I Became My Little Sister’s Bitch Ch. 04


Wed 25th May

The mantra is looping in Bex’s ear. “You are a slut. (Yes, I am.) You are Alathia’s slut! (I am.) You live to serve your little sister, Alathia. (I do.) You want to make your little sister happy. (Yes, I love my little sister.) You crave sex. (Yes, I crave sex.) It’s an addiction to you! You crave cock. (So much.) You crave pussy. (so So, so much.) You crave Alathia’s pussy. (Yes, I want her pussy so badly.) You are a slut. (I am a slut.) YOU ARE ALATHIA’S SLUT! (I am Alathia’s slut!)

With drool rolling down Bex’s chin, the toys continue to go off and on, through the night; keeping Bex constantly on the precipice of sexual release. Pulling on her bonds, Bex yanks and yanks trying to get free from her headboard. Screaming into the ball gag, her throat burns; much like the fire that burns in her soul, Bex screams internally like Godzilla roaring over Tokyo. “Breathe, Bex, breathe. You fucking bitch, Alathia. I hate you, you fucking cunt!”

Closing her eyes to get some rest, any type of rest, from the constant assault from Alathia’s devious plan in her earbuds. Tears flow down her cheek, the reminder of her impending doom– the appointment with the piercer weighs heavily on Bex’s mind. She isn’t exactly thrilled to be getting unwanted piercings, and knowing Alathia, this isn’t some simple belly button or eyebrow piercing. She knows Alathia has a devious plan to really humiliate Bex tomorrow.

The soft sounds of her whimpers are locked behind the ball gag, keeping Bex to a mewling wretch of raw emotion. “Calm down, Bex, relax and let sleep come. Push the pleasure to the back of your mind, slip into sleep.”

Bex relaxes, slipping into a restful sleep. But the peace is broken when the toys kick back on, starting the entire vicious cycle over again. Struggling and frustrated, Bex finally passes out for a couple of hours. But only a couple hours of rest and never true sleep.

Movement catches Bex’s attention. Out of the corner of her eye, the movements of her tormentor, her little sister, and her mistress, Alathia emerge.

With an over exaggerated stretch, and an obvious, fake yawn, Alathia casts her eyes down to her big sister. “How are you, my pet, did you get a good night’s sleep? I do hope so because you have a very, very fucking busy day ahead, slut.”

Shaking her head ‘no’, the drool and dried tears still stain Bex’s face. Muffled sounds reinforce the ‘no’, as the gag prevents her from vocal communication.

Slowly stalking over Bex, the big sister has never felt so small or insignificant as she does at this moment, with her little sister standing over her like a lioness over its wounded prey; both would have the same looks in their eyes. Stroking Bex’s cheek, Alathia notices the dried drool and tears still staining her pathetic big sister’s face. With a contemptuous tone, “Oh no, my little slut, did you have a difficult night!”

With a pleading look in her eyes, Bex nods to Alathia, that she indeed had a very difficult night.

Carefully removing the ball gag, Alathia then kisses Bex’s lips, gently caressing her jaw, allowing Bex to close her mouth, finally releasing the pain in her jaw to stop.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Unlocking the handcuffs, Alathia frees Bex from her bondage. Bex is working the feeling back in her hands, then quickly yanks the earbuds from her ears, freeing her from the constant assault of her tormentor’s mental onslaught.

Alathia teasingly dangles the key to Bex’s chastity device. “Are you ready to be free of that lovely device, or did you want to wear it during our workout?” while shaking her head no.

“No, Mistress!”

Quickly, Alathia removes the chastity device and toys from her sister’s very sensitive and wet orifices. Alathia kisses her big sister deeply, sending a spark to Bex’s very aching pussy, causing her to involuntarily thrust her pelvis into the air like humping an invisible cock. Looking at the removed toy, Alathia notices the large amount of pussy slime coating the toy.

Holding the toy in front of Bex, “Look at this. I honestly can’t believe what a slut you are, you enjoyed this, didn’t you?”

Looking down, casting her eyes away from Alathia, Bex knows the only response that won’t be met with punishment is ‘yes, mistress’.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Alathia’s smile lights up her eyes. “Get your workout clothes on, so we can go for a run.”

Bex pulls out the ridiculous workout clothes that Alathia makes her wear. Bex looking at the shorts, “These shorts are so small they should be underwear.”

Bex goes through her morning workout. The tightness of her shorts doesn’t help Bex’s still-heightened sexual state; she’s still so fucking sexually frustrated, her pussy is leading her brain.

Alathia strolls into Bex’s room wearing properly fitting workout attire. “Look at you, my beautiful slut; you were born for this.” Alathia notices Bex has put a wet spot on the front of her shorts. “Oh my god, Bex. Seriously, are you that much of an absolute Caddebostan Escort slut, that you can’t control your pussy? You already put a wet spot on your shorts, hahaha!”

Bex quickly glances down, sees the wet spot, and is mortified that she can’t seem to get her pussy under control; it just keeps leaking like a fucking sieve. Bex mumbles a half-apology to Alathia.

Leaving for the run, Bex is still out of breath, but does better than she did the previous two days. Bex is still struggling to catch her breath when Alathia tells her she’s hopping in the shower. And when she’s done, Bex will take hers. “While you wait, you’ll be naked on your knees, waiting like a good pet.”

Curtsying, “Yes, Mistress.” Still breathing heavily, “My little sister’s trying to kill me. This new routine is hell and it’s only been three goddamn days.”

Stripping off the sweat-stained shirt and shorts, Bex would normally toss her dirty clothes on the floor, but this would just draw the ire of Alathia, so she puts them in the hamper. And kneels in the bathroom, waiting for Alathia to return.

Feeling the breeze from the door on her bare skin, signals Alathia has returned. Passing by her waiting big sister, Alathia pats her head. “Good girl, you’re learning very quickly. Just do as you’re told, and you’ll be treated like a princess. Don’t, and you’ll get a lot more of last night.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Pulling off her shirt, Alathia reveals her gray sports bra underneath, tossing the shirt in the hamper. Alathia slips her shorts off, leaving herself in her sports thong and bra. Bex can’t help but longingly look at Alathia’s glistening body. The ache in her pussy isn’t helping Bex’s current state of mind. Catching Bex staring at her body gives Alathia a devilish idea.

Wriggling out of her thong, making sure her pussy is in view of Bex’s face, Alathia quickly tosses her sports bra in the hamper. Alathia sits on the toilet, spreading her legs, revealing her wet pussy to Bex. Rubbing her pussy, “Mmmm, feels good. Do you want to lick my pussy, pet?”

Blushing, Bex does actually want to bury her face in Alathia’s pussy so badly she’s almost drooling. Bex’s thoughts betray her, “Bex, from having had Alathia’s pussy lube spread across your upper lip, it’s all you could smell all night. You do want to lick her. It’s almost a driving instinct to bury your face in your mistress’s pussy.”

Alathia spreads her pussy open, showing her glistening wetness to a pussy-hungry Bex. “Come lick me, my slut, I’m so goddamn horny.”

Bex moves between Alathia’s legs, and begins licking furiously the outer labia of her little sister’s well-manicured pussy. Rolling her tongue around her sister’s pussy lips, breathing in that oh-so-familiar scent begins getting Bex’s pussy going again.

Her inner thoughts flow like water, cutting through the Grand Canyon. “God, why does this turn me on so fucking much.” Flicking her tongue playfully along the outside of her pussy, giving little nibbles along the way. Taking her mouth, Bex sucks up all of Alathia’s pussy into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the inner labia that she’s gathered into her mouth.

Causing full-on moans to escape Alathia’s lips. “Oh my, Honey Tongue, your mouth is fucking amazing.”

Still nude on the floor, Bex thinks to herself. “Fuck, maybe if I ask my mistress if I can touch myself, she’ll have some sympathy. Wait, did I just call Alathia ‘my mistress’? Fuck, focus Bex, focus!”

In the most timid voice Bex has ever used, “Mistress Alathia, may I please diddle my pussy.” Internally, Bex is screaming, “Diddle! I’m fucking reduced to using the word diddle to please my sociopathic little sister and I actually like it! Fuck Bex, fuck!”

Hearing Bex’s pitiful request, is like the hottest thing Alathia’s ever heard. Thinking to herself, “She has been very obedient today. And fuck, she is a natural pussy licker! And, diddle, I almost orgasmed on that alone.”

Between her sultry moans, “I’m not sure what you mean by diddle yourself, my love slut.”

Blushing, turning a shade of pink, “Mistress, may I rub my pussy while I lick your delicious snatch, please.” Giving Alathia her best begging look, biting her lower lip in a pout.

Giving her obedient slut puppy a head pat, “You absolutely may what was it again? Oh yes, ‘diddle’ your pussy. Now, you must thank your mistress for allowing you to touch what belongs to her, after all. Remember, don’t you dare climax either!”

Bex’s inner thoughts are damn near growling at her, for this pathetic display she’s putting on, “Fuck Bex! Begging your little sister to masturbate, that’s a new fucking low; like asking Teddy to put that buttplug in your ass was humiliating. Asking your cunt-of-a-little-sister to DIDDLE yourself. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YOU! This is soul crushing.”

Bex anxiously begins rubbing her pussy furiously. “So good! Fuck, I’m so fucking horny, I can’t take much more and the sister sociopath is gonna Caddebostan Escort Bayan make me suffer all day again, I know it!”

Licking her little sister’s pussy, Bex is struck with an amazing idea– she keeps her favorite toy stashed under the sink. Maybe if she offers to use it on Alathia, she’ll be pleased with her.

“Um, Mistress, I keep one of my toys in the drawer. Would you like me to use it on you?”

Surprised at her big sister’s offer of using a toy on her, Alathia is more than okay with the suggestion. “My, oh my, does my pet wanna fuck her little sister with her favorite toy. I’d love to have you use your favorite toy, but your lips never leave my pussy and you better rub yourself real fucking good.” Alathia almost growls the last part, experiencing the beginning of her sexual high.

In her most petite voice, “Yes, Mistress.” Reaching into the bathroom drawer, Bex pulls out her favorite dildo. It’s surprisingly pink, and a decent seven inches with moderate girth.

Watching Bex with her toy, a truly mischievous idea crosses Alathia’s mind. “Suck that toy, Bex. Get it wet for me. You’ll also talk dirty to the dildo; pretend it’s dad’s cock, bitch. Hahaha.”

Scooping her phone up, Alathia begins recording Bex’s little performance. Bex can’t keep the surprise from crossing her face– something about the request really gets Bex’s vaginal juices flowing.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Taking the dildo to her lips, “Oh my, daddy, your cock is so big. Did you get this hard watching your daughter, daddy?”

Watching Bex licking the dildo like it’s a real cock, Alathia begins rubbing herself. Alathia thinks to herself, having my slutty big sister fucking our pathetic sissy father would be so hot, I should maybe even make my big sister a pussy licker service for mom; fuck, that makes me horny as fuck.

Moaning softly, Alathia is watching Bex attempt to deepthroat the dildo like a ravenous whore. “Oh daddy, do you want to put your cock in mine or Alathia’s tight pussy?”

“Oh, you kinky little slut, you’re going to fuck me with that dildo, huh, slut?”

“Only if you’d like, my Mistress.”

Alathia spreads her pussy open with two fingers, motioning Bex to come fuck her; Bex is moving forward, with her eyes locked on Alathia’s snatch. With a quick grab, Alathia has her hand in Bex’s hair, tabling her up into a kiss, that sends small explosions to Bex’s sex, causing little explosions in her own crotch to go off.

Alathia slides her tongue into her big sister’s waiting mouth, like a venomous water moccasin hunting her tongue, rolling her own tongue around Bex’s draws the most delicious sounds Alathia’s ever heard. While Alathia’s tongue is checking her teeth for cavities, Bex slips her toy into Alathia’s very wet, very ready, and very fuckable pussy; causing Alathia to whimper in pure pleasure, spilling into her big sister’s waiting mouth, who drinks down her little sister’s moans like vintage wine.

Bex’s thoughts bounce around like a rabid squirrel on cocaine. “Fuck why do you do this to me, Alathia? I just want your approval. I just want to make you happy. I don’t care if that means being on my knees spreading myself open for you.”

Breaking the kiss, Bex latches onto Alathia’s nipple, pulling harder on her little sister’s nub, suckling like a newborn at their momma’s tit. Alathia begins stroking her hair. Bex continues working the dildo, flipping the switch on the end, turning the vibration function on.

This causes the sexiest moans to escape Alathia’s black-lipsticked lips. “Fuck me, you fucking slut. You’re gonna drive me over the edge, aren’t you?” P Grabbing Bex’s head, Alathia plants a deep kiss on Bex’s lips, while she climaxes all over her sister’s favorite toy and hand, breathing roughly into her big sister’s arms.

Bex pulls the toy from her sister’s wet pussy. Then begins taking it to the sink.P

“Oh no, my slutty little pet. You’ll need to lick that clean.”

Alathia slips into the shower, beginning her showering routine, leaving Bex back, kneeling, taking the dildo back into her mouth like a cock.

Tasting the nectar of her sister on the toy is doing all kinds of things to Bex. “I can’t say I hate tasting Alathia’s pussy, it’s actually amazing.”

Now having washed off the effects of the run and last night’s sweat, Alathia instructs Bex to take her shower, begins to lay out the clothes for her to wear, and then tells her she is to then return to Alathia’s room. “You’ll also keep your hands out of your pussy, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress. May I wash the dildo and put it away first, Mistress?”

Smiling, Alathia was hoping to punish Bex for her disobedience about the dildo. Remarking to herself, “Bex is farther along than I initially thought she’d be. You were born to be on your knees, slut.”

“Yes you may, my pet slut.”

Stepping into the shower, Bex washes the toy, setting it to the side, before she runs through her own routine. While Bex Escort Caddebostan is focusing on washing her hair, Alathia finishes laying out Bex’s outfit for the day.

Finishing up her shower, Bex looks over the new maid outfit. It’s not the baby-blue one of the previous days. This one is a pale-pink one trimmed in white, and all the accompanying accessories with a pair of pink, six-inch heels with a pink heart bows on the toes.

Flopping on the toilet, Bex can’t help but be disheartened by the whole maid outfit and fucking heels again. Being the house bitch sucks. In what fucked-up porn does the maid actually clean anything.

Picking up the stockings, Bex hates to admit she’s kinda falling in love with the feel and look of stockings. Picking up the underwear, they’re a far cry from her comfy regular ones. The style of the new panties is more like ones you buy as a prepubescent child. They radiate cute, not sexy at all; the giant bear on the butt doesn’t help. This is the icing on the embarrassment cake. Slipping the panties up her legs, pulling them over her cute little ass, Bex gives her a butt a little wiggle. “I may be lacking in the top department, but I’ve always had a cute ass.”

Pulling the dress over her head and pulling the white floppy bow tight, really brings her figure out. Her wide hips are prominent in the satin pink uniform, which feels amazing on her freshly cleaned skin. Brushing down any wrinkles, she looks over her half-assembled outfit, making sure it’s on properly and everything is in the right place.

She places the headpiece on, making sure it’s on correctly. The long gloves are slowly pulled up her arms, feeling the soft material caressing her fingers. Putting off the heels as long as possible, finally Bex notices that these heels are different; they have little gold locks, so once they’re locked on, they can’t be removed. “Fuck I hate these torture devices and now my little sister expects me to lock myself in them, as well. I hate to admit it, but they do make my legs look amazing and my ass spectacular.”

Entering Alathia’s room, Bex can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy, seeing Alathia in jeans and a tee shirt. Bex longs to be comfortable like her little sister is.

With a smile that lights her eyes, “You look so cute in that outfit. Come sit at my vanity. I’m going to do your makeup. I’m thinking youthful, early makeup looks minimal with the right amount of cuteness. What do you think, my pet slut?”

Straining through gritted teeth, “Whatever makes you happy, Mistress.” Taking a seat in front of Alathia’s vanity, the little sister moves around her big sister in a blur, working her makeup magic on Bex. Slowly, her usual tomboyish look disappears into a prepubescent-princess look.

“There she is, my slutty pet is so cute!”

Bex keeps her emotions in check, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now follow me, pet. I’ve set up the next part of your training.”

Confused, Bex follows Alathia back to her room. Bex notices all her comfy underwear is in a pile on her bed. “Um, Mistress, why is my underwear piled on the bed?”

Stroking Bex’s cheek, “You’re getting rid of all these panties. You’ll be getting more like what you’re currently wearing, and I’ll let you keep your sexy ones, especially the crotchless ones.” Alathia is giggling evily, watching Bex’s discomfort at realizing she’s losing more and more control faster and faster.

Holding back her rising anger, “Yes, Mistress. What do you need me to do?”

Alathia replies, “I’ll be going through all your clothes and will be getting rid of all your inappropriate clothing today.”

Struggling to keep the shock and disappointment off her face, Bex answers, “Yes, Mistress.”

Pointing to the black trash bags, Alathia tells Bex to begin bagging up her clothes. Bex sees her favorite shirt in the trash pile. “Mistress, may I please keep this shirt?”

Tapping her chin, Alathia takes a moment. “Okay, Bex, you can keep it. But you’ll be compliant all day, no arguing about getting pierced, and you can keep that stupid shirt.”

Knowing the piercings are gonna happen if she capitulates, but that she can keep something precious to her, Bex tells herself, “I can’t lose the gift Nathaniel gave me.” Replying, “Yes, Mistress. I’ll be good.”

“Then you can keep your lucky rag. Take the rest of this inappropriate attire and load it in my jeep. It should be unlocked.”

Bex begins carrying the full bags to Alathia’s jeep; she really can’t mourn the loss of her wardrobe over the aching in her feet and the ache in her pussy. After a few trips, Bex’s old clothes are gone; her bare closet now contains a few maid dresses in different colors and a few dresses are all that hang in a once-full closet, along with anything that Alathia deemed appropriate. Bex can only guess what she thinks is appropriate attire now.

Finally taking a moment to realize her very near-empty closet. “This is going way to fucking far! She’s essentially turning me into her personal sex toy, maid and doll. What the fuck? And I’m entirely upset with it. The idea makes me horny for more! No, no, pull yourself together, Bex. Focus!”

Hearing her little sister’s voice pulls her out of the haze of her lost thoughts. “Okay, my slutty pet, we have breakfast to make.”

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