I Thought I was Straight Pt. 03


I lay back in bed cuddling with Jim. My cock was still semi erect and I could feel the last traces of cum seeping out onto my stomach. I was feeling very relaxed and satisfied, satisfied and still feeling that I wanted more sex. I leaned over and started stroking Jim’s beard, playing with it and running my fingers through it. I couldn’t help myself when my hand wandered down his deep manly chest where I could feel his thick hair. I ran my hands up and down the length of his chest and stomach delighting in the contrast between his manliness and my almost hairless chest and stomach. Taking the initiative, Jim leaned over further and started kissing me. If my cock was already half stiff, this made it stiffen till it was rigid and hard against his body. He stroked me as we lay back in his big bed making out. Unconsciously, I started gently humping against him and would’ve cum again if he hadn’t put a stop to it, reminding me that Jane still expected me to fuck her sometimes. He was right.

Eventually, we got up, had our showers, got dressed with Jim driving me back şişli escort to my place. After letting us in, I walked in to the lounge room and was confronted by the sight of Uncle Bob and Jane on the sofa. His pants were down around his ankles and he was massaging and sucking her nipples. I couldn’t help but notice how big his cock and balls were. She was stroking his cock rubbing up and down his thick shaft, lingering and gently pulling at the large mushroom head. He was uncircumcised and she was flicking his foreskin back and forth over the head of his penis. I was surprised that this spectacle was making my cock get hard and causing quite a deal of discomfort in my pants.

Jane and Uncle Bob had seen us come in but it didn’t make any difference to their love making. When they got up and headed towards our bedroom Jim took me by the hand and made me follow them inside telling me that I needed to get used to seeing Jane being fucked by other men as it would be happening very frequently.

Jane and Uncle Bob wasted no time and had stripped off and on the çapa escort bed in no time. After having me just stand there watching briefly, Jim had me strip off and sit on the high backed chair that was in the corner of our bedroom. I couldn’t take my eyes off Uncle Bob strong, manly body and his beautiful cock. Uncle Bob wasn’t as hairy as Jim but had a lot of dark hair all around his cock and big, delicious balls. He was very sexy. Just looking at him made me want to reach out and run my hands over his body and fondle his cock. By this time he was fucking Jane who was responding in a way that she never had with me. She was very loud and saying things like it was so good to be fucked by a real man.

Jim knelt down in from of me and started to lick my penis up while fondling my balls. I was trying to control myself but gave up completely when he slid my dick into his mouth. Jane had only sucked my cock a few times as she didn’t like it so it was almost a new experience. He lovingly eased my cock all the way into his mouth and down his throat and I could feel his beard fındıkzade escort tickling my balls and stomach. All the while I was watching Uncle Bob’s cock pumping in and out of my wife’s cunt and this, combined with Jim’s expert cock sucking made the pressure quickly build up. I could feel a very big orgasm coming on. It was wonderful to be able to just sit there and take it, not having to do anything except enjoy the pleasure of being sucked off by a man.

With Jim’s cock sucking and his beard tickling me, my cock was becoming more and more sensitive and I could feel that I was about to have a very big orgasm and started to moan and groan. My entire body tensed up and what followed was the most intense orgasm of my life. It felt as though I squirted gallons of cum into Jim’s mouth and the waves of pleasure just seemed to keep on going. There was no doubt about it, I was definitely homosexual. Jane had been looking at me while this was happening and started giggling saying that she was right about me having repressed homosexual urges. Somehow, this turned me on and I wished that it was me on the bed being fucked by Uncle Bob. He had such a nice body and cock that any gay man would want to be mounted and taken by him. Little did I know at the time that I wouldn’t have to wait very long.

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