How Did You Know?


Sometimes things happen that defy reason. A man beats odds of 17 million to one and wins a Lottery, you draw a Royal Straight flush. This is a report about two woman who would have suffered a cruel and drawn-out death except for the actions of a small child and two good men.

Grab a beer, get the feet up and follow SEAL 6 as I tell you a no shitter.

Gail Thomas, Jane Roberts, and Dee Dee Desato owned and operated the “Far Away” gift shop in New York City. Their reputation was made by having on sale items not found anywhere else. So it was that Gail and Jane were in Egypt hunting for items to sell in their shop. They received information from a sly deceitful old man that he knew of some woman in Libya who could put them into contact with Pdean Rashaad, a merchant connected to the Libya Mafia that could secure for them items of great beauty.

Greed and a sense of adventure were more powerful then good sense. Jane and Gail found a cab driver who knew a way for them to get to Aj Kufrah, Libya without being checked by border guards. A small house was rented in the North west outskirts of the city. The cabbie then set off to locate the Woman that they were to contact. Gail plugged in her lap top computer and typed a E-mail to Dee Dee, who was still in New York. She had finished all but the address when their contact woman and her four year old son arrived. They sat in the living room. In a couple minutes the boy wandered into the kitchen where the computer sat running.

Her little fingers hit the right side of the keyboard and printed this address: mklp=opikmjklokloikmlko. He moved the cursor to the send now area and hit the button. Gail’s message was sent, but not to Dee Dee.

Major Tug MaGraw, USMC, was the duty officer, covert missions, CIA Langley. His message screen came to life, and at the same time his printer activated to drop a printout of the message into his basket. In fourteen seconds he read the message and had flipped switches putting Escort bayan the message onto the screens of Houston NASA, CIA Computer tracking, CIA Operations Command, and Combat information control of the carrier Yorktown in the Mediterranean. Tug ordered that two SEALS be taken to Egypt. There they would be flown at 30,000 feet into Libya airspace for a drop.

CIA using pictures from redirected cameras that Houston NASA had focused on Aj Kufrah and had located the building that Gail and Jane were in.

Why all this activity? Gail is a street wise worldly woman that has lived all her life in New York City. She and her partners had developed a sarcastic descriptive vocabulary to describe how men reacted to them, and their business dealings. Gail was 38, stood 5′ 9,” and weight 139. Jane was 40, stood 5′ 11” and weight 133. Either woman would turn heads where ever they were in the world. Here is Gail’s E-mail, what she meant and what Tug believed she intended.

DD (S. Dee Dee) (T. Delta Division) We are holed up in Aj Kufrah, surrounded by the enemy. Attack by Bin Laden men later today. (S. Where we are, some ugly man to deal with, will surely try to bed them.) (T. Ongoing fire fight with local terrorists.) We hope to secure some prize goods and depart without being identified so that we can come again. (S. open a channel for further business.) (T. Undercover agent has access to information and if they can kill the attackers and get away his cover won’t be broken.) GT (S. her.) (T. The call sign of an actual agent in the area.)

Pdean Rashaad visited with them until 9 PM. He was a man of great wealth and could supply them with Gold statutes and painting worth millions. After reviewing their letter of credit from Chase Manhattan, a contract was signed and their first shipment would be airborne in two days. Then, as predicted, he did his best to bed one or either of the woman. Failing that, he left.

Just before the Falcon jet reached its Bayan Escort drop point, Tug saw on the infrared screen six persons jump from a car and run towards the house. Tug, barked into the small mike, “bandits engaging our subject.” Two SEALs dropped into the blackness. They free fell to 10,000 feet, wearing oxygen systems. Using GPS units on their wrists they guided their chutes to a spot 300 hundred yard from the building. Leaving all but their weapons they ran towards the building.

Sergeant Midega, of the local militia heard of the two woman. He was authority for the region, so if he and his men raped a woman, there was no one to even question his right to do so. Without knocking they burst into the home and dragged both Gail and Jane into the bedroom. Leaving their guns by the front door, they proceeded to tear the clothes off the woman. To these skinny, uneducated, dirty, scumbags, Gail and Jane were beyond their slimy dreams. Midega knew it would be several weeks before he had his fill of these fair things. He, of course would have each of them first. Naked, his pecker stiff and his loins on fire he advanced to the bed. “Hold her legs apart,” he ordered. SEAL Bobby Johnson peaked into the window. He whispered to his voice activated mike, “Six Bandits, subjects hostage, will engage in seven seconds”. Seal Ted Markey as well as 45 CIA, 20 NASA, 15 SEAL Officers, Norfolk, and every sailor on the Yorktown knew that two brave men were about to put it all on the line for a countryman.

Bobby entered the room first and stepped to his right. His first target was the far left man. The modified A15 rifle was set to fire three shot bursts. “Ba, Ba, Bap,” one down with three holes in his chest. Ted took out the left guy. Ba, Ba, Bap. Ba, Ba, Bap. They both got to Midega at the same time. He was trying to crawl off the bed. His chest was a sieve by the time he hit the floor. Both SEAL spun and went through the house to “clear it”.

For Gail and Escort Jane, things were happening that went beyond their imagination. Peace and quiet, impending rape, two men dressed completely in black enter and kill six men in seven seconds, and then leave them in total silence.

Bobby goes outside to guard the area. Ted whispers to the woman. “Put clothes on for walking, carry little, hurry.” Bobby whispers into his mike,” SEALs are in control, no bandits standing, proceeding to LZ.” 4,367 men and woman cheer! To a SEAL, the night is his friend. They walked two miles into a forest and then set up shelters to stay in until the following night when they will be picked up.

Gail and Jane ask the SEALs, “How did you know where we were? How did you know ahead of time that we were going to be in trouble? Bobby, who did not know those answers himself, just said, “All that information is classified.” Ted said, “Ladies, it will exceed 100 degrees today, you will want to wear as little as possible in the small tents we have. Gail said, “Jane,” as she dropped off all her clothes. “Don’t you think that we can offer some token of thanks to these men?” Jane’s dress dropped to her feet.

Men dream of going to bed with a woman who is lusting for him to enter her, to give all of her self to satisfy him. Such was the reward Bobby and Ted experienced for the next 21 hours. Several times they would change partners. Lips, pussy, tits, fannies, legs, lips. SEALs have some experience in those thing, but not like this.

The Blackhawk chopper picked them up at exactly 23:30 local time. The woman were dropped off outside a small town in Egypt. When the chopper called, “Feet wet,” Tug and many others stood down from a completed mission.

CIA noted that agent GT was saved and back in action. Houston NASA noted that the everything worked to perfection. 4,000 sailors went to bed that night knowing that they mattered. Tug, was happy as hell. “We killed those bastards!” SEAL Team 6. Routine mission. That’s what we do. Bobby and Ted. “Any more spies for us?” Gail and Jane are convinced from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet that God is the director of the CIA, and his angels are US Navy SEAL. What a country?

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