Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 103


Betty Ann Collins was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cup of tea in her bathrobe, when the doorbell rang. She had no idea who it might be, and upon opening the door was surprised but not displeased to find Kat Bowman, looking pink-cheeked and lovely in the frosty morning air. Betty noted that her hair was now dyed a seasonally appropriate green to go with a tight red sweater that showed off her bountiful bosom.

“Come in, sweetheart,” said Betty.

Kat gratefully said OK and came in out of the cold. Betty offered her a cup of tea and she happily accepted that as well.

“Is Kelly around?” asked Kat.

“No, she has a final this morning and she went into school early.” Kat looked crestfallen. “Is something the matter?”

“Well….” said Kat. trailing off. She stopped for a moment to think, looking into Betty Ann’s gorgeous green eyes. I might as well say it, thought Kat. Betty knows the score, she won’t judge me. “To be honest, I’m just really horny right now and I was hoping for a quickie before school. To clear my head. I have a final later, too. I’ve been studying my ass off but I feel all scattered.”

Betty smiled. “Yeah, I’ve been spending all my time getting ready for our holiday party. I haven’t taken any time for myself in days.” She took a last long drink of tea and sat her cup down, then took Kat by the hand. “Come on.”

Betty led Kat to the bedroom, where she stripped off the younger girl’s red sweater and bra. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Betty began to suckle Kat’s tits while at the same time unzipping her jeans and pulling them down around her knees. Betty slipped a hand between Kat’s thighs and felt the wetness there. The she slid the younger girl’s panties down and nuzzled into her pubic hair, which was thankfully still its natural blond.

Kat groaned and closed her eyes, trying to forget that this was the bed where Betty Ann slept with her husband — that it might well have been the bed where Kelly was conceived. She tried to just surrender herself to the pleasure of the moment, and mostly succeeded.

When Betty pushed a finger inside Kat she suddenly felt a little weak in the knees, and let herself sink down onto the bed next to Betty, who pulled her jeans and panties the rest of the way down and tossed them aside. Kat untied the belt of Betty’s robe and let it fall open, leaning over to nibble on the older woman’s nipples. Betty ran her fingers through Kat’s hair, which was still soft and lustrous despite the torture it had been put through.

Soon Kat was leaning all the way over and then Betty let herself fall onto her back so they could 69. They had a nice, leisurely mutual licking session and when they had each had a pair of quality orgasms Kat rolled off and took a deep, contented breath. “That was exactly what I needed. Thanks, Mrs… I mean, Betty.”

“My pleasure,” answered Betty Ann.

Kat glanced over at the clock. “Well, I’d better run.”

“Sure, sweetheart. Good luck on your final.”

When Kat had gone Betty crawled back under the covers; she had no place in particular to get to this morning. Then a deliciously naughty idea popped Kurtköy Escort into her head. Picking up the phone from the bedside table, she dialed Samantha Bowman’s number. When Samantha answered, Betty said, “What are you doing right now?”

* * *

Jessica and company slept late and wandered downstairs to the hotel restaurant for brunch. When the subject of plans for the day came up, Jane suggested that they might want to see her old house, which was currently being prepared for sale. It was not terribly far away so they put on lightweight jackets and set off on foot. It took them about 45 minutes to get there, and though it was cold the sun was out and the walk was enjoyable.

The real estate company had promised to send someone to meet them, and about 30 seconds after they arrived a black BMW pulled up. Out of it stepped a young woman in her late 20s or early 30s, thin and tallish in a crisp but still sexy business suit. “Hi,” she said, approaching them, “I’m Shoshi.” Up close, Shoshi was well-tanned with curly, dark brown hair and big, coffee-colored eyes.

Jessica, Jane, and Marie introduced themselves and then Shoshi let them into the house. It was an impressive place, upscale and well-appointed without being showy. It was not enormous, but big enough to be comfortable, and considering the location its value was substantial. Jane gave them a tour, including Shoshi, who was happy to have the “owner” of the house give her information that she might be able to use in selling it.

Afterward they congregated in the living room and Jane went down to the wine cellar for a bottle. Technically, everything here was still hers — actually Jessica’s, but Shoshi was not privy to that part of the arrangement.

Shoshi joined them for wine, and as they talked Jessica watched her, carefully sizing her up. Physically, while she had a lot of attractive qualities — dazzling eyes, gorgeously smooth skin, and generous, well-displayed cleavage — she also had pronounced imperfections. Her nose was a little too big, her chin a little too sharp; but she carried herself with confidence, which Jessica appreciated. Still, there was something in her manner that suggested she was not quite as sure of herself as she would like people to believe.

She was a good schmoozer, though, and told some funny stories that got Jane and Marie giggling. The bottle of wine emptied fast and when Jane went for another, Marie insisted on going along to look for something French. This left Jessica and Shoshi alone. Jessica said nothing, looking deep into the younger woman’s eyes. This cowed Shoshi a little and she was suddenly at a loss for anything to say; instead she tapped her foot and toyed awkwardly with her hair. It was quiet in the room for several long minutes before Jane and Marie returned.

The second bottle was popped and Shoshi, Jane, and Marie returned to their conversation. Jessica found herself daydreaming, staring at Shoshi’s breasts. She really wanted to see them, and was thinking how to go about it, when suddenly she thought: Why not take the direct approach?

The next time there was a Kurtköy Escort Bayan lull in the conversation she looked at Shoshi and said, “I’ll give you a hundred dollars to show us your tits.”

Shoshi looked taken aback, as was natural. After a moment she started to stutter, “I, um, don’t….”

“Two hundred,” said Jessica.

“That’s very flattering….”

“Two fifty.”

Shoshi paused, looked at Marie, looked at Jane, then back at Jessica. She shrugged. “Let’s see the cash.”

Jessica produced the bills from her wallet and Shoshi pulled off her top, revealing enormous globes that were barely contained by a high-tech bra. Jessica waved the cash at her, then pulled it back; Shoshi got the message. She unharnessed her monsters and let them spring free. Jessica, Marie, and Jane all looked on admiringly — they were magnificent, and they were real.

Jessica sat the money down on the coffee table. “$250 more if you get naked,” she said. Shoshi thought for a few seconds, then nodded her head yes. Jessica fished out more bills as Shoshi took off her shoes, her skirt, her stockings, and then her panties. Her pubic triangle was thick, lush, and glistening, the fronts of her pink pussy lips just barely peeking out from underneath.

Jessica took a minute to enjoy the sight, glancing over at Jane and Marie, both of whom looked on hungrily, hoping they might get to taste this delectable morsel. Finally Jessica laid it on the line. “$500 if you let Jane lick your pussy.”

Shoshi ran her fingers nervously through her hair and several times appeared as if she were about to speak, but nothing came out. Jessica was never in doubt of what the answer would be, but she enjoyed watching the struggle. When Shoshi finally did speak, it was in a hoarse croak. “OK.”

Looking delighted to have been picked for this honor, Jane walked over in front of Shoshi — who had seated herself on the couch — and dropped to her knees. Shoshi bit her lip in an adorable way as Jane pushed her legs apart and licked along her inner thighs. When Jane’s tongue touched Shoshi’s pussy she shuddered visibly, and a guttural moan escaped from the back of her throat. It had probably been too long since she’d gotten laid, Jessica thought. This would be good for her.

After watching for a few minutes Marie looked over at Jessica with a “mother may I?” expression, and Jessica nodded. Marie took a seat on the couch next to Shoshi and leaned over to take one breast in her mouth. Marie loved big tits, and Jessica could see that she was in seventh heaven sucking on Shoshi’s superb specimens.

Just as they had the day before, Jane and Marie shared a pussy-juice-slick kiss as they exchanged places, Jane going to work on Shoshi’s breasts as Marie tongue-fucked her. When Shoshi came she gasped and stiffened, then let out a long, keening moan that almost sounded like she was crying. Then Jessica saw that there actually were tears in the corners of her eyes; clearly this girl had been in desperate need of a good orgasm.

Scooting forward on the plush chair she’d perched herself on, Jessica slid off her jeans Escort Kurtköy and panties and set them carefully aside. She locked eyes with Shoshi, who was wearing a very different expression now. She would need no further convincing, Jessica knew, to do what Jessica asked her to do.

Jane and Marie read their mistress’s expression and knew what she wanted. They each took one of Shoshi’s arms and lifted her from the couch, guiding her to a position on her knees in front of Jessica. Shoshi looked up as Jessica and said “Uh, I’ve never, ummm….”

“It’s OK, honey,” reassured Jessica. “It’s one of the natural instincts.”

Smiling shyly, Shoshi leaned forward and took a tentative taste of Jessica’s pussy. Then another, and another; in a minute she was licking away with abandon.

“Don’t forget the clit,” advised Marie, and Shoshi obediently ran her tongue across Jessica’s button. Jessica spasmed and opened her legs wider, grabbing a handful of Shoshi’s curly hair.

“Good girl,” said Jessica, and before long she felt the leading wave of an orgasm wash over her. She let it happen slowly, reaching down to squeeze Shoshi’s tits, taking a mental snapshot of the girl’s face buried in her crotch. Jessica came hard and felt a great sense of well-being flood through her; she smiled down at Shoshi, who smiled back before looking down at the floor, feeling suddenly self-conscious.

Reaching for her wine glass, Jessica polished off what was left and stood up. To Jane and Marie she said “Wait here.” Then she took Shoshi by the hand and led the younger woman to the bedroom. She wanted very badly to taste Shoshi’s pussy, and she wanted to do it privately, without distractions.

After closing the bedroom door Jessica laid Shoshi down on the bed and started looking around. In half a minute she had found two belts, a necktie, and a bathrobe sash, which she used to bind Shoshi hand and foot to the bedposts. She did it sideways so Shoshi’s head was at one side of the bed and her legs were spread as wide as possible, almost at a 180-degree angle from each other. In this position Shoshi’s beautiful, glistening wet slit was lewdly displayed, and Jessica took a moment to enjoy the sight before going any further.

Leaning down, Jessica poised her head a few inches from Shoshi’s crotch and took a deep breath. Delicious. The dark brown curls were flecked with liquid, and Jessica ran her nose and tongue through the wiry but soft hair.

She had intended to spend a while teasing Shoshi, but found that she couldn’t hold back for long. She attacked Shoshi’s cunt, jabbing her tongue inside, sucking the clit, licking up the nectar. Shoshi was howling, tugging helplessly at her bonds, her boobs bouncing wildly as she writhed. She came once, twice, a third time, before Jessica finally came up for air, wiping her mouth while trying to regain her composure.

Walking around to the other side of the bed, Jessica bent down to give Shoshi a long, slow kiss, making sure she got a good taste of herself. Before leaving, Jessica freed one of Shoshi’s hands so she would be able to untie herself. Shoshi made no move to do so, however, just gazed up dreamily with the free hand resting on her crotch.

Shrugging, Jessica turned, walked back to the living room, and dressed. “Let’s go,” she said to Jane and Marie, and as they left she glanced at the money on the table. “Worth it,” she thought.

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