How I Lost My Cute Girlfriend Pt. 01


Part 1: Introduction

My name is Tim, I am an average looking, kind of nerdy biology student in my last semester. I met my girlfriend Sarah two years ago at a scientific talk about future sustainable resources and fell in love with her on first sight. Since then, we have been happy together, even though I never really understood what she saw in me. Talking about looks, people would say she is completely out of my league and could have had every guy she wished for. But somehow, she ended up falling in love with me. This is the story of how I lost her to another guy on a party.

Sarah was 20 years old and rather petite, only being 162 cm tall and weighing around 48 kg. She went to the gym quite often, giving her an athletic figure, which was rounded up by her small but firm 75B breasts. Her long blonde hair reached down to her well-trained little butt and most of the times she would wear them in a long braid or pigtails. Apart from her almost perfect body, she had the face of an angel with big and innocent blue eyes, white teeth and full lips that other girls would kill for.

We were happy together, at least that is what I always thought. Our personalities were complementing each other: She was more of an extroverted type, eager to go on adventures and always on the look to experience something new, while I was more introverted, favouring cosy evenings on the couch with her, watching a Netflix series and eating popcorn. That way we both benefited from each other. She pulled me out of my comfort zone several times and was happy to see that I enjoyed it as long as she was with me. On the other hand, I always had an open ear for her when she had the urge to talk and would put my arms around her when she needed to relax. Usually she would fall asleep in my arms on the couch and I would carry her to our bed and put the blanket over her little body.

Sexually I was inexperienced before we met, so I was too shy to demand anything from her and was glad that she would give her body to me in any form. So normally we just had sex in missionary position, with her legs widely spread and her arms around my neck while I would thrust into her for a few times before ejaculating into the condom that I always had to use. I never asked her for a blowjob, after she once told me she thought the concept of oral sex would be disgusting to her. So she never even came close to taking it into her mouth, even though I wanted it so bad. Only the thought of looking down and seeing her deep blue eyes, while her cute lips would be wrapped around my penis, moving back and forth, always gave me an erection. Nevertheless, I was happy. I loved her, and I still do, even though I will never forget what happened on that party we went to a few weeks Çeşme Escort ago…

Part 2: The party.

A few weeks ago, on a warm evening in June, my cell phone rang and it was the beautiful melody I put for calls from Sarah. It was around 8:00 pm and I was playing the new god of war game on my PlayStation but paused the game to accept the call.

“Heeeey sweetie, please come over and join me at Jenny’s place! There is a party going on here with an awesome beer-pong tournament! I’m having so much fun here, pleeeease come, I miss you!” she said in a cheerful voice.

She sounded quite drunk already for just having arrived at the party and I was not in the mood to leave my room anymore. On the other hand, I could never say no to her. I was thinking for a few seconds and then replied.

“Okay.. just.. just give me a few minutes and I will take a shower and come over, is there anyone there that I know? I don’t even know Jenny very well.. are you sure it is going to be okay if I show up?”

“Don’t be stupid, you are my boyfriend, of course it is going to be okay! Just come over and knock on the door. Someone will open you. And if you are asked, you can just say you belong to me. See you sweetie, love you!” she answered and made a kissing noise.

She ended the call after I heard noises in the background and drunk cheering people, as usual at parties, after a certain time and alcohol level. I hurried and skipped the shower to be there as soon as possible. After putting on some fresh jeans, a red/black checkered shirt that Sarah bought me recently, and fixing my hair in front of the mirror, I left my room and headed for the party. Jenny’s place was only 5-10 minutes of walking away and I arrived there already hearing the typical party noises of drunk guys encouraging themselves to drink even more, mixed with loud and bass heavy music. Nervously I knocked on the door and was led in by a girl that was so drunk she could barely stand anymore. I could not even understand what she was trying to tell me, so I just went in to search for Sarah. After squeezing through a crowd dancing people, I arrived at the beer pong table, where I could see Sarah standing opposite of a guy, I had never seen before. She did not recognize me at first, because she was focused on aiming the table-tennis ball into a cup on the opposite side of the table. To not break her concentration, I just sat down at the row of chairs that was put near the table for observers.

Sarah was wearing surprisingly tight clothes this evening. It seemed like she just went to the party directly from the gym. Maybe she met Jenny during her workout and was invited over? I still don’t know. The tight grey leggings on Çiğli Escort her legs were fitting like a second skin on her. Her small ass was perfectly emphasized and even her black little thong was visible through the fabric. Her sporty black top was tight on her as well and did not cover her perfectly flat stomach at all. I could not even tell if she was wearing a bra underneath, since I could not see any bra straps on her shoulders. She was wearing her long blonde hair in a braid that almost reached her little butt and wiggled while she was attending to throw the ping-pong balls. The guy on the opposite site of the table was huge. He had to be at least 195 cm tall, with broad shoulders and extremely muscular arms. I thought he had to be a football or basketball player with that kind of stature. His big arms were showing because he was only wearing a tight red muscle shirt. He combined that with some wide, grey sweatpants. Maybe this guy had been at the gym before as well?

While I was sitting on my chair, I was observing Sarah playing against this guy and losing one cup after another. I was about stand up and go to Sarah for a kiss and to drag her away from this table in order to prevent her getting totally wasted, but then the deep voice of this guy struck me, and I just continued watching.

“Let’s make things more interesting baby. For the next cup I hit, you take off your top!” he demanded.

I could feel my heart beating faster and my head turning red after his suggestion, but I did not say or do anything. I was looking at Sarah, who was only smiling and nodding her head, before a few moments later one of her last two cups was hit with a ball. It took her a moment to realize, but then she just shrugged and smiled.

“You are so mean! But well, a bet is a bet.”

I wanted to scream. I was just sitting a few meters away, but I could not move or say anything. My heart felt close to exploding and I felt shivers down my spine, while I was getting nervous and clenched my fists to suppress my anger and helplessness. Next to me, I heard some people whisper and other people cheering, as Sarah was taking her top off in front of everyone, showing her perfectly firm breasts. Apparently, she was not wearing a bra underneath. The guy in front of her took his time to look at her, as a big smile appeared on his face.

“Good girl! What about if I hit your last cup two times in a row, you suck my cock dry?” he asked in a cocky tone and grabbed his crotch with one hand in a provocative way.

The mere way he spoke to her made me angry already. Everything about this situation made me angry, but somehow my body was not responding. I could still not move, and it was getting difficult Foça Escort to breathe, as I saw how Sarah just nodded again. Shortly after, the first ball directly hit the last cup of her with a quiet splashing noise. I wanted to scream as loud as I could.

“Please, just come home with me Sarah! Stop this bullshit!”

But I was just sitting there on my chair, clenching my fists until my knuckles turned white. He was getting the ball for his last shot and hesitated for a few moments, looking at Sarah’s body and holding the ball in one of his big hands. I could no longer look at it, the tension was just not bearable for me anymore, so I took out my phone, to get my mind away from this embarrassing and horrible situation. As I started browsing my Facebook feed, I could hear the ball dropping into the liquid of Sarah’s cup again. People around me went crazy, cheering for Sarah and chanting her name, while I was watching at old photos of us on my phone. At the time I looked up from my phone again, she was already on her knees in front of him. I could only see the back of her head, her long braid almost reaching to the ground. One of his big hands was grabbing her head tightly to push her beautiful face onto his cock.

“Look up at me you little slut!” he commanded, and she followed without hesitation.

Her head moved back and forth, allowing his cock to enter between her sweet lips with every movement, as she was sucking his cock with loud slurping noises. She looked up at him with her innocent blue eyes, while he was starting to force his big cock down her throat in front of everyone. He clutched her hair tightly and pushed his cock down her throat, until his big balls were hanging in front of her chin. She was coughing and gagging helplessly on his cock but did not seem like she wanted him to stop. Her blue eyes gazed up to him, while tears ran down her face and smeared all her make-up, as she was choking hard on his cock. Relentlessly, he started to fuck her throat with hard and deep thrusts, using her beautiful little face just for his satisfaction, as she was drooling and her saliva was dropping down on her gorgeous breasts. He laughed down at her and kept fucking her face without remorse, until he suddenly stopped and let out a loud and deep moan, while pushing her face down on his cock. As he was done with her, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pointed to me with one hand.

“Go and show him whose slut you are!” he said laughing.

Sarah approached me with her mouth closed. She was smiling, her face completely smudgy from tears and make-up. She leaned over to me, putting her hands on my knees and came very close to my face. She opened her mouth and showed me his big load of cum inside, covering her whole tongue. Shortly after, she closed her lips and swallowed everything in front of me. I still could not say or do anything, what had just happened?


Story is completely fictional and was inspired by a short reddit-post I once read, could be continued at another time.

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