One lone bird made a tentative chirp to start her day. Jason behind me, spooning. And a delicious feeling of gentle kisses on my neck, on my shoulder, gentle nibbles. I sighed and he moved up higher, his hardening cock nestling in the crack of my still boxer covered butt.

“G’morning, Markey Mark. What did I do to deserve you, you naughty boy?” I wiggled my butt against his hard on and he gently rocked and pushed against me. He reached for the band of my boxers, tugging. “Can these come off, little man?” I froze, quickly ousted from my reverie.

I grabbed his hand.

“What is it, Mark? Did I say something wrong? If you’re not ready, I can wait….”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just…”

Jason held me, resting his stubbled chin on my shoulder and waited. I took a breath. “I just….um…..”

“Whatever it is, it’s ok, Mark. You comforted and held me last night within an hour or so of meeting me! It’s ok. For some reason, I just opened right up to you. You can open up to me, too, if you want.”

“Ok.” Another deep breath. “I am different, Jason.”

“Ok….I am not sure what you mean, but I really like you….” I took his hand and moved it down the front of my body and brought it to the front of my boxers. And then I pressed his palm against me.

Thinking this was probably the end of us, tears started flowing from my eyes. Jason just held still for a moment. “Are you….?”

“Trans,” I nodded. I couldn’t turn to him. Couldn’t look at him. I wanted to go. There was nowhere TO go!

“Oh, sweet boy!” He rolled me toward him onto my back. “How could you think this would matter? You are wonderful exactly as you are!” He kissed the salty tears off my face. He softly kissed my lips, my eyelids. He kissed all the way across both chest scars. He kissed down my abdomen, pulled off the boxers, gently pried my legs open, and tenderly took my small trans cock into his mouth. I started crying again. Tears of happiness to be seen. To be accepted. To be loved. He ran his tongue up and down my cock and sucked on it. My hips started pressing toward him. I combed my fingers into his hair, pulling him up.

“Jason, I need you inside me!” I said breathlessly.

“Are you sure?”

“So, sooo sure.”

“How do you-“

“Front. Maybe back later on.”

Jason smiled, and rolled his bulk over me, his weight on his forearms on either side of me, and my legs lifted of their own accord to wrap around his lower back as he lightly and teasingly ground his hefty penis against mine. I reached down to gather some of my own pre cum and mix it with his, lubing him well and pointing him at my entrance. I raised myself slightly and looked directly into his eyes and nodded. He pressed firmly and slowly and I cried out, from some pain, but also from feeling so close, so seen, so possessed, so wanted, so taken, so one with this man. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him forcefully toward me with my legs until I felt myself fully pierced, fully penetrated, totally filled with this man. “oooOOOOHHHH!!!!” I exclaimed as he bottomed out. We were joined. We paused, then kissed deeply. First he, then I as well, began rocking, a little in, a little out, a little in, a little out, then more and more, and longer until the strokes were full and I could feel every ridge of his wonderful cock hit every place inside me that needed to be touched, needed to be filled, needed to be stretched and satisfied. Suddenly everything went white and I exploded into eternity…pulsing hard around his cock, trying to pull him in even deeper….and then Jason stiffened too, got even larger inside me, his cock pulsing again and again and again pumping his seed deep inside me. He pushed even deeper and I held him there as we slowly came down from our joined ecstasy. I sighed contentedly.

“Hey, Jason….?”


“Just how much of that dehydrated food did you pack in with you??”

Jason gave me a big smile, rolling us over so I was on top now and hugging me tight.

“Yeah, I don’t think you are getting outta here until we run out!” We laughed and dozed again just as the birds began their dawn songs in earnest.

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