I Didn’t Know…


I didn’t know when I first started writing this, whether to make it a quick-read, or to tell the whole story. After getting into it I realized it is a GREAT story and merits the full telling. So here it is.

When my father died a little over a year ago, my wife Valeri, and I spent several days getting his house in order and ready to sell. He had been sick a long time and I had been emotionally prepared. We worked with purpose and as much humor as possible. In the process we ran across a box of old Penthouse magazines. That evening, after a good shower, pizza and a few beers, we sat in bed and looked through several of the magazines. Valeri, I believed at the time, was a little on the conservative side. She would not easily let her inhibitions go. So I was surprised to see her interest in the photos of these lovely naked ladies. While I found them admirable in so many ways, Valeri’s appreciation was a pleasant surprise. She made comments on their sexiness and on particular parts of their anatomy – the beautiful skin of this one, the perfect nipples of that one. She even said, “I wonder how it would feel to have a full Brazilian wax job like that. I mean a day later; I know it would hurt awful when it was done.” If she noticed the tent forming in my shorts, she didn’t let on.

We began reading some of the letters that people sent in. Some were outrageous and laughable. Others were exciting and sexy as hell. After I read one aloud that described a lesbian girl’s technique for providing oral pleasure to her mate, I saw that Valeri had become flushed. Beads of perspiration formed between her breasts and on her upper lip. I made a metal note of this as I kissed the dew from her lip. A moment later I felt a hand gentle slide over my tent. She had noticed my semi-erect condition, and she was turned on!

Then we read one letter from a women who had gotten her husband inebriated until he fell asleep on the couch. She slid him over unto the coffee table, bound him to it, and blindfolded him. She invited a few of her girlfriends over for coffee and “dessert”. He woke up, bewildered and confused. He only protested for a moment, though, as the women stripped him naked, took turns with him one at a time at first, then together. He totally enjoyed it, of course. But afterwards it drove him crazy because he never found out who the women were.

Valeri felt how rock hard I had become while reading this story. She said, “Wow, you really liked that didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said, just realizing it myself. “I guess so. It was pretty cool”. She got a little smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. I thought it was because she then slid down my body and started to lick and suck my penis. That’s what I thought then, in that brief moment where I could think, before her tongue swirled like liquid honey and her lips, incredibly soft and wet, made every other part of me grow weak.

She tenderly licked and ran her soft lips over, around, and up and back. She played me like a delicate new toy until I was begging to have her. She licked under my balls then gently sucked on each one. Then she clamped down on my cock with her lips and tongue and rode up and down my shaft with purpose. In only a minute or two she brought me to an amazingly intense orgasm, ejaculating with a force beyond that of my own power. Her mouth never relaxed its grip, until I was completely spent.

When my mind finally began functioning again, I opened my eyes to see her contentedly smiling at me. Emptied, and fulfilled, I could only smile back at her. I had no words. She slid up close, lay down on her side, and swinging her leg over me, placed her head on my chest. After a few minutes of just breathing, and wondering how I got so lucky, I thought about the Penthouse letter where the lesbian detailed the proper technique for perfect cunnilingus. My libido returned. I gently started touching her head and shoulders. Just lightly running my fingertips over her lovely skin. Then down her arm and onto her breast. Softly, barely touching. Next reaching down her side and along the crest of her hip to the end of my reach. I rolled her slowly unto her back, as she looked up at me with calm, deep liquid eyes. I sat up, and leaning over her, I kissed her hair. I kissed her lips, kissed between her breasts, and then down her beautiful belly to the thatch of hair that guarded her pussy. She moved her legs apart. I nuzzled her soft fur as I swung myself around and knelt between her legs. I bent her knees and pushed her legs up. Then reaching under her hips, I lifted her bottom up until her clitoris, cunt and anus were only a breath away from my tongue. I smelled her, savored her sweet aroma and let it fill my nostrils. Her clitoris glistened as it peeked out from its hood. Her labia, lightly covered in soft tawny hair, were full, moist, and puffed out with need.

She had the most beautiful anal bud, a perfect smooth pink star that moved in and out slightly with her breathing. I wanted to follow the instructions of the lesbian, but I couldn’t gebze escort help myself. Instead, I applied my soft tongue to her bud, licking flat, back and forth. She yelped in pleasure with the first contact and moaned deeply as I continued; now moving in tiny circles around her anus. She moaned contentedly. I then began probing the little hole, forcing my tongue in as much as I could. Her moans took on a more shrill tone. After a minute or so I drew back and just looked at her. Her wet bud pulsed, opening slightly and closing. Her eyes were closed. Her tongue moistened her lips as her fist clenched the sheets of the bed. I let my breath, hot, moist and very close, expel over her pussy, moving slightly from her clit to her bud, teasing. She whimpered in anticipation. I wet my lips and clamped down on her clitoris sucking it into my mouth in one quick move. My baby shrieked and began to convulse in orgasm as I played my tongue over her captive organ. As her shaking began to subside, in a moment of inspiration I pressed my thumb onto her wet anus and she started her orgasm all over again. She had always reached orgasm easily, but this was surprisingly quick, even for her. I released my lip-lock on her clit and just gently licked it for a moment. Then I just held her there, with my breath caressing her bush.

My arms were getting tired of holding her up, but I hadn’t tasted that delicious cunt yet. I started licking her labia, softly sucking on one full lip through her pubic hair, then on the other. Each time I switched from one to the other my tongue brushed across her clitoris. And each time I did, Valeri interrupted her chorus of moans with a sudden, vocal, gasp. My arms ached, so I knew I couldn’t hold her up much longer. I changed tactics and plunged my face into her swollen vagina, trying to reach as deep as I could with my tongue. I tried to tease her clit with my nose as I tongued and licked in and out and up and down. She shuddered once, groaned long and low and began shaking uncontrollably. I ran my tongue and lips from her sweet anus to her protruding clit, penetrating as deep as I could into her tunnel each time I passed over it. My arms and shoulders hurt, my cock ached like it would explode, and she just kept on writhing in orgasm! Finally, as her shaking diminished, my left arm gave out, followed by the right. I tried to get a grip again but I couldn’t hold on. In the effort my finger ended up against her anus as I dropped her onto the bed. Without a moments thought, I pushed it in. She screamed and began convulsing again, though more briefly this time.

My head dropped face down on her navel. My one hand was trapped with a finger up her ass, and the other still underneath her butt. I didn’t have the strength immediately to lift myself up. So I lay there a minute, hunched over, with my mouth pressed against her stomach. As nice as it was, even with the salty taste of her sweat, I had to turn my head to the side to breath. She was breathing very hard, and her legs, still up in the air, were trembling.

I extracted my one hand from under her and pushed myself up. I was reluctant to pull my finger out of her beautiful bud, but couldn’t do anything else if I didn’t. So I gently slide it free, causing Valeri several quick, deep breaths. Her eyes remained closed. She was not ready to return from wonderland just yet. I held her legs, slowly brought each one down until they lay relax flat on the bed. I half lifted, half dragged myself from between her legs and dropped down beside her. Her anus was a new discovery. We had never had anal sex before. The magazine letters likely stimulated our sexual appetite, and I wondered if we had taken a step in that direction. That’s the last thought I remember until waking in the morning.

That was about a year ago. Now let me tell you about six weeks ago.

In an attempt to keep fit, I try to work out twice a week, jogging and then lifting free weights. On that particular Saturday, the day before my birthday, I had completed my five-mile jog, and was working with the weights. Since we both worked out, we had the weights, weight-bench, and other items set up in a room adjacent to the family room. I could see Valeri in the kitchen, on the other side of the family room, talking on the phone.

I was just getting to the point in my routine where I worked on bench presses. I put 180 pounds on the bar for the presses. I intended to do several reps at this weight and see how far I would get. I sat down on the bench and settled in. Valeri came in and leaned against the doorframe.

“How’s the workout?” she asked. “You don’t look too sweaty.” She had her teasing quality in her voice.

I positioned my hands on the bar, I grunted out some lame response, lifted and lowered the weight. The bar felt right and I began pumping in earnest. I had intended to keep each set to ten reps, but at eight it still felt good. I paused at the top of the press, then decided to press out a few more. göztepe escort In the third set I was really feeling the stress and my triceps had that good ache that says you are building strength. As I inhaled and started lowering the bar on the final rep of the set, Valeri leaned over me. Her long hair dropped in my face and I closed my eyes. But not before I caught the most delightful SEG spreading across her face.

“What are you doing?” I said between breathes. I knew she was going to do something to tease me. I started exhaling as I pressed the bar back up. I felt cold metal pressed against my right wrist, and almost immediately the same on my left. I then heard metal on metal sounds and felt a slight tug on the bar. My concentration was broken, so at the top of the press I cradled the bar. I saw that Valeri, my innocent sweet Valeri, had hand cuffed both of my hands to the bar. I smiled up at her and said again, “What ARE you doing?”

She smiled bright and wide, leaned over me again, and kissed me.

After a few moments she broke the kiss. With her lips barely brushing mine, she smiled warmly and said, “I…am going to have fun today!” And with that she held an awful smelling cloth over my mouth and nose. Before I caught on, before I could figure out anything to do, I was out cold.

Waking up was something that is not clear. It was more like a dream that gradually took on substance. Like swimming under water a long time, breathing just fine, but with your vision distorted and murky. It gets better as you rise to the surface. When you break the surface, this different world is a surprise, and your awareness, distant and lethargic, returns slowly. The first thing that I remember is sailboats, and rocking on the waves of blue water. Then I was hearing the song Blue Bayou. I watched the sailboats going by on the bayou, and then I was on the sailboat watching the bayou go by.

My body began waking too. I felt dead spots. Numbness from lying in one spot too long, and I tried to turn over. But I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t move. I tried to reach down and rub my legs. My hand moved, but I couldn’t reach my leg. It was very perplexing, until my faculties slowly kick in. Realization in small doses started flowing over me. I couldn’t see. Everything was dark. I could move my legs a little side to side, but I couldn’t lift them. I could only wiggle my feet, but otherwise I couldn’t make them move. The same with my hands – I could move them around, raise them up and down and sideways, but my arms were anchored above the elbow.

Suddenly, I put it together. I was bound and blindfolded! The realization scared me at first. I struggled to pull away. I growled and I jerked my arms, I tried to force my legs free, but to no avail. I tried to move my head around and push the mask or blindfold off. I could move my head but the blindfold moved with it and stayed firmly in place.

Then some of the recent memories came back. I remembered the last thing I saw – the shit-eating-grin on Valeri’s face. She had done this. It began to fall into place. I could now tell I was lying on the weight bench. She must have put me to sleep with some clinical knockout juice, and tied me to the bench. I could half-feel, half-sensed my ankles were tied to the lower legs of the bench. I wiggled my legs again and confirmed it. I think my ass was half off the bench, but it was kind of numb so I couldn’t be sure. My arms were bound just above the elbow and straight out from my sides. Then I remember the handcuffs and being handcuffed to the weight bar. That was it! I was strapped to the bar, but not with handcuffs, with belts or…duct tape.

I tried my voice. I could barely hear it, kind of horse. I said, “Val?” But all I could hear was some country singer praising his truck. “Val,” I said again, with much more strength in my voice. But I couldn’t hear any response. I got ready to scream out as loud as I could when I heard her voice over the music, or in the music. Then I got it. I wasn’t just blindfolded; I had headphones fastened to my ears somehow, so all I could hear was the music. She must have mixed a microphone in through the tape machine, or a Karaoke machine some way.

“Hi baby. Are you comfortable?” came Valeri’s voice. “I tried to make you comfortable. Are you OK?” Her voice expressed concern, but also held the element of teasing or smirking in it.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’m having a problem standing up”.

That tickled her, and she let out a quick laugh, but I didn’t mean it to be funny. She said, “Yes, that is going to be a problem for a while. You see, I have tied you up.”

That made me chuckle. “Really!” I said. “Well, I don’t see, as you can see, I’m sort of blind, so you will have to explain this to me.”

“There is nothing to explain, actually,” she said. “I’m just going to have my way with you!”

But I got more serious. “Val, what’s gotten in to you? What is this all about?”

She responded haramidere escort quickly. “It’s about me having my way with you. Now I don’t want to waste your time, so is there anything I can do for you?”

Waste MY time. Was I going somewhere all tied up?

“Perhaps a drink,” she said, “different music, I have a nice selection? Do you need scratching anywhere?” Her voice was almost giddy, and as such, infectious. Yet there was a finality to her tone that told me I really had only the choices she listed. I ask for water and in a moment she held a straw to my lips. I drank heartily as I wondered what she had planned, what it mean to “have her way with me”. As it turned out, my sweet siren wife had a side to her that I could never have imagined.

“Let the games begin,” I pronounced. Bolero began to play into my captive ears.

It was hard to gauge the passage of time. I thought about what she was up to, and I reasoned it would end in something sexual. She may be somewhat conservative sexually, but she wasn’t shy in bed. I don’t know how long I lay there thinking, but I was suddenly aware of a light, cold object on the inside of my thigh. I felt a tugging on my jogging shorts. I’m not sure when realized the cold was a pair of scissors and my shorts were being cut away!

“Jees, be careful down there” I yelled, but in a moment my shorts were laid open and yanked from underneath me. My penis and balls were exposed with no place to hide. Before I could feel the change in temperature, my shirt fell to the blades of the scissors. I lay there bound, helpless and quite naked. Knowing the intimate love I shared with Valeri, and the anticipation of her “having fun with me”, it felt good.

But there are some things you just never really ever think about. So you don’t get it immediately when a nicely warm and moist cloud descends over you genitals. It’s all sensual and sexual. It is shear pleasure… until you realize it is a shearing pleasure, and the cloud is shaving cream! The truth was conveyed to me with the first drag of the razor down my balls! I had never felt that sensation before. But I knew immediately what is was! My whole body jerked with the realization.

“Whoa there Mike,” Valeri rebuffed me. “Settle down…or the boys in the locker room are going to start calling you Michelle”. I protested. I said it was not right for a guy to be balls BALD! I was angry, but I was also excited, and a bit curious. It was hard to mount a successful defense when a beautiful woman is holding your testicles in her hands. Still, I protested, but there was no response except the razor scraping away my pubic hair.

And that was it. For the next half hour or so, my cock was pushed and pulled this way and that, along with my scrotum and balls. It was quite a sensation, and not bad really, if I didn’t think too much about the “little boy look” I would soon be sporting.

Yet through the whole process I felt that there was something strange going on. Something that was not as it should be. It was hard to perform any serious deductive reasoning with my privates being lovingly handled, so I let it go — the whole shaving balls thing was quite strange to begin with — what did I expect?

As a finale, a lotion of some sort was enthusiastically rubbed in everywhere, with special attention given to my erection. My breath started coming in short pants, and I found myself groaning. Again something strange flashed through my mind, but it couldn’t hang on. My groans became a growl. Then, just as my balls began to tighten, the expert rubbing of my cock abruptly stopped! Sadly, painfully, I was not allowed to cum.

“Oh really?” I said, “You’re stopping now? Come on, I need to cum after all that fondling!”

The response I got was cheery “Now you are squeaky smooth and pretty,” in Valeri’s pleased-with-herself voice.

I didn’t know I was “squeaky smooth and pretty” but that little voice in my headphones pronounced me so, as Lionel Richie sang “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady”. I’m not sure if that is irony, but all I could think of was the boys in the locker room laughing at my “lady trim”.

After several minutes, maybe more, long hair tantalizingly brushed over my chest. I could smell the hair, or thought I could. Something lightly touched my lips, and as I wondered what it was, it pressed down. I opened my mouth and sucked in a tasty nipple. I tongued it eagerly, as Valeri spoke again. “What would you like to eat?” she said, and proceeded to list choices as I sucked. Then she stopped, and said, “Never mind, I’ll pick for you”. And with that she popped her breast out of my mouth and was gone again. I was left wanting, my mouth not understanding, still forming an “O” in the air. I pulled instinctively…and futilely at my bonds.

I was left alone it seemed for what felt like a long time. It was probably no more than five or ten minutes. But time passes slowly when you are naked and bound. My thoughts wandered, but the whole time it felt like I wasn’t alone. No sound penetrated the headphones other than the music, no air movement, no vibrations of the floor or bench, just a silly sense of being watched. It made me wonder if Valeri was sitting right there, “having her way with me” in some unfathomable manner. I assumed she left me to get whatever food she decided I wanted, but I really had know way of knowing.

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