I was warned about the neighbor


I was warned about the elderly neighbour..

I had been warned by numerous people about the perv old neighbour. His name was Bill, he was in his late 50’s. He was my best friends grandad and lived right next door my entire childhood. My mother constantly lectured me about staying away from him if I was visiting my best friend in that house, even my best friend had confided in me multiple times about the creepy and lewd comments her own grandfather had made in her direction but I guess most importantly I was warned by his wife… She had caught me hugging him goodbye late one night ( I swear I was only being polite!) . She had strode into the room quickly, eyes flashing darkly as they observed her husband’s arms circling my small waist and gently caressing it, barking that it was late and I needed to be going on home. I swear her hands turned into talons as she clasped my arm and marched me to the door.

Every day I had listened to their warnings and obeyed like a good girl but I guess I just got sick of being told what to do. Bill seemed like a perfectly sweet old man and had never made me feel uncomfortable in the years I had grown up playing there. That morning my mother stuck her head in and told me she would be out for the day and that I could visit Sarah if I wanted to. I grinned at the back of her disappearing head and hopped out of bed. I couldn’t wait to get over there and plan out a day of mischief with Sarah, we had been friends since the 2nd grade when I moved into her little rural neighbourhood. My little feet softly padded across the plush carpet as I crossed my room to my closet. I quickly pulled out a pair of daisy duke shorts and white tank top, pulling them on, I eyed myself off in the mirror when I was done. My big green eyes were sparkling today and I was enjoying how the tops fabric clung to my budding c cups. My nipples were that sensitive I decided to go braless, I haven’t worn panties since I learned I had a choice and I loved these shorts but I even I had to admit over the many years I had owned them they had gotten a little on the too short side, but they were so comfortable and I loved the way my tight little ass peaked out from under the hem.

I shrugged at my reflection, I was only going next door there was no call for modesty. Satisfied I reached up to tug my hair out of its sleep ponytail. My long blonde hair tumbled down my back and reached my hips. Quickly tugging a brush through it I padded to the kitchen and grabbed some fruit toast from the cooling rack, munching away on my toast happily I quickly glanced around the house making sure I had everything and headed out the door, pausing only to slip into my boots and lock up the house behind me.

As I wandered along the road to next door I felt my shorts ride up and the rough denim start rubbing against my bald little slit. I moaned slightly as I became wetter, even at my young age I was no stranger to getting myself off. I didn’t bother to adjust them and continued to enjoy the sensations wandering up to Sarah’s gate and letting myself in. Walking up the short winding path I got to the front door, raising my fist to knock I paused hearing a loud bang come from the large shed next to the house.

Curiosity got the best of me and I padded towards it, a cool breeze wrapping around my petite little body causing my nipples to stiffen. As I approached the large metal door I heard violent cursing followed by the sound of metal being kicked, I giggled and pushed open the door to see Bill in the midst of a box of fallen grapes and a tipped metal shipping container. My head suddenly flooded with everyone’s warnings when I spotted he was in the shed alone but the throbbing in my pussy seemed to urge me forward. I paused and took a deep breath, walking forward confidently I smiled my most dazzling smile and said “Hey there bill, everything ok in here?”. He jerked around startled at the sound of my soft voice, apparently he hadn’t even heard me open the door in the chaos. “Oh it’s you Alice” he grunted nodding a greeting in my direction. He seemed to freeze as he went to turn back to his task, his eyes returning to my little body, quickly scanning the skimpy outfit on my 5ft frame and my pert little nipples poking through my top. He straightened up and faced me, his tongue darting out from between his thick beard and licking his lips.

He started his sentence slowly “Sarah isn’t home you know..Her grandma took her out for some new school clothes, it’s just me here”. My stomach did back flips at the sound of his gravelly voice. There was something in his gaze that made my better instincts tell me to run but I seemed to be rooted to the spot. My little pussy seemed to get even wetter under his hungry stare. “Oh..” I replied “That’s a shame. I guess I could pop back in later, but are you sure you didn’t need a hand clearing this mess up?”.

Bill seemed taken back at my offer to help but his shock was quickly replaced with a Cheshire cat grin. “Sure thing Alice, I’ll never say no to a pretty lady’s assistance”. I walked over to where he was standing and surveyed the scene. Bill grew grapes and was in the middle of harvesting shipments. I could see several boxes of pre boxed grapes strewn across the floor and a puddle of juice was slowly forming under the damaged fruit.

“Where do you want me to start?” I turned and asked bill, batting my long eyelashes, he quickly pointed to the closest pile of damaged fruit. “Place that in a bag and throw it in the large dumpster out back”. I set to work and grabbed a large black trash bag and began filling it with fruit, bending over and letting my little pussy and asshole peak out of my shorts as we worked. Bill began to make small talk, the entire time I could feel his eyes burning into different parts of my young body. “You have grown into quite the pretty young lady..” Bill started “I’ve watched you play with Sarah since you were both so young. It’s hard to believe so many years slipped by that quickly while my wife was nagging at me to leave you girls to your princess games and not disturb you. How old are you now?” Bill paused and raised one eyebrow at me quizzically, I open my mouth to reply but was quickly silence by his curt “WAIT, don’t tell me. Some things are better left up to the imagination”. I giggled but nodded my head “thank you for the compliment Bill, and to be honest I wouldn’t have minded if you had joined our princess games over the years, I’m sure we would have found a role for you to play”. He belly laughed at that and turned to me again “So tell me Alice, what else is new in your life? Besides the twins on your chest”. I blushed at the crass comment before I replied “nothing really, just school work and helping mum out when she’s not working”. We worked for a little after that in silence and I quickly filled my bag and walked up to the back to place it in the bin. I must have swung the bag wrong because the next thing I knew I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I gasped and dropped the bag into the trash and wandered back to where Bill was correcting the metal shipping container rubbing the sore spot.

He quickly eyed me rubbing my shoulder, combine with the face I was pulling and asked what was wrong. I gave him a quick rundown on the last few minutes, emphasising the hurt by pouting and looking up at him pathetically. “Well then” he said kindly “ we can’t have your working injured now can we, you might call the union” He giggled at his own joke and his laugh was infectious. Before I knew it I was laughing to so when he asked me to hop up on to his work table in front of him so he could get a better look I happily obliged. My soft tits bounced as I hopped up in front of him and his eyes seemed to boggle. “So doctor” I giggled “what do you think you can do for me?”. He bit his lip and his eyes seemed to drink in the sight of me before him before he continued “Well Alice how about you show me where seems to be the problem again? Your little giggle distracted me”. I looked up at him and batted my big green eyes again before reaching up and tugging down my tank top strap never breaking eye contact. I pointed at the muscle between my neck and shoulder “Here Doc”, I quickly leant to the side so my hair fell away leaving my top half completely exposed to his gaze.

My stomach started to fill with nerves again but I reminded myself he was just trying to fix my sore spot and this was all harmless flirting. He raised his rough hands stained from all the years of work in the fields and started to rub my muscle with Escort a surprising softness. I sighed softly and relaxed into his hands closing my eyes and letting him work his fingers into my soft skin. “Do you like that baby” he purred in a low voice. The use of a pet name like that startled me enough to open my eyes but what he was doing felt so good I stayed in place “Mmm” i nodded back, not sure what else to say. For all my flirting I was still very unexerpeinced with an actual guy. The boys from school just didn’t count. He took my submissive approval as a sign to take things further. “Spread your legs baby girl, it will let me move closer to you and work easier. I promise it’s for the massage”. I had no reason to doubt him so I moved my legs into almost a split at the edge of the table causing my shorts to grind up into my little snatch even more. I felt my little pussy gush a little and I turned red hoping he wouldn’t see the wet patch forming.

I heard him let out a sharp hiss of air and he shuffled his body closer to mine quickly, almost like I would change my mind. I felt his movements around my neck and shoulders become a little more aggressive and his fingers started to slip to the bustline of my top. The massage still felt good so I didn’t say anything when I felt him push his groin into me and grind. To be honest I kind of liked it. Every time I played with myself I had always imagined someone taking advantage of my tiny young body in a situation like this so it was fun to pretend. When I felt his cock get hard I stiffened unsure of how to approach the situation. He must have felt my hesitation because he quickly pulled back. “You know” he quickly stammered “cold is really good for sore muscles and situations like this, and it so happens I have a cool room up the back, it would probably help this go a lot faster if I rubbed you in there”. I looked up at him hesitantly but quickly nodded in agreement, I mean the rubbing still felt good and if it was over quicker there was no harm in letting him grind against me was there?. His hands circled my waist quickly and he lifted me off the bench and I quickly realised he was much stronger for an older man than I thought.

He grabbed me by the hand and walked me up to the back of the shed, stopping at a small freezer looking door he pulled out a set of keys and slid them into the lock. I looked around and was awe struck, it looked pretty cool. Exactly like those kitchen freezers you see in the movies. He had to jerk my hand to bring me back to reality and I stumbled a little into the small room, I quickly looked around and saw a few boxes of grapes in storage. Wine stacked against the wall, boxes of other farm from veggies and a small table in the middle of the room that looked like it was for cutting and prepping. Bill gestured over to the table and I complied, using a little step stool to get up this time as it was higher than his work bench. I heard him slide the key back into the lock as he closed the door behind us.

When I sat on the metal table I instantly felt the cold through even my denim bottoms and I shivered a little. It wasn’t horribly cold but it had already had an effect on my scantily clad frame and my nipples were like bullets. I did have to admit though the cold was soothing my burning muscle. I watched Bill approach me and took in his bulky 6,4 frame. He wasn’t a bad looking man but very gruff. I felt the nerves seize my body again as he approached but I quickly convinced myself I had asked for his help. He strode up to me, pausing only to put the keys on a high shelf near the door. Bill grabbed my thighs roughly and pushed them apart into the same pose I was in on the work bench outside. “So little lady” he asked “Where were we?”. I paused a little before smiling back “You were trying to loosen me up Doc” I joked trying to lighten the situation again. He hisses at my reply and his hands were immediately on my skin, kneading it with a hungry urgency. It felt good until he quickly worked his way neck and started squeezing. I had no choice but to learn to breathe between his movements. I was starting to get a little worried but didn’t dare fidget, I didn’t know if he could hurt me with where his hands were. I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into.

I had never been touched like this and I was shocked at my body’s immediate reaction. My little pussy quivered and my mind screamed at me to stay put and do as I was told. I tried my best to comply but struggled as his fingers tightened uncomfortably around my throat. Just as I was about to push his hands away he released, seemingly getting a hold of himself. He began to lightly caress the sore point in my shoulder again making me moan in relief. “You know Alice” He said innocently “The fact that you’re not wearing a bra would be causing you some pain too? You know your breasts are growing and you really need to take care of them… I could show you how to rub them to make sure they grow bigger if you like?”. I wasn’t sure what was coming over me but I felt myself nod dumbly in response and not even struggle as he immediately tugged my shirt over my head to expose my perky little tits to his stare and hands. He sucked on his lower lip and just stared at me for a moment, his eyes dark.

I watched as he moved his stained calloused hands back to my soft pale little body, loving the contract in my skin against his as he crushed my tits to his palm and squeezed hard. He made a show of kneading and squeezing them telling me it was important I correctly massage the tissue if I didn’t want any future issues. I couldn’t help but moan and started to fidget a little as his rough hands roamed over my chest. As it escaped my lips his fingers seized the opportunity and went for my nipples, squeezing them roughly between his thumb and forefinger before rolling them tightly. A squeal escaped my lips and the unknown feeling combine with the sensitivity they already had. “Yesss baby slut” He hissed “You like that don’t you… how about rather than me teaching you everything you just agree to come see the Doctor everyday and he will rub them for you”. I moaned before replying my brain on auto pilot “Yes Doc, I don’t think I could rub them like this, it never feels this way when I do it”. He moaned at my response and tugged my nipples hard before continuing “You should always refer to the doctor as Sir you know little girl”. “Yes sir” I replied flashing him a nervous smile, for some reason I felt the urge to please him.

Sir continued to roughly grope my chest, tugging my nipples every time he thought I was enjoying myself too much. He had been working on me for that long I hadn’t noticed how wet I had become until I felt his crotch connect with me again and start to grind. My little pussy quivered against the denim of my shorts as I felt his cock throb through his pants and I felt myself flood. When he met no resistance this time he began to roughly thrust, moving one hand to behind my back to keep my little body still against his crushing frame.

I moaned and leant into it, enjoying the new sensations coursing through my body. His other hand was still roughly alternating between kneading my tits and pulling and twisting my little nipples. I closed my eyes and lent back giving him full access to explore my body, more turned on than I had even been with my own fingers by how rough he was being. I felt his whiskery face on my neck before I felt his lips and teeth, I couldn’t help but moan as they sunk into the soft flesh of my throat. He kissed the burning bite softly and sucked. Nibbling up and down my neck making my whole body twitch. I felt his hands circle my lower back and pull me against him hard as he bit into my shoulder making me squeal and squirm. I couldn’t help myself and started to grind in a rhythm against his massive bulge, working the rough denim of my shorts into my little clit. My orgasm hit me out of nowhere as I dry humped him, I twitched violently and moaned loudly. My little pussy flooded with cum and it pulsed with need.

He jerked back abruptly and I opened my eyes. I saw him looking down at his pants. There, right over the throbbing bulge in his pants was a huge wet patch. I stared confused for a second before blushing a deep red and realising I had leaked my girl juice through my shorts when I had came and onto him. I started to stammer out an apology and try to get up when I saw his features change. He almost looked feral as he slammed his hand against my chest and pushed me back onto the table roughly. It caught me Escort Bayan with surprise and I went sprawling onto my elbows. I cried out in pain and raised my knees to my chest to try and steady my balance. This allowed his to seize his opportunity and yank at my tiny shorts. Being so old the button popped open at the first tug and the flimsy short slid off easily revealing my bald unused pussy. I shivered being completely naked in front of a man for the first time, partly from nerves and because the cold air was wrapping its self against me.

Bill grabbed my legs and jerked me to the edge of the table, fumbling to undo his pants in haste. I started to stammer from the cold trying to form a sentence. Before anything could leave my mouth he roughly stuffed a dirty rag lying on the table into my open mouth silencing my voice. I watched in horror and excitement as he positioned his purple pulsing cock head at the tip of my entrance, his clothes were hiding his full length from my view. His hands quickly circled my throat to keep me in place and he trust hard, breaking my hymen as he slammed inside me, my little pussy crushing his dick as it struggled to accommodate its first cock. When he realised he couldn’t push his cock in past half way he jerked it out and looked down, seeing my virgin blood leaking out of me and covering the head of his cock he moaned loudly. “You were a virgin baby slut?” Reaching out and turning me to face him he continued “Is that what you were trying to mumble earlier? No matter now hahahaha” He continued to laugh cruelly as he saw tears form in my eyes. I watched him pluck the gag from my mouth before sliding his hand up to the back of my head and forcing me to look down at my own virginity being robbed. “ I never would have guessed with that slut outfit, now that I know it’s your first time I want to hear your screams, I just couldn’t be bothered hearing no come from those pretty cock sucking lips earlier but this is a special occasion after all”.

I choked and coughed a little trying to get rid of the taste of the gag in my mouth and sobbed softly at the burning pain in my pussy, before I barley had time to catch my breath Sir slammed his cock back inside me, forcing past any resistance he met until he was buried up to the hilt. I howled in pain and struggled to free myself but found my little pussy was almost stuck to his cock it was such a tight fit, “Mmmm yes baby, struggle on my cock that feels so fucking good” he moaned clutching at my hips. “Please be gentle” I managed to gasp out moaning through the pain. “And why would I do that? You came for the doctors opinions” he mocked, starting to thrust in and out of my tender little cunt. “The funs just beginning baby girl… scream that you want more of sir’s fat cock inside you”. With that he picked up the pace of his thrusting, sawing in and out of my tiny little body, holding me in place to admire his handiwork as he crammed thick his cock into me over and over again moaning about my tight little hole. I started to feel my pussy accept his cock, sucking him in slowly and feeling empty without his cock. I moaned quietly but he heard it anyway “What was that bitch? Starting to enjoy yourself are we? Moan louder for daddy or ill make it hurt again”. A shudder went through my body and I let out a louder moan at his command. I could feel my little pussy starting to suck his cock inside it desperately, clinging and milking every inch and I tried to relax and allow him to use me.

Bill pushed my back against the cold table and raised my arms above my head so he could get a full view of himself fucking my young petite curvy little body, his hands instantly moving to my tits again roughly twisting my nipples. “Wrap your legs around me slut, but leave your arms there” he barked, grunting hard as he continued to fuck my little body mercilessly. I tried to comply but struggled as he picked up the pace, moaning loudly now as he crushed my nipples between his fingers, my little pussy gushing girly cum around his cock. I started to push back against his thrust encouraging him to take me deeper and harder. Bill moaned “Fuck yes just like that baby” and slowed his pace to ram himself as deep as possible. “I’m going to fill your little girl pussy with my cum soon but before I do your going to beg me for it, let me hear you scream that you want my load deep in your young little cunt”. I squirmed on his cock, his words making my body flush hot and I moaned loudly pushing back against his fat cock hard. “Please sir” I started to stammer and beg “Fill my little pussy with your cum, I need to know what it feels like please teach me”

Before I could get anything else out, Bill began to savagely thrust his cock inside me. Not even really thrusting just pulling my body repeatedly onto his dick like a puppet so he could slam inside me. I started to scream, half in pain half in ecstasy at the brutal pounding wondering where this stamina came from. “Scream for daddy slut” he grunted, fingers digging in and bruising my tits. He suddenly stopped thrusting and pushed my legs back thrusting his cock as deep inside me as possible. I squeaked at how uncomfortable it was, feeling myself tighten up again at a deeper intrusion. “Grind against me now slut” he hissed clutching at my hips to keep himself pressed into me. I quickly complied, jerking my hips back and forth to grind my clit into his pelvis. He grunted hard and I felt his cock explode inside me, ”keep moving, don’t stop til I say” he barked and I moaned and tried. Grinding back against his cock hard I worked my clit against him. Wiggling my hips. Feeling my pussy clench every time his cock swelled and throbbed. Filling me with his creamy cum.

He sighed happily and looked down at my squirming figure still grinding and he lifted a hand to my nipple again squeezing hard. “I hope you don’t think we are done here baby, my wife has tried very hard to keep me away from young little temptations like you but now that you have wandered so easily into my home I cant just very well let you go can I?”. I moaned and shook my head no, still feeling his cock twitch inside me, by now his cum had started leaking out of my overfilled pussy. ”good answer baby girl” he sighed “because I’m not letting you leave until I cum at least once in all 3 of your holes. That way I know even if you don’t come back your mine” Bill slowly started to thrust in and out of my little pussy and I was shocked to see he was still hard. My friends had always told me a boy goes soft after he came. Before I could give it to much thought Bill started speaking again “roll over baby girl, lay on your tummy so I can see that beautiful ass”. I felt him withdraw from my pussy and a gasp escaped my lips. I suddenly felt very empty. I quickly shuffled onto my front and moaned at the feeling of the cold metal against my nipples. I felt Sir’s hands on my hips jerk me back to the edge of the table. “Spread your legs like you’re doing the splits again baby girl, Sir loves that view”. I giggled and shifted so I could spread my legs. I could feel his sticky cum oozing out over my clit as I opened them wider forming a pool on the table under me. My ass naturally raised in this position, I felt my little asshole was also exposed.

I could feel Bill start to run his rough hands over the soft skin on my ass and down my thighs. I moaned and wiggled back against his hand and he brought it down with a CRACK! On my ass. “Don’t move unless you’re instructed” he barked. And I quivered and sobbed a little in response but stayed still. “Eyes forward and reach your hands back and spread your ass cheeks for me baby slut” I heard him say. I could hear shuffling behind me in the boxes as I complied. Feeling a little uncomfortable in the unfamiliar pose I wondered what was going on. I felt his presence return and a cold rounded object being pressed against my pussy and gently rubbed against my slit. “Stay still and keep holding yourself open for me little girl” I heard him purr, “The Sir has another recommendation”. With that I felt him slam the cold object inside me, it felt remarkably like a cock but much colder and harder. It was just a little bit thinner and shorter than his cock. I moaned as the feeling of being stuffed returned, arching my hips against the thrusts “Mmmm you like that little slut? I’ll have you fucking a lot more than vegetables if I have my way, I know my wife is going to want a turn at that sweet little ass after I’m done with it to punish you for tempting me. And that’s what you’re going to tell Bayan Escort her isn’t little slut? That you came in here and tempted me right from the beginning and you wanted it. Let me hear you say it”. I moaned at the constant trusting and my mind went into a fog again “Yes sir, I’ll tell her it was all me and my idea, I tempted you it’s not your fault”. With that he started fucking me with the cucumber faster, I could hear my little pussy squelching with the sounds of my own juice and his cum as he fucked me. My nipples throbbing against the table I realised I was loving every minute of this.

I felt him suddenly pull the cucumber out of my pussy and before I had time to be confused I felt him stuff it against my virgin little asshole and push hard. I squeak in surprise but his cum had lubed it up enough that it slid in the first couple of inches before my ass clamped down. “Shh baby” He soothed “You will get used to it, just relax”. I was rigid with the new feeling seizing my body and I tried to relax. I felt Bill reach down and start to gently rub and pinch my clit, working it until he heard soft little moans escaping my lips again. At my cries I felt him roughly stuff his thumb inside my tender little pussy and he worked my body hard. I couldn’t help but cum as he crammed it deeper inside my ass, I felt my body start to twitch before I exploded, I screamed and moaned as my little pussy flooded with cum, He moaned but continued to slide the cucumber in and out of my ass as I twitched until he had a steady rhythm going. I felt sir jerk it out of my ass suddenly and while I was still confused and clenching down he slid his cock in as a replacement. He moans loudly and hisses “Fuck baby your ass is so fucking tight, you’re going to have to help me here”.

I groaned in pain as I felt him press down and continue to stuff every last inch inside my tiny little butt. I tried to wiggle back and encourage him to thrust but he seemed determined to take his time in feeling every bit of his cock slide in.

I heard him spit and felt him smear it across my burning stretched little asshole and around his cock. With the extra lubrication I felt his cock slowly slip inside me and bottom out. I grunted hard and started to sweat at the effort of taking him inside me. It felt like I was going to tear in half and break. “Please sir it doesn’t fit” I begged “please take it out I can’t take it anymore”. All I heard for a while was a evil laugh, then “Baby girl my cocks already inside your ass I cant very well take it out now, it’s clearly already in there so you may as well enjoy it and let me fuck you or I can gag you again, ether way it’s going to happen. Personally I like it more when you struggle”. I gasped and felt my ass clench around his cock as he spoke and then he started to thrust. It felt like my guts were going to explode as he pounded inside my tiny little ass. I groaned in pain and bucked trying to get used to the feeling but it was no use. Every time I tried he would renew his speed and thrust harder deliberately keeping me twitching between pain and pleasure. “Please cum soon sir, I can barley take it” I begged between thrusts, grunting heavily as my chest was crushed against the metal table with how hard he was slamming into me. The pain had dulled to a low burn but I could still feel every inch stab its way inside me. What confused me the most was how wet my pussy was becoming as the assault on my ass continued. Bill lovingly put his hands on my ass cheeks and started to massage while he thrust in and out, finally allowing me to move my arms back to a more comfortable location. I moaned as the feeling of pain finally started to subside and it was replaced by one of incredible pleasure. I found myself loving my tiny ass crammed full of cock and I started to buck back against him. I felt him moan and grunt at my movements before feeling his hand slam into the back of my head and grab a fistful of hair. Yanking it back so I was forced to arch back even higher and further to take his cock. “Take it you fucking slut, I bet you love this. Tell me how much so and I might cum in your ass and let you clean me”. I grunted and moaned “Yes sir, I love this. Use me however you like I love it”. He grunted and picked up the pace, jerking my hair with every thrust. feeling his cock start to swell inside my ass, I braced myself for him to cum. I started humping back encouraging him to fill my little body again. I felt him roughly shake me to a stop and shudder as he exploded inside my ass. At that moment I knew I would always LOVE taking a load in the ass, I may not enjoy the fucking part to much but feeling him fill my ass with that hot creamy load was heaven and I needed to feel it again.

I was brought back to reality as I felt him start to drag his softening dick from my sore abused hole. I gasped and moaned as he tugged and felt my ass throb as he pulled out, before I could say no I felt him roughly stuff the cucumber back inside my ass sealing up his load inside me. “Good girl” I heard him purr, “You’re learning well”. I moaned and shuddered and the full feeling combine with his cum now sloshing around in both of my holes. I felt him slap my ass again and grimaced at the feeling of being so stuffed, my body was beginning to ache. I slowly let me legs close and tried to catch my breath while I lay on the table. My nipples and clit throbbed with desire and I felt my body comply when he asked me to get up and down on my knees. I wobbled a bit trying to get down but he caught my arm and steadied me before forcing me down, I finally got my first proper look at the cock that had been using me.

It was 8inches long and FAT, it was seriously thicker than my wrist and I had no clue how that had been able to fit inside my tiny body. It was covered in my cum and a little of my blood still but thankfully that’s all that was covering it. I felt his hand apply pressure to the back of my neck and pull me towards his dick. “Lick it little girl, get it nice and wet before you suck it like you do a lollypop in the schoolyard”. I moaned again finding myself turned on by the lack of real control I had in the situation.

I began to lick, tasting the salty bitterness that was his cum and the familiar sweet tang of my own. He moaned and leaned back enjoying the feeling of my soft tongue gently licking his cock. I looked up once I had gotten his dick nice and wet and popped the head of his cock into my mouth and gently sucked. He moaned and started to stiffen again in my mouth, pushing my head forward again he encouraged me to take more of his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I happily obliged and continued sucking, eager to show him I had read a little about blowjobs and was eager to please. I began sucking more and more of his stiffening shaft down my throat, running my tongue over every inch I could. Moaning as I suck so its sends vibrations up his shaft. As I felt him grown to his full length and hardness again I heard him speak. “I think I’m going to have you tell the wife your staying tonight little girl…I’m not ready to send you home just yet here, I think we can have a lot of fun with you this weekend..”. I quickly glanced up to scared to stop sucking but puzzled. He answered my expression by picking up his phone and quickly typing out a message before showing me

[Margret, leave Sarah at her mother’s tonight. I expect you to play with my new toy tonight with no complaints. This one found me and I WILL be using it.]

I felt a shudder go through my body as my holes leaked cum onto the ground beneath me. I nodded and sucked harder hoping to get him to cum quickly as my jaw was starting to ache. He seemed to answer my desperation by thrusting faster and jerking his cock in and out of my throat making my choke and spit. “Good girl just like that” he hissed, thrusting harder as I gagged I felt him twitch and start to blow in my throat, I watched him start to grin and jerk out. Blasting his load across my face instead. “This is how you will be greeting Margret bitch” he hissed “I want her angry with you so you will be stuffed with the cucumber still, I want her to know what you made me do. She always gets the most creative when she’s mad and I want to watch her make you squirm…”.

“Yes sir…” was all I could feel myself replying as I knelt on the cold floor, waiting for Sir to unlock the door so I could tell his wife she had a guest….

Disclaimer, I’m not a professional writer and my spelling, grammar, punction can range from ok to horrible. I hope you bare with me and liked it! Would love to hear suggestions and comments. Or if anyone wants to edit or help me work on part 2 or another theme contact me here or on kik at themasterskittenxox

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