Hot Shower


The hot water beat down over my shoulders, relaxing me as I finished the shower I had been indulging in. I had spent at least 20 minutes in the luxuriously large shower stall already, and even though I needed to get ready, I was in no big hurry to leave. I had pampered myself with the steaming hot shower, and wasn’t ready to turn off the water and step out into the hotel room that would undoubtedly be cool compared to the steam sticky bath. My hands glide over my skin, pausing briefly to stroke lightly here, more firmly there, keeping my body in a constant state of arousal. I wanted to cum so badly, but I wanted something more than my fingers inside of me when I did.

Sighing, I turned off the water, and wrapped the thick terry cloth robe around me as I stepped from the shower stall. The entire bathroom was thick with steam, I grinned, thinking maybe I’d been in the shower longer than I’d originally thought. I was going to have to move quickly to get ready now. I sat down at the vanity and stretched out my legs to apply lotion. I was leaning down massaging my calf when the door opened. Shocked, even though I knew you had a key to my room, I gasped at the intrusion, then grinned appreciatively, you are already dressed for dinner, and, quite impressively at that.

“You are going to be late,” you chide as you reach for the lotion, then my leg as you massage the bottom of my foot, up to my calf, and then higher as you part my robe. “It’s not polite to be late,” you continue as you tease me now, rubbing the gaziantep escortları lotion into my thigh, but avoiding my pussy, even though I’ve spread my legs and silently invited you in.

“It would be a shame to mess up your nice clothes,” I grin, “because I’m all wet.” I pull my leg from your hands, and stand up, leaning into you.

“Really, you’re wet? I hadn’t noticed. How wet are you?” you say as you slide your hands inside my robe to rest on my hips.

I dropped the robe from my shoulders and stand up on my tip toes to put my arms around your neck and whisper as close to your ear as I can manage, “Want to find out?”

“I don’t know, I was going to walk with you downstairs, but you aren’t even dressed, you’ll make us both late.”

“Hmmm, ok, if you think you need to go, I’ll see you down there,” I say as I sit back down at the vanity and turn my back to you, picking up my makeup and leaning into the mirror, I begin to get ready. I shift slightly from side to side, not an act of enticement to you, only one of pent up arousal for me. I can never seem to sit still when you are around.

“On the other hand, there will be a thousand people in that ballroom tonight, who would notice if we were late?”

“There is that,” I grin into the mirror, and drop the makeup, prepared to turn around and try to persuade you of that very fact. I never got the chance, you are there, nibbling on my neck, then biting harder, moving me out of my seat, pulling me up and pressing my body tight against yours. Your dick presses into my belly, and the material that separates us only frustrates me more. I whimper that frustration as I press my hips firmly against you, demanding attention, needing to feel more than the soft cotton of your pants and shirt against my skin.

“How is it that I always seem to be completely naked while you still have on all your clothes?”

“I have that affect on women.”

I laughed, and pulled you out of the warm and steamy bathroom into the bedroom, and shivering now, I sat down on the bed. “I’m cold, why don’t you come over here and warm me up.”

There is no question now, we will be late, but I begin wonder if I’ll make it at all. And then when you touch me, sliding your hand up my leg, from my ankle to my knee, then up my thigh, I no longer care. I shiver again, but this time it has nothing to do with being cold. My eyelids droop as I watch you bring my foot to your mouth, but when you bite my ankle; my eyes open wide in surprise. You continue up my leg, biting as you move. When you reach the sensitive skin at the back of my knee, my hips move of their own accord, searching for you, wanting you there, above me, inside me, pushing me down into the soft mattress, feeling your weight above me, your hands holding mine down, pinning them to the bed as you move inside of me, slowly, excruciatingly, bringing me to climax… but you aren’t ready yet, you slide your hands farther up my thighs, bending to kneel between my legs, trailing your fingers up my inner thighs, until one hand lightly strokes my pussy. You press two fingers into me, while your thumb rubs my clit slowly at first, then faster, and harder as the climax I’ve been holding back erupts inside of me sending little shockwaves through my entire body.

I open my eyes, expecting to see you removing your precisely pressed shirt, only to find you smiling at me, almost mocking me.

“Get up, get dressed, we don’t want to be late.”

I can’t put coherent thoughts together yet; my mind is still too fuzzy from the orgasm that still had me panting. “What? You, what?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll remember where I left off, but for now, we need to go,” you say as you turn to look through the clothes hung neatly in the closet. “Here,” you throw me a skirt, “Wear this, but no panties.”

I lean up on my elbows, and shaking away the last of the cobwebs in my head, I look at you incredulously, “You are serious? You aren’t gonna fuck me?”

“Not right now, come on, get dressed, get your ass movin'”

I rolled up off the bed, and grabbing the skirt you’d thrown at me, I slid it on, and tugged the zipper up. I dressed quickly and threw a little makeup on before you pulled me out the door, without saying another word. As we stood at the elevator, waiting to ride down to the ballroom where the dinner was just about to start, I turn to look at you, with more than a little heat in my eyes. “Fuck you” I say, I hate that you have left me so aroused as much as I am enjoying looking forward to the dinner and then later tonight when you finish what you started.

“Yeah, I know, fuck me,” you laugh.

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