Hot Pregnancy Ch. 3


Jennifer walked into the doctors office with her new born baby boy in her arms. It was time for his 3 week check up. They both went into the office and the doctor checked out the baby. Everything checked out fine and Jennifer was very happy at that news.

“Dr. Lynwood” said Jennifer.

“Yes Jennifer” said Dr. Lynwood.

“I was wondering if you might give me another pregnancy test” she said.

“Wow” he said.

“You two sure are busy little beavers” he said chuckling.

Dr. Lynwood gave Jennifer the test and confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. Jennifer was very happy that she was once again pregnant and was very much looking forward to what was to come in the very near future.

For the next three months Alex and Jennifer’s lives went on like normal, with all of the joys of being pregnant. They enjoyed all of the sex that they were having and the joys of being young parents. Since they had got engaged they had started planning for their wedding day. They were going to have a nice outdoor summer wedding and they would take a nice long honeymoon to the Bahamas.

The day finally came when Jennifer and Alex exchanged wedding vows and officially became husband and wife. It was a small ceremony with only a few members of their family and some friends. After the reception they headed off for their honeymoon. They had rented a nice honeymoon suite overlooking the ocean in the Bahamas. They flew into the airport in the Bahamas and they went to their room where they got all settled. After they were all settled into their room they figured that they should go and have a look around the hotel property and see what was around. Alex made the suggestion but Jennifer didn’t feel much like going out and wanted to have a nap. So she laid down onto the bed and Alex went out exploring around the hotel.

Alex left the room and got onto the elevator and headed down. He got off and walked outside and it was such a beautiful day out. He headed down toward the beach to see what the water was like. He walked through the fence at the front of the hotel and he was amazed to see all of the people there. But what amazed him even more was that what he was seeing was a nude beach. Everyone was walking around stark naked. Alex felt very over dressed since he had all of his clothes on. He took off his shirt and then his pants followed by his boxers. Now Alex was stark naked as well and he felt more at home. He continued to walk down the beach and out to the water when a very beautiful girl walked passed him. She was about 5’6″ tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes. As she walked past Alex took a second look at her ass. He knew that it wasn’t a good idea to be looking at other women but he just couldn’t help it.

He finally got down to the water and started heading down the beach as he walked in the water. The water was very warm and the sun was beating right down on him so he thought he should go for a little swim. He dove into the waves and swam out a little ways and then made his way back to the beach where he continued his journey down the beach. He walked all the way down the beach to the pier at the end. He then walked out onto the pier and sat down at the end. Just as he sat down a young girl came and sat down right next to him. Alex looked and saw that it was the same girl who he had passed on the beach. Her breasts were large and her nipples were hard as rocks. Alex liked what he saw but knew he couldn’t have what he was looking at.

“Hello” said the girl.

“Hello” said Alex.

“My name’s Amy. What yours?” she said.

“Alex” he said.

Amy got up and moved closer to Alex as he sat on the bench overlooking the water.

“I saw you take a double look as I passed you on the beach. Guess you liked what you saw” she said.

“Yeah” said Alex.

Amy moved a bit closer to Alex and placed her hand on his cock. Alex pulled away because he knew he wasn’t suppose to be doing this.

“I…I….” said Alex.

Just then Amy came even closer and kissed Alex on the lips. Again, Alex pulled away from her kiss.

“I can’t be doing this” he said.

“Oh come on now. You know you like it.” she said. Your cock is hard as a rock.”

“I haven’t been fucked in over three months and my pussy is just dying to get a cock in it.” she said.

She slid her index finger into her cunt and then brought it out and stuck it in her mouth and licked off all of the juices. That was all it took and Alex was over next to her kissing her passionately. Alex was running his hands all over her body wanting to feel every inch. As they continued to kiss, Amy got up and straddled Alex’s lap.

She whispered in his ear “Fuck me you slut”

Just then Alex slid his cock up and into her very wet and waiting cunt. Never missing a beat in there kiss they were now totally involved in fucking one another to even realize what everyone else was doing. They didn’t even realize that there was a crowd starting to gather around them. Most of the people were sitting on the surrounding benched stroking there cocks as they enjoyed the etimesgut escort show they were getting. Alex didn’t care what was happening, his cock was hard and deep inside a beautiful pussy. They continued to fuck as Amy started to scream as her orgasm approached.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Baby! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Harder! Faster! Oh God! Yes!” she yelled

With every moan Alex started to fuck Amy faster and harder just like she said. Amy continued her yelling as she got even closer.

“Oh! God! Yes! Fuck me you slut!” she said.

Alex pulled out and them slammed his rock hard cock back into her cunt. And that was all it took and Amy went over the edge, her juices started flowing. Ounce after ounce of sweet cum oozing out of her cunt. That then sent Alex cuming with her ever beat. They kissed once more and then Alex got up and walked away like nothing had happened.

He put his clothes back on and then went back upstairs. As he walked down the hallway to their room he heard a woman screaming like she was getting fucked. His cock started to once again get hard at all of the noise. He put his card into the slot and opened the door to see Jennifer laying on the bed with a man on top of her fucking her brains out. He stopped in his tracks as the man kept on fucking Jennifer. Alex took off his shirt and then his shorts followed by his boxers. His cock was once again hard as a rock and he was really enjoying what he was watching. He walked over to the bed and saw Jennifer laying there with this mans cock deep inside of her. Jennifer was bucking up and down on his cock with her eyes closed. She felt the presence of another person standing next to the bed so she opened her eyes to see who it was. Her eyes got really big when she noticed that it was Alex who was standing next to the bed. But what she saw next really surprised her. Alex got onto the bed and grabbed the guy that was fucking his pregnant wife and turned his head and started kissing him. The guy didn’t seem to mind at all and kept on fucking Jennifer as he kissed Alex. Alex broke off the kiss and then pulled on the guys cock. He pulled it out of Jennifer’s cunt and Alex stuck two fingers in her cunt and lubed up his cock. He then got off of the bed and got into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a condom. He opened the package and rolled the condom onto his cock and then got some more of Jennifer’s juices and worked them all over the condom.

Alex got back up onto the bed and got behind the guy who was fucking his pregnant wife. The guy leaned over and started to kiss Jennifer and Alex rammed his hard cock into the guys ass. He started to work the guys ass real good. He fucked his ass for about 15 minutes and that was all that his cock could take and he unloaded his hot cum into the guys virgin ass. With that the guy unloaded his hot cum into Jennifer’s cunt and that made Jennifer start to cum as well. Alex pulled his cock out of the guy’s ass and laid down next to Jennifer. The guy pulled his cock out of Jennifer’s cunt, put his clothes on, and left without ever revealing his name. Jennifer looked at Alex and Alex looked at Jennifer.

“What was that all about?” said Alex.

“I saw you out on the pier fucking that girl, so I figured I could get a fuck in as well” said Jennifer.

They both just smiled at one another and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. They slept for about two hours when they were awoke by the phone ringing. Alex picked up the phone and said “Hello”

“Hey there big guy” said the female voice on the other end of the line.

“Seems you lost your wallet on the beach when you ran off” she said.

“Why don’t you come to room 785 to claim it” she said.

“I’ll be right down” said Alex.

He hung up the phone and told Jennifer that he had forgot his wallet on the beach and that he had to go down to the front desk and get it and that he would be back in a little while. Jennifer just rolled over and fell back asleep as Alex slipped out the door and went down to room 785. Alex knocked on the door and to his surprise Amy answered the door.

“You probably thought you would never see me again” she said with a grin on her face.

“Well I was hoping I would” said Alex.

“Come on in” she said.

“I found your wallet down on the beach and now you owe me a favor” she said.

“Anything” said Alex.

“Anything?” Amy repeated.

“Well if you hadn’t of found my wallet I would be in a big bind right now. So I am willing to repay you in any way that you would like.” he said.

“I want you to get me pregnant.” she said.

“Pregnant! But I’m married and have three kids and another on the way.” said Alex.

“Well then, I guess you know how to get the job done.” she said.

“You were a good fuck, and I really enjoyed fucking you but I don’t know.” said Alex.

“I already know your wife knows we fucked before.” she said.

“How do you know that?” he said.

“Because my husband fucked your wife.” she said.

“You mean the guy that fucked my wife etlik escort was your husband?” said Alex.

“Oh so you know about that?” she said.

“Of course” said Alex. “I fucked him up the ass while he fucked my wife.”

“He has always been a sucker for a three-some.” she said.

“So, if your married, then why don’t you just have your husband get you pregnant” Alex said.

“Because his sperm are, shall I say, inactive” she said laughing.

“Oh” said Alex.

“I think I should ask my wife before I say that I will get you pregnant” said Alex.

Amy picked up the phone.

“Call her right now and have her come down here” she said.

Alex took the phone and dialed his room.

“Hello” said Jennifer.

“Hi baby. It’s me Alex. he said.

“Hi baby” she said. “Where are you?”

“I’m in room 785 and I need you to come down here with me.” he said.

“For what?” she said.

“Just come down and I will explain it all when you get here.” he said.

“Ok” she said.

And with that Jennifer pulled on some decent clothes and headed down to room 785. She knocked on the door and Alex looked through the peep whole to see that it was his wife at the door. He opened the door.

“Hi baby” he said giving Jennifer a kiss on the lips.

“Jennifer, this is Amy, the girl you saw me fucking on the beach.” he said.

“Well I’m glad that I finally get to meet my husbands sex slave” said Jennifer grinning.

“We kind of know one another already.” said Amy.

“How’s that?” said Jennifer.

“Well the guy who fucked you earlier is my husband.” said Amy.

“Oh” said Jennifer.

“Jenn, the reason that we had you come down here is because, Amy is the one that found my wallet on the beach, and now she would like me to repay the favor for her.” said Alex.

“Well there is nothing wrong with that” said Jennifer.

“Well there might be” he said.

“What’s that?” said Jennifer.

“She wants me to get her pregnant” he said.

“But I thought you were married?” Jennifer said to Amy.

“Inactive soldiers” said Amy laughing.

“Oh.” said Jennifer.

“Well, seeings how you have 4 kids already and another on the way I guess you already know how to get the job done” said Jennifer rubbing her pregnant belly.

“Four kids?” said Amy. “I thought you said you only had 3 kids and one on the way.”

“Well, he got my mom pregnant as well” said Jennifer.

“Wow!” said Amy.

“So I guess if you want to get pregnant, there is no one better then my husband” said Jennifer.

“So I’ll let Alex fuck you as many times as it takes for you to get pregnant, but on one condition.” said Jennifer.

“Name it” said Amy.

“That every time you get fucked by my husband. I get fucked by yours.” she said.

“That sounds fair enough” Amy said.

Alex’s cock was getting harder and harder by the second as he sat there and listened to what these two beautiful girls were talking about.

“Well I’ll leave you two be so you can get started” said Jennifer.

She kissed Alex on the lips and then whispered into Amy’s ear.

“He likes to get sucked” she said.

Amy and Jennifer both smiled and then Jennifer headed toward the door. Just then there was a noise at the door. Jennifer opened the door to see that it was Amy’s husband coming back. He looked a little shocked to see her coming out of his room.

“We’ll leave them be” said Jennifer.

“You’re coming with me” she said.

She grabbed him by the arm and drug him toward her room. As they walked Jennifer filled him in on all of the info that Alex, Amy, and her had talked about. He seemed to like the idea very much. As they continued to talk Jennifer found out that his name was Tony and that he and Amy were from Long Beach, CA, not far from where Jennifer and Alex were from.

They got back to the room and it didn’t take them long at all until they were down to business. Before Jennifer could get the door opened Tony had her shirt half way pulled up. Jennifer walked in the room with Tony following closely behind with both of his hands fondling her breasts. Jennifer turned around and put her arms around Tony’s neck and they kissed passionately. Tony’s hands never left her breasts as they kissed. He pushed her back toward the bed and as Jennifer landed on the bed Tony had her pants off and on the floor. He interrupted their kiss and started to kiss his way down her body. Stopping only to kiss, lick and hug her pregnant belly. He continued down her body and when he came to her panties he grabbed the top of her panties with his teeth and started to remove them. He put his hands under Jennifer’s butt and pulled the back of her panties down as he got her panties down to her ankles. Jennifer then kicked them off and onto the floor.

Tony then kissed his way back up her body not missing a single inch. He found his way back to her pregnant cunt. He slid his tongue into her cunt and starting working it good. eve gelen escort He slid his tongue in and out and in and out sucking and licking all of her juices. He stuck his tongue in as far as he could get it as his nose touched her belly. He continued to work her cunt as Jennifer slammed her head onto the bed and closed her eyes and then grabbed his head and started to push and pull him to make him go faster. He let her work his head as he concentrated on pleasing her cunt. His tongue was working faster and faster as he could tell Jennifer was getting close. He started bobbing his head up and down with the motion of Jennifer’s hands. He was now curling his tongue up as if he was licking an ice cream cone. That made Jennifer crazy and that was all she could take. Her sweet juices started to flow faster and harder then ever before. Tony kept up the licking as he tried to lick up all of her juices. Jennifer lifted her head up off the bed to see what Tony was doing. He drove his tongue into her cunt one last time and that sent Jennifer off into yet another hard orgasm.

Meanwhile back in room 785…

Alex and Amy were sitting on the bed kissing as Alex fondled Amy’s breasts. He lifted her shirt up and over her head. He then reached around behind Amy and unbuttoned her black lacy bra and threw it to the floor. He laid Amy back down onto the bed and climbed on top of her. He went right to work, kissing, sucking, and licking her breasts, first the right one and then the left one. Amy just laid her head on the pillow with her eyes closed as Alex worked her breasts over good. He then began working his way down her body. Sucking her tits, he moved down her chest, kissing every inch. Then he moved on to her belly where he stopped and kissed and licked imagining that his child was growing inside of her. He then continued down her body until he came to her pants, that were still intact. He quickly removed her pants and then her panties and went right to work on Amy’s wet pussy. He drove his tongue deep into her wet cunt. Before he could get to far, Amy stopped him. She pulled on his head and Alex looked up from what he was doing. She grabbed him under the arms and pulled him up closer to her. She lifted him out of his shirt and then quickly unbuttoned his pants and slid them off followed by his boxers letting his rock hard cock fly free. After he was stark naked, Amy turned around so that her head was now at the foot of the bed. Alex knew exactly what she was going to do, and now he knew what Jennifer had told her before. Alex was on his hands and knees and Amy drew him into her and he slammed his rock hard cock into her mouth and as she started to work on his cock, he went back to work on her went cunt. Amy’s mouth was nice and warm and Alex loved the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her wet, warm mouth.

“Oh Amy! Oh Baby!” he yelled.

“I want to get you pregnant! I want you to have my baby” he moaned.

Amy continued to work on his cock. She could feel his cock starting to swell and knew that she was about to get a very tasty treat. But just as he was about to cum Alex pulled his cock out of her mouth and quickly turned around. He then rammed his cock into Amy’s wet cunt and with just a matter of two thrusts he sent pulse after pulse of hot steamy white cum shooting deep into Amy’s fertile cunt. With his cock still rock hard he pulled out of her cunt and turned back around and they went back to work on one another. And in just a matter of a few seconds each of them had a hot orgasm, spilling loads of hot cum all over one another.

Alex pulled his cock out of Amy’s mouth and then Amy turned back around to the head of the bed and curled up next to Alex.

“You were great, Alex” she said.

“You were fantastic” he said.

“Today is my fertile day” she said.

“Well that’s good” he said.

“I hope that you get pregnant, and that you come and find me after you get pregnant” he said.

“I really love pregnant girls” he said. “And I really love to fuck girls that are pregnant”

“That sounds like a lot of fun” she said.

“Why do you think I keep getting Jennifer pregnant?” he said.

“I’m addicted to fucking pregnant girls” he said.

“When ever I see a pregnant girl, my cock gets rock hard and I want to fuck them right there and then” he said.

Amy could tell that Alex was very excited.

“Oh Alex! Baby! Fuck me now!” she said.

And with that Alex quickly got back on top of Amy and once again drove his rock hard cock into Amy’s wet fertile cunt. He drove his cock in and out of her cunt, dreaming that with each shot of cum, he would make her pregnant. Thinking about Amy being pregnant really excited Alex. It excited him so much that he prematurely shot off his load into Amy’s cunt. That didn’t matter to Amy though, because just as Alex started to shoot his load into her cunt, she too started to cum all over Alex’s cock. And that sent Alex off into yet another orgasm.

Alex, Jennifer, Amy and Tony continued on with their vacations relaxing and having fun on the nude beach and going to all of the attractions in the area. But since all good things must come to an end the day finally came when they had to make their way back home. Since they all lived so close together they would be flying into the same airport. They didn’t realize it but they had all flown in on the same plane and they were all flying home on the same plane as well.

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