I Fucked My Indian Girlfriend Then I Fucked Her Mother


My New Indian Girlfriend Thought My Dick Was Too Big, But Her Mother Didn’t Think So

My name is Ralph. I am a light skin Black man. I am 25 years old. I am 6-4 in height and weigh 190 pounds.

I have a slight muscular build.

I live in Jersey City, New Jersey.

In Jersey City there is large population of Indian people. There is a section of Jersey City that has a street of continuous Indian restaurants. I frequent some of these restaurants maybe twice a month. And it is here that my story starts.

It was on a rainy Friday night when I went to a restaurant on Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

Once in the restaurant I dried off a little. Then I was seated at a table near the back. When the waiter came to take my order, I told him I do not need a menu as I knew exactly what I wanted to order. So it was that I ordered chicken biryani mild. I also told the waiter that I wanted to place a takeout order of Chicken Samosa. As I was placing my order I spotted a young Indian woman looking at me. As I glanced over to see her looking at me I casually smiled at her. She quickly turned away. I then noticed her pretty face and her really long shiny jet black hair that was in a braided ponytail.

While enjoying my meal I caught this young Indian woman occasionally looking at me. On each occasion I smiled at her. A few times she would briefly smile back at me.

I could not finish my meal as it was always too much to eat for one person, so I told the waiter that I would like to have the remaining food to go. That is when I caught the young Indian woman laughing. I asked her with that pretty smile of yours, why are you laughing. She replied I was wondering how much of that chicken briyani you were going to eat before you surrendered. I replied yep, they always give you enough for two to three people. I always get the remaining food to go. By the way my name is Ralph and you with the pretty smile and wonderfully long jet black hair what is your name. She responded Kanti. I then said that name matches your beauty. Not only did I get a smile from Kanti, she started blushing. I then asked her what she had ordered. Kanti said Masala Dosa. I then said you ate the whole thing and Kanti replied I have a big appetite. I then said “really”. That got a sharp steer from Kanti. All I could do was to smile. I then quickly asked do you come here a lot. Kanti said about 3 or 4 times a month usually on Fridays. This is my favorite restaurant. At this point the waiter came back with my check. I was finished boxing up my remaining food to go. At that point I said Kanti it was a pleasure talking to you. I truly enjoyed my meal and also looking at your gorgeous face.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

So on the next Friday I made it a point to go to the same restaurant hoping to see Kanti again. I ordered Masala Dosa just to see how that tasted. It was ok but I would not order it again. Well I ate really slow hoping that Kanti would show up, well not my lucky day as she did not show up. The next weekend it was raining on that Friday. I again went to the same restaurant around the same time. As I was seated and about to order Kanti entered the restaurant. She was being seated and then she asked to be seated in the back where I was sitting. There was only one couple sitting near the front of the restaurant , so there was plenty of unoccupied tables. As I saw Kanti approaching me I smiled. My eyes were glowing. Kanti also had a glow on her face as she said hello Ralph. I said Hi Kanti , you remembered my name. Kanti sat at the table across from me. We are facing each other. I then said what a nice surprise. I get to enjoy my meal while looking at truly a gorgeous woman. Kanti smiled and blushed.

At this point let me describe Kanti as I now saw her approaching me and then sitting down. Kanti is about 5-7 and in my estimate she is about 145 pounds. She has a tan complexion , close to a very light skinned black man, just a shade lighter than me. She has tits that are not quite the size of grapefruits but they are larger than oranges. She has long shiny jet black hair that is in a braided ponytail. The ponytail drapes down to the middle of her ass. And speaking of her ass, WOW !! Kanti has a nice big round ass. Usually an ass like that is common on older Indian woman in the 40s. Kanti has nice long legs. She is , well to sum it up a nice looking well rounded statuesque looking woman. But most of all she has a pretty smile and a gorgeous face. I estimate that she is 21-23 years of age. I would find out that she was attending New Jersey City University.

I then asked Kanti so what are you going to order today. Kanti said I don’t know yet. Then she said what are you going to order Ralph. I said I am going to order what you ordered the last time I saw you. I am going to order Masala Dosa. Kanti said nice, you remembered that I ordered that. I said yes, I have a great memory and I can actually tell you what you wore that day. You had on a black sweater, white blouse, nice blue tight fitting jeans and black flats. You had a red and black backpack. Kanti said you do have a great memory. Nice tight fitting jeans??? I then said yes nice tight fitting revealing jeans.

Kanti said revealing??? I then replied oh yes !! very pleasantly revealing !!

Kanti started blushing again. I said Kanti why are you blushing you must know that you are a beautiful young lady with unbelievable curves and long lovely jet black hair. I knew when I said that I could totally get Kanti to blush even more.

Now was the time to get more personal. I asked why she always eats alone in a nice restaurant like this. Where is your boyfriend or husband. Kanti replied if your trying to find out if I am spoken for or single, the answer is I am single and I am attending school at the local university. So why do you always eat alone Ralph. I then said because I don’t like to cook and I enjoy Indian food. Kanti says you too are single ??? I then said yes I am single. So both our food dishes has arrived as Kanti is having chicken tandoori.

We have a continuous conversation laughing as we go along. Soon Kanti gets her check , pays and leaves. About 5 minutes later I get my check and pay and I too am leaving.

Once I got outside it is really raining hard. In the next doorway I see Kanti standing there. So I joined her in that door way. I said why are you here. Kanti says can’t you see it’s really raining heavy. I smiled. Yes it is, are you afraid of melting. Kanti looking puzzled. I said when sugar gets wet it melts. Kanti the punches me on my arm as she is laughing. Kanti then said she is waiting for a taxi that she called for but it had not come yet. As she was saying bursa eskort that a taxi pulled up but it was for me. I then told Kanti to take my cab. At first she said no but thank you anyway. I did however convinced her to take my cab. I then called another taxi cab to take me home.

Two weeks later I would see Kanti at the restaurant again.

I would go to the restaurant every Friday at the same time.

So it was not by chance that I would eventually run into Kanti at the restaurant again. As usual I’m sitting in the back. Upon entering the restaurant Kanti sees me and asks to be seated in the back. When she gets close to my table we greet each other. After Kanti is seated, I ask her to join me at my table. Kanti hesitantly agrees and joins me.

I tell her that lunch is on me. Kanti says no , but once again I convinced her to agree. I tell her there is only one condition. Kanti’s eyes open wide and says what might that condition be. I said that you have to order for both of us. Kanti seemed relived and smiled. Kanti says oh that is no problem at all and smiles again. I then started to push the buttons and said what did you think I was going to ask you as a condition. Kanti said forgive me, I was thinking something bad. So forgive me. I said no problem and Kanti orders for both of us.

We enjoyed our meals and a lot of pleasant conversation. I found out that she is majoring in economics. She finds out that I am a computer programming/analyst. Soon we both go on our separate ways. A week later Kanti is once again at the restaurant. I motion forgot her to come and sit at my table. We say hello to one another. I complimented her on what she had on and how she looks.

Kanti then ordered for both of us. I told her that any time we have lunch it’s on me. I then say that’s my way of getting to see you and talk to you. Kanti replies you like talking to me. I said I love talking to you. You are so full of energy and you always look so deliciously beautiful. Kanti says WOW. I am just astounded that you don’t have a boyfriend. Hell I would do anything to be your boyfriend. Kanti says that’s nice but she doesn’t have a boyfriend because that would distract her from her studies.

I then say well that is my loss. Kanti smiles. I then ask her if she would like to go dancing with me at a club nearby. Kanti jumps at that invitation as she loves to go dancing. She says when. I said tonight if you like. Kanti says fine. I asked where can I pick you up at. Kanti says the Journal Square Train Station. I tell her at 9:00 PM.

So at 8:45 I am waiting for Kanti at the train station. At 8:55 Kanti shows up. What a F sight. Kanti has on red leather pants, a white blouse with a black leather jacket and black flats.

I got out of my car and opened the door for her. I told her that she looked amazingly hot.

Kanti says thanks as she gets into my BMW. Kanti says nice car. We are now off to the club.

Once there we checked in our jackets. Then I asked her if she wanted a drink. She said some wine. I suggested, How about a Zinfandel. Kanti l replied she never had that. I then said try it, it is one of my favorites. Kanti says ok Zinfandel it is. We luckily found a table to sit at. We then sipped and finished our drinks. We danced and danced and dance. We had a great time.

Then I dropped her off at her apartment building. Kanti said thanks for the lovely day. Boy just looking at that nice ass of hers gave me a hard on as that nice big round delicious ass swayed from side to side. My oh my what an ass.

Next Friday Kanti comes into the restaurant as we have become a Friday afternoon regular. She sits at my table and says hi Ralph. I replied hi gorgeous how are you today. Kanti says nice that I have finished taking my final exams for this semester. I said nice. Now do you have time for me before your next semester starts. Kanti says what do you mean. I said I want to take you to Atlantic City for the day. Maybe we could get lucky.

Kanti says the only way your gonna get lucky is if you win at the slot machines. Then she breaks out into a laughter that I have not seen from her. She punched me in the arm and continued laughing. I said damn Kanti that was cold as I too started laughing. Kanti said that would be nice. So I asked her what about tomorrow, Kanti said that would be ok.

So Saturday morning I picked up Kanti at 9:00. We had a nice drive to Atlantic City. I gave Kanti 200.00 dollars. We played various slot machines. We were having a ton of fun. Then I suggested that we eat lunch. We had a nice lunch and more good conversation. Then back to the slots. I asked her if she wanted to see a comedy show at a neighboring casino. She said yes. By the time the comedy show was over we found a place to have a nice bite to eat. Then we called it a day. As we we got outside it was totally pouring. Then rain and the wind was crazy. I told Kanti that we could wait for a while until the rain eased up or stopped. Kanti shockingly suggested that we could get a room for the night. With double beds. I said of course !! When we went to get a room only a king sized bed was available. I told Kanti that I would sleep on the chair. So we got the only remaining room.

So once we get into the room, I tell Kanti just give me the top blanket that was on the bed and one pillow. I then went into the bathroom to wash up. Then Kanti went in the bathroom to wash up. Luckily for me they had a chaise in the room. I was now Laying down on the chaise covered with the blanket. Kanti now took the towel from around her and slipped into the bed but not before I got a wonderful good look at that nice ass of hers. As Kanti got into the bed she caught me looking at her and said I hope you got a nice look. I responded you are one lucky woman. Kanti said why are you saying that. I replied because you have one of the nicest round delicious ass that I have ever seen. Kanti then said go to sleep.

You could hear the thunder and see the sky light up from the lightning. The room would shake at times. That’s when Kanti woke up terrorized by the thunder she has always feared. I saw her sitting up in the bed. I asked are you ok. Kanti replied no. Don’t laugh but I have always been afraid of the lightning and thunder. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed to give her a little comfort. Kanti scooted over to make room for me. She then put some of the top sheet over me. After 5 minutes of talking , Kanti laid down with her back to me. After she was relaxed I too laid down. I was now facing her back.

The thunderstorm raged on. When there was more thundering Kanti scooted over to me. Her back was planted on my chest. I could smell the bursa merkez escort lovely scent coming from her hair. Her ass was planted squarely on my simi hard dick. She wiggled her ass on my dick for what reason I did not know. As more lightning occurred she pressed her lovely body more into me. That’s when I took my arm and wrapped it over her body. I said it will be ok. Kanti then took her hand and grasped my arm. Boy my dick was hard as a rock and she could feel it. Kanti wiggle her as a few more times. Now I know why.

Then Kanti started to massage my arm. I then scooted up right on that nice big ass of hers and held her tighter. I heard a moan come from her breath. Now my dick was poking her right in her pantied covered ass crack. Now Kanti was grinding her ass into my dick. I now had eased my hand to her nice tits. I started massaging her tits and quickly got her nipples hard. Kanti then turned to face me. She then kissed me. It wasn’t a deep kiss but never the less it was the green light that I needed. I then rolled her onto her back. I started kissing her tits through her soft covered bra. This got more moans from Kanti. I then slid her bra up over her tits.

Now I started licking all over her tits but not licking her nipples. Then suddenly I started licking and sucking her nipples. This action drew a large moan from Kanti as she moaned out my name “Oh Ralph”. While licking and sucking on her right nipple I was massaging her left tit with my right hand. Both nipples were rock hard. Then I took my right hand and slowly eased it down between Kanti’s leg. Right onto that warm pussy of hers that was covered by her panties. I could feel that her pussy was wet as I moved my fingers over her pussy slit that was covered by her panties. Kanti moaned more as she opened her legs to give me more access to that hot, wet pussy of hers. I then slipped my hand over the waistband of her panties. I was now massaging her pussy , but first I had to maneuver through that thick silky hairy jungle of hers.

I then started massaging her clit. Kanti opened her legs even more. I then slipped one then two fingers into that tight wet hot pussy hole of hers. I was now massaging her “G Spot” with my two fingers then three fingers.

30 seconds later Kanti arched her back and cried out “Oh Baby” as she came all over my fingers. I immediately got up removed the top sheet, slid down her panties and buried my face squarely on Kanti’s convulsing pussy. That got a nice response from Kanti as she said “Oh Shit”. Two minutes later Kanti came again , this time in my mouth. Damn she taste good. That pussy smelled good too. None of that fishy smell but some clean fresh smelling pussy.

I could now see her juices and cum running down onto her ass hole and then onto the sheet. I got my first close up look of that nice pussy of hers. I parted her silky jungle and spread open the lips of her pussy. Really a nice pink coloration. I could also see the throbbing of her pussy as Kanti lay listlessly on that king sized bed.

Then I pull the sheet over a recuperating Kanti. I laid there holding her as she held and kissed my arm that was draped over her. Five minutes would pass then Kanti removed the top sheet and snaked her way down to my dick. She kissed her way down to my awaiting dick, removed my underwear and was shocked when she saw the size of my 7 inch dick. Kanti said baby you have a big cock. Kanti then started stroking my dick. Then she kissed the sides then finally the head of my dick. Kanti would then engulf the head of my dick in her moist warm mouth. Now Kanti is sucking the head of my dick. Now 3 inches of my 7 inch dick was now going in and out of Kanti’s lovely mouth. My dick head and the rest of my dick was growing in her mouth. Kanti loved that feeling. The feelings of having a man’s dick in her mouth and making it grow bigger. Then it happened as I could not control the swell of my balls. I unloaded my hot cum deep into Kanti’s mouth. First one spurt , then another , then another. Kanti kept on sucking until I had to push her off of me. Then she laughed and said what’s the matter baby. I just shook my head and smiled and said your a bad lady. We both laughed.

We would rest for about 30 minutes while I held her in my arms fondling her tits and kissing her neck. Then I started massaging her dripping wet hot pussy again. I pulled back the top sheet , spread Kanti’s legs and started massaging her pussy with my face , well my chin was on the bottom of her pussy slit , my nose was in the top of her pussy slit and her clit. My tongue was digging into that warm tight pussy hole of hers.

Then I trapped her clit in my mouth and started licking and sucking it. Four or five minutes later Kanti came for me. I then jumped up took my dick and ran it up and down Kanti’s pussyfoot slit. Kanti was panting heavily. Then I shoved my dick into the wet pussy of hers. Kanti yelled out real loud and was now breathing heavy. After 10 nice slow in and out strokes Kanti was now hugging me. Her tight pussy hole had accepted this new stranger. The new stranger that was probing the inner halls of her pussy canyon. Probing where no other dick has gone.

The deeper I my dick probed onto that tight hot wet canyon of hers the tighter Kanti would hold me. As a matter of fact Kanti’s finger nails were digging into my back. I was fucking her good now. She accepted my big dick and her pussy was overjoyed to have a visitor that deep in its love hole. I could feel Kanti’s pussy muscles trying to strangle my dick as I was on the out stroke. Damn this is some good pussy. Then Kanti started talking in her native Hindu language. Kanti. During all of this time Kanti had her legs wrapped around my ass. But when I started hitting the bottom of her pussy , her cervix , Kanti locked her legs with her feet. I was truly giving her a deep fucking. Two minutes later Kanti came for me.

Exhausted get legs plopped to the bed. Kanti once again lay listless in the bed. Shortly after Kanti said baby you really have a big cock. You almost tore me open. I am sore down there.

I did not what to say as we both fell asleep. I had Kanti wrapped in my arms as we fell asleep.

In the morning we would leave and drive back. I dropped off Kanti and then I drove home.

During the next few months we would have sex but she would not let me fuck her any more.

Just finger play and oral sex.

I would be at her apartment or she would be at my apartment.

She loved the way I treated her and really loved the I made her pussy feel. Like I said before she really knows how to suck dick, suck my dick. Then one day she shocked my by licking my ass hole. bursa sınırsız escort Later Kanti said I hope this kind of makes up for me not allowing you to fuck me. So that became a part of our sexual routine. I would learn to lick her ass hole the way she likes it. I would be liking her asshole while my hands were underneath her body massaging her clit. Kanti loved to cum this way. But deep down I still wanted to fuck her. I had to somehow devise a plan to make her want the dick.

So Kanti told me that her mother was coming to visit. Kanti also told her mother that she has a Black boyfriend. Her mother was shocked at the news. In time Prisha her mother came to accept the fact the her precious daughter was dating a Black man. So it was the day when Prisha was to arrive at Kennedy Airport. We picked her up and then we drove back to Kanti’s apartment. After we got settle I order some Indian food as we were all too tired to go to a restaurant. I had been staying at Kanti’s apartment as they were remodeling my apartment windows, floors and bathroom.

As we settled down for the night after we took our showers. Prisha slept in one room and we slept in the other room.

Both rooms had night lights on as did the bathroom and hallways. Somewhere in the night Prisha got up to go to the bathroom. As she passed the room where me and Kanti were in, Prisha heard noises. The door was smugly cracked. Prisha would then peek into the room.

Prisha was shocked at what see was seeing. Her precious daughter was sucking a king sized black did. As Kanti would come up, Prisha could see the full extent of my 7 inch dick. Prisha must was looking at her daughter sucking my duck until completion. Until I exploded my hot cum into her precious daughter’s mouth. Prisha was turned on by this as she fell her pussy getting wet. Prisha would then continue onto the bathroom. Three nights later Prisha would once again journey to the bathroom around 2:00 AM. Once again she heard noises coming out of our room.

She could hear Ralph pleading to Kanti to let him fuck her. Kanti saying y baby you dick is too big and will definitely rip me apart.

So at that point Kanti starting Ralph’s dick. Prisha continued onto the bathroom.

Prisha was staying for a whole month. She would hear noises coming out of the room whenever Ralph stayed over.

We all had fun as Ralph always took us out to eat at nice restaurant. One day Kanti had to take 3 finals in one day. The first one starting at 8:00 AM and the last one at 4:00 PM. That was a brutal examination schedule.

I had slept over helping Kanti get ready for her test. Kanti left the for her exams at 7:00 AM.

I was still asleep. Somehow during the morning the covers came off of me. Sometime in the morning Prisha had passed the room. The door was slightly open and Prisha could see me in the bed totally naked. Prisha would then come in and look at me just laying there. Then it happened. Prisha slowly knelt down by the side of the bed and slowly started sucking my dick.

I thought it was Kanti but soon realized that she had gone to take her exams. My dick was rock hard when I jumped up in shock. Prisha had been expertly sucking my dick. I was shocked. Prisha said that she was trying to make up for her daughter not letting you fuck her with that beautiful cock of yours. I tried to move back in the bed but she grabbed me and started sucking my dick agin. I really did not try to stop her as that was a damn good dick sucking. So it was that Prisha got my dick harder than it had ever been. Prisha then dropped her dress to the floor along with her panties. Prisha got into the bed and said give me what my daughter does not want. Fuck me with that beautiful big cock of yours. I want to feel you where no man has ever been. I want to feel you deep down in my hungry pussy.

It will be our secret. So I slowly inserted my 7 inch rock hard GM dick in Kanti’s mother hungry pussy. Damn I must have fuck her fir 2 hours straight. She kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Still wanting more dick. My balls were hurting but I kept on fucking her. It took all of my will power not to cum. The damn sheets were soaked. The room smelled of pussy. And she was still hungry. I used my mouth on her and she still remained hungry. I list count after they 10th time she came.

She was still hungry. I made her suck my dick. I came in her mouth and she swallowed everything. And yet she was still hungry. WTF was I going to do.

She was a pure nymphomaniac.

Then she rolled me over and started fucking me in the ass with her tongue. Damn she was good. Then she made me get in all fours as she was fucking me in the ass with her tongue and jerking me off at the same time.

She had turned me into her bitch. I said this shit has got to stop. I then rolled her over. I took my dick and placed it right on her puffy ass hole. Then I eased my dick into her ass. First the dick head , then 2 inches , then three , then finally all seven inches of my dick. I started pounding her ass. She was crying at first, but that soon turn to pleasure for her. I was fucking her hard and fast like a jackhammer machine. I was fucking her real good. She was on all fours. Her tits were hitting her chin as I rocked that ass of hers back and fourth. I was literally fucking the shit out of her. I could see shit all over my dick. I could soon smell it, but I kept on fucking her until she begged me to stop. I did not listen. I could now hear her tits flopping into her chin and then back to her stomach. She was crying but not in pain. I could feel my dick I he stomach area as I was now trying to grab one of her tits. I gave up and just kept fucking Prisha until I came deep down in her shitty ass hole. I then got up to take a shower. When I was done Prisha took her shower. I then changed the sheets and opened the windows to air out the place. As I was sitting down on in the living room with a towel wrapped around me Prisha came and knelt between my legs and started sucking my dick until I exploded in her mouth. Then Prisha said I hope that my daughter is sucking your dick this good. My husband taught her how to please a man.

I will talk to my daughter and try to convince her to let you fuck her. “I said how do you know all of this”. Prisha said on occasion she would go to the bathroom late at night and would hear voices coming from your room, so I would ease drop to hear the conversation. So like I said I would talk to me daughter about letting you fuck her. That’s the only way your relationship with my daughter will last.

Me the author SnakeBiteRalph:

Soon Prisha would return to India. I wonder if Prisha was able to convince Kanti to let Ralph give her the dick and fuck her into happiness.

Maybe I’ll complete the “mother who said if my daughter thinks the dick is to big to fuck her , you can certainly fuck me with that beautiful big black dick”.

Let me know


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