I Dont Want The World I Want You! Part 4.


Authors Note: Welcome to part 4. This continues from parts 1 to 3 of this series “I Don’t Want The World, I Want You!” so if you haven’t read those parts yet, I recommend that you do before reading this. You can read them, and all of my stories by clicking on my name above. Enjoy…


Harry got home around six o’clock that evening. He had got James a present which he was fairly happy with considering the circumstances under which he had to buy it. He was sure that James would appreciate it and was satisfied with what he’d got. When he arrived at the front door, he noticed something peculiar. At the foot of the door, there was a brown paper bag with a note attached to the outside. Harry bent down and cautiously picked the bag up. He eagerly peeled off the note, the tape catching slightly on the paper bag, ripping it a little. He began to read the note, interested to find out what it said.

Harry, I dropped by earlier today to give this to you but there was no answer so I assumed you were out somewhere. I really wanted to give this to you in person but never mind. With this note, you should have got a paper bag with a box in it. Inside that box is something very important so I hope that you get it with no issues. I apologise for leaving it at your door but I didn’t have much time to wait around as I have to go to a meeting. Anyway I have your number so I will give you a call when I get home, I’ll look forward to speaking to you.


As soon as he read the name Mark, Harry’s jaw dropped. All of a sudden, he knew what was in the box. It was an answer. An answer he had been waiting for since before he could remember. This box could be the key to the start of the rest of his life.

Before he opened the mystery box, he entered his and Adam’s flat. He knew that the opening of this box had the potential to be a life changing and very Escort special moment. He wanted Adam to be there when he opened it. Harry placed the box, still inside the paper bag, down onto the dining table. He stood and stared at it for a while, thinking deeply about how much this insignificant, average looking box could change his and Adam’s lives forever. That was when he noticed that it was strange that Adam wasn’t home yet. Although Adam walked home from town instead of getting in the car, he still should have been back ages ago as the walk from town was only around 20 minutes. It had been much longer than that since they had fallen out earlier. Why wasn’t he back? Harry decided to send his boyfriend a text message. He snatched his phone from his right trouser pocket and started writing a text.

Adam, I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have treated you like I did, and I shouldn’t have let you walk home on your own. I’m worried about you, where are you? Please come home, I have something here which I want to share with you, it’s important to me that you are here with me for this. Text me back when you get this.

Love you lots. Harry. Xxx

After pressing the send button, Harry took a seat on one of the hard wooden dining chairs, placed his phone gently on the dining table in front of him, and waited patiently for a reply. His head was empty as he blankly stared at the brown paper bag in front of him. His heart was beating quicker than usual as he stressfully waited for a reply from Adam, time evaporating as the clock ticked away on the wall behind him. It must have been a good half an hour before Adam finally responded. Harry almost jumped out of his skin as the phone buzzed and shook on the wooden table, harshly breaking the silence which surrounded it. He scooped it up rapidly into his hands and began to read.

Hey, I’m at my Escort Bayan sisters. I was going to stay here tonight. Is it really that important that it can’t wait until tomorrow? I can come back if it really means that much but you will have to pick me up because I’m not walking all the way home from Mary’s. I don’t really care either way, I’m still not happy with you about earlier so I don’t know.

Harry thought carefully about what he should say in response to that. He wanted his boyfriend beside him when he opened the package, It was important for the both of them. On the other hand he also realised that Adam needed some time to get over what had happened earlier that day. It was a tough decision. He knew that Adam wouldn’t be in a good mood if he came home, but if the package contained what he thought it did, then he was sure that Adam would soon forget about that meaningless fight from earlier. This could be big. Much bigger and much more significant in the grand scheme of things than a silly little argument over something Harry said in the high street. It was a risk Harry was willing to take so he replied to Adam’s text, stating that he would pick him up in about 30 minutes. He put his phone back into his pocket, grabbed the car keys and headed out of the door.

Mary’s house was on the opposite side of town to where the guys lived. It was a long way even in the car so it was understandable that Adam didn’t want to walk home. It was a boring drive too, with nothing much to look at other than houses and the odd little shop or take-away restaurant every now and again. On this occasion though, Harry really didn’t care. He had plenty on his mind to keep him occupied on the journey. His head was all over the place. He didn’t know what the hell to think. Should he be excited about the package at home on the dining table? Or anxious about what kind of Bayan Escort mood Adam was going to be in when he got to Mary’s house? Or maybe he should feel sorry about the way he acted earlier in the street by the gift shop. His mind was heavily occupied as he drove hurriedly through the oddly quiet housing estate.

Trees and lamp posts flashed passed the window without recognition as the cogs in Harry’s mind accelerated, spinning faster and faster like the wheels on Harry’s car as their tyres sped across the surface of the road. The suspension absorbing the impact of the small bumps in the tarmac, indicator lights flashing, cogs turning, wheels spinning round and round and round again, Harry’s concentration rapidly slipping away into the realm of his own thoughts. His concentration should have been on the road, but there was too much to think about. His eyes were looking but they saw nothing. His hands were steering but there was no feeling. The real world around him felt like it was rapidly becoming invisible, insensible, unthinkable, when suddenly a car seemed to appear from nowhere! Time slowed down as his full attention was grabbed sharply in an instant by the horrified face of the young lady in the driver’s seat of the black Mercedes in front of him as he slammed his foot onto the heavy brake pedal. A loud screech bellowed through the quiet street as the brake discs locked onto the wheels, smoke pouring off of the tires as they locked and slid over the road surface before the inevitable moment when the two vehicles smashed together! Harry braced himself; he knew this was going to hurt!



The story is starting to build up now and I really hope you’re enjoying it! See what happens in the next part. 😉

Thank you for reading! 🙂 Please let me know what you think of the story so far by leaving a comment for me and by rating this story. I check the comments/reviews page as often as I can and your comments genuinely mean a lot! I will try and post the next part soon, thanks very much.

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