Hotel Encounter


This story was Co-written by myself and Blaze. I hope you enjoy the story. We encourage any and all feedback. Pleas keep all criticism constructive. Thank you!


My name is Paul Stevenson. I work for a technology firm in the city. There is a hotel across the street from my office I frequently go to for lunch. The food is not the best, but I go there because one of the workers has caught my eye. I usually see her sitting at the bar alone eating her lunch with her head buried in one of those steamy romance novels. I can’t get her out of my mind. Her shoulder length brown hair with blonde streaks shows me she takes care of herself but yet she is not high maintenance. I can see into her soul through her big brown eyes. I see her sitting there in her work uniform Grey blazer, white button up blouse and long skirt. Nails are kept, but nothing fancy. We have never met or talked other than the occasional pleasantry of “good day” or “how are you?”. She will always give me a great smile when I step up for lunch. I’m not sure what it is about her but I can’t get her out of my mind. I’m not sure if she is shy or just aggravated by the way her milky white skin blushes as other hotel guests hit on her.

It is late one night and I am trying to finish up a project for a major client and I have to be back at the office first thing in the morning. I don’t want to do the commute out of the city so I decide to get a room across the street. I walk in and immediately see Ann working the front desk. Ann is the one I always see during lunch. She gives a nervous smile as she sees me walking towards the desk. he blushes as she checks me in, batting those big brown doe eyes at me. I finally get to my room and get ready to settle in for the night when I notice there aren’t any linens in the bathroom. I call down to Ann at the front desk to ask if I could have some brought up.

A little while later I hear a knock on the hotel room door, it’s Ann. She asks if she could come in to put the linens away. I say, “Absolutely”. I can’t believe she showed up. I can feel my heart start to race. My cock is starting to swell. I keep telling myself,tay composed, she is a very shy girl so I think. It is only a few minutes past eleven, and she is still her in work uniform so I know she came right up after she clocked out.

As Ann enters the room from putting the linens away she looks at me and smiles.

I ask her what her plans were for the night. She tells me she had no plans since it was a long day she just wants to go home. I keep catching her looking at the bottle of Knob Creek Whiskey I have on the table and I ask if she would like a glass. She tells me she would prefer some Tequila Rose. I don’t have any so I call down to the bar and have a bottle brought up for her.

Meanwhile I grab her hand and lead her into the room. I can feel by her clammy hands and the slight shaking that she is nervous. I keep thinking Take it slow which is so difficult for me. I’ve never met someone that is so arousingly beautiful.

Within minutes there is another knock on the door, the bartender with a bottle of Tequila Rose. I ask how she wants it. The answer shocks me. It was in a very stern voice, “I need a shot.” So I pour her a shot of Tequila Rose and hand it to her. I turn to grab my Whiskey and raise a glass to her and see she already finished it. As I sip my whiskey, I jokingly ask if she would like another one. She says kartal escort no! She starts walking towards me and takes her blazer off and drops it to the floor. As she approaches me I see she has a bit of her drink left on the corner of her mouth. I reach up and wipe it off with my finger. As I bring my hand back to my mouth she stops me and grabs my hand. She slowly pulls my hand to her mouth and softly sucks the Tequila Rose off of my finger. When she finishes I slide my hand along the side of her face to the back of her neck and pull in for a kiss. It was the type of kiss that takes your breath away. I can taste the creamy Tequila Rose on her soft supple lips. The electricity is paralyzing.

Her cheeks are starting to blush and I’m not sure if it is the Tequila Rose or nerves. At this point I really don’t mind either. All I can concentrate on is her nice round breasts as her erect nipples are showing through her white blouse.

This is my playground, I say to myself. I pull her in tight to me kissing her again. My moist warm lips are caressing her mouth. I can’t help to explore every inch of her mouth with my tongue. She wraps her arms around me. I can still feel her trembling.

I’m getting so worked up. I place my left hand on her nice round ass as my right hand is running up and down her back. With both my hands I pull her in tight to me. I can feel her firm tits pressing against my chest. I’m thinking a good 38 C. My cock is so hard right now. I’m sure she can feel it. My pants are acting like a cage just holding back my big cock.

I start walking her backwards towards the bed. As the back of her legs hit the bed, she stops and says “Hold on.” I pause a moment as I know she is shy and a bit unsure of the situation. I ask, “Would you like another drink?” she replies “Shut up and kiss me!” I lean in and firmly kiss her, as I knew this was my one and only shot here. I can’t screw this up. My lips move away from her mouth and onto her neck, running up and down itk with my lips and tongue with a little nibble of her ear as I reach it.

I feel her starting to relax. Out of nowhere comes that sigh. I know this is my time to make a move. I run my hands up her thighs onto her stomach, right up and start massaging her firm round tits. I can’t believe how firm they are. She is starting to move away. Just enough so my strong hands can feel every inch of those tits. I start to unbutton her blouse and pull it off of her shoulders letting it drop to the floor. She reaches around and undoes her bra exposing her firm round breasts. I can see her already erect nipples are ready to be touched. I slowly and gently run my hand over her nipple one finger at a time. My fingers acting as speed bumps as they run across her nipple. Ann is starting to breathe heavy and I can feel her heart starting to race. She grabs my shirt and lifts it up over my head. I’m a bit taller than her. So I drop down to my knees as she pulls my shirt off. She is totally vulnerable. I then push my face into her crotch and start kissing her through her skirt. I reach around and place both hands on her ass with a firm grip. Ann lets out a sweet moan. I then slowly stand up dragging my warm wet tongue up her body finishing off at her neck with a slight flick of her ear. Her body is starting to dance with my every movement. Ann pulls me in close. Our bodies are pressed against one kaynarca escort another. My hands have a firm grasp on her shapely ass. There is nothing more sensual than the feeling of skin on skin.

We start kissing fast and passionately. Our tongues are dancing with one another. I gently lower her down on the bed. My body weight on top of her. My lips move away from hers and run down her neck. I run my lips down her silky smooth skin. Slowly moving my body down hers until I start kissing her through the skirt again. She starts moaning and squirming. She grabs my head again pushes me deeper into her pussy.

My hands run along her sides. I alternate between fingertips and dragging my nails. She arches her back as I continue to lick her through her skirt. My hand reaches the top of her skirt. As I give it a tug, she lifts her hips, giving me permission to continue. I bring her skirt and panties down her legs and drop them to the floor. Exposed in all her beauty, Ann lays there. I run my hands back up her legs as I gently yet firmly start kissing her right thigh. Her breathing gets heavier as my soft warm lips wander up her thigh. I finally reach the jackpot, just as I start to run my tongue along her sweet cleanly shaven pussy, she throws her right leg up over my shoulder. I push her left leg a little bit to give me full access to her sweet pussy where my tongue slowly dances up and down along her moist pink lips. The more I lick her, the wetter she gets. I can’t believe how sweet she tastes. I run my hand up her thigh and as I am starting to lick her clit I slowly slide my finger inside of her. Giving a little twitch back and forth. It’s hard to keep in position as she is squirming from the pleasure of my tongue firmly licking her clit. Her hands are pushing and pulling my head at the same time. With one big moan of “OH SHIT!” and a deep arch of her back she cums and then goes limp collapsing from the pleasure.

Ann pushes me away and tells me to stand up. I do as she says. She sits up and gets off the bed and grabs my hand (The one that was inside of her) and raises it up to her mouth and starts licking and sucking her juices off of me. She looks directly into my eyes as she slowly drops down to her knees. She starts caressing my hard cock and undoes my pants. She slides them down letting my big hard cock loose and looks up at me with a smile of amazement. (I should say that it may not be huge but at 7.25” inches and thick its not small either.) She reaches up and grabs a hold of it in her hand and slowly guides it into her mouth. She takes the head and starts sucking as she slowly takes more and more of me into her mouth. I mutter to her “Holy Fuck Does that feel good!” Her warm soft mouth and hand are gliding up and down my cock in unison as I growl “OH FUCK”, I reach down and entangle my hands in her and and grab her head. Sliding my cock deep inside, I start fucking her in the mouth. Ann is more than willing and able to take every inch of my big hard cock.

I reach down and grab her by her shoulders and stand her up. I bring her in close to me and give her a kiss. I spin her around and give her a slight push on her shoulder. Without me saying a word she knew exactly what to do. She spreads her legs and bends over the edge of the bed. I look over to see Ann staring back at me with that come fuck me look. I grab my cock and slowly kozyatağı escort tease her wet pussy with it. I take the head and start rubbing her up and down. As I got the head head of my dick ready to spread her pussy, I ask her if she wants my cock. She moans to me “Yes, Please” with a quivering voice. I slowly slide my cock inside of her tight wet pussy as she gasps in ecstasy. I first start sliding my cock in and out slowly. My hard cock is filling her tight wet pussy. I grab her by the hips and firmly thrust myself deep inside of her and just hold it there for a second as her ass is pressed against my hips. I start thrusting in and out again plunging deep inside on every stroke. The sounds of her ass bouncing off of me fills the room. I run my hands up Ann’s side and grab a hold of those firm round tits as my cock glides in and out of her pussy. I’m pulling her in tighter to me on each stroke. She arches her back up letting my cock hit that special spot. I lean over and start kissing and nibbling the back of her neck. Those soft moans are getting louder and louder with each stoke and it is driving me crazy.

Ann leans back, stands up and faces me. She turns me around and pushes me backwards onto the bed. She climbs on top of me then starts rubbing her pussy up and down my cock as she leans down just enough to let those tits rub along my chest. I can feel her getting wetter again. Sitting up, she raises her body. With her hand she grabs my cock and holds it as she slowly lowers herself down onto me. I am mesmerized by those round tits bouncing as she starts rocking back and forth on me. I reach up with both hands and give those erect nipples a slight pinch. While she is rocking back and forth it causes me to give a slight tug which turns her on even more. I start grabbing and squeezing those firm tits. I slide my hands down her sides and grab a hold of her hips. As she is rocking I reach down and slide my thumb under her to rub her clit as my cock fills her. She starts rocking faster and faster as she lets out on big moan and almost collapses on me as she cums. She catches herself then starts riding me up and down. She is bouncing up and down along my cock. She takes it slow and steady at first, as she slides up I can feel her tighten herself up, almost pulling me. She starts riding faster and faster as I again reach up and grab those tits.

I grab her and we both roll over as I’m still deep inside of her. I’m laying on top of her when our lips meet with one of the most passionate kisses and I start rocking my hips. I get up on my knees and pull her legs up along my chest. I start fucking her like she has never been fucked before. My big hard cock filling her pussy. My balls are banging off her ass with each stroke. I slide in deep and hard. She is moaning and I’m about to cum. With one last thrust in I hold it as my hot cum explodes and fills her pussy. She lets out one big moan as she cums and feels my cock throbbing inside of her. Legs shaking, toes curling, I collapse down on her. We can feel each other’s hearts beating as we lay chest to chest. I roll over on my back trying to catch my breath. Ann looks over at me with a smile and gives me a kiss on the cheek before excusing herself to the bathroom to clean up. I clean up after her and then join her back in bed.

I’m laying on my back as she comes over to me to rest her head on my chest, and I wrap my left arm underneath her and just hold her as we drift off to sleep.

When I awake in the morning, Ann is already gone. As I am getting ready to check out I can’t stop thinking about last night. Was it a dream? Did it really happen? As I approach the front desk to check out, there she is behind it. With a great big smile and a bat of her big brown eyes she says “Thank you for the Tequila Rose.”

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