I was seduced by my Hair dresser – Part 2

I was seduced by my Hair dresser – Part 2
After having my cum swallowed by Phillippe, life went on as usual, except for the fact that I felt conflicted by this extremely exciting yet turbulent chain of events. I was turned on virtually all the time and was jerking off daily thinking about the possibility of what could be happening. I talked to Phillippe about setting up a time to meet at his house that he shared with his partner Jim. My feelings alternated between sheer excitement and fear about the reality that I was about to engage in “Gay sex”
I was not sure what I felt about sex with another man perhaps because I was not sure if this would classify as gay. I forgot to focus on the sheer pleasure that I would experience as all I could think of the word gay. In my world there were lots of people I worked with plus a great uncle who were gay. Most men I knew were pretty cool about there sexuality but my uncle stood out as he was a very boisterous openly gay man who dressed and acted more effeminately. I guessed I would be seen like he was. I know now that has never been or will be the case. I did not get it that being gay means simply refers to who we share out sexuality with and nothing more.
After a few phones calls and rescheduled meetings we finally arranged a day and time to meet. I drove to North Vancouver. I was so stressed out that I almost turned around and came home. Finally I got to their street but parked at the wrong house. I saw Phillippe outside there house and he ushered me in. I must have deer in the headlights look as he put his arm around my shoulders and walked with me into the house.
It was summertime and the weather was hot and sunny. He said we should go swimming and asked if I wanted a bathing suit. I said yes without hesitation as I was not ready get naked in front of him just yet. I dove off the diving board into a warm pool with a beautiful view of Vancouver. I think they both enjoyed my youthful and vigourous swimming as they admired my young body.
At some point I was sitting in the shallow end and Phillippe sat behind me and put his hands in my bathing suit and stroked my cock and balls. I think I already said that I was naive in not understanding what was about to happen. Sex was the last thing that came to mind, yet that was exactly what was happening. I freaked out and tried ( I think valiantly, but was in really feably ) to escape the clutches of an horny older man who wanted to have sex with me.
thankfully he let me go and I started swimming again.
After a few lentghs of the pool, Phillippe lifted me up, turned me on my back, removed my suit and started playing with my cock and balls. I was still freaking out and not surprisingly, nothing happened. I stayed absolutely flaccid. Sime that time I came to understand that for sex to happen, the brain has to want the sex to happen in order for the cock to become erect. Fortunately for me, Jim turned to Phillippe and informed him that nothing was going to happen. Jim seemed to be the more reasonable of the two that afternoon.
i was spared any more humiliation as they had dinner planned after taking a shower. I was able to be alone for a few minutes. After showering and eaten we smoked a joint. I finally was able to calm down. Ironically, Jim was putting some conditioned in my hair while we sat in the kitchen. Phillippe was in the living room while Jim applied the conditioner. He was standing behind me while I sat in a tall chair. In this position, his cock was pressed in my bacl through the dowels. He was getting hard as he lovingly massaged my hair and was sounding very turned on. Well this got me very turned on, and my thoughts turned to wanting to turn my chair around and play with his cock.
Thankfully calmer heads prevailed and I left shortly after and went home. Although nothing happened, we agreed to get together another day and I left.
i will try to get to Part 3 very soon. It is a time consuming process to type stories one handed on an Ipad.
Thanks again for reading this story.

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