I Like to Watch


I like to watch, even if all she is doing is getting ready. Since the first time I met her I have found her incredibly beautiful, the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Standing in front of the mirror she had finished her make up and brushed her hair out. She is doing finishing touches. She is wearing only a tiny pair of black silk panties and they shine almost as perfectly as does her perfectly smooth long black hair. Her lips are dark red as are her fingernails. I could be hard already but it’s not my night and I fight the urge.

When she sits at the edge of the bed and pulls the stockings up her long legs I think again about taking her. I could cancel the whole night and just take her for my own; right now, right here. I won’t though. She is very grateful. I think she still thinks I let her have her date nights for herself. I think that is why she pulls on the stockings. I know she finds them uncomfortable but as she walks back to the closet and I watch her ass separated by the thin strap of black fabric, I know that her date nights are not for her. She has her date nights for me.

Jealousy is wicked and I feel it deep within me. There is sadness in it. There is anger as well. It is part of the thrill. There is guilt and remorse. I think these things come along with any perversion. I think masochists feel it even as they raise the whip again and again over the bare skin of their lover. I suppose this is masochistic as well. I will do it. I will watch. I will secretly love it.

I arrange her date nights. When the idea first came up it was agreed that it would be a stranger. When we discussed doing it again, the plan had been for it to be a different stranger. It had worked with Danny a long time ago and he was the perfect choice. He was younger than we were. He was athletic and good looking. That first night she had enjoyed him a great deal. The second night she enjoyed him even more. I could tell. It was about sex. I would watch them and when they talked I could tell he was not going to steal her away from me, but she was attracted to him and he was good. It was not a regular thing. It was her date night. Every third month I would arrange it.

We drove together but I would drop her at the main entrance to the hotel then drive around the corner and park. She had a room key as did I. Once I parked I took the escalator to the restaurant mamak escort on the top floor. They would be at a table. I would sit at the bar. It worked well. I could watch them. I liked to watch.

She wasn’t much of a drinker but on date night she would sit next to him and sip down a couple of martinis. She didn’t like martinis either. I think she needed the alcohol. Typically, she might have a beer, never more than one. She just didn’t drink. Half an hour or so would pass and he would call for the check. I paid cash as I went so that I was free to leave as soon as he signaled for the waitress. I slipped out and away to the elevators. I wondered if she watched me leave but I never checked.

Once in the room I left the lights off. There was always a bottle, a glass, and ice waiting. I would poor a drink and find a chair. I sat down to wait. It’s funny how slowly time passes during moments like these.

Like I said, it was all arranged. I wasn’t hidden in a closet or behind drapes. They knew I was there but he was remarkably good at forgetting this. I would hear the card in the lock and then the door click open. She always entered first and the drinks were evident. She wobbled on her heels. She walked to the foot of the bed and stood there. She wasn’t facing me. She was looking at her reflection in the blackened window. He would undress her before turning out the light.

The black dress would slide off quickly; she would step out of her shoes. It was now that he would kiss her. They wouldn’t kiss very long and she didn’t kiss him deeply. It was a gesture, I believe. I could sit there watching his hands move over her bare breasts and down her back to the perfect curve of her ass. I liked to watch. I like to see hands on her. I like the look on her face as her eyes close and her lips part when his fingers first find her erect nipples.

The light goes out and she starts to remove his clothes. There is just enough light coming in the window from the city below. I can watch her drop to her knees as he stands above her. She takes his erection in her hands and works it slowly until he is long, and firm, and ready for her. She slides her dark red lips around it.

For the first time she will look for me. She wants to see that I am watching now. I signal back to her that I am watching by ofise gelen escort raising my glass to her, just a slight movement. With my approval she closes her eyes and works furiously on his cock. She won’t let him come. She will work his shaft; she will grab his ass in both hands and pull him to her. He is harder with her, different than I am. I will sit there as she fellates him. He is different. He thrusts, surprising her as his cock pushes deeply into her mouth and throat. This is where it is different. This is what I am here to watch. She gasps a little but he doesn’t stop. He places his hand on the back of her head forcing himself deeper. I don’t do this. She resists a little but she is a good girl. She takes it. She grips his ass for balance and he thrusts more quickly. He backs away and presses his cock to her lips. He circles her mouth with it before pressing himself back into her. He reaches for her breast grasps it roughly. I don’t do that either. He pinches her nipple and her eyes press closed. Pain? She takes it. He thrusts more quickly and she gags on his head as it explodes. She would take it. She would take it all. She is a good little naughty girl, but he pulls it out and lets it spray down her chest a little. He leaves her that way.

She stands again. She looks at me with that look. I can’t describe that look. It is a smile, but it is more than a smile. It is hungry and lustful. It is powerful. She turns away from me and climbs onto the large bed, her ass exposed to me, and to him.

He works her over with his fingers. He is fast and hard. She gasps and moans. As he probes into her waiting sex she sighs and pushes back, swallowing his fingers. He uses his tongue on her. He licks her tiny asshole. It loosens and he slides yet another finger into her. Not like I would do it. He is hard and aggressive. She gasps a little as he works her. She is talking to him. “Fuck me! Oh yeah!” He works at her harder until she comes for him. I can tell she has come. She was tense and now she isn’t. I can see her head pressed into the comforter. “Oh… Fuck me now.” She tells him. He does.

He throws himself into her with an abandon I guess I don’t have. She is crying out as he works his cock into her. She raises herself off the bed and I watch her tits sway beneath her. This is where otele gelen escort I want to help. I want to put my hands on her myself. I want her to take my cock as she is taking his. I want to make her make these noises. I don’t. I watch.

He turns her over and climbs atop her. He works her over. His speed is furious and I watch her face. Her head is thrown side to side as their bodies thrash around the bed. I look at her expression; her lips pursed together, her eyes pressed closed. “Does it hurt?” I would ask. He doesn’t ask. He does it harder.

They roll and she is atop him now. She is looking at me. It is blatant. I watch her long dark hair fly. I watch her breasts, her tits, bounce as she rides him. She is grinding herself down onto him pushing him deeper into her. With a start he pushes her off of him. He is stronger than I can be.

She collapses onto the floor at his feet and he takes his cock in his hand. He works it and she lies back, spreading her legs. “Come for me.” She implores and he obliges. She holds herself open for him and as it drips down onto her she rubs it, working it into her.

She is on her knees again, this time facing me. She looks straight at me. He moves in behind her and slides himself into her yet again. I just can’t do this. He is slower this time but it is still hard. Furious, I call it. She looks at me the whole time. Sometimes, she till talk. “Oh yeah.” “Just like that.” She’s told me she would like me to touch myself when I watch but that isn’t what I am here for. I am here to watch.

When he is done he kisses her, this time on his cheek, never on the lips afterwards. It isn’t about the kissing. He grabs his clothes and slips into the bathroom. She always does the same thing after. She crawls over to me on her knees and loosens my pants. Sometimes I will have come while I watch her, usually not, but I will be ready. She takes me into her mouth.

She is always very nice. “I am so big. I am so wide. I taste so good.” It is nice of her. I come quickly and then she slips into the bathroom herself. He will have left already. She comes out dressed, usually with the stockings gone.

We’ve come to a few conclusions. After her date has left we will usually go to a movie. We don’t have to talk and we can sit there and hold hands. I think she worries about me afterwards. I always worry about her a little. That jealousy can be cruel. It passes with the night. The next morning I will make love to her in my way. It will be long and soft. I will touch her all over and never make her make that face. There will be lots of kissing.

I had a date night of my own once. I didn’t like it. Maybe if she would have joined us. After all, I like to watch

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