I Want You to Come with Me


As we progressed in the relationship there were certain stages at which we were becoming more intimate that I felt compelled to reveal some of my peccadillos. Since there were some significant ones, I told Judy that she could walk away with no hard feelings. For me it was very liberating to not have to hide parts of me that would certainly come out. It would be perfectly understandable for her to say “No, that’s just too much for me”, yet I could in no way think less of her.

The most difficult reveal was one that I didn’t think would be the most difficult. When I told her I was bisexual she literally stopped in mid-breath.

“I don’t know if I can live with that.”

“Why, are you afraid we might be looking at the same guy? I look at women too.”

“I just don’t know how this would work.”

“If you think my male loving side is so strong that it would pull me away, you have to consider that is the possibility whatever someone’s sexuality. If I were straight, that could pull me to another women. This isn’t as foreign as you might think.”

I had one thing that she still hadn’t quite grasped that strengthened my bond to her, and that is that I’m a submissive. Judy was not a domme, but from our first sexual encounter she was aggressive and somewhat dominant. And she liked sex as much as I did. This was the best relationship I could have ever imagined and that’s why I didn’t want mess it up with hidden personality traits that would inevitably come out under the stresses in everyday life.

“Bisexual? Well that sure explains a lot,” Judy said.

From the beginning, I explored Judy’s body in order to find every possible pleasure point. She said that there was not a part of her body that I had not become familiar with. Being submissive, I only thought of her orgasm and how could that be made the most physically wonderful experience she could have. I adored her body from head to toe and all of the interesting places in between. Oral skills are my strong point. If oral doesn’t accomplish everything for a person, man or woman, I’m close to useless to them.

I had toys that Judy was unfamiliar with and that kept things interesting until the novelty wore off. But my adoration of her body never lost its novelty. She thought my tongue was very talented, and it was joy for me to use it endlessly on her clit and labia. Her nipples were so sensitive that she could sometimes have an orgasm from just nipple play. She’s multi-orgasmic so where we start might not be where we end up.

My nipples are very responsive also and Judy said that she didn’t know men’s nipples were so sensitive. I like nipple clamps, pumps, pulling and twisting. And Judy tried these, but she didn’t care for them. She did learn how to work them on me when I used them. And she learned how to pleasurably torture my nipples. She learned how to slap my trussed up balls and cock and she began to loose her fear of hurting me by learning how to interpret my movements and vocalizations as to my level of pleasure.

Well, the big thing about being a submissive bottom is that I like to be made a bitch every now and then. Sometimes I like to be released from worldly concerns by just lying under someone fucking the cum out of me. şişli escort We tried a strapon several times but Judy didn’t get into it. She is not up for the femdom role, but she thoroughly dry-humps me whenever I am having an orgasm. So I use some anal plugs when I’m in the mood and Judy humps me strong. But for me it’s really about her pleasure and if I have nipple clamps on and my nuts and cock bound tight with a cord I’m enjoying myself making sure she climaxes.

Judy noticed I had been watching mostly gay cocksucking porn lately and wanted to talk about it. I said it satisfied my inclinations, but it didn’t mean that I didn’t love to eat her pussy and watch her climax. To watch her cum is nearly as satisfying to me as my own orgasm.

“You come along with me. I’m going to take you somewhere.” Judy said after we’d talked about my porn preferences.

– – – –

Judy brought me to the adult video store and took me straight into a booth and locked the door. We had been to adult stores before but we had never gone to the arcade and I had no idea what she had in mind. She put coins in the machine and selected a gay video and then pushed me to my knees, while she stood behind me. There were gloryholes on both sides of the booth. With Judy standing close behind me holding my head and me on my knees watching huge cocks getting sucked on the screen while I was in front of a gloryhole, I realized how extremely hard my cock had become.

It wasn’t long before a cock came through one of the holes. It wasn’t a massive penis but it was above average size and girth.

“Oh my,” Judy whispered. I realized from here surprise that I might have had better and bigger cocks than she had.

“I want you to enjoy yourself and I want to watch to see if you’re really as good a you think.” She finished that statement with a low chuckle.

Absolutely astounded I hardly knew what to do. I was somewhat embarrassed by the situation as well as being extremely turned on. How could I be so embarrassed in front of the person I have shared so much of myself with? I had kept myself compartmentalized in so many different closets before I met Judy, and now the situation was so open that it was frightening. Everything that made me excited and happy was now locked in this one booth and I was too amazed to move.

Judy had my head in her hands and she turned my head to this magnificent cock and balls hanging through this hole in the wall. She nudged my back with her knee and almost started dragging me by my head toward this strange penis awaiting attention. Still lost in amazement, I scooted on my knees toward the dick that was now starting to get plump. Was there a camera in our booth that showed the stranger next door what was going on in here? I hadn’t touched this cock but it seemed to be getting excited.

I moved to the wall with Judy standing closely behind me and still holding my head. It seemed as though she thought I might run away but she was going to prevent that. This was very confusing to me and Judy was there to guide me through this. The difference between what was happening in my head and what was happening to my cock in my pants was like a vast chasm.

Judy moved her fingers onto my cheeks çapa escort as if to shape my mouth into an orifice especially for this male member so close to my face that I could smell the intoxicating manhood. The smell brought memories back and I now knew what I had to do. With her fingers still on my cheeks, Judy guided my mouth toward this mushroom head that was steadily growing. I wondered if this cut cock would continue to swell in my mouth and I wouldn’t be able to contain it. How silly would that make me look after Judy brought me here for my pleasure.

I licked my lips and my surprisingly dry mouth started to salivate. With my lips wet enough to now allow a slow entrance into my oral cavity by this shapely, enticingly curved corona. My tongue flicked the frenulum as I slowly took the head in and out of my mouth as it continued to grow. My excitement stirred as I felt Judy’s hands on my head and this present she had given me in my mouth.

My lips and tongue could feel the pulse beating in this penis, and every beat brought more blood to fully engorge this cock. My involvement grew with this cock head and my mouth couldn’t contain the saliva that was starting to fill it. If this cock shot cum right now it would have choked me and sprayed everywhere.

My lips felt the large veins as I started to caress the sides of the shaft with my lips and tongue. By the time I finished working the sides and top of the large cock, it was lubricated well enough that the fully engorged cock would easily slip into my mouth and as far down my throat as it was long. As I came back up the side of the shaft and back to the head I became aware of Judy’s hands again as she was gently rubbing the sides of my face.

As I started to bob my head back and forth on the cock sticking through the wall, two fingers stuck through the wall and pushed two dangling balls toward my chin. I happily accommodated the request and took the balls one at a time into my mouth twirled my tongue around them as saliva was uncontrollably drooling out of the sides of my mouth. Judy’s hands were on my cheeks, and chin, and massaged my throat gently. I was about ready to shoot cum into my pants and there was no dick in my ass massaging my prostate.

As I started to engulf this whole cock I could feel Judy’s hands almost pushing me. I went all the way to the wall and held the dick in my throat for a few seconds to give the head a little gagging thrill. I could hear quiet groans of approval from the other side of the wall. I started to move slowly back and forth to get a rhythmic pattern. I took the cock all the way into my throat and back out, repeating this twice, and then I concentrated on the head, the frenulum, and the edge of the corona with my tongue swirling around. Then I would start again at the same slow pace. I could feel Judy pressing more tightly against my back and her hands worked right in tandem with my movements on the cock.

Judy ran her hands through my hair and beard as I continued sucking this cock that she had given to me. She put her hands back on my cheeks and moved her fingers toward my lips so that she could feel my lips moving as the penis was moving in and out of my mouth. She moved her fingers gingerly around my mouth fındıkzade escort to feel every response they made to this cock. She moved her hands down on my throat as I took it all of the way in so that she could feel my throat bulge. The way she stroked my head I thought she was going to edge my head and cum would soon shout out of my eyes.

The thrill was mounting in this dick, and the stranger on the other side of the wall started making thrusting movements. Judy instinctively knew to hold my head still to the wall so that this stranger could fuck my mouth and throat. Saliva was dripping down on my knees and I knew there would be more cum than I could handle at once. Maybe this stranger liked to let the cum out slowly and only a little at a time as he edged into my mouth. Maybe he liked to let it all go full throat. If that were his plan he had an ally in Judy, who I’m sure would hold my head fast to the wall.

After a few minutes of fucking my mouth I felt the dick stop and I could feel balls being pushed against my chin. I got the message and began to tease and suck and lick. I was able to suck both balls into my mouth and I heard a moan of pleasurable surprise coming from the other side of the wall.

Soon, Judy seemed to take complete command and held my head tightly as she worked it in and out on the cock. Her rhythm picked up slightly and I could feel she was controlling it with her pelvis. I could feel her vulva pressing against the back of my head. I don’t think the stranger could appreciate this as much as I did. I’m certain he really had no idea about what was happening on this side of the wall. Judy had been very quiet, and her deep involvement was known only to me. The only noises from our side was the gurgling, gagging, and spewing that this swollen cock was forcing from my mouth and throat.

I could feel Judy holding her pelvis more tightly to my head as she was completely controlling my movement. The stranger could feel this through his penis but he had no idea what was causing the mounting joy getting ready to shoot out the head of his cock. He thought he was just getting a blowjob. I could feel the difference in Judy’s body and I knew she was getting ready to orgasm. No matter what his plans were, he was under Judy’s control and the only escape would be to pull his dick out of the gloryhole completely. I could tell he was not going to do that.

I started feeling Judy’s muscles stiffen and twitch, and then I heard her first vocalizations and I knew there was no stopping this now. The stranger on the other side was too far gone, and as soon as Judy started making sounds, his sounds were out beyond his control. I never heard this much noise coming out of video booths before. Between Judy’s twitching and loud moaning and the strangers loud vocalizations, the addition of my choking and spewing as the stranger shot huge amounts of cum down my throat could barely be heard. My noises would have just been normal for this place.

I’m sure that the stranger became bewildered as his orgasm began to subside and he started to get his wits about him. He had no clue.

“My God, what just happened? Don’t stop! Finish me. Oh, that was unbelievable. Who’s over there?

Judy was now quiet and laughing inaudibly as she looked at me. I had cum all in my jeans. I had never had an orgasm like that, but when Judy started, I had no control. She whispered in my ear, “Let’s go home and have sex. What do you say?”

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