How About Some Lunch


C’mon in the kitchen baby, I made us some lunch. Before we get to that, though, I have some definite ideas on how we can make each other some appetizers. Take a seat on the kitchen chair, I’ll straddle you while I pull my shirt off over my head, slip off my bra, and present my hard nipples to your lips. My arms are around your neck and I am grinding against you as I thrill to the feel of your lips and your tongue.

Even through two pair of jeans, I can feel you getting hard as I wiggle and squirm and moan in your lap. Not yet wanting to break away from your mouth, I reach a hand in between us and rub and stroke you through your jeans. You nibble at me a little harder, making me gasp and jump, and I can’t wait any longer. I climb off your lap and get between your legs and fumble with your button and zipper, pulling at your waistband, you lift your ass off the chair so I can pull your clothes down. I leave your pants around your ankles because now I can get at your dick and I reach for you with hands and mouth.

I lick and lap you all over. I run the tip of my tongue around the ridge at the top then down the underside seam, then back up. My hand is gently fondling your balls. I take your head between my lips and suck while my tongue continues to rub against you. I look into your eyes and you can see my eyes smiling and maybe a smile at the corners of my full mouth. In and out I take you as deep as I can while one hand is on your shaft and the other kneading your testes.

You lean your head back, enjoying the feel of the moment. One hand is idly playing with the tip of my nipple as you feel the pressure build. As you reach your peak, you put your hands on my head and guide me to the speed and acıbadem escort depth of stroking that you crave, and then you begin to release.

I moan gently as you explode into my mouth. I savor your taste, swirling your jism around my mouth before I swallow. The taste and smell of you fills my senses. I knead your testes a little tighter and suck a little more to get every bit of what you have. I lean my head back and lick my lips as I swallow one more time, then I lick you all over one more time before standing up and looking for my shirt.

The two of us are a sight, me with no shirt, and you with no pants. Before I can find my clothes you take me by the hand and begin to remove my pants, then lay on your back and pull me to a position straddling your face (I just knew it was a good idea to wear heels today).

You give my outer lips a broad lick; your hands are each wrapped around an ankle. I moan at the feel of your hot mouth and your breath. I move my knees wider apart and my pussy is spread wide open before you, glistening with arousal. You tease me by licking slowly around the edges. I try to push into you, rocking against your mouth and your chin and your nose. You tell me to slow down and enjoy it, but I am so far gone, you decide to take a different tack.

You roll me over so I am lying on my back with legs spread wide before you. You look around for a cushion to put under me, and in the few seconds you are doing this; I have begun to play with both hands. You grin in amazement at what a horny girl you have gotten mixed up with, and then join me, slipping your thick finger inside me along with my two.

As we pound our fingers in and out, akbatı escort I pull back the skin around my clit, exposing the bud to your lips. You run your tongue around my sensitive spot and I begin to lose my mind. Pushing our hands faster and faster, you feel my hips rising to meet the thrusts. You begin to really work my clit, flicking it with your tongue, and then sucking it gently, then harder as you feel me tensing up ready to come.

I begin to spasm; you can feel my walls contracting around your finger, as my hand urges the stroking to get faster and harder. I arch my back and push against your mouth, my free hand on the back of your head pushing you harder against me as I moan out load over and over. I am tingling all over as the feeling hits me in wave after wave. I thrash around a bit, and then begin to settle, coming down slowly, still breathing hard.

You remove your wet finger along with mine and I run my fingers in your hair as you work your way up my body, kisses here and there then you finally are kissing my lips. I close my eyes and put my arms around your neck and revel in the feel of your lips against mine, your body against mine.

Even in my post orgasmic haze, I notice you have gotten harder again, my eyes fly open and I look at you and grin. I push my hips up against you and rub, trying to get you in position. I begin to reach down to guide you and you take my wrists in your hands and pin my hands over my head. I spread my legs and wriggle and squirm as you tease me, rubbing your dick against my belly and thighs, everywhere but in my pussy where I want it so badly.

“Oh baby, please fuck me”, and you just look at me and smile and aksaray escort continue to torture me. You roll me over so I am on my stomach, and I pull my knees up under me and raise my ass high up in the air, presenting you with a dripping hungry pussy. “Please baby”, I whisper, my hips swaying in front of you. I reach back for your hard dick and run the end of you against my wet slit, up and down until you are getting as desperate as I am. You push into my wet lips and I push back against you. More and more you push in and out, a little deeper each time until you are pounding me full depth. This is it, this is the feeling, I wish it could last forever.

In and out, it’s so good it nearly brings tears to my eyes. I reach back with one hand and gently take hold of your sac and we push and pull, meeting the rhythm of each other. As I begin rubbing your balls, my wrist is pressing against my clit and I rub us both harder and faster as we climb. You are concentrating on holding back, you could come anytime but want to please me and make me come, so with an amazing amount of patience and self control you let your mind focus and hold steady. You lean forward and begin playing hard with my nipples, then whisper in my ear what a nasty sexy thing I am.

All the sensations together push me over the edge and I begin coming hard against you. You feel the spasm and rush as my movements become faster and more frenzied. I am moaning and sweating and panting and grinding against you. My hand on your balls begins to squeeze harder and with faster rhythm and you let yourself go. You are coming hard in me and I can sense it and feel it and it pushes me higher with you.

It seems to go on forever, this feeling of flying. I have blocked out the rest of the world except the feel of you against me. Coming down slowly, I stretch forward until I am lying flat on my belly, with you still against my back. You roll us part way over until we are on our sides and you wrap your arms around me and hold me close.

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