Hotel Surprise


I had to travel out of town for one weekend and I knew it was going to be a quick trip so I went cheap and found a small low priced hotel with a reputable chain since I only needed one night. I was in no hurry and I arrived in the late afternoon. As I walked into the lobby I immediately took notice of the cute young clerk working behind the desk. She was on the phone as I approached the desk and she smiled and said that she would be right with me. After a few minutes she finally hung up the phone and turned her attention to me.

“Welcome to our humble little hotel…sorry about the delay, but we had a bit of a crisis I had to deal with.” I smiled and acted interested. She took my name and started working on checking me in.

“This has not been the greatest of days” she tells me. “My boyfriend and I had this huge fight before I came into work and he told me not to bother coming home tonight so it looks like I will be sleeping here at the hotel tonight”. Again I showed my interest with a little flirtatious flavor mixed in this time. I noticed from her tag that her name was Wendy.

“Well that boyfriend of yours is a fool if you ask me…how could anybody not want someone as pretty as you coming home to them every night.” I tell her as I am signing my check-in slip.

When I slide the form to her I give her a sly grin and she responds with a girlish shy grin back, her head down, looking up at me with her pretty green eyes and pushing her hair back behind her one ear. It was one of those moments in time where both of us knew a connection had been made. She thanked me for the kind words and then got out a map to show me how to get to my room. “I upgraded you to a king bed, if that’s ok”, she tells me.

“That’s great” I tell her, “to bad it’s just me tonight” as our fingers touch while we both lean in to see the map. After another “connection” moment, I go to leave, pause, look back and tell her, “hey you know, if you want someone to vent on tonight about your boyfriend, or something…stop by, sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger…you should know where to find me” I tell her with a smile.

She smiles back and says, “you know, I might just take you up on that” as she again brushes her hair back behind her ear, rotating herself from side to side, and gives me a sexy wave good-bye, of which I return the wave and head for my room.

I enter my room, which has all the basic necessities and not much more, but it seems comfortable and clean and modern with a nice lounge chair, desk and of course the king bed as Wendy said I would have. I do a little unpacking and then get comfortable on the lounge chair with a movie on HBO. My mind starts to fantasize a little about Wendy actually coming by my room but I never really expect it to happen. Dinner time approaches and I head out to get a little something to eat. I get back to the room and get comfortable again, now approaching about 8pm in the evening.

Just as I sit down I hear a low knock on the door. Could it be? I get up, open the door, and loe and behold, there stands Wendy in all her glory. She has changed into jeans and an oversized shirt and has let her hair out. Her hair is dark brown, down over her shoulders and wavy all over, very sexy. I can now see she is quite shapely now and I quickly let her in, closing the door behind us.

“I told you I might take you up on your offer” she tells me, “but I must admit…I didn’t come here to talk.”

“Oh really, then what did you come here for” I ask her with a smile, as if I didn’t know.

“I came here to fuck” she tells me as she steps towards me, wraps her arms around my shoulders and starts kissing me passionately. The passion between us immediately starts to build.

Between kisses and pants she tells me…”I realized that what I really needed to get over my boyfriend was just to get laid…and you are very hot”.

Not really caring what her motivation is at this point I slip my hands up under the back of her shirt and quickly discover that she has no bra on. Wendy starts to rub herself up against me as my one hand moves over her ass and pulls her tight up against mecidiyeköy escort me as my other hand slowly moves around to her front and starts to caress one of her breasts.

She moans with approval and I can now feel her aroused nipple between my fingers. Her breast feels wonderful as I gently squeeze and careess it. I can’t wait to see them in all their glory. Wendy now not wanting to waste any time at all here, starts to walk backwards, pulling us both onto the bed. As we fall upon it our hands are all over each other now, as my leg slides between hers, she pulls me in and starts grinding herself against my leg.

The whole scenario is getting hotter and hotter by the second. I now roll over on top of her and quick stand up off the bed to put out the lights, lock the door and pull the curtains all the way shut. I can sense Wendy stripping away her clothes as I start to do the same. By the time I get back to the bed we are both all but naked.

“Now where were we” I say, “right about here” she answers as she pulls me on top of her, spreads her legs open and wraps herself around me.

“Ohhh god, you have no idea how good you feel” she tells me. We start again to kiss passionately, our tongues intertwined with each others as our arousal builds.

I then start kissing my way down her neck and take her breasts into my hands. They feel wonderful as I squeeze and caress them, feeling her nipples grow at my touch. She holds my head against her chest as I start to lick and suck on her enlarged nipples, sending her into a fit of heavy breathing as she starts to undulate herself against me.

I continue my way with kisses down across her belly as she arches her back and guides my head between her wide spread legs. Her pussy is glistening wet as I admire its tight beauty. She is closely shaved and I bury my tongue into its wetness setting her off with moans and cries of passion in response. She tastes so sweet as my tongue moves up and down from the edge of her puckered little ass to the tip of her exposed and sensitive clit. Her juices cover my face as I focus now on her pretty pink clit.

I cover it with my mouth and circle it with my tongue over and over sending Wendy into a passionate rage. I can barely retain contact as her body gyrates on the bed, her hands grip the sheets and her legs spread wide as I can tell from her response that her climax is well on its way. Within seconds she explodes with an orgasmic cry of passion as waves of pleasure flow through her body. My god she is absolutely incredible.

As I start to kiss myself back up across her body I can hear her panting, “fuck me…oh god fuck me…I want you inside me”.

She pulls my head to her face and starts kissing me again as I position my cock at the edge of her now sopping wet pussy. I tease her with my cocks shaft, sliding it up and down against her wet pussy lips. She is all but begging me to enter her when I penetrate her lips with my erect cocks head and slide myself deep inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhh god…YES…YES” she moans as I feel her pussy tighten around my shaft as I enter deeper and deeper inside of her. Her pussy is so fucking tight and wet and feels incredible as I move in and out of her.

Wendy starts to encourage me to give it to her harder and faster so that is exactly what I start to do. So I slide my knees up under her legs and pull her spread legs up onto me, slamming my cock deep inside of her and start rubbing her fully exposed clit with my thumb. Wendy grabs a pillow and covers her face as she screams out in ecstacy.

Her legs twitch and her back arches as I continue to slam in and out of her while keeping continuous contact on her fully aroused clit. Her breasts undulate up and down as wave after wave of climactic pleasure is pulsating through every inch of her being. Her unbelieveable response has me so turned on that I now pull her up against me. We wrap our arms around each other and kiss passionately. We are like two animals in heat as I now start to suck her breasts as she holds my head against her, merter escort my cock still buried deep inside her tight pulsating pussy.

“Oh my god, you fuck me to good” she pants. I then roll us over on our sides as Wendy lets out a scream and a giggle as I position her now on top of me. She wastes no time as she starts gyrating her hips and grinding her pussy against me.

Ahhhh man it feels fucking incredible as I watch her ride my cock, her breasts bouncing in unison to her motions. She then leans down over me to kiss me and starts raising and lowering herself up and down on my cocks head and shaft. Her flexibility and speed is amazing as I feel my climax starting to build.

I cry out, “oh god, I’m cumming”, at which Wendy hops off of me, grabs my cock in her hand, covers my head with her mouth and proceeds to stroke me off as I unload into her mouth. Her mouth on my cock feels incredible as I shoot a massive load into her mouth and down her throat with Wendy not missing a single drop. Ohhhhh shit, that feels so damn good.

Wendy continues to stroke and suck my cock into her mouth, her tongue and warm, wet mouth feels incredible as she looks up into my eyes while she works my cocks shaft in her soft grip.

“You’ve got a great cock” she tells me. After a few minutes of her attention, my cock amazingly starts to return to it’s former raging hardness. Once I am fully erect, Wendy gets up off the bed with a smile and a look back and heads over to the counter where she starts to wash up a bit. I know she knows I’m watching her as she seductively bends over the sink and then pushes out her beautifully shaped ass.

It is more than I can take as I go over to her. I come up behind her slowly, but she knows I am there. I slowly run my fingers down over her arm, move her hair to the side and start to kiss her neck from behind. I then wrap my arms around her and start caressing her breasts and running my fingers through the small patch of hair between her legs.

She reacts by raising her arms up over my head and we watch each other in the mirror in front of us. After a few minutes of the seduction, Wendy turns around and we start to kiss as I pick her up under her ass and set her on the counter. Wendy wraps her legs around me and pulls me into her as the passion between us again picks up the pace.

In no time at all, my cocks head is at the edge of her wetness as I slowly start to penetrate her warm pussy with one slow, continuous thrust until my cock is buried deep inside of her. Wendy lets out a moan and a sigh of pleasure as I pull her close and start a slow in and out motion inside of her. Our hands roam all over each others bodies as we work ourselves into a sensual frenzy.

Wendy throws her head back in passion, moaning with pleasure as I bury my face onto her neck, kissing her all over while my cock continues to slide now effortlessly in and out of her warm wetness. “Oh Marty you feel so good inside me like this” she moans into my ear, “what do you say we take a shower” she tells me.

Hearing this wonderful idea, I reach my hands under her ass, her legs wrapped tight around me, and I carry her into the bathroom, still buried deep inside her. I sit myself down momentarily on the toilet and Wendy starts to ride up and down on my raging hard-on. Her breasts are at eye level now as they move and bounce in rhythm to her riding on my cock. Her moans fill the room as my hands reach behind her and caress her ass and pussy from the underside, sending tingles of joy through her body. She squeals in response…”ooooh, you naughty little boy”….lets finish this in the shower”.

Agreeing, Wendy slowly lifts herself off of me and we start the shower. We both get in and the warmth of the water feels soothing against us. We can’t keep our hands off each other as we soap ourselves all over and rub ourselves up and down against each other. The passion between us is really heightened now as Wendy lifts her one leg up onto the side of the tub and I slide myself under her. While never breaking our kiss, Wendy takes mutlukent escort my cock in her hand and slides it up into herself.

The warmth of the water cascading down over us and the feel of her soft pussy as I enter her is so hot and very erotic as I hold her close and start fucking her with slow, deep strokes of my cock. We are both breathing heavy as we now lean against the wall of the shower. My hands roam from Wendy’s breasts, to her ass, to her face and back to her breasts. I love the feel of her soft breasts in my hands, her nipples so perky and responsive. Our bodies grind up and down on each other as I work to fill her pussy with the full length of my cock while she makes every effort to ride up and down on me.

After minutes of trying, we can’t seem to find a good position that we can stay in so I just pull out, take Wendy by the hand and run us both wet and naked back to the bed. Wendy giggling all the way lays on her back on the bed with her head at the foot of the bed and beckons me to her. I dangle my cock over her face and she takes it with her hands and then engulfs me into her mouth. I start fondling her breasts as I fuck her face.

Wendy pulls her legs up and spreads them wide. Her pussy is glistening and fully exposed as she moans with pleasure while sucking and licking at my cock with non-stop action from her succulent, wet mouth. Her lips feel so good wrapped around my cocks shaft as I slide it in and out between her facial lips. Her nipples are standing on end as I tweak them and fondle her breasts, occassionally slipping my hand down between her legs to tease her clit and quick slip a finger into her sopping wetness. She squeals with delight each time I touch her.

I then step back away from her and have her spin around to face me. She is begging me to fuck her. “Oh god Marty, fuck me with that big cock of yours” she moans.

I grab her legs just below her knees, spread her legs wide and bend them back, fully exposing her pussy as I rub the underside of my cock back and forth over her wet lips. Her pussy is so sweet as I now slide my cock deep inside of her with one swift thrust. Wendy screams in delight and starts to rub her clit as I thrust hard and fast deep inside of her with every stroke. Within seconds she is on the brink of climax as she continues to rub her clit while my cock is non-stop in and out of her.

Her body shakes and gyrates as one orgasmic wave after another starts racing through her body, she screams out with deep cries of passion as I hold her in this position and just continue to pound myself hard and deep into her wet, warm pussy. As I watch this scene unfold in front of me I realize just how HOT the whole thing is.

I take a chance now and pull out of her and position the tip of my raging hard on at the edge of her tight puckered ass. I get no resistance as I start to work my cock inside of her. Wendy moans and squirms until her ass opens up to me, but within a minute or so I slowly start to work my cock in and out of her.

I can’t believe how tight and hot her ass feels, I think to myself that I must be the first for her like this as she urges me on now, “mmmm yes, fuck my ass, baby”, so fuck it I do. Soon I feel little resistance and I start thrusting my cock hard and fast in and out of her. Wendy is overcome with pleasure and passion as she squirms about on the bed, her body gyrating and lifting as I continue to plunge my cock deep into her tight little ass, my cock all but disappearing now, deep inside her, her breasts jiggle and move as her body squirms all over the bed as I try to hold her tight against me.

Soon I feel my climax start to build so I pick up the pace in and out of her. Wendy screams and moans as she buries her fingers into her wet pussy. I feel her muscles tighten around my cock as her climax rages through her body. It is more than I can take as I pull out and shoot my load all over her belly, breasts and one stray stream up onto her face. She grabs my cock with her hand and strokes me dry, her body still undulating up against me as she rubs my cum into her skin with her other hand.

“That felt wild…I’ve never in my life cum like that or that often,” she tells me while trying to control her breathing. I collapse onto the bed next to her.

“You are incredible” she whispers to me as she slides up against my chest, kissing my neck and face.

“You’re not so bad yourself” I tell her with a grin and a laugh. “You’re not so bad yourself!”

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