I Smoked Way Too Much


I’ve never been that into drugs. But I like to experiment with mind alteration though. So far the only thing I’ve tried is weed. Me and my friends are 18 and all they do is smoke everyday. Hell, it’s such a common thing, even their own moms smoke with them! I occasionally go outside and take a few hits when my friends come over to hang out. I don’t think I’ve ever done more than half a blunt and due to my infrequent sessions, it hits me hard every time; the indica’s knock me off my ass especially. After I smoke, I say bye to my friends and go find something relaxing to do at home alone.

Well, one day I decided to take a step outside my comfort zone and leave my house to smoke with my friends. We went to my buddy Kitson’s house. He has a pretty large house. It might even be considered a mansion but I don’t know.

We were getting ready to smoke when Kitson pulls out a behemoth of a pipe. The bowl was the size of a softball. And he was feeling extra excited to try it out so he brought the best stuff he could. The nugs were literally purple and he had well over ten.

“Goddamn, dude, I’ve never seen a pipe or weed like that!” I exclaimed with wonder.

We used a blowtorch to light it and when the pipe got to me, I took a tiny hit due to how potent it was. I passed it to the next guy, only to have it returned to me.

“Nahh dude, you have to take a man hit out of this” said my squinty eyed (from the weed) friend Chris. “Kit’s mom just came in here and took several big hits! She’s just a girl, pussy.”

“Hell no!!” I exclaimed. “I just did a quarter blunt hit probably. I can’t do the same amount as you! I freak out.”

After complaints that I was wasting aydınlı escort the expensive weed, I succumbed to peer pressure and took 4 deep inhalations and reached a super, crazy high.

Feeling heavy and weird, I decided to go nap in the entertainment room across the house and up the stairs. I got there excited to sit on the softest couch you could ever imagine, only to find Kit’s mom sitting there in lazy day clothing; an athletic tank top and some short shorts made out of the material used in yoga pants.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know you would be here. I just like your couch haha,” I said. I can’t communicate or function while high, so I was stuck there trying to find a way to ask for the couch to lay down on.

She took the initiative and said, “You don’t bother me. You’re the only friend of my son’s that I like.”

She then went on a rant about how I’m the only friend that is polite and don’t take advantage of her son’s naive nature. The kind of rant people do when they’re high.

I wasn’t listening at all due to the fact that the weed hit me like a train and just laying on the couch felt like heaven. I layed down and stretched my feet out; accidentally pushing up against Kit’s mom’s nice ass that rivaled Kim Kardashian’s. In fact, she was the closest thing to Kim from face down to her legs. The warmth sent electric signals up my legs and my dumb ass was there pushing on her ass like a cat does with its paws.

About 10 seconds later, I caught myself and stopped. My face was burning with embarrassment but in my state of mind, the brilliant solution I came up with was to nap. Well I slept for bağdat caddesi escort what I guess was 20 minutes because the episode of South park (a fun show when you’re high) I put on was over.

For some reason, Kit’s mom snuck into little spoon position with me while I slept and was watching tv like nothing was happening. I started to get up thinking it was me that put her there but she turned around and told me, “Stop moving.”

My altered mind perceived the situation in a way that made me feel like I was in trouble until she gave me a smile and said, “I just got comfortable” while faintly grinding her ass on me. If you’ve ever had any good indica, you would know that even slight motions feel like a wave.

My mind wasn’t even on sex despite me being a virgin with no experience. I just wanted that wave motion to come back. I guess she was on the same page too because she started rocking her hips back and forth. My dick was rock hard due to the “waves” flowing through it. I suddenly came to the realization that a hot woman with an amazing ass was grinding up on me. My high thoughts were, “Her ass is soooooo warm. I’m gonna grab it because I wanna feel it like I did with my feet.”

I grabbed as much of that ass as I could and kneaded it. Then, the rocking of the hips stopped. I was disappointed until she turned to face towards me and gave me a a heavy kiss. Normally, I would’ve been taken aback but I went with it immediately and proceeded to sloppily make out with this sex goddess before me.

The weed amplified the experience by 1000%, making me uninhibited so I could keep on finding bostancı escort more sensations. I was in pleasure all over my body. It was made stronger when she started riding her hips against me. Her warm pussy rubbing against my basketball shorts covered dick.

She straddled me and was on top now. When I felt the pillowy softness of her natural, perky DD tits against my chest, I knew I had to test out the sensation on my hands. I removed her top and was greeted with the best tits ever known to man. Everything was perfect from shape, size, areolas, and nipples. I kneaded those and realized it wasn’t enough. The only way I could experience their smooth, softness was to lick them. I licked and sucked with all I could muster.

While we were going at it, my dick popped out of of my shorts and the top half of my modest 7 incher poked out to rub against her stomach. Her breathing was intense and she had her eyes closed. She was in another world I could imagine. She smoked more than me! She was getting shaky with her breathing now.

I wasn’t gonna miss out on my opportunity to fuck. I’m high, not stupid. I pulled down her soaked shorts and she kicked out of them. She guided my dick into her and we went into a rocking motion again. The heat of her pussy was incredible. My dick felt like a steel rod being pulled out of a forge but in a good way.

She started getting sporadic with her rocking and was grounding herself into me hard. I came right then but didn’t want to say anything. By some miracle, she had an insane orgasm right after me. It was so intense she was grunting like a caveman.

We laid there, me still inside her’ kissing and touching for about 2 hours. We had several rambling conversations about life and things like food and movies. It came to a sad end when my friend Chris texted me, “Are you up? I have to go home so I can only take you now.”

I gave her a quick kiss then went downstairs to leave.

I got home and laid down to replay the whole thing in my head. I’m just glad my memory works perfectly when I smoke.

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