I am taking this wife!


I am taking this wife!
This true event happened at a party I attended, and a memory I will not forget. No one has permission to use my material with out my permission. First, I want to start out by saying the names have been changed, never will the real names of the people in my stories be used. I have attended two other parties at this couple’s house. We met through mutual friends and the last two parties were a lot of fun, so when I got an invited to this party it was a no brainer, I was going.

Pam is a stunning brown-haired woman, she is a thick, hour glass frame, natural woman.Pam has breast that are a 38C cup, 5’6” 145lbs wearing a loose pleated skirt and a deep V cut type tee shirt, and this accented her natural breast beautifully. Her husband Mike was a 6 foot 220lbs and a total douche bag. Mike was the type that told a joke and only the two people that hangout with him would laugh, if you get my point.

It was a summer evening very nice out and there were about nine people in the backyard talking. When the conversation of old youth kissing games came up “ie. Spin the bottle, truth or dare”. We were all laughing and talking about the greatest parts of the game, add alcohol to the mix people start telling more than usual. The last two parties that Pam and Mike threw, Pam was being very flirty. I always just blew it off and thought of it as to much alcohol and that she was just friendly.

Regardless of the reasoning, Pam always looked fucking hot and not once did I not want to fuck her. The first two parties I did not make any moves just in case I was wrong about Pam actions. But it was different at this party Pam had on a pleated skirt and a bikini top she looked very hot. Pam starting flirting with me again but this time I called her bluff I really wanted to fuck this lady.

After talking about the games and reflecting on great memories, I was getting very horny now. Pam was making it worse, by walking by and grabbing me in the crotch area, and putting her arms around me from behind, and giving me hugs. Pam came right up to me and said you look horny and walked by again this time flashing her ass. As she was walking away, the cockiness came out of me and I said, “that ass is mine tonight”, she looked back, with this come and get it smirk on her face.

About twenty minutes passed and both of Mike’s friends left with the women they came to the party with, both of Mike friends were also idiots that’s probably why they were all friends. This is normally when Mike leaves the party and goes to bed, at least that seems to be his pattern from the last two parties I attended. It seemed like most the people there did not like Mike, and only came to the parties because they were friends of Pam.

However, this time Mike was on the sofa drinking another beer, when I noticed Pam walking out towards the garage. She was washing a woman shirt that spilled a drink on it earlier, so I followed her into the garage. She never saw me coming, she turned around, and I grabbed her and started kissing her, while fondling her tits though her shirt. Then I slid my hands down to her skirt lifting it and putting my hand under it, now fondling her panties that covered her sweet pussy. Pulling her panties to the side and slipping my fingers in her pussy.

Pam pussy was now dripping wet, she was moaning loudly In my ear, she was telling me how good my fingers felt in her pussy, when a drunken woman entered the garage looking for the bathroom, which caused us to stop. Pam fixed herself quickly, she was red and flushed from us messing around. Pam turned around with this smirk or her face and just shook her head walking away. I walked out of the garage and there were about twelve people still at the party. Walking into the living room, I see Mike passed out on the sofa, and I mean out cold.

Now, I have precum coming out of my cock, I am horny and ready to fuck like an a****l. I was determined to fuck Pam tonight. Pam walks into the family room with an embarrassed look on her face, she knows Mike is passed out. Pam was asking how am I going to get him up to bed, I said I will help her, and I went and got another person to help me get Mike to his room. The other guy I recruited helped me carry Mike up the stairs into their bedroom. We tossed him on the bed, he never moved, he was out snoring away.

The person who helped me left and went back to the party; Pam said thanks and started taking Mike shoes off. As I was walking out of the room, I turned and looked, Pam was bent over her skirt was raised up and I saw those legs up to her panties. That took me over the edge, I walked over and held her bent over, Pam said you can’t do this here. Mike is going to wake, up at this point I didn’t care, and ran my hand under her skirt this time pulling off her panties and started fingering her hard.

Pam tensed at first, but was still dripping wet from earlier, after about thirty seconds she started loosening up and began moaning , “saying that’s it finger my hot wet pussy baby”. Grabbing her hair and pulled her up, I took her to the other side of the bed and threw her down on the bed. Pam’s head was resting on Mike’s leg, she had this lust in her eyes, with a fuck me please look on her face. Then she said we can’t do this here, please he might wake up, I pulled my pants down, my cock was hard as a rock.

I grabbed her legs, pulled her a little towards the edge of the bed, and slipped my cock into her till the hilt. Pam had this look on her face of ecstasy and I started slamming my cock in and out of her pussy, kissing her, and squeezing her tits. Pam was moaning very loud and she started squirting all over my cock, I reached down and grabbed her neck and asked her how her pussy feels, she started Cumming again. I knew I was not going to last much longer and told Pam I am about to cum.

Pam said she wanted to taste me, but I had other ideal, I was Cumming in her pussy, it was mine now, and I was claiming it buy cumming in it. I could feel it coming up my shaft and launching into Pam pussy filling her up, that made Pam cum again. I stayed in her for a minute she just looked at me with a smile on her face flush red catching her breath. When I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy, I wanted her to taste me with her pussy juices on my cock. Pam looked at me, and with this smile, she just started sucking my cock clean.

After Pam cleaned my cock, I picked up my pants and walked out of the room and out of the house leaving the party. I fucked Pam one other time this time she was separated from Mike and in her own house, but that’s another story.

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