I want more

Anya Olsen

I want moreWhen I was 16 I got a job in a men’s clothing store. This was very high line stuff. Top labels and tailored clothing.I quickly discovered that I was the only heterosexual in the store. That is if you could call my life sexual. The only person I’d been naked with was my mom’s best friend, but that’s another story.The guys were really great. They taught me about quality and fashion. I have a unique ability to recall color perfectly and they thought it was crazy that I could pick something up and match it with something else across the store and the colors would be right on. This was before anyone heard of sexual harassment and they would constantly tease me. When they would walk by they would take a squeeze at my crotch and laugh at my shock. They always would say that I was going to waste my cock on women.One night I was closing. It was Christmas season and we were there pretty late. It was just me and the assistant manager, Gary, in the store. Escort We finished counting out and locking up. He then offered to share a joint with me. I had only tried once before, but was curious to go again. We were soon laughing and relaxed and telling each other stories. Finally he said that he wanted to get a picture of me in something in the store. I thought “sure”. I was constantly used to model new styles that came in. He went into the store and came back with a new product that had just arrived. This was 1973 and we had just received some new men’s bikini briefs. He brought in a fishnet pair in red. I was really reluctant, I mean, I was a boxer guy. He was persuasive though so I finally went into the dressing room, stripped, put on the briefs and came back out. He had a Polaroid and shot some snaps. I started getting into it a bit and started teasing him. I’d pull down the briefs for a second and then back on. Strangely, I was getting Escort Bayan turned on by this and that became apparent in what I was wearing.He came over to me and put his arm around me so I couldn’t back away and plugged his hand into my briefs. Regardless of my orientation, it was a real turn-on. I felt power knowing that I had brought this person to a stage of excitement. He grabbed my hand and brought it down to his crotch. He was still dressed, but he had me squeeze. I felt so nasty and slutty. It was great. Then he pulled my briefs off. The camera came back out. I retaliated and unfastened his belt and trousers and stripped him. This is when things got out of hand.He put my hand on his hard cock and told me what I was going to do. “First you’re going to squeeze it and run your hands over it.” By now his shirt was off and we were both a poil. He was pinching my nipples (wow that was good) and then put his hands on my shoulders hand Bayan Escort pushed me toward my knees. I fought. Ok I fought a little bit. I was completely uninhibited from the pot. Then he started coaching me, “Just a quick tongue.” “Lick it like a lollipop”. “Tease the head.” I couldn’t believe what I was doing. He put his hands behind my head and pulled my down over his cock until I gagged. That’s when my enthusiasm kicked in. I got into it completely. I tasted cum for the first time. Just the drops. I’m sure I was not good at this, but within minutes he pulled me forward and shot a load into my mouth and across my face. He pushed me onto my back on the carpet and swallowed my dick. It was only seconds until I shot. It was incredible.The pictures he had taken made the circuit around the store. I became their protege. For the time I worked there, I became proficient at giving head (with their coaching and practice). Still, I thought of myself as hetero. This was just sex. It was fun. Then I left for college.I haven’t gone down on a man now in years, but the desire hits me from time to time. I want it just for the thrill, for the action, to feel cum all over my face. Maybe someday soon.

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