How I Caught My Wife Cheating


Before I left with Stacey on our road trip to Chicago, I got out my web cams and put them in the bedroom covering all the angles, to see what might be going on in there while I was gone. I set up my laptop to act as a go between to my new external hard drive, so that it could record everything with lots of memory space. I had them set to start recording at 5 pm Tuesday night, and record continuously till I got home. I told my wife, her name is Jan, I would not be home until sometime Friday afternoon, knowing full well I would be home late Thursday night.

I followed Stacey out of the office parking lot, we both went our separate ways. As I got to my house, I noticed some strange cars out in front of my house. So I circled the block to check things out before stopping just before my house. I walked up the driveway, hoping the dam dog would not bark at me. I went around the house and the dogs was chained outside, which is something that she never does, unless someone is there that the dogs doesn’t like and barks at them. Things were starting to smell funny to me, even the dog did not bark, as he was glad to see me, almost like he has been outside for along time. I petted his head and scratched his ears to calm him down, so he would not make any noise.

I open the back door and let myself in as quietly as possible. I sneaked up the stairs, and I could here sounds coming from my bedroom. I slowly open the door to see what was going on, and I got the shock of my life. Here were 2 big black bucks fucking my wife. I watched for a few minutes, and then I slinked back down the hallway to the stairs and down the stairs to my office. The lab top was still running so I sat down to watch the show.

I could not believe just how big their dicks were, at least 10″ long and big around as my fist. They were taking turns pounding my wife’s pussy. I could not see her face she had a pillow over it, but is was not hard to guess that she was enjoying it. Finally they double teamed her, with one fucking her pussy, and the other was fucking her ass. I thought for sure that they were going to split her in two. I did not think that her 2 holes could stretch that far to accommodate those huge pricks. They must have cum, as they both had their cock’s out and up to her mouth, and she was licking them both clean. Fuck I will never kiss her again, after she licked those nasty things. They got dress and called my wife a slut and whore, and said they would be back to fuck her again, and she better be ready, as this was the only way to pay off her debt. They left and my wife pulled the covers up and went to sleep. I went out and let the dog in, and got my car, and pulled it into the driveway, locking it up and went into the house, and locked the doors.

I headed back to my office to see just what my camera’s captured for me. Fuck I could not believe it, here was our neighbor, a fucking guy neither of us liked, put his meat to good use on my wife and she was enjoying I think. Later on that night over comes some of her work friends and soon there is an orgy going on in my bed. She is sucking Escort and fucking both men and women, and I just can’t believe it but I am starting to get a big hard on. She is doing stuff with them that she would never try with me, that bitch. Wednesday is quiet till later in the evening, when she is home with that neighbor again. I can’t figure this one out, I know she does not like that guy. They fuck the night away and he spends the night with her. He leaves in the morning, and she goes to work, but comes home at noon, with a couple of her male co-workers for a nooner. For an hour they spend time in bed sucking and fucking her. I can’t believe what a slut she has become.

They leave and she stays home from work taking a nap. Then she leaves, and not much is going on till she gets home around 10 pm, and those two black guys enter the picture right after that. Wow what a fucking display they put on with her. I am completely blown away with all that has happen in a couple of days that I was gone. I edit and make copies of everything, and start to plan on just what I was going to do. Mean time I was getting sleepy, and no way was I going up to my bed with that whore in it. So I bunked on the couch, and went to sleep. In the morning, I heard her up in the bathroom, and then she came down to get some breakfast. She stop fast in tracts when see saw me on the couch. She said when did you get home, not even bothering to give me a hug or kiss. Somehow her face had guilt written all over it. I told her I got home around 1 am, and did not want to bother her so I slept on the couch. She just said O, and went into the kitchen to fix her some breakfast, went back up the stairs, showered and got dressed for work. I think I heard her strip the sheets off the bed. She left for work without hardly saying a word, no kiss or hug goodbye like she used to do. All this was very odd. I would not have kissed or hug the bitch anyway so it was a good thing she did not offer.

I got up and had something to eat, went up and showered, got dressed and went downtown to see my lawyer. I showed him some of the video of her sex acts with the black guys, and told him I wanted to divorce her. He said he would get right on it for me, and have them done and served on her Monday, at her place of work. I would just have to keep away from her over the weekend, maybe I would go north to the cabin, she hates that place.

I put together a edit version on a cd and mailed to her at her place of work, and hope she would get it about the same time she was served the divorce papers. I pack a few things I need and leave her a note telling her I am going up to the cabin to check it out and be home Sunday afternoon. I make sure the web cams are working ok, and I get the dog and we head north to the cabin. Along the way I stop at a store to get some food for the next couple of days. I had though of calling Stacey, but I did not want to push my luck, the wife just might come up to the cabin, and I wanted to be clean just in case. I got home Sunday mid afternoon, and she was not home, and no note to tell me Escort Bayan anything.

I tossed my dirty clothes in the laundry room, and went into my office and checked the computer to see just what happen over the weekend while I was gone. How surprising, that she was almost as good as gold, with the exception of the two black guys who were over Saturday night. They both fucked her in the ass and in the pussy, and each did a double team in her ass and pussy. I don’t know how she could not be sore after that pounding she took. When they were done they made her suck their dirty dicks clean. That was the only encounter that was done here, but who knows what she did else where. I can’t figure out why these two blacks have returned to fuck her, she is not that great of a fuck. Something real odd here. She came home Sunday evening and said she was tired, and going to bed. I ending up on the couch again, but by my choice. No way was I going to sleep in that dirty bed with that stinky bitch whore.

Monday morning came and I was up early, showered and got dressed and headed to work, in great anticipation of just what was going to happen to her today. Dam I just wish I had some web cams in her office to record all of this and the big shock she was going to get.

Jan gets up and has breakfast, showers and gets ready for work. She feels her whole life is slipping away from her. She figures I must know that something is not right. I won’t kiss or hug her, hardly talk to her, and won’t sleep in bed with her. She has cried her self to sleep over the weekend, as the mess she is in gets deeper. She gets to work at 8 am, and does some paper work for a while. Mail call comes and she gets an envelope with a cd in it with no name on either items. She puts the cd in her computer, and watches in shock and horror, as she performs sex acts on the screen. Tears stream down her cheeks as she watches, wonder just how this was recorded. There is a knock on her door and she opens it to a process server who hands her the divorce papers in an envelope. She opens it up and read the information, and sits down and cries.

One of her best friends at work stops by and sees her crying there, and ask what is the matter. Jan just cries on her shoulder and tells her what she has done, and how her whole life is shattered. She finally get Jan settled down, and tells her to go home and she will cover for her today. She told Jan that she needs to talk with me and get things straightened out. Jan called me at the office, but I would not take her calls or answer my cell phone either. I did listen to a couple of her voice messages, pleading with me to not do this, that she loves me with all her heart, and does not want a divorce.

I got home around 5 pm and she was in the living room crying her eyes out. She heard me come in there and got up to give me a hug, and I put my hands out to stop her, tell her to keep her distance from me. She sobbed why? I said as if you can’t guess, you must have watched the disk of your actions. She said you don’t understand. I said I wasn’t the one who Bayan Escort broke our marriage vows. She repeated her self that I did not understand what happen to her. So I made the big mistake of saying just what the fuck did happen to you. Which caused her to cry even harder, trying to make me feel bad, but I was standing firm.

She starting talking through sobs, that she got her self deep in debt on gambling, and that the neighbor behind us helped by paying off some in exchange for sex. I said you don’t even like the guy, why would you fuck him. That just made her cry harder. I said what about the orgy with your co-workers, and she just hung her head and said they were blackmailing her into it. I said what about the two big niggers, and she said they were debt collectors. I said you licked their cocks clean, how nasty, and you look like you enjoyed it. All she did was cry.

I said I really don’t want anything to do with you, I don’t want to kiss or have sex with you, or sleep in the same bed with you. I think if best that you pack your bags and move out of this house. That set off another bout of crying and begging don’t throw me out I have no place to go.
We argued a little more, with mostly her crying and me getting pissed about the whole situation.

All of the sudden there was a knock on the door. I went to open it and there stood those two big niggers. The biggest said we are here to collect the debt that she owes, are you ready to pay, and the pushed their way into the house. I said what the fuck do think your doing, if you don’t leave I will call the police. This was not the brightest thing I ever done in my life, because the next I know the big guy takes a swing at me and I am out cold.

I wake up in the bedroom tied to a chair with a gag in my mouth. The black guys are having their way with my soon to be ex wife. They are fucking her in both holes and making her suck their cocks, and just simply raping her for a lack of a better term. I am watching not really giving a shit what they do, as long as they leave me alone. I know that all of this is being recorded, in case I decide to go to the cops with it. They finish with her and walk up to me and say hope you enjoyed the show, and they will be back to collect till the debt is paid off. They both slapped me a couple times and left the house. Jan finally came over and untied me so I could get up. Then she just broke down and cried.

I was going to call the police and report this, then figure what good would it do, they would just get different goons to harm us till the debt was paid. I asked Jan just how much she owed. She sobbed twenty five thousand. I yelled 25 grand, how did you get so deep into them. She just cried. I told her I will pay the 25 grand off, but it comes out of your share of the divorce settlement. She just nodded, and continued to cry. I told her you don’t realize that these people prey on women like you to get deep into them, then they break you, and use you as their prostitutes for their clients.

We settled up the divorced and sold off the assets except the cabin which was mine, split 50-50 minus the 25 grand I paid off on her gambling debt. We both went our separate ways. I went and got an apartment, and the first person I called was Stacey.

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