How My Life Could Have Gone Part 3


How My Life Could Have Gone Part 3Saturday I was left to my own devices then Sunday I joined her and her parents when we went to visit some family friends in Hertfordshire and by the time we got back there was only enough time for quick oral sex then I had to get back to the west end and my hotel. My heart sank Monday morning when Sarah informed me her period had arrived. “Doesn,t mean I,m not going to suck you off just that Kitty is going to be somewhat messy for a while and it,s going to mess up the rest of your leave time!” “Oh well! At least you know I haven,t knocked you up!” I sighed. True to her word she made up for her menstruating pussy with her talented mouth and reluctantly I found myself back on my West German air base. On duty it was just a matter of killing time till my next leave which came in Ve rusry,1968 ten more days. It was damp cold weather but we didn,t care. Sarah had Küçükçekmece Escort managed to talk her parents into letting me sleep in her now unoccupied brother,s room as he,d been married two years then. The afternoon I arrived I was fairly tired from the journey on the train ferry from Trier through Luxemburg and Belgium and by ferry to Dover then straight into Waterloo Station, London. As it had been difficult to predict when I,d arrive Sarah hadn,t met me but as it was just after 3pm I headed for her hotel to meet her there. She was delighted and this time instead of being afraid of advertising her fee,Inga for me in front of her colleagues she me.ted into my arms and talked her boss into letting her finish forty minutes early. Missing the height of the rush hour there were still plenty of people on the underground but we still managed to find seats when Küçükçekmece Escort Bayan we switched to the Piccadilly line and by the time we reached our destination Ar os Grove there was only about a dozen commuters still on board. A quick breather in Arnos Park itself for a long passionate tongue sucking snog and we continued on to Sarah’s parents house near by. We,d actually got home before her mother who did evenings in the local doctor,s surgery so Sarah started preparing the evening meal and fighting off my attempts to divert her to more amorous things. We obviously both missed our sex sessions, but knew we had to be patient till after the parents had retired to bed.l” Dad,s a heavy sleeper and snores a lot. It takes Mum a bit longer to get to sleep”” Sarah told me. “If you still want more later once they,re asleep I,ll join you in bed, but we Escort Küçükçekmece must make sure we don,t both fall asleep as it would be.very awkward explaining me in bed with you when we,re only supposed to be just playing around! Mum still thinks I,m a virgin!” “You Were as far as I,m concerned!” I kissed her warmly. This time when we retired to the lounge and removed all our clothing there was no real urgency as I suckled her marvellous titties and eventually tasted that sweet smelling quim till she squirmed and squirted and groaned “Put him in! I need it Now!” Once inside she gripped me with her inner muscles and did her own movements to cooperate with mine as we worked together as one striving for mutual pleasure. Achieved we were happy to tidy up and put our clothing back on ready to accept a lovely biscuit washed down with a milky coffee knowing there,d be more sexy actions later on. It seemed hours, but then her parents were bidding me good night not long after Sarah had and retired to her bedroom. As her brother,s room was at the far end of the first floor she had to wait till her parents were asleep as they kept their door open and would see Sarah should she attempt to sneak past. TBC

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