Hot Intern Gets It At RNC


Readers of this story may want to checkout “Hot Fox Reporter gets it at DNC” in order to get a head start on this short series of one guy’s personal goal to fuck the hottest ass at the political conventions.

After having fucked a hot fox from Fox News until she was senseless and incoherent, I barely made it out of the DNC at Denver. The RNC was well aware of my exploits, bagging the hottest Fox News reporter in Denver. My new mission was to fuck the hottest MSNBC reporter in St. Paul.

Choosing the opposite reporters per convention was my strategy. I figured Monica would hate covering the DNC and would want to let out her anger in a sexual way. That was my same plan for the RNC, which MSNBC sent reporters to even though the station has become completely left-wing. I’m not one for politics, but they were making it too easy to find a girl so pent up about being at the RNC that all I would have to do is show my fake DNC badge and I was in.

The RNC had watchdogs at each gate of the arena. I managed to get in through the kitchen by use of my high school Spanish which for once came to good use.

MSNBC didn’t have the kind of quality tail Fox brought to a big event. I thought I was going to strike out. My luck changed once I saw Tina Tyler, who was an intern at MSNBC. Her legs were easily not hidden by a highly cut skirt, and her breasts looked like they were pressing tight against her blouse, just begging to pop out for air. Her hair was long enough to reach the small of her back, and she was just drop dead adorable. I knew I had to come up with a great line to make this happen.

I approached her from behind, allowing me to take in full view of her round ass. Tapping her on the shoulder, Tina turned around and I said, “Funny seeing you here.”

“What do you mean?

I opened up my jacket, showing my fake DNC ID, “Well, this is enemy territory for both of us.”

She giggled at my stupid joke. I was in.

“We better watch out for each other. No reason for Fox News to bump us out of their party.”

“Yeah. I have acıbadem escort been getting the evil eye from the Fair and Balanced reporters,” she said with a smile, her eyes glinting like stars in the night sky.

“What’s with MSNBC having an intern cover this big event?”

“They just have me finding people to interview for the anchors. MSNBC is not too big on covering this convention, obviously. However, I am getting a break today. They are going to put me on the air for a short segment about a delegate from the West who has been at the most conventions. That is, if I can find him in time.”

“Sounds interesting. Anyway, it looks like you could use a little stress break. Would you care to join me?

“Sure, but I have to be on the air in 25 minutes. My boss is killing me with his requests to find something to report here. Doesn’t he know this place is dead with everyone in the south helping out with the hurricane?”

“Tell me about it,” I said as I grabbed her upper arm and put my other hand on her lower back, leading her out of the Convention area and into a door behind the main stage.

We walked down a long hallway as I told her the great stories I heard from the DNC the past week. She said she was 22 and was working her first political convention. Apparently this little hot to fuck intern didn’t make it to Denver and knew nothing of my escapades there. G.R.E.A.T.!

I continued talking as we entered a storage room I had earlier scouted out. It was small, secluded and far away as not to attract any attention from a noisy woman getting her brains fucked out.

As I closed the door, I grabbed Tina close in and kissed her in a surprise gesture.

“What was that?” she said just as I kissed her again. This time she pressed back into me. I started kissing Tina on her neck, all over her neck as she moaned, and I whispered in her ear. “I am going to fuck you hard right now. I know you want to be fucked hard right now. I am going to take you from behind. I want to watch your ass while I fuck akbatı escort you. I am going to fuck you into the wall.”

Her eyes had the sparkle in them again. Her mouth was agape in a smile, and I kissed her again, helping her remove her blouse and skirt. I pushed her back and turned her around so she faced the wall. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back so her arms would press straight against the wall, giving me more leverage to pound my hard cock into her hot pussy.

Dressed in only her bra, panties and heels, I told Tina she had to beg me to fuck her.

“Fuck me.”


“I said fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Make me cum hard!”

Her talk was getting me hot. I unzipped my pants and yanked out my already hard cock and tapped it against Tina’s panty covered pussy. I started poking it in a little.

“If you want me to fuck you, rip off you panties or I’ll plow through them.”

Tina reached around and took a hold of her panties from the side and tore them off her body. She reached down and felt my cock in her hand, stroking it a little as she moaned in delight.

Tina had a great ass, so perfect to look at as I fucked her pussy from behind.

I began poking Tina with my hard spear and reached around to twist her bra-covered nipples. Tina took the cosmic direction and undid her bra from the back, which let me know she wanted this to happen more than before.

I entered her already soaked pussy with ease, and kept taking little strokes in and out as I eased my cock inside her, all to get her blood boiling in desire. Tina was moaning and breathing heavy when I got all the way in and began pounding her. I fondled one of her breasts and with my other hand started sticking a finger into her asshole. She was relaxed and easily accepted it. We fucked like this for about 10 minutes before I heard Tina moan and have an orgasm. Her cum lubricated my cock inside her pussy and gave me a little more cushion to fuck her longer.

I removed my finger from her butt and started spanking aksaray escort her ass in rhythm with my fucking speed. She yelped in excitement as her she felt the stinging pain from my hand. Her ass went from a rosy pink to a dark red within minutes as I kept pounding her inviting pussy.

“Spank me! Keep spanking my ass! I am bad! I have been a bad girl! Spank me!” Tina shouted as sweat poured all over her body. Her hair was so doused in sweat it clung to her head and neck.

I kept spanking Tina until she started taking short breathes and came again. This time I pushed out a little of her cum with every stroke of my cock. I looked at my watch and saw we had been going at it for 23 minutes. It was almost time for Tina to make her national debut. I pulled out of her and ordered her to get on her knees facing me. She took my cock in her hands and put it in her mouth, sucking and stroking me.

Just as I was about to cum I pulled out of her mouth and spouted three big spurts of cum all over her face and hair. I held myself up against the wall as Tina continued to suck on my cock, trying to get all the cum out and into her mouth.

I stepped back, put my cock back in my pants, and walked out the room. Just as I did a cameraman was with an older gentleman and asked if I had seen Tina Tyler.

“Yeah. She’s been waiting for you in there,” I said as I pointed to the closet as I was running out of the convention hall.

Later that evening, I caught the satellite feed of Tina’s debut. The camera turned on just as she was licking my cum off her fingers. The cameraman told her they were on live and Tina looked up and smiled. The old man she was to interview helped her up to her feet. Tina turned around looking for her underwear and gave the camera a nice shot of her ass.

Tina gave up looking for her bra and panties and put on her skirt and blouse. The skirt was left unzipped and was hanging several inches below her navel, and her blouse was unbuttoned. Tina did the interview this way, apparently unaware that it was not going out on TV. The cameraman kept rolling and didn’t stop until the older man asked Tina why her titties were hanging out. She looked down, covered herself with her arms and ran out of the closet.

My adventure to fuck the hottest ass at either convention was complete. Up next, the actual election.

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