I “Went Black” Pt. 03 – Finale


Lavar brought in a “reinforcement”

“So how’s it feel to be a bottom, LOL,” Lavar messaged.

A week after that rainy day, in which he “re-popped” my cherry, I hadn’t touched myself as jerking off had become monotone compared to the way he used my body. Seemed as if my preferences of lovers was off, too, as no white or Latin guy ever satisfied me the way this dark skinned, Latino bear did a week prior.

“I should’ve recorded the way you were moaning. You were yelping, screeching, and even squealing like a pig,” he messaged. “A true bitch, LOL!”

“Well, I ain’t had no one fuck me like that before. I’m usually the one doing all the fucking,” I told him, responding with laughing emojis. “You did a good job, what can I say?”

“Good to know. Lavar submits to no one, including big, bad Sailors slinging their dicks in arrogance. As a matter of fact, come Saturday you should come back over so we can finish what we started,” he said.

Lavar was off from work on a Wednesday, or he had a lot of time on his hands to where he could discuss plans of getting me back in his place. I recalled how he ate my hole, how he plunged inside and gave me constant orgasms, how I was bred by that snake of his, and how he even made me cum afterwards. I was at my desk trying to focus on providing taskers to my guys, but couldn’t put the phone down, and couldn’t stop rocking my hips while sitting.

“I can bet money that dick of yours is leaking in your underwear right now,” he said.

“Who said I wear underwear,” I teased. “And yes, my balls are churning.”

“I could be rolling them in my mouth right now, right under your desk, YN1. You’re just asking for trouble aren’t you? Get your ass over to my place Friday night then, and spend the weekend,” he proposed.

“Just so you could drain me dry, and fill me up,” I responded.

“Damn right.”

I’d been holding on to my good nut since we last played, and with the work week I had since, coming over to his place was the perfect stress reliever. He then mentioned he was having a buddy, Carlos, come over and join us, for Carlos liked me, too.

“Let me see this Carlos. I don’t know a thing about him,” I told him.

A few minutes would pass and I’d receive a message from Lavar showing photos of Carlos. I’d seen him before on some of the sites. His skin resembled a caramel tone, he carried a thick head of salt and pepper hair, a thick salt and pepper beard, and his body was similar to that of “Uncle Phil” (James Avery) from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, as he was a big bear. He had a little hair on his chest and belly, and a little above his pelvis and around the base of a fine cock that looked delicious even as it was soft.

“You trying to get me sent to mast,” I messaged Lavar. “I ain’t getting shit done today, because of you.

I started laughing at my desk, with the guys looking at me to figure out what was going on. He explained in more detail about Carlos, stating that he was a verse, and enjoyed giving, and getting it.

“My boy is also a retired chief. He was a senior chief, too, a culinary specialist,” he told me, mentioning Carlos was a cook in the Navy.

“So does he really know about me,” I asked.

“He does, and says he wants to do whatever you want to do,” Lavar told me.

I stopped messaging Lavar after telling him I’d drive straight to his place Friday after work.

“Traenos ese culo, mijo,” he messaged.

“What the fuck is that,” I asked, as he typed his message in Spanish.

“Bring us that ass! Once you get here, we’ll figure it all out,” Lavar added. “I just wanna be naked with you again.”

Friday came and I was in my car driving to Naval Station Norfolk when my supervisor sent a group text Göztepe Escort to the entire division, telling us we had the day off. I was elated, quickly messaging Lavar afterwards and telling him I was off early, so I could come his way whenever he was ready.

“Change of plans. We’re coming to your place,” he told me.

I sent him the address and he mentioned he’d be over a few hours later, possibly noon, so I quickly headed home and cleaned up my apartment thoroughly, then hit the grocery store to grab a few items for us to munch on. After the grocery store, I hit up the local liquor store to grab a bottle of wine, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. I returned home and received a text message stating the two of them were 30 minutes out, so I hopped in the shower, cleansing thoroughly, then putting on a dash of cologne once I dried off, then climbed into my favorite robe. They’d arrive five minutes after I donned the robe as they rung my doorbell, and I’d see these two big, Latino bears, dressed in athletic gear, through my peep hole. I opened the door and spoke, nervous, but happy to see them, but either of them didn’t say a word, just fondling and kissing on me immediately, as they crossed my door sill, with Carlos slamming the door shut.

Carlos’s mustache was tickling above my top lip as we kissed, while Lavar was behind me, his dick poking me in the ass cheek through his jogging pants as he nibbled on my left ear lobe, then started licking behind it.

“Well damn, so much for introductions,” I said to them, as I led them into my bedroom.

“You got your introductions when you texted me a couple days ago. You know I ain’t bout the games,” Lavar said.

“Var! Tiene un culo gordo,” Carlos said, before smacking my ass, alluding to how big it is. “Y se hace llamar top?”

The both of them started laughing as they were undressing, while I laid in the bed. Carlos got on first, smiling, his grey eyes cutting into my soul as he started licking my left nipple.

“Var tells me you like your nipples licked,” he asked. “Are they sensitive, mijo?”

“Si papi, they are,” I whimpered, as he then took his fingertip and barely rubbed the left, then the right.

“That ain’t all he like. He like them big, bull balls of his sucked, too, hermano,” said Lavar, as he pushed my legs apart and did just that, planting his bearded mouth on my entire sack.

It was like my body started overheating immediately when Lavar did that, as I always enjoy mouths on me.

“We’re gonna have some fun with you, baby,” Carlos said, as he kissed me again while still teasing my blueberries, as I called them.

I looked down briefly to see my dick super hard and the precum boiling out of my cock, for these two good looking, retired chiefs turned freaks were having their way, yet pleasuring me. I couldn’t stop squirming and wailing, helpless in this tryst of lust. I had my hands at the back of both their skulls, enjoying the moment, but dying to return the delight.

“Time you suck papi’s cock, mijo,” Lavar said, as he got up first, getting on his knees and crawling over to my face.

Carlos followed suit, as now I had two, jet black dicks in my grill, Carlos to the left, and Lavar to the right. Carlos might’ve been 10 inches long, and almost two inches thick, with his humongous head. He poked my mouth with that straightened, veiny cum gun, and I opened my lips for it, allowing him to juke back and forth as he fucked my mouth. Lavar wouldn’t be outdone, as he did the same with his love muscle, and I would go back and forth slurping the two of them, me in heat as I had these two bear daddies using my mouth. The both of them took to a nipple, barely rubbing them and sending me into a frenzy. Escort Göztepe I’d hear smooching and cut my eye up to see the two of them making out wildly, then Lavar reached back, my legs still spread apart and raised, as he took a finger to my twitching hole.

“Espera hasta que te metas en ese culo,” Lavar said, as he was fingering me.

I loved how he always focused on the “g-spot,” getting me wet as if I had a real pussy. He didn’t tug too hard on the prostate gland, just rubbing it enough to make me whimper, jerk, and cringe each time I “came,” for he introduced me properly to that the last two times we met. They went back to kissing and soon I’d feel two fingers there, as apparently Carlos entered me, too, to test me out himself.

“Who do you want fucking you first, baby,” Lavar asked.

I stopped sucking to come up for air and explain I wanted Carlos to take me from behind. I rolled over as the two of them would exit the bed with Carlos, who was maybe six foot four, getting on top first. I remained on my stomach and Carlos lubed my ditch, then slid that big dick inside of me. I had to bury my head since I screamed from it hurting so bad. He didn’t let up, pushing that pipe all the way inside me.

“There you go, YN1. Take senior chief’s cock, mijo,” he said.

“Easy, give me a couple minutes to get used to it,” I told him.

He would, kissing on the back of my neck, and then behind my left ear lobe, for he knew from watching Lavar that was a sweet spot.

“Fuck, I want in, too,” I heard Lavar say, as he standing in the distance.

I’d hear his footsteps as he came to the bed. That shook me for I thought for a moment I was about to be double penetrated, but then I’d feel Carlos jerk, then moan. Lavar stuck his dick inside of him, as now we had a “threesome train” going, with Lavar as the caboose. Carlos would whine in Spanish, as Lavar was giving slow, but hard thrusts, thrusts that paid forward to my hole. It didn’t hurt as much now, but each time Lavar threw that dick into Carlos, Carlos would give it to me. I’d never been so turned on by being indrectly “double fucked,” and now, Carlos was moving his hips according to Lavar, and you instantly had two “bottoms” getting fucked at the same time, on the same “plane.”

“You sitting there fucking this boy, I couldn’t take it no more,” Lavar told Carlos. “You need your pussy banged, too.”

“Fuck Varrrrrrrrrrrr,” Carlos lamented. “You’re so deep, hermano.”

“Deep is good,” I whimpered.

Whatever Lavar was doing, I didn’t want him to stop, for it was like Carlos was piledriving my pussy. I didn’t expect this at all during the text dialogue me and Lavar had days prior, but I was grateful, as these two were doing me in my own apartment. Lavar would let up shortly after, saying he wanted to fuck me missionary.

“Fuck, let’s take him on the balcony outside, for the whole Norfolk to see,” Carlos mentioned.

I barely used that balcony that was on the highest level of the building, overlooking not only Norfolk, but as far as the countryside of Isle of Wight County and other ‘suburbs’ of Norfolk. My place was tucked in the corner of the building as the birds, or someone with binoculars could truly see what was going on. I led them outside, then grabbed hold of the balcony railing as the sun shined on this beautiful, clear day. Lavar took to me first.

“You got us fucking you so high in the sky. How that dick feel,” he said, as he immediately was pounding me senseless.

Feeling his dick punch inside me felt great as he was easily tapping all angles of me until he gave way to Carlos.

“Hey bro, your turn,” he told Carlos.

“Bend over, mijo,” Carlos said.

I did as requested, Göztepe still holding on to the rail as he ran that big monster inside me, plowing away and caring less about hitting my spot this time, and more for his own personal enjoyment. His big cock head would hit my rim, and trigger my prostate as I became “squishy.” After a few strokes he gave me back to Lavar.

“My turn,” said Lavar.

Lavar’s belly was rubbing the top of my ass, and I could hear his balls slapping as now Lavar was even deeper, making me lose my breath as he’d never been so far inside of me. I whimpered more as they were truly stretching, and deepening my hole, in broad daylight, with me getting turned on by the thought of someone possibly watching us. I clenched my hole to squeeze the cum out of him and it worked, as he blazed that cum so deep it made me scream. His body jerked, and he pulled that stiff dick out of me, with Carlos replacing it right after, punting his cock to where it was hitting my prostate.

“Carlossssss, ewwwwwwwwww,” I wailed.

He was now hitting the spot and made me squeal, all with Lavar’s nut spilling out of my hole as you heard my hole squelching from the plowing.

“Got damn, look at all that nut,” Carlos said. “Your pussy can’t hold loads can it?”

“Nah, it can’t. He ain’t nothing but a big booty slut, bro,” Lavar said from the corner.

Carlos’ big tool was working the load out of me. He used Lavar’s cream as lubricant, as he slid that thing in and out of me again and again, with that cock head hitting my exact g-spot. I was wailing loudly while Carlos grunted, but his grunts however would soon turn to moans, as Lavar got involved again.

“Ooooh yeah, lamer esas bolas, papi,” Carlos cried out, as Lavar was behind him, licking Carlos’ balls while he pumped me.

This made Carlos tear into me even more, as now I was ready to tap out.

“Ooooh, Carlos, you’re gonna have to cum,” I told him.

“I’ll cum when I’m ready to cum, mijo,” Carlos said, his voice getting light as he was on the brink.

“Shoot that load, mi hermano,” said Lavar, as I could tell his mouth was occupied. “Shoot it, ‘Los.”

“Si mi hermano, I’m cumming. I’m cummiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg,” Carlos screamed.

I felt flap after flap of cum slapping my walls, as he planted his seed deep like Lavar. Carlos leaned over top of me when he finished, the both of us gassed after he wore me out. Carlos pulled that dick from me, and I’d hear my hole “burping,” releasing their seed as it hit the floor. I then moved to sit on the lawn chair, laying on my back as they followed.

“It’s your turn, too, papa,” said Lavar, making me raise my legs in the air, so he could “consume” the yolk that was toiling out of my ass.

“That’s it, let me taste that used ass,” he said. “I love your funk box when its been used good.”

Carlos came over and started sucking me as he put his bearded lips on my cock, and now the two of them were between my legs, trying to pleasure me after wrecking my butt. I tried pushing Carlos off of me so I could jerk off as I became sensitive, but both of them held my arms down, and decided to continue using their mouth on me until I ended up exploding, screaming loud enough to where I felt like folks in Richmond would hear me. I shot all in Carlos’ mouth, Carlos swallowing every drop, then he and Lavar kissing, to share the spoils.

“Damn, he’s sweet,” Carlos said.

“I told you. We got a nice one here,” Lavar told him. “You got another load in there for us?”

The two of them started kissing my thighs, my balls and my softened cock, as I didn’t have another load at that moment. The two of them stood up, and helped me, before we kissed, and headed back inside for drinks, and to relax in bed watching movies, before another “fire” kicked off between us due to the liquor.

We’d never leave the apartment, and never put on clothes, as this turned out to be one sex-filled, cum driven weekend between us.

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