I just wanna do you


I just wanna do youI look at your beautiful picture and marvel at the sight of you. The head of my cock twinges in that horny way, like your clit does when you see a guy and imagine plunging down his length with a totally ready cunt. I can just picture holding your head in my hands, pulling your face to mine as we kiss deeply. I slip my hand into one of the cups holding your breasts and gently squeeze your nipple between my fingers hearing you moan Escort in my mouth as we kiss. I guide your hand to my crotch and you feel the hardness beneath my pants. I reach under your dress, find that you have no panties on and rub the heel of my hand into your pussy. I have to know if you shave down there, and completely? You squeeze my hand with your thighs then your legs open for me as I slip a finger, then two fingers into your wet Escort Bayan slit. I know then that you need my cock inside you in the worst way. I undo my pants, down my legs, I brandish my cock and you lean down, take it into your beautiful mouth for a moment as you fondle my balls. You then lie back, spread your lips for me expertly and I plunge in slowly, filling you up, and we slowly do this ancient dance of love, and just unbridled Bayan Escort cumming hard lust. I lift you up with my hands on your ass so that you are riding me as I kiss you again. I lean you back against a wall as I sense your orgasm coming soon and I start bucking into you, I know you love it based on how you’re reacting, and you bite my neck gently as you cum hard, I feel your pussy pulsating on my cock and it coaxes a large load of come to come spewing out of me into you. After a while I ease you down and you spin and I’m behind you still hard of course and plunge into you again at that angle that catches your G spot and you’re moaning that it’s coming again and, then what? G

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