I Like To watch #2


I Like To watch #2One Friday evening my wife calls me and ask how much longer will I be at work. I asked her why it mattered and she said it doesn\’t I just wondered, so I thought what the hell and told her I\’d see her in about 30 minutes. Well Iam on my way home and when I arrive I thought I\’d sneak inside and surprise her. So I sneak inside and she is in the shower and I hear moaning so I\’m thinking she is touching herself and waiting for me, boy was I wrong, I was the one who got the surprise. She\’s in the shower with Dan, the guy I had watched her fuck before. I could just barely see through our semi clear shower door. I know she could see me looking in and I heard her say to Dan how thick he felt in her hand and she stroked his cock. He was kissing her neck while the hot water run down her tits which always makes her pussy so wet. My cock was already getting hard just thinking about watching her with him again knowing how much she liked it before.I watch through the shower Tire Escort door and rub my hardening cock through my pants. My wife is moaning as he rubs her wet pussy while he licks and kisses her neck making her hotter and hotter. She loves foreplay in the shower and her pussy will get so wet in there also. They both know Iam watching and my wife tells me to go to our bedroom and wait, from there I could hear their moans of wanting each other again. Iam sitting in a chair that was placed by the bed for me waiting for their entrance. I soon hear the water stop running they exit the shower and come into the bedroom where Iam, she doesn\’t even look at me, her eyes are fixed on the big cock that she is about to receive. My wife sets on the edge of the bed and pulls Dan to her, shes eager to take his cock in her mouth again and suck his big cock like before. Her legs were slightly spread, I could see how wet she was as she took the head of Torbalı Escort his cock slowly into her warm wet mouth. Dan moaned as she slowly licked up and down the length of his hard cock. I watched as she\’d tease the big head kissing it gently and sucking at the head. Dan moaned as he was wanting to feel her lips around him and sucking deeply on his hardness. She was slowly working his cock with her hand and sucking up and down making him moan over and over. She get him close then back off making his cock harder for her wet pussy.Dan told her to lay back he had to be inside of her and she needed no further invitation and did as she was told. I watched as he rubbed the big head of his cock that she liked so well up and down her wet slit trying to slide it in. He pushes forward and slides his thick cock inside of her I hear her moan as he fills her pussy stretching her wide open. I saw her eyes close as she waited for him to start Üçyol Escort moving his cock in and out. Dan slowly moved his cock in and out I coulc see her pussylips clinging to his cock with every stroke she pulled her legs father back letting him in deeper. I was stroking my own cock now watching this man fuck my wife deeper and deeper making her moan louder than I ever have. She was totally lost in that cock that was fucking her wet pussy dan was picking up the pace moving faster and began to pound her pussy deeper and harder as she screamed she was cumming all over his thick cock. My cock throbbed in my hand as I listened and watched my wife take this pounding that he was giving her. I could tell he was close Dan was moaning he was about to cum when my wife came again which seemed stronger than the last Dan held back and kept pounding her pussy until he could hold back no longer only this time he didn\’t pull out he was cumming in her pussy she moaned she could feel its warmth flooding her pussy.Dan then pulled his cock out I could see how stretched out she was and was dripping his cum from her pussy. She slowly raised up and said to me…..Now how\’s that for a surprise!!! Needless to say I got my blowjob once again and watched them fuck two more times that weekend .

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